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Changing My Mind About the Reality of Illusions

This morning I read a news blurb in which it was reported that a news station received leaked emails that seemed to indicate that a governor was misreporting the Covid 19 cases in his state. It seemed that he was skewering the numbers to present the picture he wanted to be true. Later that day, the same reporter said that the original story had been debunked. The leaked report had originally been misinterpreted.

This is like my mind. I see or hear something and using the ego part of the mind, I accept the misinterpretation and become upset. I’ve learned, though, that if I am asking the ego for an interpretation I suffer. So, when I feel upset or have any negative reaction. I know to ask the Holy Spirit to give me another way to see it so that I return to peace.

In the story this morning after the news reporter corrected his original story, a talking head gave his opinion. He said that we don’t really know what the real story is. Since we do know what the real story is, clearly this man had an agenda and wanted to sway people to his way of thinking. He was deliberately sowing distrust and dissension.

This kind of thing happens in my mind sometimes, too. I give the situation to the Holy Spirit to interpret for me and His interpretation makes perfect sense and I am at peace. Then the ego, my own personal talking head, pipes up defending its agenda without regard to the truth. I hear its arguments for dissension, suspicion, doubt and fear.

My job with the news report is to decide what I want to believe. Does it make more sense that the reporter was correcting a false understanding which would mitigate any false judgments I had made, or do I want to cling to the false story. I can choose to believe the talking head because he is saying what I want to be true rather than what is actually true because I had a bias that could only be upheld by the original story.

This is what happens in my mind when I have listened to the ego and believe it. Maybe I still believe I need someplace to project guilt. Maybe I think my fear justifies my judgments and so I hold onto them. But I have learned the ego’s agenda will never make me feel less guilty no matter how often I convince myself I am right. I’ve learned to trust the Holy Spirit to report only the truth and the truth sets me free.

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