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You Are My Brother. You Bring Me Great Joy

  In our weekly ACIM meeting last night there was a lot of wonderful sharing that for me centered around accepting all my brothers as one with me. The thought that stood out to me most and that I carried with me is that I need to look at everyone with the thought “You are my brother. You bring me great joy.” The degree that I am able to see my brothers in that way determines the level of joy that I experience.

As I am able to see my brothers thus, every meeting becomes like a happy family reunion. No one can be excluded from my family if I am to experience fully God’s gift of joy. Any unhappiness I experience is the effect of having judged against something. It is these judgments I must offer to the Holy Spirit for Him to cleanse them of their littleness. The Holy Spirit will return to me the recognition of the grandeur that surrounds me and is in me as God’s Son. Oh happy day!

  As I begin my day and go to the Holy Spirit for guidance, I am reminded to choose peace first and everything will come from there. It seems like there are so many things to do, where to start first? The Holy Spirit reminds me not to decide on my own. Holy Spirit reminds me that God is my strength and that vision is His gift. I will only receive His gift of vision if I step back and allow myself to be carried.

So many times I think I already know that I don’t ask. Today is my day to practice in stepping back and letting Holy Spirit lead the way all through the day. I am either choosing to see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit or through the ego. How I am feeling will tell me how I am choosing. Today I choose to have a happy day.

In this morning’s session with Spirit, I am guided to listen to Holy Spirit’s interpretation of what it means to go to Him with every situation, no matter how small it seems.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  Interpretation is for Me to tell you the true meaning of every situation. You can not ever know on your own what is best for you. It is only My interpretation of everything that will give it meaning for you. Anything that you think you know is coming from the ego. Always come to Me for the interpretation.

The ego’s interpretation is always going to be like a foreign language to you that you do not know how to speak. Think of the job of an interpreter. When you do not know a certain language, you need to have an interpreter. The ego does not know the language of Love. That is why you need Me to be your Interpreter. I know the language of Love very well and I know that you are Love, even when you forget. You see whenever you ask a question to yourself, such as “Why did this happen to me? Or, what does this mean if this happens or that happens?” you are talking a foreign language. You cannot know the answers to any of those questions without My help.

Sometimes you may think you know what is best for your future, or that the picture should look like this or like that. But remember, if I have not interpreted your thoughts, they have no meaning. My answers to your requests will lead you always only to Love. Wouldn’t you rather listen to Love than to a foreign language you can’t even understand? Sometimes My interpretation of a situation or circumstance is completely different or much better than you could ever think of yourself. Remember, on your own you can do nothing.

You need Me as much as I need you. For if you don’t come to Me I have no one to interpret for. So you see, we need each other. God needs us to realize our oneness with Him. Through My constant interpretations of every situation, you will feel that oneness more and more each day. Let this be a day that you come to Me for interpretations of everything and every situation so that you can feel the grandeur of your oneness.

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