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May-August, 2024

The Shepherd

Rev. Bob Thompson, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I’m watch’d over by My Shepherd,
and am guided by His word,
Where’er He leads, I follow,
whene’er I pray, I’m heard.
Tho’ my path at times be rocky,
and seemingly quite steep,
He guides me, perfectly, each day,
and even when I sleep!

Green pastures are aplenty,
my soul is fed with care,
and when I seek clear waters,
He always leads me there.
Meadowlands and babbling brooks,
He leads me to those spots,
leading where I need to go,
(tho’ I may know it not!)

In the clearness of His Waters,
I see Him looking back at me.
I am an image of Himself, so,
what else could I see?
He’s watching as I quench my thirst,
and as I slowly graze.
My will is but to put Him first,
and so I live my days.

From everywhere He joins me,
as I amble thru’ my years,
JOYning in my laughter,
and Flowing in my tears,
Constant in His Nearness,
certain in His Power,
‘longside me every minute,
shelt’ring me, each hour.

My ev’ry need is satisfied,
(even those, I thought not met!)
So generous His gifting,
I gain all I need to get.
Tho’ I can be filled with “cravings”
and a life span of “misdeeds,”
I always come to fully know,
that I am given all I need.

There’s a valley of dark shadows,
where one day I must go,
but I will see no evil, because
His Love is all I know.
And though my way may falter,
and my step be oh so slow,
I plod the Path prepared for me
is the only Path I know.

Rev. Bob Thompson, O.M.C., is a Pathways of Light minister living in Portage, Wisconsin. Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  Website: bumpityroadretreat.com

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