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Book: Your Immortal Reality

Book: Your Immortal Reality

Your Immortal Reality
How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death

In this fascinating book, Gary Renard and his Ascended Master Teachers, Arten and Pursah, teach you how to integrate advanced spiritual principles into your everyday life. Doing so leads beyond theory to an experience of the Divine and the undoing of the ego. Your progress will be accelerated to such a degree that, with continued practice, you can't help but stop the need to reincarnate . . . once and for all.

Like Gary's first book, The Disappearance of the Universe, this work elaborates on the teachings of two spiritual classics, The Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles. By focusing on a unique brand of quantum forgiveness, rather than the old-fashioned kind, and taking the understanding of the importance of thought up to a whole new level, your goal will become nothing less than to break the cycle of birth and death. Paperback, 220 pages.

Great gift.

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  • Author: Anonymous
    This is a great follow-up to The Dissappearance of the Universe and provides even more insight into the process of awakening. If you haven't read `DU` go read it first, then come back and read this. Inspiring!