Daily Inspiration

We Are All Safe in God

When I went into a place of quiet this morning, what came to me is the thought that no matter what we are dreaming, the truth is that we are still safe in God. We share the one Mind of God and our beingness in God is eternal.

We can relax and open up to the truth of our eternal safety in God. We can feel the peace of God and the sense of well being that comes with accepting our true Mind’s beingness in peace. All this awareness of our true happiness comes with our willingness to accept the truth about ourselves and every brother.

My practice for today is to accept my inheritance as part of God. God’s Love is shared equally with all. And because God’s Love is my Love, my Love is shared with all equally. Letting this constant truth be in my mind is my practice for today.

When I let myself relax deeply into peace, I do feel the connection of Love with all my brothers. There is little distinction between those who I do not know such as someone I may pass in the grocery store and someone I may feel in close relationship to. The sense of Love connection is the same. The individual characteristics do not get my attention when I am in this place of peace. The connection at the level of Love brings with it a feeling of quiet joy and gratitude. There is a sense of being among friends which reflects the truth that we are all joined in one loving Self.

Today I will remind myself frequently, “peace first.” As I put peace first, I make way for the memory of our oneness in Love to return to my mind.

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