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October-December, 2023

What Is It For?

by Rev. Lee Catalano, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

What do I want the outcome of this day to be? This meeting? This conversation? This email? This workday?  

Jesus teaches us a very important tool to utilize during the process of purifying and healing the mind (of guilt). He tells us to decide in the morning how we want our day to be.

Why does He do this? He teaches us that the ego is always speaking first and projecting its misery and guilt onto the world. If we decide ahead of time, the Holy Spirit is in charge, and we will have a happy day.

I want to picture myself smiling and others smiling back at me. I want to imagine feeling peace and seeing others around me at peace as well. I can hear the gentle laughter of myself and others (specifically). We are at peace and in good humor. As I lay in bed first thing in the morning, I fire up the Holy Spirit in my mind and see an easy day FILLED with miracles of Love. How crazy is that, right? Love is a miracle! Wow, huh?

Jesus makes sure we understand the ego’s shenanigans and its desire to look BACK on the day and seek its “understanding.” The ego will always want to look back on the day and perceive any and everywhere it has been mistreated (by God). Then the ego will be justified in its vengeance and anger. Um, not exactly a good time.

The ego is at war with God, but this is kept out of awareness. It is literally a thought system that is at war with God. The ego plays out its battles through bodies. It shivers with guilt and fear. It believes it has struck God down and God is waiting to annihilate it.

Truth is, were we to no longer listen to it, it would die of neglect. There is no vengeful God and there is literally nothing to fear. Are you getting this? What a trip huh? All fear is the fear of God! Fear isn’t even my own! It’s the fear of an unwanted “guest” in my mind.

If I believe someone doesn’t like me, that is the ego in my mind projecting its belief in a vengeful God. Cause and effect are one in the same. Jesus calls this the ego sending out its hungry dogs to bring back images of fear. The ego projected the entire world of form, then individualizes and is REACTIVE to its own mis-creations.

What is it for? I will decide ahead of time to see through the eyes of light, to look right past form to Love.

Rev. Lee Catalano, OMC is a Pathways of Light minister living in Watertown, MA. Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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