Daily Inspiration

Welcoming Our Inheritance

Today we would remove all meaningless and self-made gifts which we have placed upon the holy altar where God’s gifts belong. His [joy and peace] are the gifts that are our own in truth. His are the gifts that we inherited before time was, and that will still be ours when time has passed into eternity. His are the gifts that are within us now, for they are timeless. And we need not wait to have them. [Peace and joy] belong to us today.

Therefore, we choose to have them now, and know, in choosing them in place of what we made, we but unite our will with what God wills, and recognize the same as being one.

I seek but what belongs to me in truth,
And joy and peace are my inheritance.

We clear a holy place within our minds before His altar, where His gifts of peace and joy are welcome, and to which we come to find what has been given us by Him.

I seek but what belongs to me in truth.
God’s gifts of joy and peace are all I want.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 104, W-pI.104.2;3;1,3;4:2;5:4. See also ACIM Lesson 104 Insights.)

Our sense of unhappiness, guilt and fear in this world comes from seeking for our inheritance where it cannot be found. The ego dream is the denial of our inheritance of God’s gifts of joy and peace. The best the ego can offer are illusionary substitutes which can never satisfy because they are not real.

God’s gifts are ours now. To know we have them, we need to let go of our identification and belief in the ego thought system of separation. We need to let go of all judgment on our own. When we choose to follow the ego’s lead, we choose to seek truth where it cannot be found, for the ego thought system is a lie.

Choosing to use the Holy Spirit as our Guide in all we think and do clears the way for us to welcome God’s gifts as ours. We are choosing Love instead of fear. And joy and peace are attributes of Love. As we recognize our unity in Love with all that is real, we welcome our inheritance.

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