Inner Guidance FAQ

When I go to Holy Spirit, I don’t hear anything. Am I doing something wrong?

There is no wrong way to do it. Talking with Holy Spirit can be as easy and natural as breathing. We are just learning to be patient and to trust.

Sometimes, when we feel fear or resistance, the voice of Holy Spirit can’t be welcomed in at that moment, but can come through once we are relaxed. The voice may show up in various forms, such as talking with others; reading a book or watching a movie.

If we hold the question in our minds, Holy Spirit can come through; we might be in the shower, washing dishes or even while driving a car or some other activity. We just have to give Holy Spirit our willingness and the answer will come when Holy Spirit knows it is the perfect time for us to receive it.

The Holy Spirit does not always come through as a Voice. Guidance can be received as a visual in the mind (some people “see” words, pictures and/or symbols), or an inner knowing that isn’t a voice but simply an experience of Truth. Sometimes, it is helpful to rephrase the question; Instead of asking, what should I do, you might ask: What is this for?

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