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ACIM Practitioner Training

These ACIM Practitioner Training courses include certification as Mind Healing Partner when you complete each course. This certification qualifies you to serve as a Certified Mind Healing Partner for that course to others. When you have been certified in all 24 of the ACIM Practitioner Training Courses, you will receive certification as a Certified Miracles Practitioner to honor your dedication to delve deeply into applying ACIM principles in your daily life. 

The Certified Mind Healing Partner receives a fee as compensation for the 5-6 hours they spend with you when you meet to share your experience with applying the course material.

Choose between two formats for these courses.

  1. Downloadable Digital E-Course with free shipping
    These courses can be downloaded and installed on Windows & Mac computers, Android tablets and smart phones, and iPads and iPhones. Each e-course includes links to associated MP3 audio files to listen to on you smart phone, tablet or computer. You must install a free Viewer to access an e-course. Click here to check if your computer, smart phone or tablet is compatible with the Viewer.
  2. Printed Course Materials in Binder (shipping required)
    Materials include a workbook, laminated poster and two laminated focus cards plus audio meditations on CDs or MP3 files (You choose the audio file format.)

You can receive a discount by choosing an ACIM Practitioner Discount Package of 4-5 courses in either the digital or printed formats.