Daily Inspiration

We Are Safe in a World of Innocence

When we accept the Holy Spirit’s purpose for us, our only job is to forgive or let go of all the images of the world. The ego made the world as a hiding place where the oneness of God’s Love is denied and separation is made to appear real.

But the purpose given the world can be changed. With the Holy Spirit, the purpose becomes forgiveness. When we accept Holy Spirit’s purpose in our life, every moment becomes an opportunity to look past the forms of the world and accept God’s ever present gift of Love. When we do this, a seeming adversary becomes our savior, for we recognize in him the truth of his innocence and Love as the Son of God. We see the true reflection of What we are instead of the guilt that comes with believing that we are separate.

Today we practice aligning with the Holy Spirit and letting Him show us our brothers as they truly are — one with us in the one Self that is God’s Son. With Holy Spirit’s help, we will learn of our innocence as we see it in our brothers. We will see our Friend instead of an image of an enemy. We will be at peace, for we will know we are safe in a world of innocence.

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