E-Program Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways of Light E-Program FAQ

The Pathways of Light e-programs and e-courses provide quick delivery of the materials with no shipping cost or customs fees. You will be issued three Viewer licenses. This allows you to install the Viewer on up to three devices, such as your computer (Windows or Mac), tablet and smart phone (iOS or Android).

E-Course Viewer System Requirements
To access the Pathways of Light e-courses, you will need to have at least one of these devices.
1. Computer running Windows 10
2. Computer running Mac OSX 10.7 (64 bit) & above
3. Tablet or phone with Android 5.0 & above
4. iPad or iPhone with iOS 9.1 & above

You will be licensed to install the Viewer on up to three of these devices.

What happens when I purchase my first electronic program or course?

Up to one business day is required to set up your account and email your links to your materials.

For your first e-program you will need to install a free E-Program Viewer on your computer, tablet and/or smart phone to access the e-programs. The installation typically takes just a few minutes. The Viewer only needs to be installed one time. It is used for all Pathways of Light e-programs.

When your account has been set up, you will be sent an email from pathways-office@pathwaysoflight.org with the subject line Installing Your Pathways of Light E-Program Viewer. This email contains the instructions for how to install the Viewer, and register your license. You must complete these steps to be able to view the protected e-program files. You will need to be online to do the registration. Once your Viewer is registered, you will not have to install it again to access future e-programs you purchase.

Important: This Viewer installation email will be sent from pathways-office@pathwaysoflight.org. Be sure to add this email address to your contact list or white list to avoid having it diverted as spam. If you do not receive the registration email within 48 hours, check your spam folder before contacting Pathways of Light.

Following the Installing Your Pathways of Light E-Program Viewer email, you will be sent the link to download the e-program you purchased.

Can I give my license to somebody else?
No, licenses are personalized, and once you have initialized an individual license, it cannot be used on any other machine. If you need to view an electronic course on more than three devices (home and work, for example), you must request and receive extra licenses.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to view a training course?
You must be connected when you install and register your E-Program Viewer license. And you may have to be connected the first time you open a specific PDC e-course file. After this point, you can work with your course material without being connected to the Internet.

Can I print the electronic course?
Yes, you can print from a Windows or MacOS computer. (See System Requirements below.) By printing the 8-week e-program or the e-course material, you will have a convenient place to write notes about your experience as you proceed through sessions. E-courses also come with a downloadable, pre-configured, Course Notes text file you can use to write your notes and save them in your computer. This file is set up with all the questions and references where the course materials instruct you to take notes.

E-courses cannot be printed from an Android or iOS mobile device.

E-courses cannot be printed to a virtual or multi-function printer. For example, you cannot print to an Acrobat PDF driver or a fax-capable printer driver. You may not convert the format of the PDC document without specific permission from Pathways of Light.

What is a PDC file?
A PDC file is proprietary encapsulation of a .pdf file, created through software licensed from LockLizard Safeguard. It has a .pdc file extension to identify it. The content of a PDC file is the e-program you purchased.


View video for installing the Locklizard E-Course Viewer on Windows 8 or 10.

View video for installing the Locklizard E-Course Viewer on MacOS 10.7+.

View video for installing the Locklizard E-Course Viewer on an Android device.

View video for installing the Locklizard E-Course Viewer on an iOS device.

Windows Users: When I try to open the training course with my Windows computer, I get the error “Please close your screen capture application.”
You have to close any screen grabber (or applications that have similar functionality such as the Windows snipping tool) before opening PDC files. This is one of a number of measures used to prevent unauthorized screen shot copying of content. For instance, if you have an application (process) running which ends in ‘capture.exe’ (e.g. screencapture.exe, m4capture.exe, wincapture.exe) then you will have to close down that process, and any others that end in ‘capture.exe’ by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on your keyboard to load Task Manager, and then in Task Manager > Processes highlight the processes and delete them. Unless you do this, the PDC document will not open.

I received a new computer (or my computer has been re-imaged) and now I am getting an error regarding licensing – no more licenses available.
Licenses are tied to the network card’s MAC address, IP address, and your computer’s OS. If any of these change your license will not be valid. If this happens, contact: e-program-support@pathwaysoflight.org to ask for a replacement license.

Note: Pathways of Light initially provides three Viewer licenses. This allows you to install the Viewer on up to three devices, such as your computer (Windows or Mac), tablet and smart phone (iOS or Android).