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We Are All the Same Love

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  There is a difference between self-ishness and selflessness. In truth, there is only one Self and that is the one Mind of God, the Mind of Love. An inherent quality of Love is extending Love. In truth, we all are Love’s extensions, continuous and eternal. We are all the same Love. There is nothing else. In the dream, we dream of a separate self with a separate body. We dream we have separate interests, unique from each other. Within this framework, selfishness is the law of this territory. We are now learning to shift from selfishness to selflessness. In selflessness, there are no private possessions, no private thoughts. There is no me and you. There is only one Self.

This move you are now embarked on within the framework of the dream is symbolic of shifting from the mentality of separateness to the awareness of oneness. With oneness awareness, there is only one interest, the interest of the one Self. The one Self calls us all Home to be aware of our one true Identity. So use this time of shift and movement to a new location in the physical world to allow your mind to be shifted from a sense of being an individual to a sense of beingness in the one Mind of the One united Love of God. This is time wisely spent. In fact it is the most important thing you could possibly do.

You want to release yourself from the imprisonment of the ego. You want to recognize the power and safety of your true Identity. Like the title of Pathways of Light course 132, “Self Image Transformations,” you are allowing a deeper level of trust in your true Self to carry you to the awareness of the one Mind. From there all decisions in the world are simple. There is no doubt. You know that giving is receiving. You would have nothing that is yours alone. You remember that God’s Will is your will and there is only one Will.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  God’s gift of Love to you is great. So great, you could never, ever begin to imagine. This Love is so soft and gentle, yet so strong and peaceful. This is your inheritance, but you have just touched on the very tip of the iceberg to experience it. God wants you to experience His Love in greater awarenesses to bring about more peace and joy in what you call life. Do you think for one minute that He who loves you so greatly would ever let you down? Do you think that He Who loves you so greatly would ever not be there for you? Do you see how foolish it is to ever think for one minute that He would not bring you perfect happiness when it is His words that you follow?

Follow Him and you will be led to greater heights than you ever dreamed possible. Follow Him to the place of peace where He wills you to be. Physical places do not matter to Him because He lives within you. Seek out His words and follow. Follow them no matter what you think. Just follow them. Let your own words or thoughts fall away and only follow His Thoughts. You will be led to paradise and feel the Heaven that you will be led into. You are in Heaven now will be a statement you will truly understand. Amen

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego always sees complexity. This is because it can only perceive bits and pieces, being the thought of separation that breaks the whole into pieces. The Holy Spirit always sees simplicity because it always perceives wholeness. So when you are thinking within the ego thought system, you will be seeing all kinds of complications and difficulties. Your mind thinks a constant stream of, “What about this? What about that? How can that happen? What if this doesn’t happen? Blah, blah, blah.”

When you observe your mind ruminating on questions such as these, step back and hand them over to the Holy Spirit. Rest in His peace. Know with confidence that the Holy Spirit sees the whole and with His vision will gently guide you in perfect peace and happiness. It is not your job to figure out how the myriad pieces the ego tries to make fit together. As part of its focus of seek and do not find, the ego does not want the pieces to fit together. But the Holy Spirit, seeing the whole, knows what pieces are irrelevant and disregards them, bringing together the pieces into a whole in the world that reflects the wholeness of Heaven.

You have one job, one role and that is to step back and let Him lead the way. Hold your dedication of your eyes, your hands, your feet, your voice to the Holy Spirit in His service. That is all that is asked of you. In return, the Holy Spirit gives you the gift of Life. It is the gift of freedom and Love, which you will share in boundless joy. Amen

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