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Now There Is More Light

One night, I went to bed feeling upset about a disturbing situation. I took an Ambien to put myself to sleep because I could not stop the thoughts from going round and round and I was just tired. I woke up around 3AM and it was clear that going back to sleep was not working for me. I listened to a meditation tape and when I finally got to a place where my mind was silent, I joined with God. It was just that simple thought but I felt absolutely peaceful.

I woke up feeling very good, and the distress of the night before was over. I could still see the same things going on and they are still not good, but I was no longer being reactive. I was back to watching my thoughts and feelings, and turning them over to Spirit. I really wanted to use that difficult time to undo the ego in the mind. I wanted to feel Love’s Presence regardless of what was happening. It felt good to be back on track. It was many such choices that brought me to where I am now. I was walking through the dark to get to the light and I keep doing that. Now the dark is not so dark and there is more light and I am so very grateful.

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