Daily Inspiration

Willingness to Let Go of False Beliefs

There are no laws but God’s. ²Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today, and hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you. ³You will be listening to One Who says there is no loss under the laws of God. ⁴Payment is neither given nor received. ⁵Exchange cannot be made; there are no substitutes; and nothing is replaced by something else. ⁶God’s laws forever give and never take.

Hear Him Who tells you this, and realize how foolish are the “laws” you thought upheld the world you thought you saw. ²Then listen further. ³He will tell you more. ⁴About the Love your Father has for you. ⁵About the endless joy He offers you. ⁶About His yearning for His only Son, created as His channel for creation; denied to Him by his belief in hell.

Let us today open God’s channels to Him, and let His Will extend through us to Him. ²Thus is creation endlessly increased. ³His Voice will speak of this to us, as well as of the joys of Heaven which His laws keep limitless forever. (A Course in Miracles, W-76.9:1–11:3. See also ACIM Lesson 76 Insights.)

The Will of God that extends through us is the eternal extension of Love to Love. That is our function as His Son. Fulfillment and joy overflow as we accept the Will we share with God.

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to help us recognize the false beliefs that interfere with the flow of Love through us to the world. We offer these beliefs to Him to be healed. Our part is to be willing to let them go. He will do the rest. With His help, we will forgive ourselves for our mistakes and join in the eternal flow of Love to Itself. We will remember the Love in which we live.

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