Daily Inspiration

Vigilance for Peace

Today my practice is to be vigilant for peace. This means paying attention to when I am not at peace and offering my disturbed thoughts to the Holy Spirit for His kind and loving correction. His vision will show me the truth beyond the misperception so that I can see truly with Christ’s vision. This is how I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation of the world.

My practice for today is to pay attention to what is happening in my mind. Right now, am I joined with ego thoughts or am I experiencing God’s peace? Right now, in this present moment, which hand am I holding?

Right now, my practice is to be willing to remember that I am eternal Spirit, along with every brother. My practice is to remember that Heaven is here. Heaven is now. There is no other place. This practice today will take vigilance and patience, remembering that I always have all the help I need from the Holy Spirit as I go through this day.

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