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All That I Give Is Given to Myself

Jesus what do you want me to know about all that I give is given to myself?

Jesus: Why do you think it is that facilitating classes and talking to students and counseling those in distress brings you so much peace? You help others find peace and so you find peace. You have seen this when you interact with your kids. When you visit Susan and you do little things for her, and she is grateful and feels loved, and you feel loved by her. You gave love and so you received love.

You have seen the opposite as well. You become impatient with someone who doesn’t understand or accept what you give and afterwards you feel uneasy and doubt yourself. Even though you may not have spoken the words that you felt, you doubted your brother and so you doubt yourself. When you spread fear thoughts, you feel fear.

It should be absolutely clear by now that you cannot give anything away because giving it is how you keep it. Ideas leave not their source. You have heard my words. All minds are connected and so what you think is shared in all minds, and in sharing it you strengthen your belief in it in your own mind. You know this. Just be mindful.

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