Daily Inspiration

You Are One In Love

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Complexity is the ego’s game. The body’s eyes seem to show you a complex world. Remember, the body was made to be a limit. It was made to limit your awareness, to keep you unaware of What you are and Where you are. What and Where you are is so simple that it is incomprehensible to the ego. In fact, the ego does not want to comprehend it because the ego is the desire not to know What and Where you are. You are one in Love. Nothing more and nothing less.

While you believe you are in the dream of separation, you need help to let it go. That is the function of the Holy Spirit, your true Self, in your mind. In the dream it seems that you are being directed to move to a completely different environment, from Wisconsin to Florida. Remember dreams are always made up of symbols. This move is just a symbol. It is an outward expression that represents a call to let go of previously held limits of what you think your are and what you think you are to do. It is a symbol of opening to a greater joining. It is a symbol of opening your circle to be more inclusive in service of the Holy Spirit. It represents a move to greater willingness to join with what appears to be others in service to Holy Spirit’s plan of awakening.

This shift, symbolized by the move, is taking you out of your comfort zone of what you have believed you “knew.” Because of this there seem to be many unknowns. This is true in your perception on the level of form. Your practice now needs to be to redirect your attention from the level of form to the level of mind. Focus on shifting to greater openness in your mind. The form will come into being of its own as your mind releases self-imposed limitations. In the past few weeks you have made great strides in opening your mind. There is much more opening to do.

These morning sessions of opening to Holy Spirit’s inspiration are very helpful for you. Be diligent in this practice. It serves you well. Now is not the time to focus on the details in the world of form. Now is the time to focus on following Holy Spirit’s guidance into a greater expression of inclusion and extension of Holy Spirit’s plan of awakening. The details will come in their time. This attention at the level of the mind is important to prepare you to receive the details. The details are simply the symbolic expression in the dream of the Holy Spirit’s plan that leads to the release of the world from the dream.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Be patient. Be relaxed and let it come to you. Don’t try to go out and get it. Know that the Holy Spirit is guiding it very gently, very carefully, and understands the perfect timing for everyone concerned regarding this “new venture.” Many people who will be involved and will be participating at very high levels need time to be brought into alignment with Holy Spirit’s greater plan. You cannot possibly know these things. Only the Holy Spirit understands the big picture. That is why it is so important for you now to continue your daily, hourly practice of stepping back and checking in with Holy Spirit’s direction with everything you encounter in the dream.

Remember you are being carried. Remember it is falling in your lap in the most perfect way possible. Your job is to trust, stay relaxed and do what is right in front of you to do right now. Use this time to practice letting go of the past and letting go of the future and opening your mind to the eternal presence of God’s peace and Love and joy.

Resist the temptation to try to figure it out yourself. It is impossible. Give it up. This is the perfect mind training you need in Holy Spirit’s inner school of waking you up from the dream of separation.

Remember back 30 years ago when you were directed to leave the Inner Peace Movement staff. Many days you were guided to simply relax and allow it to unfold. Remember that the perfect circumstances came together that led you to Holy Spirit’s next plan for you in your training. Trust that the same Help is in operation right now.

It may seem to you right now that there are many unanswered questions that you would like the answers to right now. You are being asked to trust and know that the perfect circumstances are unfolding in perfect order. All you want now is to be of service to Holy Spirit’s plan. Stick with that focus each day and watch the Holy Spirit do it’s healing work — in many ways unknown to you consciously. Many people are involved in this new venture. The Holy Spirit is bringing it together from many directions at once. Your job is to trust that this is happening and continue to do the work that is right before you this minute. All is totally in perfect order. Relax and enjoy the ride. You are being carried.

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