Miracles News

July-September, 2021

Thanksgiving Declaration

by Rev. Maria Kingsley, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I Am the Change
which I’ve been looking for.

I Am the Healing
which I’ve been asking for.

I Am the Abundance
which I’ve prayed for.

I Am the Love
I’ve been calling for.

I Am the Ease
with which I had hoped
to walk through life.

I Am the Friend
I’ve been wishing for.

I Am the Kindness
I’ve expected to see.

I Am the Beauty
I’ve tried to express.

I Am the Safety
I’ve wanted always.

I Am All that and more,

When I allow all things
to be as they are.

When I step back and
let me be led.

When I choose love
instead of fear.

When I forgive
and see only innocence.

My Greatness is of my True Self

My Glory is
untouchable and eternal.

My Joy is
undisguised and blissful.

My Divine Nature
offers total Peace.

I thank you, Divine Spirit,
for all your gifts to me.

For my eternal Presence
in Your Heart,

For sharing all Your Power,
And Walking with me
wherever I choose to go.

Your Love protects and guides me.

All I need to do is follow
Your bright Light.

And so I will. And so I do.
And so It is. Amen

Rev. Maria Kingsley, O.M.C., is a Pathways of Light minister in Tucson, AZ. Email:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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