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Vigilance to Step Back and Open My Mind to Holy Spirit’s Lead

  Yesterday was a more peaceful day for me, even though it was physically very active. At the beginning of the day after we had taken time to attune to Holy Spirit, we made a brief to do list. Through the day that list served as a reference point to help me stay aligned with Holy Spirit’s plan. While everything I did was not on the list, I believe I generally stayed with His direction. The temptation can be to now say, “That worked very well so I’m going to start each day writing down the plan.”

I did have that thought but I realized this is a good example of the way ego works. It likes to set up rules based on its past learning. It does not feel safe in the present moment, for good reason. In the present moment the ego would simply cease to be. The ego’s sense of continuity comes with repeating the past. So I need to be wary of deciding that what worked one day for one circumstance will work every day. Once again I need to be vigilant to consistently step back and open my mind to Holy Spirit’s lead.

  Recently we have been looking on the Internet at locations just south of the Orlando airport that have 2.5-5 acres. There seems to be a lot of reasonably priced property there. We need adequate parking space, a print room for production of the quarterly Miracles News and course production and 2 offices for computers and office manager. We also need a “great room” for ACIM gatherings/service/ and where we can video workshops and at least three bedrooms for four us to live. Near Orlando we would be close to the airport for people to fly in, and have plenty of hotels available for people to stay. I have also been told that the Orlando and surrounding areas have an abundance of Spanish speaking people. We have plenty of time to look because there is still much to do in the renovation process here in Wisconsin. We are continuing to choose peace and let ourselves be led day by day.

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