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Become part of the Pathways of Light service to awakening as a member, make a donation or subscribe to our quarterly magazine, Miracles News.

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  • Schedule Ongoing Monthly Sustaining Member Donations
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    Schedule Ongoing Monthly Sustaining Member Donations

    Support Pathways of Light by scheduling ongoing monthly Sustaining Member donations.

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    Scroll down and click on "Create new account."
    Be sure to keep a record of the user name and password you use for this donation account. 

    Monthly donation options begin at $10.

    To make changes to your donation or credit card information, click here to access your account.

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  • Single Annual Membership Donation

    Support Pathways of Light with an annual Supporting Member donation.

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  • Make a Donation

    Options to send a tax deductible donation:

    • Click here to send from your PayPal account.
    • Use this form to make a donation to Pathways of Light with a credit/debit card. 

    Thank you for your support.

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  • Miracles News Quarterly Magazine

    Our quarterly magazine with inspiring articles written by people from around the world who are taking their perceived problems to the Holy Spirit, and sharing their miracles stories of how their thoughts are being healed.

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    • $25.00