Miracles News

July-September, 2022

Miracles News, July-September, 2022


Whatever troubles you, be certain
that He has the answer, and will
gladly give it to you, if you simply
turn to Him and ask it of Him. ACIM W-ep.1:5

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July-September, 2022

Grace in Covidian Times

By Rev. Vicki Rostant, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

On Monday, May 16th, 2022, I started the workbook lesson 361. The same lesson is repeated for 5 days:

“This holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”

Having re-read the text, I had started the lessons again in September, 2020, mostly doing a new one daily, but there were lessons I needed to sit with for several days at a time before moving on, hence the long time-frame. 

By Thursday, May 19th, it was clear that my partner, a Teacher, and I both had the COVID-19 virus. We had been having relatively mild cold/flu symptoms for a couple of days, so we each did the rapid home test.  Although my partner tested positive, I kept testing negative, but our doctor said to assume I have it, since I was also having symptoms.

Energy levels were low and afternoon naps were essential. The next several days are a bit of a blur, as my mind seemed to lose all focus, except for one thing: the constant repetition of the above lesson, throughout the day, over several days. Also in there from time to time was Mary’s voice saying, “What is this here to teach me?”

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July-September, 2022

The Holy Relationship

by Rev. Joyce Peebles, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

People laugh and say it would have been nice to of been born with an instruction manual for how to live this life. Actually, you were and you still have it. There is the need to learn how to access it. Although it will be touched upon, the focus here is on the Holy relationship.

The Manual for Teachers tells us, “Those who are to meet will meet, because together they have the potential for a holy relationship. They are ready for each other.” (M-4-3.1:7-8)

Here the idea of chance or coincidence is not an option. The meeting is on purpose for a specific purpose. There has been spiritual evolvement by both parties and the timing and situation is perfect to come together. What is more, on a spiritual level, these two want this opportunity to overcome their limiting ideas and grow spiritually. As it says they are ready. This sounds great, except for one thing. All this planning was done on another level instead of the earthy plane. The bad news is the ego body has no conscious memory of this planned meeting. The good news is even on the human level we recognize these special partners and are attracted to them. We just don’t yet know why.

Take marriage for example, we often hear that opposites attract. I don’t believe this. People come together because they believe the other person has something they lack and need; and they do. Just not what they bargained for on the surface level. A person is needy when they believe they lack love; their aim is to alleviate this pain. Greater pain comes when their expectations are not met and then the “attractive person” is not so desirable.

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July-September, 2022

Foundational Lessons

by Rev. Myron, Jones, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

When I first began studying the workbook of A Course in Miracles, I really disliked doing the first few lessons. I thought they were weird and didn’t make sense to me. Over the years all of that has changed. Now I love those lessons. I recognize that they are the foundation for everything to follow.

I invite you to take a fresh look at three of these lessons with me. I chose these three because I learned something particularly important from them.

Let’s look at Lesson 1 first. “Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything.”  (W-pI.1) How is it that nothing I see means anything?

Jesus doesn’t explain this lesson but we can assume that the reason nothing we see has meaning is because we are using our eyes to see and the body’s eyes don’t actually see. They are image makers and serve only to show us what we want to see not what is actually there.

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July-September, 2022

Mind Repairs Through Car Repairs

by Rev. Robin Singler, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I own a bright red passenger van named Ruby the Wonder-Van of Love. I was guided by Spirit to buy her in 2019, and like any other relationship, having Ruby in my life has brought many opportunities for forgiveness. Spirit has me on a new journey with Ruby that is leading me deeper into mind healing, or mind repair, as I get to choose whether I want peace or conflict.  Issues with Ruby’s ability to get me where I need to go consistently bring up worry and anxiety for me, but Spirit is helping to change all of that.

Having recently moved to Huntley, Illinois, I find myself in need of a trustworthy place to bring Ruby for her maintenance and repairs. Placing Spirit in charge, I began to look for local shops that had good reviews from customers that were nearby my home and were reasonably priced. When I saw the repair shop called JDM Repair, the words “Jesus does miracles” popped into my mind and I felt inspired to have them do an oil change.
I went into the shop for the appointment expecting a warm, inviting experience, but instead I left feeling disappointed and wondering why I had been guided to go there. I stood and waited at the service counter for 20 minutes while the employees were in another room, not even noticing that I had arrived for my appointment. This treatment went unacknowledged by them and rather than bringing it up in the moment, I just let it all unfold, certain Spirit would help interpret this for me.

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July-September, 2022

Entertaining a Miracles Mindset

by Rev. Jennifer McSween, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Around 6:30 p.m. on the evening of April 13th as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner I began having some very intense pains in the middle of my chest. It was a tightening sensation in the middle section of my chest radiating towards the right side and under my right breast. The pain then traveled upwards along my right clavicle, then up into my neck.

The intense pain lasted for no more than 10 minutes, however it felt like it was there for much longer. I remember walking slowly into the living room where my husband was sitting… sat on the sofa across from him and said:

“I’m having some very intense pains in my chest… It may be nothing but I feel I should go have it checked out.”

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July-September, 2022

Wake Up Little Child

by Michelle Rado, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Often, I turn within and ask for guidance regarding what I need to understand and focus on in my awakening journey.  I would like to share with you the following poem that I received a couple of weeks back…

Wake up little child,
the Lord whispers in my ear.
So Soft I can barely hear it.

Turn away from the
world’s sorrows, Look within
for all that is needed.

Be still and thoughtful as
you move through each day,
looking past the many
appearances of human discord
and into the truth of all Creation.

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July-September, 2022

Liar, Liar

by Rev. Paula Richards, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“Massachusetts.” Usually, I wouldn’t pick up, but I noticed the same number calling for the third time and intuition told me it was important.

The caller turned out to be someone inquiring about my ministerial counseling, so I was relieved that I had answered. I apologized for not having picked up before, saying that the ID only said Massachusetts and I thought it might be a scam.

To my surprise, the woman tersely said, “That’s not possible. My name and number always show up.”

“I’m just telling you what a saw.” I replied.
“You are a liar,” she snapped. “How dare you call yourself a minister and then lie like that?!”

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July-September, 2022

Accepting Gratitude

by Rev. Mary Manke, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Are you one of those who has difficultly receiving thanks when it is given to you? 

I am in error of this egoic idea.

The ego wants to keep me in littleness or smallness. It would like to keep me in shame, regret and guilt. It never wants me to know my wholeness (holiness). That is why it reacts to gratitude with defense or denial, to deny the truth of Love’s Oneness.

My Beingness is part of God’s. God knows not of separation or in-completeness. Holy Spirit knows the “separation” never happened. My innocence is guaranteed.

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July-September, 2022

You’re My Tecket Home

by Rev. Barbara Adams, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

He: “You’re my ticket Home.”

His friend: “What are you talking about?”

He: “I’m saying that you’re the one who’s gonna help me get Home.”

Friend: “I know what you said. What the heck do you mean?”

He: “OK, look, I’ve been trying to get Home for a while. Every time I think I’m on the right path, I hit a brick wall. Then, BAM! I feel like I lose my way again.”

Friend: “I go home ‘every day. Don’t you?”

He: “No. I’ve seen glimpses of Home, but I’m having trouble staying put, you know, living at Home.”

Friend: “You’re scaring me, Dude.”

He: “Oh no! Don’t get scared. Fear is the exact opposite of Home.”

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July-September, 2022

A Journey of Awakening

by Dani Novak, Pathways of Light Ministerial Student

I, this mythical me, was born in Israel as an only child in 1949 to a couple, Zdenka and Zvonko Novak, who lost most of their family in the Holocaust (in the Balkans, former Yugoslavia, 1941). Until age 14 I seemed to experience a happy childhood. The black bird appeared in my life in the form of a high school mate who told me that I was gay. This memorable moment caused me to spiral down quickly into insanity. I will not bother you with the details except to mention that death would have been the sweetest solution, yet I knew that it was not an option and decided to continue living.

Around age 17 I was introduced to Yoga and later to Zen buddhism. I started studying pure Mathematics and in 1976 moved with my wife Haya and our three year old daughter to the USA to complete my PhD at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. After completing my studies our second daughter was born and the four of us moved to Ithaca NY for my first and only job as a college mathematics teacher at Ithaca College (https://www.ithaca.edu/faculty/novak).

Most of my life from age 14 until about 2020 I suffered from deep depressions and at the same time continued to explore spirituality in various forms. The first of the two most significant forms was ACIM. I heard Jerald Jampolsky talk on NPR about the book he wrote: “Love is Letting Go of Fear.” I bought the ACIM book but could not read it for two years because of the Christian style that collided with my Jewish background. But when I entered into a most severe depression the book became an infinite poem and I was singing it in my attic. I also started going to a local ACIM group.

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July-September, 2022

The Best Job Ever

by Rev. Larry Glenz, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”  (W-pI.98)

I have had the honor of coaching boys’ lacrosse at Lynbrook High School for a very long time. I started in 1972 and have coached in the program now for 50 consecutive seasons. Not many coaches get that opportunity and it has certainly shaped the path of my adult life.

Last month I was honored by the National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association (NILCA) with an induction into their Hall of Fame. Ten coaches from across the country get honored each year as the game of lacrosse continues to spread like wildfire in all parts of the U.S. The induction alone was humbling, no doubt. But there was something else going on that made my heart soar.

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July-September, 2022

To Ukraine with Love

by Rev. Maureen L. Yarbrough, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Ukraine—How can I choose to see peace instead of unfairness, sadness, despair, warfare, and destruction?

For me to make sense of the nonsensical (which is all in this world) I choose to see Russia as the ego. Its mission is to be special, powerful, strong, and mighty. Does this mission make it so? Does the demise result in peace or more demise? Hate begets hate here in this world of illusion. This world is designed to be painful and result in separation and angst. It would be silly of me to expect anything else.

Ken Wapnick used to say, “act normal” here. And I so appreciate that and hold onto to it, for any reaction that is not kind and loving, such as dismissing the tragedies of this world with malice or even humor, will result in more unkindness here. No, thank you.

In my openness, heart-light, and love I can encapsulate all Ukrainians, who are One with me, and, as most especially, as uncomfortable as this may be, it is so necessary to include all Russian soldiers, civilians and leaders and energetically imagine them all as they really are, Love and Light, perfect, whole, complete, united! I can choose to sit in the beauty and surety of this reality, experience the soul-tingle of Oneness.

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July-September, 2022

“I Am Not a Body, I Am Free”

by Rev. Ashley Rose Legrand, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I know the Course was brought to me for so many reasons but one in particular has been for the healing of my relationship to my body. As a former professional bodybuilder, my body image was everything. It defined me. And as a former overweight child and young adult, that new image held even more meaning. It gave me importance. It made me special. It allowed me to leave a hurtful, uncomfortable image behind and with it many hurtful and uncomfortable feelings too (or so I thought).

When the ‘perfection’ of my body started to fade and recede, with it went my peace, my happiness, my sane mind. Evidently this “perfect body” was not the silver bullet I had thought it was.

As I have leaned into my study and practice of the Course over the past few years with a willingness and a vigilance like never before, I have seen miracles at the level of my body, which I know have only come from healing my mind. A determination to transform my perception and asking to see things differently. “The body will respond with health when thoughts in need of healing have been corrected and replaced with truth.” (W-pI.135.10:1)

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July-September, 2022

Peace Is Magic!

by Rev. Vicki Evans, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I realized the power of magic in stepping back and choosing peace instead of trying to prove myself, be defensive, or be right. After an opportunity for a life lesson of trying to convince an employee at a garden park that my tickets included the gift bag (as stated on the online order) I realized that the time and energy, tension and stress that was part of the deal in proving myself as right was not worth the end result. I learned that going forward I will take that step back and choose peace.

I started this journey on Easter Sunday and made it my focus to choose peace all day over the next 24 hours! What a transformation that life held for me when I released ego and started this process. Also, no pressure as I decided to try this experiment for 24 hours and if it didn’t work for me I could try ego again! I started the day with giving myself permission to put worries on the shelf along without trying to guess how things would
turn out during the day’s events.

I went with the flow of the moment and when we went out to a restaurant on Easter, I was open to the experience with no ego notions of how this event should evolve for me. That meant no ego about which restaurant table we get (it doesn’t have to be by a window) and also giving grace and patience regarding the food items and being grateful for the service.

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