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January-April, 2024

Miracles News, January-April, 2024


I bless the
world because
I bless myself.

ACIM W-187

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January-April, 2024

Wake Up, Honey

by Rev. Myron, Jones, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

“Hear, then, the one answer of the Holy Spirit to all the questions the ego raises: You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him. Nothing else exists and only this is real. You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake. There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him, because you will awaken. Your dreams contain many of the ego’s symbols and they have confused you. Yet that was only because you were asleep and did not know. When you wake you will see the truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams because they will have no reality for you. Yet the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true.” (T-6.IV.6:1-8)

Here is what happens each time I bring a grievance to the Holy Spirit. I sit with Him and tell Him all about it. I show Him why I believe the problem is real and has serious consequences. I let Him see my rage. Or I let Him see how frightened I am or how hurt. Then I ask Him to heal my mind and He says, “It’s OK, Honey. It’s just a bad dream. You are sleeping and in your sleep, you dreamed this happened. It’s time to wake up now.”

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January-April, 2024

Stepping Out of the Dream

by Rev. Joyce Peebles, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Central to the idea of forgiveness is stepping out of the dream and knowing what is true and what is untrue. My ego tells me I need to do things that are not true. Some examples: The ego tells me I need to understand someone else or a situation I find disturbing. This is not true. “Today I will judge nothing that occurs. I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception, which are all that I can see.” (W-243.1:2)

Fact is, I do not have a clue what someone else is working on in their life. It is not up to me to interpret where they are in their spiritual progress. I may live with them, or be a parent, or spouse, but their spiritual development is not my business. My business is to allow the Holy Spirit to change my perception of how I see them and the circumstances. Stepping out of the dream is being willing to go above the battleground with Jesus and look beyond the ego personality. Therefore, “Today I will judge nothing that occurs.”

The ego also tells me I need to do or fix things. Neither is this true. The Holy Spirit tells me the opposite. I need do nothing. Forgiveness does not twist things around to how the ego likes them. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not.

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January-April, 2024

My Divine Toolbox

by Rev. Dan Strodl, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

Over the years I’ve collected many useful tools that have helped me create a life that is peaceful and happy. Here are some of my favorites:

Holy Instant — Whenever I notice I have a fear or judgment, I step back and give it to the Holy Spirit for healing. I say, “Holy Spirit, heal my fear based thoughts” and the fears and judgments disappear. That’s the Holy Instant. The more vigilant I am for my fears and judgments and hand them over, the less they come back into my mind, and the more peaceful I become.

See the best — When I meet friends, family, neighbors, I focus on their best qualities… their kindness, gentleness, patience, humor, peacefulness, generosity, creativity… and compliment them. This lifts them up out of the ego world of fear and self judgments to a world of love and appreciation. And when they are lifted, I’m lifted up with them.

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January-April, 2024

Returning to Our One Self, United with Our Creator

by Revs. Robert and Mary Stoelting, Founders of Pathways of Light

Early in the Course we learned that we rejected the fact that God created us as one with Himself because we wanted to be special, separate, unique and alone. We wanted to make decisions on our own and believe that the direction of our own creation is up to us.

In Chapter 2, section I of the Course we learn about the origins of our belief in separation. Jesus tells us, “These related distortions represent a picture of what actually occurred in the separation, or the “detour into fear.” None of this existed before the separation, nor does it actually exist now. Everything God created is like Him.” (T-2.I.2:1-3)

Over our years of joining to study the Text and practice the daily Lessons of A Course in Miracles, we have come to understand that on our own, we know nothing. We are learning that God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us return to the truth that we still are in the one Mind of God as as He created us.

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January-April, 2024

Salvation in a Snow Globe

by Rev. Robin Singler, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

According to the Course, forgiveness is my function, and forgiveness looks and waits and judges not. This means forgiveness is the act of looking and suspending all judgment. It is looking at all things in my awareness, both within and without, from a place of calm observance and of detached watching, absent of all need to form opinions or condemn what is being observed.

When I first started studying the Course and attempting to apply it in my life I thought that Awakening would be reached by clearing my mind of all extraneous thoughts and all negative emotions. This led me to go down a path of denying the full experience of my feelings, fears and doubts because I thought it was “not spiritual” to have thoughts or experiences of suffering and that the goal was to somehow eliminate them from my mind and my awareness. But my Inner Teacher; the wise Voice deep inside my mind, has given me a very helpful symbol to use to apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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January-April, 2024

Be Fueled with Kindness — It’s Not Combustible

by Rev. Vicki Evans, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

During a phase of peace, I asked Holy Spirit to join me to help me remember that I am Love, not a judge sputtering out assumptions. Whenever I start to judge others or judge a situation, I remind myself that I really don’t know, I only think it! I am now making it a habit to start my assumptions and judgment statements with “I think”…… which tells me: “I imagine…. which then leads to: It’s not real; I don’t know!”

I now practice adding the prefix words of “I think” or “I imagine” attached to my judgment sentence or thought and replace this thought with a self-question of, “Do I know this for a fact?” If not, move on, let judgment thoughts go and evaporate into the air. I am taking this activity a step further by replacing any judgment thoughts or false assumptions with a kind thought for the person or situation I started to judge or thinking a self-mantra of “I really don’t know — no false assumption!”

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January-April, 2024

My Brother and I Are One Forever

by Rev. Christine Anderson, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

In the year 2000, I rented a large home that would be big enough for my brother Ed from Vienna to stay with me when he came to visit twice a year and have his own space in the upper part of the house.

My memory from childhood was that I didn’t think he liked me very much. And it didn’t seem like there was much love in our relationship. So I really felt guided by Spirit to have this opportunity to live together and open to Love, a love that we could both enjoy. I invited him to stay with me and share the house when he would visit, and he agreed that it would be a good idea, and that he would also pay me rent.

During his visits, every morning he would greet me with a “Happy Good Morning” and it made my day and brought a lot of happiness to my mind. Our days were filled with going places together and enjoying each other’s company. I gave him his privacy and never went upstairs unless he invited me.

He was used to being alone and played computer games often in his living space upstairs, so I didn’t see him that much apart from our outings together. I learned to trust that all was well, and that he was spending his time as he wished to in a way that was comfortable for him, and so I learned to accept him as he was and to be okay with that. I opened my mind to see that he was my spiritual brother, and I became very comforted by having his presence in my home, right upstairs from me.

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January-April, 2024

I Am the Light of the World…?

Rev. Holly Honorato, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I don’t know about you, but I forget about this at least a hundred times a day (if not more).

What is it about life that gets in the way of this realization? Sure, it’s easy to remember when we’re in church, sweat lodge ceremony, or in a study group, but once we step into the ‘lab’ or the real world our light often dims and it can be very frustrating.

Usually, for me, it’s others’ inability to recognize or appreciate my light that dulls it, because, at the end of the day, we are all mirrors. Many times we reflect back on what is directed at us (commonly referred to as projection). While studying the Course assists us on our journey, I often wonder why it’s so hard to practice.

Here are some pointers to staying illuminated:

1. Remember that others are operating from their own capacity and that’s okay (not everyone is capable of doing such deep, inner work).

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January-April, 2024

Whack a Mole

by Rev. Ashley Rose Legrand, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

This is the song that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends.

We are never truly satisfied whenever we achieve something in the world of form. We get what we think we want and after momentary relief, there’s now something else glistening out there, just off in the distance, enticing us and calling our name. A new shiny object luring us in with the promise of total fulfillment. Voila.. the ego scavenger hunt.

“When you have achieved it, it has not satisfied you. This is why the ego is forced to shift ceaselessly from one goal to another, so that you will continue to hope it can yet offer you something.” (T-8.VIII.2:6-7)

We set goals. Excited and filled with hope, that THIS time… THIS will do it. It will really bring the happiness, the peace. This one is going to be the cherry on top. The icing on the cake. The silver bullet. The goal to end all goals. Hallelujah! Then I can finally rest. Finally be at peace, with nothing to bother me. Nothing to infringe on my serenity. I can be safe now that nothing will disrupt me. Whew. What a relief. Cause I’m tired. Tired of being out here, trying relentlessly to keep myself safe. If this burned calories I’d be at my ideal body in no time.

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January-April, 2024

Holy Spirit, Knock My Socks Off!

by Ninette Terhart, Student of ACIM, Reiki Master, E.F.R. Practitioner

When I first began studying A Course in Miracles seven years ago, every time I looked at that 2000+ page book, or even thought about it, huge conflicting energy waves of wonder and dread would pass through my mind. I’ve always had the mindset that if I felt resistance towards something, it was probably the road I needed to embark on! To me, it kinda felt like a second bible but way hipper! 

The first time I heard David Hoffmeister say, “Holy Spirit, Knock my socks off!” I thought, “What does that mean?” I was so intrigued by the idea of asking Holy Spirit for anything, let alone to Knock My Socks Off! And, to be honest, it scared me! Well, clearly my intrigue caused enough momentum to usher an experience that changed my life and relationship with Holy Spirit forever. 

At this time, I had been living in this very quiet and cozy community for about two years, where I pretty much knew everybody! I was singing (and still do) every Thursday evening at a Sushi restaurant located inside the community. One day, I was walking our German Sheppard back from the park and, as I was about to cross the street corner, a car frantically pulled up beside me. As I glanced over to see who it was, expecting it to be somebody I was familiar with and most likely would exchange pleasantries, the passenger window slid down revealing this very gruff and disheveled appearance of a man I had never seen before. He reminded me of Beatle Juice. A lot! (And definitely resembled some of my father’s vibe as well.)

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January-April, 2024


by Rev. Vicki Rostant, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

In a recent weekly Pathways of Light Sunday morning ACIM Interactive Discussion meeting, the section chosen for reading and discussion was Chapter 16, Section II. The Power of Holiness. Paragraph 2 stood out for me, especially the last sentence: “And so there must be Something in you that does understand.”

I was prompted by Holy Spirit to share the following:

M and I had been friends for a couple of decades. We had bonded over books — classics and not-so-classic ones; poetry — Rumi was her favorite, and A Course in Miracles.

We delighted in each other’s company, sharing stories from our past — hers from Scotland, mine from the West Indies.  She had a great sense of humor, and we shared much laughter.

In 2019, her son suggested that she give up her apartment in the city and move closer to him and his family, out of town. His two children were eight and six years old, and they loved their grandmother, but did not get to see her very often because of the distance. Feeling settled and energetic then, she said she wasn’t ready to move. 

Then the pandemic happened. The lock down during the first year of COVID lead her to the tendency towards increasing isolation and depression. Her neighbors in the apartment building remained supportive through phone calls and safe doorway contact. I called regularly, and we met at her apartment for lunch when conditions allowed. Then I started noticing that she was canceling our lunch dates more and more, due to various “illnesses.”  Her sister in Texas and I were growing more concerned about signs of increasing dementia.

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January-April, 2024

From Facilitator to Friend to Hermana!

by Rev. Barbara Adams, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

I met Rev. Maria Felipe in NYC at an ACIM conference produced and presented by Community Miracles Center of San Francisco. Maria was, and continues to be a powerful speaker. At her presentation, Maria made a statement that caught my attention which ultimately helped me to heal. “We did the best we could with the awareness we had at the time.” POW!

That one sentence uttered by Rev. Maria hit me hard. But in a positive way. Not only did it help me to understand my own parents’ motivations and actions better, but it helped me heal the pain that I had been carrying for too long about coming out to my children. As a gay woman who hid in a closet for more than half of my life, the coming-out process was a journey filled with relief and remorse. My children were devastated by the break-up of our little family. My guilt consumed me. But Maria’s statement helped bridge the divide. I did the best I could with the awareness I had at the time.

After her talk at the conference, I introduced myself to Rev. Maria. Her warmth and understanding demonstrated her truth. This was a lovely woman both physically and spiritually who had a mission to help guide others toward healing. This former model embraced me. From that moment, I have not let her out of my life.

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January-April, 2024

Crossing the Bridge

by Dani Novak, Student of the POL Ministerial Program

In previous issues of Miracles News I wrote about my experiences with depression and how rays of divine light penetrated through the darkness and allowed me to experience Peace, Love and Joy for a while. What helps me in the dark times is to keep a journal of my experiences. Lately I started to accurately document the depression and I am posting here from my journal.

I noticed that the last three depressions lasted exactly 21 days while the elated time in between the depression varied (sometimes it was months of peace but the depression always followed). I distinctly remember that I was 100% convinced that the depression will not return… that I “finally got it” but it always returned and now I know that it was a blessing beyond words. 

I have been listening to the YouTube videos by Keith Kavanagh who is teaching me to practice looking at my ego reactions to triggers from the seeming outside world without judgment and thus not identifying myself with the thought of separation.

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January-April, 2024

Giving and Receiving Are One in Truth

by Rev. Jennifer McSween, Ordained Ministerial Counselor

On April 12th, 2017, I announced to the world via Facebook, that I was in the process of writing a book. Until then, the only people who knew that I was doing so were my husband and daughter, and the members of the Authors group coaching program I had joined a couple of months earlier.

To this day, I cannot recall who sent me the email in February of 2017, promoting a webinar for going “From Blank Page To Published Author In 90 Days.” Though when I first read this, I didn’t think it was possible for me, because I had been trying to write and publish a book for the past four years, but found myself struggling to get the ideas out of my head and onto the paper.

For some reason I felt led to attend. So I signed up. I took the Action Step that was given at the end of the webinar. That first step did help me to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper, and I started writing on March 10th, 2017. On April 7th, 27 days later, I had completed writing my entire first draft and made the announcement on a Facebook post. A little less than 7 months later, with the help of Revs Robert and Mary Stoelting’s professional editing, I became a published author.

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