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  • Minister Training Minister Training

    The ordained Ministerial Counselor Training applies the principles of A Course in Miracles to spiritual ministry. Being an ordained Ministerial Counselor (OMC) prepares you to fulfill your purpose of serving in this time of the Great Awakening

    For full descriptions of the Minister Training courses, click here.

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  • ACIM Practitioner Training ACIM Practitioner Training

    Applying A Course in Miracles in Daily Life

    Train to become a Certified ACIM Practitioner or take self-study courses that provide in-depth understanding and experience with applying ACIM in your daily life.

    For full descriptions of the ACIM Practitioner Training courses, click here.

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  • Self-Study Courses Self-Study Courses

    15 Self-study Courses for Spiritual Growth help you with "Getting to Know the Real You," "Strengthening Your Awareness of Inner Wisdom" and "Bringing Inner Guidance to Your Relationships." Additional self-study programs help you improve relationships and receive clear guidance from inner inspiration.

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  • Donations & Membership Donations & Membership

    Become part of the Pathways of Light service to awakening as a member, make a donation or subscribe to our quarterly magazine, Miracles News.

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  • DVD's & CD's DVD's & CD's

    DVD's to help understand and apply A Course in Miracles in our lives. CD's of ACIM workshops plus music to relax and inspire you.

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  • Books Books

    A Course in Miracles and book that offer insights to help you apply ACIM in your life for accelerate spiritual growth.

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