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Who Am I and Where Am I In Truth?

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  At times when there is a lot of change, it is particularly helpful to be open to remembering Who you are and Where you are in truth. The false stories of a separated world may pull and tug at you until all hope of maintaining your peace feels lost. What are you in truth? You are an extension of God’s Love. You are not a body. You are free. You are still as God created you. Where are you? You are Love in the Mind of Love and nowhere else.

The dream of individuality may seem to close in on you and it may seem very difficult to remember that you are in Heaven now and that you have no needs. You have been given all of God by God. There is nothing else. Dreams may seem very attractive and very beckoning. You may get lost in them again and again. There will be a time when you are ready to learn that the Truth of What you are is true and nothing else is true. Deluded fantasies of the ego, deluded fantasies of separate bodies with separate lives that live for a while and then die could never be real.

Until you are ready to come to the Truth unafraid, you will feel lost and alone and needy. This need not be. You are in Heaven now and all your real needs are being met right now. Take time to rest in the truth. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you out of dreams. As you let the Holy Spirit be in charge of your mind, you will realize that you have everything you need and that following Holy Spirit’s plan will bring you the happiness and peace you seek. The Holy Spirit, as you are willing, will awaken you from the false dreams of individual bodies. Everything you need is given you. Celebrate and be glad. Amen.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  Rest in His Love and allow yourself to be carried. Come to Me and I will tell you what is best for you. Decide nothing on your own. Your one and only job is to rest in the peace of God. Read the chapter, “I am here only to be truly helpful.” Amen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Remember you already rest in God. It is not something you must strive for or achieve. Its an eternal fact. You are unaware of this only because you have chosen to identify with the dream of separation. Now you have an opportunity to take great strides in moving toward full awareness of Where you always are in truth. In every moment let every step be guided by your true Self, Who remembers What you are. With this practice you will know you are carried. You will move forward in peace and joy. Amen.

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