A Course in Miracles Minister Training

The Ordained Ministerial Counselor training applies the principles of A Course in Miracles to spiritual ministry. Being an Ordained Ministerial Counselor (OMC) prepares you to fulfill your purpose of serving in this time of the Great Awakening. Upon completion of the Ministerial Curriculum you are qualified to offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Spiritual Counseling as well as to facilitate Pathways of Light Spiritual College courses and 8-week programs.

The Minister Training Curriculum

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Step 1: Getting to Know & Trust the Real You

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132: Self-Image Transformations Details

Course 132: Self-Image TransformationsYou may still feel plagued with fear, anger, resentment, self-doubt and guilt cropping up here and there. Intellectually you know better, but those old, subconscious scripts still seem to be around.

Self-image transformation means changing the way we perceive ourselves. To transform our self-image, we don't need to change what we do. We need to change who we think we are. What we do comes from who we think we are. In A Course in Miracles we are taught to remind ourselves frequently, "God is but Love, and therefore so am I," and "I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me."

This course will provide practice in becoming aware of the trance formations that make us act like robots, controlled by unconscious, habitual ego belief systems. You will learn to retrain your mind to develop new mental habits while releasing those old mental programs that are limiting and painful.

  • Learn to feel more loved, accepted and loving.
  • Feel more relaxed for a greater experience of wellness.
  • Soften the grip of unwanted habits as your self-image changes.
  • Build the habit of recognizing tension and guilt and letting it go.
  • Open to greater possibilities and fulfillment as you move into your true spiritual purpose.

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Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 132 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 132.

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Self-Study Course 132 in a Binder: US$54.00 plus shipping (does not include facilitator or certification). Click here to order Course 132 Self-Study in Binder.

Comments from Course 132 Participants (Click to view)

This course seemed simple on the surface; that was deceptive! It was so much more than I expected. I value hugely what it brought up for me. It has led to better relationships with my loved ones and greater inner peace.

This is a very powerful, invaluable course. It helped me learn to identify false self-image beliefs and transform these false beliefs to truth with the help of Spirit.

I felt that through the readings and visualizations, I made a greater shift to the Light within. My self-image improved. I feel more open to love, joy and peace. I really felt that this was a major shift for me.

I learned to look at how I think about myself and change that image with the help of Inner Guidance.

This course allowed me to stop, and become aware of the gaps and differences between what I have manifested into my life and relationships to date, and what I consciously desire to focus on. I gained valuable insights into how and why I set up limiting relationship patterns..

This course helped me realize at still another, deeper level that I make the trance scripts and I can let them go with the help of Holy Spirit. I also enjoyed the experience of deep peace and feeling connected with my Source in the meditations..

This course brought me clarity and a sense of peace about where I am in my life. I was able to focus more clearly on differentiating between ego and my Higher Self, especially in relation to my own issues of worthiness.

112: Knowing Your True Purpose Details

112: Knowing Your True PurposeAs you open to understanding your true purpose, you enter a new time — a time of looking at the concepts you are holding about yourself and others and letting them be replaced by the awareness of your unlimited True Self.

• Understand how the veils of forgetfulness can be lifted to give you a new sense of life purpose. • Learn how to change your beliefs about time. • Learn to access long-held thought patterns you picked up as a child, and heal these limited thoughts with the help of the Light within you. • Find out why it is important to quiet your mind and listen to your Self, and how you can better serve your true identity as Spirit in this life.

• Receive insight on new choices, new ideas, and learn how you can extend the qualities of your true Self in your life. • Take an inward journey to a Haven of Greater Awareness to connect and identify with qualities of Spirit, such as universal Love, and feeling deep inner peace. • Transcend time and communicate with your unlimited Self. • Imagine seeing life differently in the years ahead as you dissolve blocks to the greater awareness of Love's Presence. • Practice seeing yourself knowing and expressing your true life purpose.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 112 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 112.

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Comments from Course 112 Participants (Click to view.)

Wow. It was such a joyful, elevating experience. The meditations were deep and transforming. It was an enlightening experience, more than I expected.

The exercises were created in such a way that they directly got to important life issues. I felt like I shook hands with myself and my unconscious self. I learned to create a bridge for conscious dialogue with Higher Self.

For the first time in my life I found myself going very deeply into guided meditations. I always brought back some important new information, some new awareness. I was impressed with the gentle and nurturing approach. Growth doesn't have to hurt.

I would recommend this highly as a powerful class for opening to the Higher Self.

I love all the extra benefits of these courses — how they are synchronistic with events in my life. I also love the little jewels in each course — sentences that are profound. I increased my sense of peace.

It made me aware of my issues and my solutions. I gained insight into the changes I need to make to get back to my True Self. The experience was relaxing, rejuvenating, profound and very enjoyable. The materials are simple, direct and precise.

I have the knowledge and the ability to change my present experiences by changing my thoughts and beliefs about the past, and to have a future of Love, peace and joy. It helped me a lot with meditation. The CD’s and the course brought the wisdom I needed to access my Inner Truth.

This course helped remind me why I am in this world and assisted me in remembering/discovering how to return to the reason: My purpose. It has come at an extremely difficult time in life, thus proving extremely beneficial.

I believe that the course opened areas of forgiveness for me to a greater degree than ever before. It allowed me to review and release situations in my life which I still held judgments about. I am aware to a greater extent that my Higher Self is always there to help and comfort me.

111: Awakening to Your True Self Details

111: Awakening to Your True SelfIn this course you will look at core aspects of your personality which are holding on to ideas that do not come from your true Self. Some of the ways these aspects express themselves include self-righteousness, suffering, victimhood and projecting guilt and blame onto others. If you still find yourself sabotaging your innate happiness, this course will give you practice in identifying and healing those self-defeating aspects. You will learn how to quiet your mind to let your true Self lovingly transform your mind — your thoughts and feelings — to higher levels of awareness.

As you learn to quiet your mind and listen, you awaken to the real you — to your true Self. As you gradually welcome awakening to your inner Spirit, your experience changes to allow in more joy, love and the knowing that you are safe in God. Your true Self is your true nature, the essence of what you are. You will learn to allow in the awareness of your true Self more fully and receive helpful insight. Your true Self is your inner Teacher and will help you transform your thinking to see the outer world differently to live a happier and more purposeful life.

As your thinking increasingly comes from your true Self, you become more gentle with yourself and others. You are able to see past the fearful thinking and resulting behavior in yourself and others, to see the true reality of Love that lies behind all fear. You are able to make choices and decisions from a place of Wisdom and peace.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 111 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 111.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 111 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 111 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 111 Participants (Click to view.)

It really helped me look at areas in my life that I wasn't facing. The meditation CD’s are wonderful and I enjoy listening to them more than once or twice. This course reinforced my values and beliefs in my spirituality.

By becoming aware of the limiting aspects in my personality, I can more clearly choose to hear my Inner Guidance. Receiving the guiding vision of my True Self was very moving and powerful.

This course reinforces the work I am doing with A Course in Miracles. The CD’s facilitated getting in touch with my True Self and receiving a vision of the next evolutionary step of my "practice."

This course helped me clear away the blocks that prevented me from discovering my true Higher Self and has freed me to proceed with my personal growth. It has a helpful, building block approach of recognition, healing, cleansing and awareness. The excellent recorded meditations were so helpful in guiding me through inner explorations.

This course is more far-reaching in its scope than I anticipated. It facilitated a change that is an ongoing process. My experience can only be described as miraculous. I stand a changed person on the inside, thereby creating a changed perception on the outside. I gained a deep sense of union with myself and an absolute conviction that I am never alone.

By doing one of the exercises and applying the insights to my daily life, I came to a clearer understanding that I was projecting my limiting personality characteristics onto those whom I seemed to get upset with or angry at. With this realization, it became easier to see myself in those people, whom I used to blame for their 'bad' behaviors. I was them and they were me! Seeing oneness with those who seem to upset or hurt me has been a big challenge for me. But this experience helps me move in the right direction.

All the exercises brought me to deeper and deeper levels of my being. The meditations were profound and moving. I was able to see things so clearly.

The meditation CD helped lead me to the Holy Spirit (inner guidance) naturally, to a profound depth of inner insight, with peace and Love.

There were many ah-ha's, such as: All need for "specialness" is a belief in scarcity — a belief that there's not enough goodness or universal abundance to go around.

I realized that my abundance is so incredible that I couldn't even really imagine how great it is. And the Holy Spirit is there to guide my creativity. Each session was so right on. It amazed me how effective they were.

114: The Transforming Power of Trust Details

114: The Transforming Power of TrustThis course will help you feel more confident about trusting your Inner Guidance, spiritual intuition and your ability to know what is right for you. Trust opens the door to living a purposeful life, following Spirit. Trust helps you experience the quiet peace that comes with letting go of fearful thinking. When you trust that your Source is working for you and with you, you relax and allow It to lead you.

Learn how to let go of the doubt that cuts you off from experiencing trust in areas of:

  • Knowing your innate abundance
  • Allowing loving relationships
  • Becoming increasingly aware of quieting your mind to listen to Inner Wisdom.

Learn what pushes your buttons, causing you to lose your trust, and how to get back to trusting your true Self as your source of Guidance. Trusting your inner Teacher changes how you see everyone and everything. This trust allows you to see the world from a new perspective of oneness. As you place your trust in your true Self, you see through the false veils of ego thoughts of conflict, limitation and lack. You are unlimited Love and Light. The more you can trust in the Christ within, the more it will be reflected in your life.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 114 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 114.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 114 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 114 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 114 Participants (Click to view.)

I increased my awareness, commitment and TRUST in Spirit, learning to see that Spirit does the work and I just need to be mindfully connected in a place of peace, allowing it to take place.

I learned so much about myself. This has been the best course for me yet. I learned to locate the things that trigger mistrust for me and how to trust Spirit more.

I was reluctant to take a correspondence course, preferring the group sharing environment. I was very pleased with the opportunities and insights I received by doing individual and guided facilitated study. I would now recommend correspondence as a very valuable experience, and I would correspond again in the future.

Trust has been an issue with me in the past. I believe that by doing this course, I attained a new level. The experiential work allowed me to feel trust in a way that is wondrous and new. It is the experiential meditative exercises which made this course come alive for me.

The meditations are profound. I play the meditation CD’s over and over, and each time I hear them differently. So I have an actual "physical way" to realize the layers that exist and work with myself at each level.

I gained a renewed trust in Self, extending that trust to everything and everyone. I became aware of areas I want to let go of and areas I want to focus on to make stronger in my life.

It helped me realize how powerful my thoughts are and how important it is to monitor my thoughts. I was able to release some doubt I had in communicating with my Higher Self.

It helped me let go of doubt and fearful beliefs of separation, and to trust my inner powerful Light and true Self. I can trust in Love to heal all things.

I learned to trust my inner Self, listen to It, and relish the beauty It gives me. Simply amazing!

115: How to Be Loving, How to Be Loved Details

115: How to Be Loving, How to Be LovedWithin everyone is a desire to return to Love, our Source. In our search for Love, we may look to someone outside of ourselves to give it to us. In this stage we are not aware of the Love within. We don't recognize our inner worth, our Light, our own perfection. As long as we continue to look outside ourselves to fill this sense of emptiness, we will feel unfulfilled.

When you realize that you have not found Love by looking for it from others, you are ready to go into a new stage of your life. You are ready to walk into an expanded awareness of Love. You are ready to consistently express your true unconditional loving nature. You are ready to wake up to What you are. In this course you will practice healing and releasing your barriers to Love. With the support of others, you will experience the depth of unconditional Love which lies within you. You will learn how to tap into this reservoir and bring Love to situations in your life which need healing.

You will learn to let go and let Love take over, seeing the world from a new perspective. You recognize that Love is giving, not getting. As Love extends from you, the sense of scarcity and lack gently falls away. Extending the Love that you are is your top priority. It is what you are here to learn and teach. You will focus on opening up to that Love and letting It shine through. Love is the healer. It will change your life.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 115 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 115.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 115 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 115 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 115 Participants (Click to view.)

It helped me remember that love is everywhere and that I can share love without fear or anxiety. The processes were uplifting and inspiring. I feel peaceful all over again.

This course helped me remember that everyone, including myself, perceives the world based on our fears, feelings of lack and inadequacy, etc.... That we can only allow in the amount of love that we feel we desire. This allows me to see situations in a manner that is more serene for myself and others. This is a course I will definitely repeat for myself.

It was a very love-filled experience. I absolutely loved the material and exercises. It had a nice balance of meditation, processing and reading material.

This course helped me feel more comfortable in expressing the positive things I feel about other people. It also provided an unusual opportunity to receive positive comments about myself in a comfortable, safe environment, which helped lower my defenses.

I realized that I have looked for love outside of myself and do not see myself as a vessel of love. The experience of having the group tell me that I am worthy and deserving of love was profound. I truly value this experience.

The sharing with my inner child experience helped me recognize that I am love and loving.

My inner child received a healing and incorporated some new, healthy qualities. I now have a greater desire to love others. It helped me move through resistance to receiving love. It also helped me realize the value of extending love at all times.

Step 2: Strengthening Your Awareness of Inner Wisdom

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203: Introduction to A Course in Miracles Details

203: Introduction to A Course in MiraclesThis course gives an overview of the important ideas and lessons presented by A Course In Miracles. You will to learn to tell the difference between ego thoughts and the thoughts of your true Identity. You will learn to choose peace instead of conflict, Heaven instead of hell.

• Learn a process that helps you see past the physical form to the Light in everyone. It helps you forgive the people in your life whom you find difficult to love. • Take an inventory of your patterns of right-minded and wrong-minded thinking and practice shifting your thoughts toward right-minded thinking with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your mind. • Focus on the true Self in others and experience how that focus helps you recognize the true Self in you. • Learn how to transform upset feelings into a healed perception with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit's teaching is a lesson in remembering. Let us join together in our remembering. It takes just a little willingness.

This course also includes a 3-CD set (MP3's with the downloadable e-course) of Gary Renard explaining ACIM in a full day workshop.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 203 – Downloadable: US$126.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 203.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 203 in a Binder: US$126.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 203 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 203 Participants (Click to view)

Before this course, I didn't know anything about A Course in Miracles even though I had tried to do some reading on it. Now I feel like I have a very good overview of ACIM. It was very enlightening for me. I have more clarity about the ego and forgiveness.

This course brought healing on many levels. I experienced a deep healing with the Forgiveness meditation. I have been working with ACIM for over 10 years, yet this course brought greater understanding and clarity with it.

The Forgiveness and Recognizing Illusion & Reality meditations were especially meaningful for me. I want to work with them more.

All the meditations were valuable. I was particularly moved by the exercise in which we practiced seeing the Light in each other. It was a deeply beautiful class that called upon me to see the Truth in all situations.

My experience has been one of relaxing and opening to the concepts — a deep peace — an open pathway. This has been very different from the way I first entered the Course.

This course helped me experience insight into myself and my belief system. I now realize that the only thing that needs to be healed is my belief in separation from God. Once this is healed, all seeming lack in my life will disappear.

113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits Details

113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental HabitsYou don't have to experience life as a serious, stressful, day-to-day grind. In this course, you will identify the mental habits you may have developed which create tension, guilt and self-doubt. See how inappropriate expectations cloud your ability to experience unconditional love.

• Learn how you are unconsciously telling others how to treat you, to fit your unconscious expectations. • Discover ways you may still be following the unconscious expectations of others or trying to live up to unhealthy models of perfection. • See how learned childhood responses become unconscious knee-jerk reactions. Learn how to release these reactions for a happier life. • Realize that you are not your programming. Consciously choose how you want to feel and how you want to think. • Connect with your Inner Source of direction. • Learn to be in peace and be happy.

This course will help you allow more constructive inner scripts which empower you. You will learn to perceive yourself and the world in a way that brings happy experiences of unconditional love, no matter what is happening around you.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course113 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 113.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 113 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 113 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 113 Participants (Click to view.)

This entire course was a deep, emotional healing process.

The more courses I take, the stronger my connection with my Higher Self becomes. I received hope and confirmation that my life can really improve. I experienced a healing with issues I have been struggling with and learned to have patience with myself in making changes.

It really helped me take a good, hard look at myself, at how I affect others and how they affect me. Most importantly, I learned how to change negative mental habits that are damaging to me. I have a newfound love for my Higher Awareness and those around me. It was a very nurturing and positive experience.

I experienced inner healing of my childhood, including forgiveness of my mother and father — a very powerful experience. I am sure in the weeks to come this course will be digested and used even further.

This was very helpful. I started to reprogram my limited beliefs, which started in my childhood, to a programming that creates inner peace, happiness, Love and abundance.

This course helped me integrate issues I have been working with for years. I now feel ready and empowered to move into and experience a different belief system. It takes patience, perseverance, persistence and practice! Now I have the tools, the desire and the intent.

Forgiveness has been an area that was hard for me to deal with. I realized that there was so much for me to let go of and felt that I was really able to release some very limiting patterns.

I learned how I can choose to change my mental scripts from the past and become aware so I can practice new ways of thinking and feeling.

I appreciate learning that when I recognize subconscious old patterns, I can decide to discard them by handing them over to Holy Spirit. It had some great exercises that I am eager to use again with other situations or people in my life.

It was valuable for me to look at the expectations I have held that cause states of unhappiness in me.

802: Oneness Awareness Details

802: Oneness AwarenessWe have forgotten the reality of oneness that our true Self remembers for us as we dream the dream of separation. Practice letting go of the way you perceive the outer world, and focus on the inner reality of Spirit. Reacquaint yourself with your wholeness and oneness, where all minds are joined in God's perfect Love.

• Find ways to connect with your inner Spirit, with the wisdom of your true Self. • Learn to recognize the true Voice of the Holy Spirit as your Guide. • Learn the art of mindfulness to identify judgments, feelings or beliefs which interfere with communication with eternal Spirit. • Learn to distinguish what is important to your Spirit from what is important to your personality. • See how to align your thoughts more closely with your Spirit's perception. • Learn how to open to Oneness Awareness • manifesting the perfect expression of your Spirit. • Feel the joy of following Spirit's plan of awakening and joining our minds as one.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 802 – Downloadable: US$153.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 802.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 802 in a Binder: US$153.00 plus shipping (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 802 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 802 Participants (Click to view.)

The processes helped me remember my innocence and that I can receive valuable messages when I ask and listen. The experience of this course helped me remember that expectations are illusions. I don't need to plan to have a great day. Great days just "happen" when I am open.

This course was so profound for me that I want to facilitate it to others. I particularly appreciated the section on mindfulness.

I feel I am growing at a pace I would not have believed possible. The meditations where I get in touch with Holy Spirit are particularly helpful because I need the practice of "going to Spirit" reinforced again and again.

This course allowed me to face my issues and take responsibility for my life circumstances. It assisted me in my goal of continued spiritual growth and remembering to access Inner Guidance.

I found the mindfulness meditation to be very helpful. The "Finding Your Guide" meditation was beautiful and I will use it often. I feel myself trusting inner Guidance more and more, and allowing It in more frequently.

The "Taking Off the Blindfold" process is an excellent reminder of "inch by inch, it's a cinch" and to be gentle with ourselves.

202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals Details

202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols and RitualsThroughout history, mystics have used rituals to form connections between the consciousness world of form and the inner, spiritual world which is without form. We believe we live in a physical dimension of time and form. From the perspective of form, it is impossible to perceive the formless infinity of God — All That Is. Symbols and rituals can be bridges to a deeper awareness of the reality of Love's oneness.

This course will help you understand and use the power of rituals as pathways to experiences which transcend time and form. You will learn about potential pitfalls which may cause rituals to block the very spiritual awakening they were intended to assist. You will discover the root meaning and intent of thousand-year-old rituals. You will see how to transform old, lifeless rituals into empowering avenues to knowing the infinite Self. With this understanding, you will create your own inspired ritual to experience a transcendent awareness of your true inner Spirit.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 202 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 202.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 202 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 202 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 202 Participants (Click to view.)

Very deep, moving, profound, and transforming. It showed me the value of rituals as a bridge, and that they can change as we grow.

It was emotional and beautiful. The best part for me was creating my own useful ritual. It was a lot of fun, yet it also had much meaning. I see rituals as more useful than I had previously.

I learned that ordinary symbols can be reminders of awakening to oneness in my everyday life. It reminded me to see the sacred behind all form.

I really liked this course. It was very experiential. I have been using symbols and ceremonies for a long time, but I learned new ways and thoughts for using them in my life. I particularly like the idea of a personal symbol for self healing.

This course showed me how I feel about ritual and allowed me to express my experience of ritual in a powerful way. Through rituals created and experienced during this course, I fulfilled intent and focus rooted in self-healing.

Because of this course experience, I am looking at rituals in a new way. It has helped me see that it is futile to attempt to recreate those moments of bliss and oneness that I felt on occasion. I need only recognize that bliss and oneness are always in the present moment.

Simply excellent. I deepened and clarified my understanding of symbols and rituals. It helped me realize that everything I do can be used as a ritual for awakeing.

It helped me understand the power beneath the surface of rituals. It is not the form, it's the intent and the meaning that is important.

801: Receiving Inner Wisdom — Tool for Self Transformation Details

801: Receiving Inner Wisdom -- Tool for Self-TransformationReceiving Inner Wisdom opens your inner windows of communication to universal Inspiration, and helps you tap into the beingness of unconditional Love.

In this course you will have the opportunity to practice receiving Inner Wisdom with ease and a sense of deep peace. With the guided meditations, you will find it easy to practice reinforcing the habit of allowing your Inner Teacher to be the source of guidance in your daily life.

Within you is the Source of all Love, peace and joy. As you build the strong habit of stepping back and letting your Inner Teacher lead, you are led to let go of the fear, anger and resentment which are barriers to knowing your true Identity in the Mind of God.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to practice being a clear and open channel for receiving and extending the peace and Love of God. You will have an opportunity to practice getting helpful answers and bring through the healing perspective and insight of your Inner Teacher.

Releasing mistaken perceptions assists you in accepting your Self within. As you open your mind to your true Reality, you discover a new way of being in this world. More and more, the peace of God guides your thoughts, words and deeds.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 801 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 801.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 801 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 801 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 801 Participants (Click to view.)

The most valuable thing I gained in this course is the step-by-step process of receiving Inner Guidance. The CDs, processes and reading materials were all valuable in helping me change my habit patterns of thinking which were limiting me.

I received very powerful messages in the Receiving Inner Peace Meditation. I am feeling more relaxed with being led by Spirit and letting go of trying to control my life.

This course reminded me that by being in peace, I can let go of my desperate grip on the world and connect with the Truth in me. When I get in touch with Inner Wisdom, I remember that physical reality is an illusion. Truth is Love. Being in peace changes my experience of the world.

This was a great bridge in my awakening process. I can take this with me and use it as often as I please. It is so empowering to realize that Inner Guidance is always with me. I just need to remember to be quiet and ask.

Great experience! The meditations were powerful. I received clarity and much inner food for my transformation.

I am amazed how each course builds on the previous one so perfectly. I am continuing to see the need for willingness, stillness and quiet to allow the thoughts, symbols and feelings to come from inner Guidance.

The processes helped me remember my True Self is always with me and I need only ask Holy Spirit to have corrected perception given to me.

Receiving Inner wisdom is truly a tool for self-transformation. Inner wisdom is the Light that shines the illusions away.

It was particularly helpful to realize that replacing old, habitual reaction mechanisms with going to Spirit first is a process that takes time. It is important not to be hard on myself when I don't get it right off.

The activities of this course were awesome. I learned how to be at peace anytime, anywhere to receive messages and wisdom from Spirit. This course was truly an opening for me.

Step 3: Bringing Inner Guidance to Your Relationships

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301: Christ Vision Details

301: Christ VisionCome back to the awareness of your perfect wholeness with Christ Vison. Learn how, with your thoughts and beliefs, you are writing your book of life, your holy book. In a guided meditation, you will learn how to rewrite your holy book of life with the help of unlimited, all-knowing Christ Vision. This rewriting will help you transform your life through correction rather than self-condemnation. In this course we will be working with the essence of awakening training. Experiential processes will help you move past the outer form to Christ's perfect Love.

  • Put yourself in the perfect environment for healing fear, guilt and self-punishment.
  • See through the illusionary forms as you practice allowing Christ Vision to move you to think of yourself as one with all, encompassing all humanity in Love.
  • Work with Christ Vision to see a person or situation in your life differently, from a perspective of oneness.

With Christ Vision, you are knocking on the door of the greatest force of Inner Light there is. The door opens and you recognize the Light and Love you feel as your own.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 301 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 301.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 301 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 301 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 301 Participants (Click to view.)

Wow! Shazamm! Right at the beginning of this course I had a very healing experience with the first meditation. I feel a greater awareness of the nearness of Christ Vision and what I can let go to open up to it more. This course was alive with Love.

This course makes it so clear that we write our own stories and that we can rewrite every part that needs rewriting. Most importantly, this course shows us how to do this. It left me speechless with just feelings — feelings of the Christ Spirit alive within me. It was a truly healing experience.

I got in touch with Holy Spirit and was shown how to deal with my relationship with my oldest son. I learned that I have an attachment to the stimulation of fear, competition, blame, etc., and that this is my payoff for not doing what is in my deepest best interest.

It was important for me to realize that it is my thoughts that write my life. I need to be aware of them in the "now" if I am going to ask for help to change my perspective.

The "Christ Vision" meditation is one of the best meditations I have ever heard. This course is just what I need at this point in my life. Thank you.

This was a gentle reminder to refocus my thoughts. I am the creator of my own heaven or hell. I am powerful in Christ.

401: The Synergy of Intimate Relationships Details

401: The Synergy of Intimate RelationshipsAll of us are searching for intimacy, companionship and nurturing. You may ask, "Why have I had such difficulty with intimate relationships in my life?" We find the keys in our own self-worth issues and our willingness to be intimate with ourselves.

Intimacy is a peak experience. We intuitively recognize that "in-to-me-see" is essential to growth and the enhancement of self-worth. In this course you will learn the answers to common questions such as: What is intimacy, and how do I recognize it? How do I know if I can handle a truly intimate relationship? How can I prepare for it?

In this course, you will see how we each draw to us the relationships we need to show us the beliefs and attitudes that are keeping us stuck, that are blocking our path to the Light within. You will look at the roadblocks you put in the way of intimacy and how to move past them.

With the help of experiential processes and meditations, you will look at troublesome situations in your life and see how to transform these situations with the help of the all powerful force of Love that is within you. You will see how it feels when you are playing the "separation game" by focusing on differences, and how to change that to the "Oneness game" by looking past differences to the innate goodness in others.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 401 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 401.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 401 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 401 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 401 Participants (Click to view.)

This course was very deep and profound. I now see the ways that I project my issues and feelings outward. What I see is a reflection of my "state of mind" at the time! It was moving and heartfelt.

This was a very powerful and profound course for me. I am now looking at intimacy in a different way. It helped show me some aspects of myself I didn't even know were there.

Since I have just embarked on a new intimate relationship, this course was extremely helpful. Rather than pulling back or running away when my fears and insecurities rise up, I can now see this person as an opportunity to see myself and I can ask to have my mind be healed.

This course was very enriching and enlightening. It really drives home the point that what we see in others is actually what we see in ourselves. I saw that Spirit brings relationships into our lives for lessons we are to learn or give.

I feel this was an opening in experiencing intimacy in relationships.

210: Star Child — Seeing the Innocence Within Details

210: Star Child -- Seeing the Innocence WithinThe Star Child is that childlike essence within you, that energy of Love which pierces through the confusion and brings clear vision into your life. Star Child lightly and gently helps you let go of struggle. It is your inner Comforter, your innocent Self.

You will be led on a guided journey to become aware of the reality of your inner Star Child. You will be able to ask for and receive insight on questions of importance to you.

  • Practice letting go of limiting, nonproductive self-talk.
  • Gain a detached perspective of people, situations and issues in your life, allowing you to see your loved ones from a higher perspective.
  • Get in touch with a deeper level of peace.

Your inner Star Child will help you experience a feeling of invulnerability and trust. You will become less fear-driven and more led by Love as you allow your Star Child to help you loosen your grip on the game of illusions in this world. Your Star Child will joyfully expand your awareness to be deceived no more, to wake up from your dream of separation.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 210 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 210.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 210 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 210 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 210 Participants (Click to view.)

I remembered to lighten up. The only big deal is to remember there are no big deals. Also remembering that power does not mean force. Power is the confidence and steadiness of Star Child to look past illusions with gentleness. This is about my fourth time through this course. I'm getting it! It is so incredible, no, so perfect, to keep learning at deeper and lighter levels every time.

Star Child is a helpful concept that makes it easier to accept our true Divinity. I especially appreciated the feelings of love, innocence and power of truly being a child of God.

I appreciated the idea of letting go in stages. The Star Child image encourages a letting down of defenses. It is nonthreatening.

I really felt the course opened me to a new sense of freedom — a deeper level of understanding the freedom I have within me. I loved the insights I received from the processes and meditations.

This course reminded me to focus on what's important to my soul. Most things of this world are not important to my soul. It encouraged me to see from my soul's perspective.

I was able to look within in a simple way. As the gentleness healed my heart, new insights surfaced about my relationships, especially in working with clients.

The meditations in this course were particularly helpful to me. I am learning to trust in taking all my fears to the Source within.

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life — Introduction to Spiritual Ministry Details

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life -- Introduction to Spiritual MinistrySelf-realization comes when we acknowledge our true purpose and have the courage to follow it. Many have found that when they help others, they help themselves. There is no greater act of self-empowerment than that of empowering another. A sacred life, dedicated to remembering the truth about ourselves and others, is the fast track to true, lasting happiness. The sacred life begins when you transcend the duality of me/you and no longer see yourself as separate from others.

This course examines the inner drive and motivations to serve the awakening. It will explore both the potential pitfalls and enormous personal rewards of choosing spiritual service as a pathway of return to your Source. The quality of your passage in the sacred life depends on the clarity of your intention. In the sacred life, you serve as a bridge which connects yourself and others with the All. You transcend your separate identity, reunite with your Self and act as a channel for God's healing.

This course will provide keys to being your true Self, so you can be a more effective facilitator, counselor and friend. It is for all who wish to experience a deeper awareness of Infinite Love in their lives.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 201 – Downloadable: US$109.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 201.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 201 in a Binder: US$109.00 plus shipping (includes 2-3 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 201 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 201 Participants (Click to view.)

I reached for and received a clearer perspective, a vision, of what it means to live a Sacred Life. I have yearned for some tools to remember to bring forth and remain in sacredness in all that I do. I am beginning to get it! And I am loving it. I am honored to be involved and part of this ministry training.

It taught me that I can have compassion for the pain associated with separation without having to feed into it. This was another fantastic course that I would like to take again.

This course had a very direct, basic and profound effect on me. I really loved it and found it very helpful in clarifying many concepts with which I have struggled with for a very long time.

Incredibly helpful. I had more insights today than ever before! All the meditations brought me to a deeper awareness of my Inner Guidance. I felt a new level of growth.

I realized that my own perceptions of self-limitations prevent me from really loving people. I saw how I hold back from giving because of feelings of "not enough," or feeling unlovable.

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life is a great course! Very helpful meditations and study materials. I'm learning so much. I really feel a shift in my life.

805: Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships Details

805: Attracting Nurturing Personal RelationshipsSingles or partners — build nurturing relationships. Connect with your inner Spirit to learn more evolved ways of attracting and maintaining desirable relationships.

  • Shed the weight of old emotional resistances which have kept you on the defensive and have blocked healthy relationships in the past.
  • Recognize when unconscious, limiting mental scripts are operating in your life. With your observer self, learn how to dissolve these scripts and replace them with healing scripts.
  • See how issues of power affect your relationships and how to empower each other rather than control each other.
  • Learn to shift your perception in your relationships from the perspective of your personality self to the knowing wisdom of your true Self.
  • Learn and role-play a five-step process to express yourself without blaming. This process takes you through the perceived hurt to forgiveness and Love. It is a powerful tool to build intimacy, release resentment and express your true Self in your relationships.
  • Learn healing responses you can use when someone becomes fearful, tense or defensive, which can transform the relationship to a powerful path of shared awakening.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 805 – Downloadable: US$153.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 805.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 805 in a Binder: US$153.00 plus shipping (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order Course 805 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 805 Participants (Click to view.)

This course provides concrete, practical ways of repatterning trance scripts from my past. The processes are very useful. I want to do them with my partner at home.

The most valuable thing I gained in this course is the incredible lesson to be absolutely quiet and just listen for as long as it takes. The connection I felt with Spirit and my partner was awesome.

The Softening Technique is very helpful in my stressful job. I learned how to identify the trance scripts in my head and not attach to them. I really enjoyed the processes, and will use them often.

I marvel at how well the course is put together, how pertinent it is to my daily living.

I was able to look within in a simple way. As the gentleness healed my heart, new insight surfaced about my relationships, expecially working with clients.

With faith in Spirit, I am not alone as I recognize and release addictions and habit patterns of behavior that no longer serve me. I found that my observer self sees things very differently from my reactive self. Tension in my body is a great indicator. All relationships serve a higher purpose.

I want to facilitate this course often so others can experience the peace and unconditional love for others like I now can more readily do with the knowledge of this course. Thank you.

Step 4: Ordained Ministerial Counselor Training

Order Step 4 (7-Courses) $1587 ($70 discount)Go to Step 1 Discount Package

1001: Course Facilitator Training, Part I Teleconference Details

1001: Course Facilitator Training, Part IThis training will qualify you to facilitate the Pathways of Light courses for which you are certified, anywhere in the world, in groups or through correspondence. You will be developing your skills in the following areas:

  1. How to promote inner-directed healing when working with a group, one-on-one facilitating or with personal relationships.
  2. How to develop a feeling of trust and security in which people can relax, open up and be themselves without fear of judgment.
  3. How to help people recognize where they are and where they want to go.
  4. How to gain a greater understanding of the growth process, what pitfalls to avoid and how to make growth a fulfilling experience.
  5. How to create an empowering environment that makes it easy for people to release limiting concepts they no longer need and want.
  6. How to bring through the Mind of calm and inner peace — our eternal Spirit.
  7. How to turn anger, hostility or resistance which may come up in the course into a healing experience.
  8. How to promote your courses and follow Spirit's lead to connect with people in your spiritual work.
  9. How to allow yourself to accept greater peace as you follow the lead of your inner Light.

Course 1001 includes a binder containing extensive materials, including sample brochures and fliers, logo masters, news release letterhead, promotion guidelines, facilitator notes and handouts for presenting the 2-hour Introduction to Pathways of Light.

This course is done in teleconference with other students and facilitators to provide the opportunity to practice facilitating a group. See 1001 Teleconference Schedule below.

Prerequisite: Must be certified in Pathways of Light Spiritual College course steps 1-3.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 1001 – Downloadable: US$275.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 8 teleconference hours). Click here to order E-Course 1001.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 1001 in a Binder: US$275.00 plus shipping (includes 8 teleconference hours). Click here to order course 1001 in a binder.

Comments from Course 1001 Participants

I have been an educator since I graduated from college, yet I found the material in this course to be most helpful and a stimulating refresher with wonderful insights on working with people. I thought 1001 was very thorough. Sample forms and press releases are very helpful.

This course was very well organized and easy to follow, yet most helpful were the sections on Spirit and trust. I particularly benefited by the reminders of how to facilitate without pushing, controlling or being defensive.

Even though I have taught many classes, workshops and seminars, I was exposed to many valuable "tips" for holding a successful course for all who attend. The reminders to come from a state of higher consciousness have imprinted themselves in my mind indelibly. This information will be invaluable to read and reread over before facilitating classes.

I was reminded how wonderfully the concepts work without effort. I learned to be flexible and be mindful of what is appropriate for individuals and groups as a whole, and to stay in the present. By remaining in peace, it allows for the growth of all. I learned new ways to affirm people and many techniques to facilitate effectively.

I enjoyed learning to facilitate with compassion and a focus on innocence. I love the discussion tips and appreciated the positive feedback which I have seldom received in my life. What a gift!

What a great experiential format to practice facilitation in a constructive, loving environment. I appreciated the practice and the realization of how powerful a facilitator's role is in keeping it simple, going to Spirit, the value of equality, and pulling the energy of the group together. There were many great, simple, do-able suggestions that will make a great deal of difference with my facilitating.

1101: Spiritual Awakening Group Facilitator Training Teleconference Details

1101 Spiritual Awakening Program Facilitator Training TeleconferenceThis course will prepare you to facilitate effective Spiritual Awakening Groups in your community. Your training will enable you to:

• Create a sense of security, safety and trust within the group which supports the shared awakening process. • Explain and guide the experiential processes which help participants integrate the study material and practice it in their daily lives. • Bring out the wisdom of the participants, creating "ah-ha's" that are empowering.

As you lead groups, you will notice that your mind healing is reinforced. Your communication with inner Guidance becomes stronger and you gain more insight from the material. As you share your experience in the group setting, it becomes easier to release the limiting concepts you no longer need. You begin to express your unlimited potential more fully. Old, limiting habits and beliefs gradually dissolve, and you create a more abundant, peaceful life.

Topics covered: 1. Accepting Abundance 2. Opening to Inner Guidance 3. Going Gently 4. Transforming Your Life 5. The Awakened Perspective 6. Accelerating Your Growth 7. Building Your House of Light 8. Divine Play.

Prerequisite: Must be certified in Pathways of Light Spiritual College course 1001.

This course includes all materials needed to facilitate this 8-week group, including a binder with Group Facilitator Manual, Group Workbook, Self Awakening Meditation CD and promotional materials.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 1101 – Downloadable: US$220.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order E-Course 1101.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 1101 in a Binder: US$220.00 plus shipping (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order course 1101 in a binder.

Comments from Course 1101 Participants

It presents the materials to be shared in a simple, nonthreatening way. The way the weekly lessons are presented, and the natural sequence in which they fall, allows anyone with any type of background to participate in their own awakening in a joyful, understanding manner. It also reaffirmed my own experiences on the path to understanding.

I have been conducting workshops for years. It helped me fully understand group facilitation. This in-depth training brought me to another level with tools I will be able to apply not only as a Spiritual Awakening Group facilitator, but in all areas of my spiritual work.

This really helped me remember Who I am and to release judgment. The Facilitator Manual was a great teaching tool for me. It gave me guidelines to help me hold a supportive attitude of nonjudgment, love and abundance for the group.

I gained a sense of being that is confident, relaxed and open. I realized that the Higher Self is lost when I am afraid or anxious, but shines when I remember to relax and let go. The facilitator material is helpful and specific. I'm sure it will guide me well as I facilitate groups.

1002: Course Facilitator Training, Part II Teleconference Details

1002: Course Facilitator Training, Part IIHands-on facilitating practice sessions will give you valuable experience. Receive direct feedback and tips to help you refine your facilitating skills.

  1. Give guided meditations with a skillful blend of timing, tone of voice, background music and flowing with Spirit.
  2. Effectively guide discussions to draw out the wisdom of the participants.
  3. Let go of self-interference to be your true, relaxed self.
  4. Slow your inner tempo to consciously link with Spirit in a relaxed and natural manner.
  5. Practice mindfulness by monitoring your tension level and thoughts to recognize when you are interfering with the flow of Spirit.
  6. Set the tone with your voice, mannerisms, body movements and pace to enhance the growth experience of the group.
  7. Reduce the attitude or perception of greater and lesser which may occur between "facilitator" and "participant."
  8. Expand a sense of openness and trust in the courses you facilitate.
  9. Create a sense of flow, cohesion and focus which enables people to go further in their awakening process.

A portion of this course is done in teleconference with other students and facilitators to provide the opportunity to practice facilitating a group.

Prerequisite: Course 1001

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 1002 – Downloadable: US$220.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order E-Course 1002.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 1002 in a Binder: US$220.00 plus shipping (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order course 1002 in a binder.

Comments from Course 1002 Participants

Every page was insightful and well written. The whole course series has been wonderful. Its messages are simple but deep.

This course gives me valuable information regarding facilitating and life in general. I particularly appreciated the helpful information on "sick humor" and how it affects myself and others.

I really liked the way this course took the bull by the horns and touched on so many different sensitive and real circumstances I may encounter as a facilitator. It helped clarify where I want to be "coming from" when facilitating.

Great experience! The meditations were powerful. I received clarity and much inner food for my transformation.

The processes helped me remember that my true Self is always with me. I need only ask the Holy Spirit to have corrected perception.

I had worried about how a facilitator might handle various situations that come up in groups. The reading material covered all my concerns. The optional readings in A Course in Miracles correlated very well with the content of this course. The study materials are excellent. They provoke many creative ideas in my mind. It made me realize a teacher doesn't have to know all the answers, but rather helps each person ask the right questions for them.

1102: Healing Inner Child Program Facilitator Training Teleconference Details

1102 Healing Inner Child Program Facilitator Training TeleconferenceThis course will prepare you to facilitate 8-week Healing Inner Child Groups in your community.

Experience the joy of helping your own healing and the healing of others. Feel the fulfillment of releasing limiting fears and returning to Love. The shared experiences and activities provide a rich opportunity to release limiting fears and bring more unconditional love into your life.

Topics covered: 1. Nurturing Your Inner Child 2. The Inner Critical Parent 3. Inner Child Baggage 4. Connecting with Higher Self 5. Transforming Fear 6. Stop, Look & Listen 7. Healing Relationships 8. Simple, Uncomplicated Love

Prerequisite: Courses 1101 and 1001.

This course includes all materials needed to facilitate this 8-week program including Program Facilitator Materials: A binder with Program Facilitator Manual, Program Workbook, Healing Your Inner Child with Love Meditation CD and promotional materials.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 1102 – Downloadable: US$220.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order E-Course 220.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 1102 in a Binder: US$220.00 plus shipping (includes 6 teleconference hours). Click here to order course 1102 in a binder.

Comments from Course 1102 Participants

I am profoundly grateful for the structure this course provides to present this important material in such a beautiful way. The logical sequence and wording of these concepts is fantastic. It covers so much valuable information in such an easily digestible way. WOW!

All the materials were very moving and so clearly stated. I loved the inner child chair exercise and the inner child drawing exercises.

In addition to the helpful facilitating experience, I had a very valuable breakthrough in experiencing the healing sessions for my own growth.

I found answers to life-long questions — simple uncomplicated love answers to painful trance habitual thoughts. What a relief to finally know where those insane emotional drivers were coming from. How wonderful to know and practice, moment by moment, connecting to Source to shift focus and thought away from those 'ghosts' to Christ Consciousness.

This course helped me focus, in a loving way, on the things I have said and done while under the influence of my wounded inner child. This course has helped me identify what I need to let go of.

220: Spiritual Ceremonies Details

220: Spiritual CeremoniesThis course is specifically designed for participants in the Ordained Ministerial Counselor training curriculum. Learn to conduct weddings, memorial services and other spiritual ceremonies acknowledging transitions in people's lives.

In addition to these ceremonies, you will learn the key elements of any effective spiritual ceremony. With this foundation, you will be able to help people create personalized ceremonies for important spiritual events in their lives. These ceremonies will help them affirm and validate their beliefs, goals and commitments related to these special events of growth and transition.

This course includes a minister's reference notebook with many examples of spiritual ceremonies, including weddings, memorial services, candle lighting services and other transformative ceremonies of celebration and transition.

Prerequisite: Must be certified in Pathways of Light Spiritual College course steps 1-3.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 220 – Downloadable: US$153.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 220.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 220 in a Binder: US$153.00 plus shipping (includes 4-5 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order course 220 in a binder.

Comments from Course 220 Participants

Yes! Yes! Yes! This course was incredibly helpful in learning how to create and perform or facilitate spiritual ceremonies. It was so valuable to experience creating ceremonies that can make life changes, celebrations and rituals very meaningful and personal.

This course answered specific, detailed questions about weddings. I also appreciated the practice in performing and developing spiritual ceremonies for people. I now understand what makes spiritual ceremonies memorable and meaningful to the participants. This is an important part of my ministry training. I loved it!

I found this course to be very complete. In the 220 notebook there are many beautiful ceremonies for a great diversity of occasions, from weddings and memorial services to baptisms and candle lighting services. The Ceremony Planning Questionnaire is a great tool for helping me work with people in creating their own unique ceremony.

I really appreciate having all of these samples of different ceremonies that others have created in an organized Spiritual ceremonies reference book. I feel more confident about performing ceremonies now with this training.

The course material was very specific about an aspect of ministerial work I thought would be more difficult.

901: Introduction to Miracles Practice Details

901: Introduction to Miracles PracticeA Course in Miracles is all about forming and reinforcing the practice of receiving and extending miracles. This is the journey Home. This is the core of our reawakening to the strength and peace of God that has never left us. We have just temporarily covered It up by putting our faith in the false ideas of believing in bodies. Accepting the miracle, which is the correction of our perception, comes with our willingness to receive the truth of our true Identity in God as universal, undivided Love. This means being willing to let go of the idea that we are separate from the oneness of God. The miracle is what we receive in our mind as we let our belief in weakness, limitation and separation be replaced by our eternal reality as Love.

This course is all about allowing ourselves to form and reinforce the daily practice of receiving and extending miracles. With the Holy Spirit, we allow ourselves to see the false ideas for what they are and allow Him to bring us the vision of true perception. In forming this daily miracles practice, we allow our confused minds to be healed of our belief in weakness, limitation and darkness. We are persistent and diligent in continuing and strengthening this daily miracles practice. We want to return Home and we have the means to do it.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 901 – Downloadable: US$129.00 free shipping worldwide (includes 5-6 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order E-Course 901.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 901 in a Binder: US$129.00 plus shipping (includes 5-6 hours with your facilitator). Click here to order course 901 in a binder.

Comments from Course 901 Participants

Now I can laugh with Holy Spirit at the stories I made up about being separate from God, separate from Love. I feel more willing to turn any discomfort or lack of peace over to the Holy Spirit to receive His "happy dream" in exchange. As we moved more deeply into the material, I felt a great sense of joy, hope and peace that I can open to the help of the Holy Spirit.

This course helped me see more clearly where I have obstacles or blocks that keep miracles from my awareness and what it would mean to remove them. I experienced an opening in my mind where Holy Spirit leads me to the miracle of joining with the One Mind.

The reading material and interaction with my Mind Healing Partner brought a new level of awareness to me. It gave me valuable tools I can refer back to on a regular basis whenever I begin to experience illusions of fear and separation.

I feel that I received a deep healing. It was very profound in helping me to understand ACIM at a very deep level. Working through the course, Holy Spirit gave me a gift of deep peace.

The processes were excellent tools to help me see miracles, to see with Christ's vision.

2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training Teleconference Details

2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor TrainingThe training for this one-on-one spiritual counseling process helps a person look at a perceived problem, apprehension, distress, or painful feeling, and take it to Inner Wisdom (the Holy Spirit) for a new perspective. The purpose of the spiritual counseling is to help us change our minds about how we see or experience the world, and to receive the vision of our true Self. Thus, we do not try to change the "outside" world, but rather, we recognize that what we focus on in the world is giving us a clue to the unconscious guilt hiding within our mind. As we are guided to let go of our projections, we get in touch with our innate innocence.

There are two stages to this process. First, we need to recognize the thought cluster (or confused thinking) that is the basis for the problem. This thought cluster may manifest in many forms: We may feel we are the victim of attack from others; we may feel a lack of love or self-worth; we may feel unfulfilled in a relationship or job; we may feel angry or defensive; we may feel guilty or depressed, or we may feel sick and tired.

Once we have recognized the confused thought cluster, we must be willing to take these thoughts to the Light within, our true Self. As we are ready and willing, we will be helped to see a new way of thinking. Gradually, our true Self will help us make the transition in our mind from thinking we are isolated and alone, to recognizing our unity and oneness with our Source — our true Self.

Prerequisite: You must experience the counseling and be certified in all other courses in the ministerial curriculum.

This course is done in teleconference with other students and facilitators to provide the opportunity to experience and practice the Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling.

Credentialed Correspondence E-Course 2000 – Downloadable: US$440.00 free shipping worldwide (9-12 hrs in teleconference). Click here to order E-Course 2000.

Credentialed Correspondence Course 2000 in a Binder: US$440.00 plus shipping (9-12 hrs in teleconference). Click here to order Course 2000 in a Binder.

Comments from Course 2000 Participants

This counseling process gave me a flowing structure to facilitate another to access their Inner Wisdom for self-healing. I experienced an opening to shine more Light as thought clusters were dissolved in Love's Light.

This course was excellent. I feel I've gained invaluable experience when working with clients — patience, compassion, love, and insight. It prepared me to be a Spiritual Counselor through giving me a lot of background and then the opportunity to experience how it works through practice.

The course materials were very thorough. It gave me an increased awareness and understanding of what the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling is all about. It was a very growth producing experience for me on all levels.

I found that I can have my own pain healed by going through this process and that my Inner Guidance knows exactly what I need and that it is all inside me!!! Being able to help someone experience this form of healing is unbelievably gratifying.

This course was one of the most profound experiences of my life. This was the reason I came to Pathways of Light — to really learn to do spiritual counseling. The experience of both facilitating the counseling to another and experiencing the awakening process myself was fantastic. Plus the course materials were very insightful.

My experience was perfect. I learned to let Spirit lead, to hold the space for my client, and to let go. I have been searching for this for a long time. It is the perfect counseling model for me in my work.

This course has been tremendously helpful. I feel that I learned a deeply transforming process that I will be happy to share to bring others to their healing. I loved the hands on experience.

After taking this course I feel like a polished apple. The facilitators of this course were significantly expert in their fields and the group participation was wonderful.

I have truly learned a new way of being helpful in this world. What was particularly helpful was learning how to fully and completely trust the Holy Spirit through the entire process, to trust that everything falls in place at the perfect time.

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Minister Training Curriculum Course Fee Summary Details

(Includes facilitator fees.)
Step 1   5-Course Package
(courses 132, 112, 111, 114, 115): $495 ($50 savings)

Step 2   5-Course Package (courses 203, 113, 802, 202, 801): $556 ($50 savings)

Step 3   5-Course Package (courses 301, 401, 210, 201, 805): $539 ($50 savings)

Step 4   7-Course Package (courses 1001, 1101, 1002, 1102, 220, 901, 2000): $1587 ($70 savings)

Steps 1-4 Combined (additional $27 discount on shipping): $3177 ($247 savings)

Individual Course Fees (including facilitator fees):
Courses may be purchased individually.
132: Self-Image Transformations — $109
112: Knowing Your True Purpose — $109
111: Awakening to Your True Self — $109
114: The Transforming Power of Trust — $109
115: How to Be Loving, How to Be Loved — $109

203: Introduction to A Course in Miracles — $126
113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits — $109
802: Oneness Awareness — $153
202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals — $109
801: Receiving Inner Wisdom — Tool for Self-Transformation — $109

301: Christ Vision — $109
401: The Synergy of Intimate Relationships — $109
210: Star Child — Seeing the Innocence Within — $109
201: Adventure into the Sacred Life — Introduction to Spiritual Ministry — $109
805: Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships — $153

1001: Course Facilitator Training, Part I — $275
1101: Spiritual Awakening Group Facilitator Training — $220
1002: Course Facilitator Training, Part II — $220
1102: Healing Inner Child Group Facilitator Training — $220
220: Spiritual Ceremonies — $153
901: Introduction to Miracles Practice — $129
2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training — $440

1001 Teleconference Schedules Details

1001 Course Facilitator Training, Part I is done in teleconference with other students and facilitators to provide the opportunity to practice facilitating a group. (Two 3.5 hr. sessions. Attendance at both sessions is required.)

2014 1001 North America Schedule: Jan. 7 & 9 • Mar. 4 & 6 • May 6 & 8
• July 8 & 10 • Sept. 9 & 11 • Nov. 4 & 6. Call times are 1-5 p.m. eastern time.

2014 1001 UK Schedule: Jan. 11 & 12 • Mar. 8 & 9 • May 3 & 4 • July 12 & 13
• Sept. 6 & 7 • Nov. 1 & 2. Call times are 1-5 p.m. GMT.

2015 1001 North America Schedule: Jan. 13 & 15 • Mar. 3 & 5 • May 5 & 7
• July 14 & 16 • Sept. 8 & 10 • Nov. 11 & 12. Call times are 1-5 p.m. eastern time.

2015 1001 UK Schedule: Jan. 3 & 4 • Mar. 7 & 8 • May 9 & 10 • July 4 & 5
• Sept. 12 & 13 • Nov. 7 & 8. Call times are 1-5 p.m. GMT.

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training Teleconference Schedules Details

The teleconference training that completes the requirements for ordination is offered six times a year in January, March, May, July, September and November. Attendance at all four days in the month is required.

2014 North America Schedule: Jan. 11 & 12, 25 & 26 • Mar. 8 & 9, 22 & 23
• May 3 & 4, 17 & 18 • July 12 & 13, 26 & 27 • Sept. 6 & 7, 20 & 21 • Nov. 1 & 2, 15 & 16.

2014 UK Schedule: Jan. 4 & 5, 18 & 19 • Mar. 1 & 2, 15 & 16 • May 10 & 11, 24 & 25
• July 5 & 6, 19 & 20 • Sept. 13 & 14, 27 & 28 • Nov. 8 & 9, 22 & 23.

2015 North America Schedule: Jan. 10 & 11, 24 & 25 • Mar. 14 & 15, 28 & 29
• May 2 & 3, 16 & 17 • July 11 & 12, 25 & 26 • Sept. 12 & 13, 26 & 27 • Nov. 7 & 8, 21 & 22.

2015 UK Schedule: Jan. 3 & 4, 17 & 18 • Mar. 7 & 8, 21 & 22 • May 9 & 10, 23 & 24
• July 4 & 5, 18 & 19 • Sept. 5 & 6, 19 & 20 • Nov. 14 & 15, 28 & 29.

Step 5 — 2010: Relationship Enhancement Counselor Training Details

This in-depth training provides understanding of the procedures and processes used in effective Spiritual Relationship Counseling.

You will learn tools you can use to help the partners: • Identify the key areas which need attention in the relationship. • Set achievable goals for the kind of relationship they would like to have. • Develop effective listening and communication skills. • Recognize defensive thoughts which become barriers to love and lead to conflict in the relationship. • Dedicate ample time to the relationship to share with and listen to the needs of both partners. • Become nurturing and supportive to each other in their process of awakening to their true potential.

Included in this course is an in-depth program to guide your clients into a spiritual relationship.

Reports on 11 texts are required to receive your certification as a Spiritual Relationships Counselor. These 11 texts are purchased separately and are not included in the course fee.

Prerequisite: Current Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

Credentialed Correspondence Study: US$495.00 (includes 12-15 hours with your facilitator).       Click here to order course 2010.

Comments from Course 2010 Participants

This course was the most informative course I have taken. It covers everything anyone would ever need to learn for healing. The concentrated 12 easy lessons are understandable and applicable to healing any relationship. I learned that the key ingredient to healing relationships is understanding that anger, blame and judgment, any thought that separates, comes from fear.

This was an extremely helpful course — so many useful keys and techniques for improving relationships! I am very excited about working with others with these materials. I cannot sing my praises of this course enough. Every Ordained Ministerial Counselor should take it.

I have truly learned a new way of being helpful in this world. Thank you for the fantastic experience of all the courses, especially the Relationship course. The first relationship is always with myself and by practicing these principles with others, I heal my relationship with myself.

Course mentoring by phone This ministerial training curriculum is facilitated by Pathways of Light ministers who have personally experienced the courses and completed facilitator training so they can effectively assist you on your journey of awakening. Most students communicate with their facilitators by phone. You may also use voice over the Internet such as Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes this a new kind of spiritual ministry?

Inspired by the principles presented in A Course in Miracles, this ministry training focuses on accepting the mind healing that is guided by the Teacher within, the Holy Spirit. Allowing our minds to be healed supports our spiritual transformation. It is an ongoing process that empowers us to release blocks that interfere with knowing our true Source of Love within. As our minds are healed, we become Holy Spirit’s instruments of healing.

What does ordination qualify me to do?

In addition to being certified to facilitate Pathways of Light Spiritual College courses and 8-week groups, you are qualified to offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Spiritual Counseling. As an ordained minister, you are legally qualified to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals,memorial services and other ceremonies of transition in any state in the U.S. and many other countries.

Through an affiliation with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, Canadian Pathways of Light ministers can register to officiate weddings in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Ontario residents may also register through the Bancroft Spiritual Center. Click here to email the Bancroft Spiritual Center for more information.

After your ordination, you may take the Relationship Enhancement Counselor Training to expand your ministry. You are also eligible to participate in the free ACIM Study Group Leader program.

What is included with each course?

Correspondence Course MaterialsEach course includes:

  • Guided meditations, processes and study material from the course on audio CD's.
  • Work sheets which guide you through the study material and help you apply what you are learning to your daily life.
  • Laminated reminder cards that help you apply the course ideas.
  • Binder conveniently organized with all course materials.

When you take the certified courses with a facilitator, you also receive:

  • One-on-one telephone support and guidance through the course by a trained facilitator. Internet voice communication options are available.
  • Certification by Pathways of Light Spiritual College upon completion. This certification may be applied to meet the curriculum requirements for Ordained Ministerial counselor.

What is this new spiritual ministry all about?

This ministerial training is a commitment to your true Self. The curriculum is for your ongoing awakening to the truth about yourself and others. It means letting go of the idea that ministers are preachers and replacing that with ministers as people acknowledging their continuing process of strengthening their connection with Inner Wisdom, and helping others do the same.

The Counselor/Minister training provides tools for your own deepening communication with Inner Wisdom so that you can be Spirit’s mirror reflecting the innate innocence of everyone.

What does a facilitator do and how do I become one?

A Pathways of Light facilitator does not “teach,” but rather guides the participants in discovering the Holy Spirit — the Inner Teacher within them. This involves leading participants through reading and discussion, facilitating experiential processes and leading guided meditations. A facilitator develops such qualities as unconditional love, trust, patience, defenselessness and following the guidance of the Christ Mind within. Developing these qualities empowers others by demonstration.

After you have completed the courses in Step 4, you are certified to facilitate most of the ministerial training courses to others, offer the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling as well as offer the 8-week Spiritual Awakening and Healing Inner Child groups in your community. You are also eligible to participate in the ACIM Study Group Leader Program.

How does Pathways of Light support your ministry?

Ministers are included on the Pathways of Light website with a photo and the services they offer. Pathways also provides professionally designed and personalized fliers, brochures, business cards and other materials to help you inform others about your services as a minister. In addition, Pathways of Light invests $1000's per year to advertise in printed publications and on the Internet to help attract students who are ready to accelerate their growth and help others do the same. These students are referred to ministers in their area.

Our extensive website with over 2000 pages attracts thousands of visitors every day who are interested in spiritual growth, learning more about A Course in Miracles, or looking for services such as counseling or wedding officiating.

Facilitators receive payment for their services. For example, with correspondence course 132, which requires 2-3 hours of facilitator time, the facilitator receives $55 (total correspondence fee is $109). If the student wants additional time, compensation is arranged directly with the facilitator.

How do I become an Ordained Ministerial Counselor?

After you have completed the credentialed courses in Steps 1-4, you will have fulfilled the requirements for ordination as a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor. This status allows you to legally offer Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling and officiate weddings as an ordained minister of Pathways of Light.

How long does it take to complete the minister training?

Many people take about a year to complete the 22 courses. Since you set your own pace, you can take as long as you want. There is no requirement to complete the courses within a set time.

May I take these courses from my home?

Yes. Most of the ministerial training curriculum courses are taken through facilitated correspondence. You communicate with your facilitator one-on-one by telephone or by voice over the Internet. You may also participate in group teleconference courses.

Course 2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training and portions of courses 1001 & 1002: Course Facilitator Training Parts I & II are offered through teleconference with other students and facilitators.

Are Pathways of Light programs for you?

The following statements may resonate with you: I have a great desire to experience more peace and joy in my life. I am willing to look at my limited thinking and let myself be led to the awareness of my True Self. I know that when I share what I am learning with others, I strengthen it in myself. I want to teach what I need to learn. I feel drawn to Pathways of Light courses by my Inner Guidance.

How do I benefit from these courses?

Pathways of Light courses help you get in touch with your Inner Guidance. As you do the experiential processes in each course, you are led to:

  • Get to know and trust the real you instead of the false ego identity.
  • Strengthen your awareness of Inner Wisdom by helping you recognize and let go of limiting mental habits.
  • Bring Inner Guidance to your relationships.
  • Learn course and group facilitating and how to facilitate the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling to assist others in their inner healing process.
  • Learn to conduct spiritual ceremonies such as weddings, memorial services and baptisms.

The Pathways of Light courses, if taken with a facilitator, include certification which applies toward satisfying the prerequisites for the Minister Training Curriculum.

Can anyone take these courses?

Yes, the material and processes presented in the courses are designed to help each person awaken to the truth about themselves and become aware of their Source of Love within. The courses are taken by people new to a spiritual focus as well as people who have spent years with meditation, metaphysical study or A Course in Miracles. The courses are experiential and the focus is on allowing Inner Guidance to lead the way.

I am interested in both Minister Training and Miracles Practitioner training. Which should I do first?

Most people take the Minister Training first. This training focuses on strengthening your connection with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and helps you remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's Presence, as well as training you to facilitate most of the minister training courses. In addition it also leads to ordination which qualifies you to officiate weddings.

After your ordination, you are eligible to take the Relationship Enhancement Counselor Training and for free training to lead ACIM study groups.

The Miracles Practitioner training offers in-depth study of key principles of A Course in Miracles with many experiential exercises plus guided meditations, a laminated poster and laminated reminder cards to use to help you apply these principles in your daily life. It does not lead to ordination. Minister Training is not required to take any of the Miracles Practitioner courses.

Click here for more information about the Miracles Practitioner courses and frequently asked questions.

Can I take these courses for personal growth through self-study without a facilitator?

Yes, although you will not receive the certification needed to meet requirements for facilitator training or ordination.

Many have found that upgrading to facilitated correspondence brings their experience of the courses to a much deeper level. A student who worked with a facilitator said:
The guidance and insight of my facilitator is very motivational. Having a facilitator really makes these courses meaningful. It would be challenging to have the same benefit without one. — P.B.

If you later decide that you would like the added support of a facilitator or would like to receive course certification, you can upgrade at any time. Simply call the Pathways of Light office to register or register online through our secure ordering system.

Order Self-Study CoursesOrder Self-Study Courses

What is the value of taking these courses with a facilitator?

Having a facilitator reallly makes these courses meaningful — it would be challenging to have the same benefit without one. —P.B.

The processes contained in these courses are greatly enhanced when shared with a trained facilitator. Because the courses lead you into sincere self-evaluation of beliefs, fears and seeing your barriers to Love, it can be helpful to have a trained professional to guide you through this process. The facilitator has already personally experienced the course, and is trained to help you gain the most from the material and processes. Because this interaction is omitted in self-study, you will find the course is greatly enriched with a facilitator. As you join together with Spirit, a wonderful synergy occurs.

Many find when working on their own that there is a tendency to delay or put off working with the material. The “to do” list becomes too long. These are forms of resistance that the ego uses to keep us locked in our old, unhealthy patterns. It is helpful to recognize these forms of resistance and know that moving through the resistance will take you to great healing. When resistance comes, it is wonderful to have a trained partner who can help you walk through it to the light on the other side.

Is there a certified course facilitator in my area?

Go to Community Facilitators to find biographies, pictures and locations of Pathways of Light facilitators and ministers offering Pathways courses, groups, counseling and correspondence courses throughout the world.

How do credentialed correspondence courses work and how do I get started?

When you enroll (e.g. click “Step 1 Discount” in column at right to order), you are sent the course materials and assigned a facilitator, unless you have indicated a facilitator preference. At designated points in the course, you contact your facilitator in person, by phone or via the Internet to share on the processes and the course material you have completed.

The correspondence courses allow for 2-3 hours of one-on-one work with a facilitator. For details, see the course descriptions by clicking on the course titles at right.

May I take an individual course?

Yes, you may take any course that does not have a prerequisite, whether or not you plan to take the full curriculum. Many of the courses offer practical skills you can apply immediately in your life that will help you improve your relationships and live more peacefully. (Prerequisites are listed with the course descriptions at right.)

How do I communicate with my facilitator?

Most students talk with their facilitator by phone. If your facilitator is nearby, you may choose to meet in person rather than by phone.

Course 2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training and portions of courses 1001 and 1002 are offered via teleconference. Several students and facilitators join through teleconference for this training. You are given a phone number and extension to call at a designated time to join the facilitators and other students to discuss the course material and learn how to conduct the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling process.

How can I participate if there are no facilitators near me or in my country?

Most correspondence courses are done by telephone with your facilitator. Many facilitators work with students from around the world. If your long distance telephone charges are high, you can interact with a Pathways of Light certified facilitator via the Internet using Skype or voice messenger services such as Windows Live, MSN, Yahoo! or AOL.

Why become an ordained minister?

Many have found that the best way to accelerate their spiritual growth is to pass it on. Not only does sharing it remind you of what you are wanting to reinforce in your life, but you have the joy of connecting with others who also want to wake up to awareness of their true Self. The joy and fulfillment in training yourself to be a vehicle for spiritual awakening is beyond words.

What does Gary Renard have to say about Pathways of Light?

Gary RenardGary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, shares his experience of Pathways of Light:

It was my pleasure to visit Pathways of Light for the third year in a row to present and record a workshop for a DVD. Pathways is an excellent spiritual teaching organization that's run by Reverends Robert and Mary Stoelting, who have been there since the early 1990s. Robert and Mary have been involved in the spiritual movement however, since the 1960s. Their hearts and minds are definitely in the right place.

One of the reasons I love Pathways of Light is that they’re into empowering people to hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice for themselves. They’re not into telling people what to do; they’re into training people to receive their own Guidance. I’m very grateful that there are wonderful teachers such as Robert and Mary who recognize that no teacher is superior to the students, except in illusions.

What is the Pathways of Light Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with any Pathways of Light course, home study, self-study program, or product, return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price (shipping not included).

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