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We CAN Learn Salvation

How simple is salvation! All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be. The impossible has not occurred, and can have no effects. And that is all. Can this be hard to learn by anyone who wants it to be true? Only unwillingness to learn [salvation] could make such an easy lesson difficult.

Say not you cannot learn [the lessons you have taught yourself]. For your power to learn is strong enough to teach you that your will is not your own, your thoughts do not belong to you, and even you are someone else.

The world began with one strange lesson, powerful enough to render God forgotten, and His Son an alien to himself, in exile from the home where God Himself established him. You who have taught yourself the Son of God is guilty, say not that you cannot learn the simple things salvation teaches you!

Yet you will learn [the lessons of the Voice for truth], for their learning is the only purpose for your learning skill the Holy Spirit sees in all the world. His simple lessons in forgiveness have a power mightier than yours, because they call from God and from your Self to you.

However much you may have overlearned your chosen task, the lesson that reflects the Love of God is stronger still. And you will learn God’s Son is innocent, and see another world.

The outcome of the lesson that God’s Son is guiltless is a world in which there is no fear, and everything is lit with hope and sparkles with a gentle friendliness. (A Course in Miracles, T-31.I.1:1-6;3:5-6;4:5-6;5:5-6;7:10-8:1. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The world we see is a powerful demonstration of the power of our learning skill. But we are using it for the ego’s purpose to make the illusion of separation seem real. Admittedly, what we see is pretty convincing. This means that our learning skill can also be used by the Holy Spirit to teach us to recognize illusions for what they are. When illusions are recognized, we automatically let them go and they disappear.

We can learn that we are Love and nothing else. We can learn that we are still as God created us, united with Him as His one Son. We can forgive, let go of, illusions of guilt and fear. We can learn salvation.

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