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Accepting Our Sinlessness in God

Why would you not be overjoyed to be assured that all the evil that you think you did was never done, that all your sins are nothing, that you are as pure and holy as you were created, and that light and joy and peace abide in you? ²Your image of yourself cannot withstand the Will of God. ³You think that this is death, but it is life. ⁴You think you are destroyed, but you are saved.

The self you made is not the Son of God. ²Therefore, this self does not exist at all. ³And anything [the self you made] seems to do and think means nothing. ⁴It is neither bad nor good. ⁵It is unreal, and nothing more than that.

Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. ²Over and over this must be repeated, until it is accepted. ³It is true. ⁴Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. ⁵Nothing can touch it, or change what God created as eternal. ⁶The self you made, evil and full of sin, is meaningless. ⁷Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God, and light and joy and peace abide in you.

²Should you be tempted to become angry with someone, tell him silently:

³Light and joy and peace abide in you.
Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 93, W-93.4:1–5:5;6;11:2-4. See also ACIM Lesson 93 Insights.)

We are not the ego. We are not the image of a self made by the ego as a substitute for the Son of God. The ego wants nothing to do with God and avoids God with every trick it can conjure. But it is all smoke and mirrors. Like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz, the ego hides behind a curtain of illusions held in place only by belief. Fortunately, beliefs cannot change reality. We are still the Love that God created us to be eternally.

His Love is one and cannot sin, for there is no separation in oneness. This is why our sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Only illusions can appear to harm each other. The acceptance of our sinlessness, our unity in the Love of God, is the release from hell. It is the return to the Love and joy and peace of God.

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Letting the Veil of Separation Be Lifted

⁵Those who would let illusions be lifted from their minds are this world’s saviors, walking the world with their Redeemer, and carrying His message of hope and freedom and release from suffering to everyone who needs a miracle to save him.

How easy is it to offer this miracle to everyone! ²No one who has received it for himself could find it difficult. ³For by receiving it, he learned it was not given him alone. ⁴Such is the function of a holy relationship; to receive together and give as you received. ⁵Standing before the veil, it still seems difficult. ⁶But hold out your hand, joined with your brother’s, and touch this heavy-seeming block, and you will learn how easily your fingers slip through its nothingness. ⁷It is no solid wall. ⁸And only an illusion stands between you and your brother, and the holy Self you share together. (A Course in Miracles, T-22.IV.6:5–7:8. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

As the Voice for God in our mind, the Holy Spirit speaks to us of the Love we are and share with every brother. There is no true difference between us and our brother, for we share the one Self that is God’s Son. Only the belief that separation is real can make a world where we seem different from everyone and everything. We do not look truly upon our brother; we look upon our own projections displayed on a veil like a movie on the screen.

We forget that we are the Source of the projection and what we see reflected by the veil are representations of our belief in separation. So it seems that what we see happens to us and we are not the cause of what happens in this illusion. All the images of the world disappear when the veil is lifted. The veil remains firmly in place as long as we want separation to be real.

But as we let the Holy Spirit help us forgive our misperceptions, the veil becomes less opaque. We learn the world offers nothing that will bring us lasting happiness, peace and Love. The Love we share with our brothers becomes more clear. The veil is fully lifted when we have forgiven the world for all we thought it was. Now we know the unity of Love we share with our brother and our Creator. We remember we are God’s Son, eternally united in His Love.

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Letting Love Heal All Our Problems

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

Let me realize today that the problem is always some form of grievance that I would cherish. Let me also understand that the solution is always a miracle with which I let the grievance be replaced. Today I would remember the simplicity of salvation by reinforcing the lesson that there is one problem and one solution. The problem is a grievance; the solution is a miracle. And I in­vite the solution to come to me through my forgiveness of the grievance, and my welcome of the miracle that takes its place.

Specific applications of this idea might be in these forms:

This presents a problem to me which I would have resolved.
The miracle behind this grievance will resolve it for me.
The answer to this problem is the miracle that it conceals.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 90, W-pI.90.1-2. See also ACIM Lesson 90 Insights.)

Everything we see in the world is some kind of form. The physical forms we define by shape, size, color and distance. We also define psychological characteristics by attitudes, likes and dislikes and emotions. All these definitions make everything different. These differences represent the ego’s grievance against the oneness of God’s Love. Love does not judge nor condemn. It sees only Itself everywhere. The safety of our true Self lies in this oneness. Without differences, change or harm, are impossible.

Our only problem comes from aligning with the ego’s wish for specialness, differences. The ego’s core grievance against God is that He could not grant specialness or differences and remain the oneness of Love. When we accept the Holy Spirit’s help to forgive our grievance, represented by the perceived problem, the oneness of Love is welcome. The problem of differences dissolves in the presence of Love’s Light.

Today we choose to accept the Holy Spirit’s help to forgive our judgments, our grievances and let Him light our way back to God.

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Walking in Love and Peace

Miracles are seen in light.

⁵Denial of light leads to failure to perceive it. ⁶Failure to perceive light is to perceive darkness.

⁵Your faith lies in the darkness, not the light [of Love]. ⁶How can this be reversed? ⁷For you it is impossible, but you are not alone in this.

Your efforts, however little they may be, have strong support. ²Did you but realize how great this strength, your doubts would vanish. ³Today we will devote ourselves to the attempt to let you feel this strength. ⁴When you have felt the strength in you, which makes all miracles within your easy reach, you will not doubt. ⁵The miracles your sense of weakness hides will leap into awareness as you feel the strength in you.

²It is from [God’s Thoughts] that your strength will come. ³It is through Their strong support that you will feel the strength in you. (W-91.2:5-6;3:5–4:5;10:2-3)

The ego is the idea of being separate and alone. Yet we are never alone, for God goes with us wherever we go. No matter how fearful we may feel as perceptions of harm and loss dominate our mind, God’s strength is with us. Nothing in this world can change that. Nothing can change God nor His Will that we have all His strength. Our true Self remains wholly contained within His Love and strength.

In every moment we can call upon His strength to help us see past the ego’s illusions of separation. His strength shows us the reality of our true Self in Him is invulnerable to anything the ego can conjure. We are not a body. We are the thought of Love held eternally in the Mind of God. We are safe. We are loved without limit.

We call upon His strength today to walk in the way of Love with peace in our hearts. With His help we awaken to the Light of Love that illuminates our Home in Heaven.

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Love Makes No Exceptions

…everyone is equally entitled to [the Holy Spirit’s] gift of healing and deliverance and peace. ⁵To give a problem to the Holy Spirit to solve for you means that you want it solved. ⁶To keep it for yourself to solve without His help is to decide it should remain unsettled, unresolved, and lasting in its power of injustice and attack.

Seek to deny and you will feel denied. ³Seek to deprive, and you have been deprived. ⁴A miracle can never be received because another could receive it not. ⁵Only forgiveness offers miracles. ⁶And pardon must be just to everyone.

That is why your sole responsibility must be to take forgiveness for yourself.

The miracle that you receive, you give. ²Each one becomes an illustration of the law on which salvation rests; that justice must be done to all, if anyone is to be healed. ³No one can lose, and everyone must benefit. ⁴Each miracle is an example of what justice can accomplish when it is offered to everyone alike. ⁵It is received and given equally. ⁶It is awareness that giving and receiving are the same.…

What is God’s belongs to everyone, and is his due. (A Course in Miracles, T-25.IX.7:4-6;8:2-6;9:6–10:6,10. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The miracle is the last thing the ego wants. It undoes the ego’s denial of the oneness of God’s Love. Therefore the miracle brings the end to the ego.

If we are willing to bring all our perceptions and thoughts to the Holy Spirit for Him to undo all aspects of fear they hold, we are willing to accept the gift of miracles. Our acceptance of this miracle extends to everyone and everything. Its extension depends only on our willingness for it to be applied to everyone and every situation.

As we begin our practice of bringing everything to the Holy Spirit, most of us are not willing for the miracle to apply to everything. But the more we practice, the more we recognize the miracle of forgiveness has no exceptions. The oneness of Love leaves nothing out.

Today let’s practice being open to the Holy Spirit’s gift of the miracle. Our acceptance brings the miracles’ blessings to us and the world.

© 2021, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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Awakening to Our Life in God

There is one life, and that I share with God.

There are not different kinds of life, for life is like the truth. It does not have degrees. It is the one condition in which all that God created share. Like all His Thoughts, it has no opposite.
There is no death because what God created shares His life.
There is no death because an opposite to God does not exist.
There is no death because the Father and the Son are one.

…the idea of death takes many forms. It is the one idea which underlies all feelings that are not supremely happy. It is the alarm to which you give response of any kind that is not perfect joy. All sorrow, loss, anxi­ety and suffering and pain, even a little sigh of weariness, a slight discomfort or the merest frown, acknowledge death.

What seems to be the opposite of life is merely sleeping. When the mind elects to be what it is not, and to assume an alien power which it does not have, a foreign state it cannot enter, or a false condition not within its Source, it merely seems to go to sleep a while. It dreams of time; an interval in which what seems to happen never has occurred, the changes wrought are substanceless, and all events are nowhere. When the mind awakes, it but continues as it always was.

Let us today be children of the truth, and not deny our holy heritage. Our life is not as we imagine it. Who changes life because he shuts his eyes, or makes himself what he is not because he sleeps, and sees in dreams an opposite to what he is? We will not ask for death in any form today. Nor will we let imagined opposites to life abide even an instant where the Thought of life eternal has been set by God Himself. (W-pI.167.1;2:3-6;9;10)

Death is the idea of being separate from the Source of Life. God (Love) is one, changeless and eternal. The Life we live in God is equally eternal. We remain eternally safe in our oneness with our Source.

Yet we seem to be in a world where safety is impossible, change is inevitable and our life ends in death. This could only seem to be real in a dream in which we are unaware of the reality of our Life in God. This dream is fraught with uncertainty, conflict, loss, fear and guilt. While we are engaged in this dream, the Life of our true Self continues unchanged, forever held in the certainty of changeless Love. We dream we are a stranger in a strange, loveless land.

Like all dreams, we can awaken to remember our true Home. God has not forgotten us. He offers us His helping Hand to guide us gently and lovingly to release our mistaken belief in death and awaken to our eternal Life in Him.

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Trusting the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

Be glad today how very easily is hell undone. You need but tell yourself:

I am the holy Son of God Himself. I cannot suffer, cannot be in pain; I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks.

And in that thought is everything you look on wholly changed.

All power is given unto you in earth and Heaven. There is nothing that you cannot do.

…let the Son of God awaken from his sleep, and opening his holy eyes, return again to bless the world he made. In error it began, but it will end in the reflection of his holiness. And he will sleep no more and dream of death. Then join with me today. Your glory is the light that saves the world. Do not withhold salvation longer. Look about the world, and see the suffering there. Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?

You are the holy Son of God Himself. Remember this, and all the world is free. Remember this, and earth and Heaven are one. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 191, W-pI.191.7;9:1-2;10;11:6-8. See also ACIM Lesson 191 Insights.)

The perception that we live in an unsafe world that is lacking the Love we need is an illusion reflecting the ego’s lie—that we are separate from the Love of God. This world seems out of our control, caused by a source outside our mind. Yet its cause is simply a mistaken belief in our mind that we are separate from God. Let go of this one belief and the Heaven of God’s Love dawns upon our mind.

This is our Home. Here we abide in perfect safety. We have all God’s Love and live in joy as His Son. To claim It we only need to accept His gift already given us for eternity. We claim this inheritance by forgiving the world for all we thought it was. The world is simply a smokescreen of illusions that are dispelled through forgiveness.

Today we hold the Holy Spirit’s hand, trusting in His strong and kindly guidance to awaken to the Love we are.

© 2021, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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