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How We Use the Body

The body is proof that we are not one with each other or with God. It proves separation. It proves we are not like God or it proves that God is as vulnerable and vicious as we are. Mostly, we use the body to prove that we can undo what God has done and thus set ourselves up as our own gods, conquering even our Creator.

To keep this belief in place requires constant vigilance and reoccurring proof. Sickness, pain, suffering, and death are useful for that purpose. We can pretend that they just happened to us and thus prove we are not the Son of God after all, but the son of ego instead. Sickness and pain allow us to turn cause and effect on its head. Instead of the mind being the cause of all that happens, the body seems to be the cause of what is happening to us. Death allows us to usurp God in the ultimate sense as we destroy ourselves before He gets the chance to do so.

All of this we hide from ourselves until the Course helps us to uncover it. I don’t believe any of this anymore and yet, there must still be a desire to see the body as the decision maker because I still get sick. I still experience pain. I used to feel distressed when I thought about this. If I hadn’t yet been able to disregard this ego belief, would I ever? I am no longer impatient or concerned. I know to continue to see what is happening and to ask that my mind be healed. I want freedom. I want to remember what I am and I want to remember God as He Is.

Forgive, love and be grateful. Do this in everything.

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