Daily Inspiration

What Is My Service to Holy Spirit Right Now?

It is helpful to remember that God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. This helps to reduce the sense of sacrifice that can come with letting go of our own plans to welcome Holy Spirit’s plan. Without exception, Holy Spirit’s plan will bring us happiness. He knows that we share God’s Will for us.

Asking the question, “What is my service to Holy Spirit right now?” is really asking, “What will bring me true happiness now?” Since our true nature is to extend Love, anything that makes way for Love’s extension will bring us happiness. It may be thinking of an “enemy” and accepting Christ vision that shows us his innocence. It may be holding the thought of Love for the store clerk at the checkout counter. It may be serving food in a fast food restaurant while letting Christ’s vision show us the customer’s innocence. The form does not matter. The content of extending Love or releasing a barrier to Love’s extension (forgiving) is what brings us true happiness. This is how we serve Holy Spirit’s plan, moment by moment.

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