Daily Inspiration

We Are Eternally in Love’s Presence

You are one Self, united and secure in light and joy and peace. ²You are God’s Son, one Self, with one Creator and one goal; to bring awareness of this oneness to all minds, that true creation may extend the allness and the unity of God. ³You are one Self, complete and healed and whole, with power to lift the veil of darkness from the world, and let the light in you come through to teach the world the truth about yourself.

You are one Self, in perfect harmony with all there is, and all that there will be. ²You are one Self, the holy Son of God, united with your brothers in that Self; united with your Father in His Will. ³Feel this one Self in you, and let It shine away all your illusions and your doubts. ⁴This is your Self, the Son of God Himself, sinless as Its Creator, with His strength within you and His Love forever yours. ⁵You are one Self, and it is given you to feel this Self within you, and to cast all your illusions out of the one Mind that is this Self, the holy truth in you.

²To everyone you meet today, be sure to give the promise of today’s idea and tell him this:

³You are one Self with me, united with our Creator in this Self. ⁴I honor you because of What I am, and What He is, Who loves us both as One. (A Course in Miracles, W-95.12:1–13:5;15:2-4. See also ACIM Lesson 95 Insights.)

It is time to claim our inheritance. It is waiting only for our acceptance. We have mistakenly identified with the ego’s rejection of God’s unlimited gift of all of Himself. We can change our mind and remember our safety, our happiness and peace as we dwell in the Heart of God. We have not left His Home, though we dream of being in a far away place, alone and powerless.

Today we accept the truth that we are one Self, forever united with our Creator. We share His Will to be Love and extend Love. We want only to be truly helpful to our brothers by joining with the Love they are. With our willingness, we will be guided in what to think, say and do that extends Love in the world. This is our heart’s desire. We give thanks that we remain as God created us, eternally in the presence of Love.

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