Inner Guidance FAQ

What can I do if someone I love is resistant to healing? Is it possible that the Holy Spirit in me can reach into another mind and heal them if they are resistant?

When we are willing to heal ourselves, we are healing for the whole Sonship. If a loved one asks us for help, our job is to ask Holy Spirit how we can be most helpful. Sometimes the answer might simply be to look at our own judgments about that loved one’s resistance; another time it might be to offer a kind word or a smile. The Course says we are of One Mind and God is All in All.

There is only one mind and so it is possible to heal another by healing that which we are aware of. A passage from the Course says:

“But it is you who have the power to dominate all things you see by merely recognizing what you are. As you perceive the harmlessness in them, they will accept your holy will as theirs.”

So my awareness of the problem means I am to heal it. I can do this by asking that my mind be healed since there is no difference between my mind and someone else’s. A helpful prayer might be to ask the Holy Spirit to come into my mind and undo what has been done. The other person will receive the answer to that prayer in a way that is helpful to them and as they are ready to receive it.

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