Inner Guidance FAQ

Why can’t we go straight to God? Why do we need to go through the Holy Spirit?

The Course says that the fear of God is the underlying experience of the separated ones, which is why the Holy Spirit was given us to serve as the bridge to God while we are in the illusion; Holy Spirit is God’s Voice, presented in a form that is just perfect for us at this time. Our experience of fearful religious teachings around God has been an effect of the separation.

If you are comfortable using the word God then by all means, do so. We have a legion of Helpers that for a time take many names because that seems to be what is needed at the time, but in truth they are all One. The Holy Spirit is the Helper that has been provided for us, the gentle Guide and Healer, but it doesn’t matter what name we use.

God does not enter the dream with us because this would make the dream real, but has given us the Holy Spirit who holds the double function of being aware of our dream while not believing in it, and being aware at the same time, of our true Self. Thus He is able to bridge the illusion to the truth.

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