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The Holy Spirit Offers Us the Certainty of God

  The renovation of the residence is essentially done and we are ready to offer the property for sale. If you are interested in taking a visual tour of the property, go to .

This is an exciting time—another step on our journey of awakening. Often over the years, Mary and I have said to each other that we are on quite an adventure. An adventure is a journey into the unknown. In this world the future seems to be unknown. To provide a sense of security the ego attempts to make the future like the past so that the future seems less unknown. But since both the future and the past are illusions, the ego’s planning never succeeds in bringing security. In fact it is nothing more than a coverup for uncertainty, fear and guilt.

It is possible to find certainty even in this world, but it cannot come from the ego. Ever present in our minds, the Holy Spirit offers us in every moment the certainty of God. As we learn to open our minds to the Holy Spirit’s gentle lessons, we will learn where our certainty lies, where our safety lies. So this pending move to Florida is just another step in the practice of letting the certainty of the Holy Spirit be our guide, instead of the uncertainty of the ego’s illusions. It is another step in the lesson of learning to place our trust in the Holy Spirit, where it is justified rather than trusting in the ego, which is nothing more than a false idea. It only seems like we are on adventure because we still think the ego offers us something worthy of our trust.

When trust in the ego is let go, it will no longer seem like an adventure. That perception will be replaced by the deep peace and joy that comes with the unwavering certainty that I remain as God created me, unchangeable and safe in Him. I still think I am on an adventure, but I am grateful that this adventure leads me to complete freedom from doubt and into the known. Here is great joy and deep peace.

  With putting the property up for sale, many questions crop up in my mind like, “Who will be the next people to enjoy this facility? What is our next location? How will we get there? Do we hire a moving van or do we take it ourselves with U-Haul?”

I realize that all these questions are just jumping into the future, instead of listening quietly to the Holy Spirit in the present moment. When I am in that place of quiet, I know that everything is in perfect order and all my needs are being met. The Holy Spirit often tells me to let go of the past and the future. I am still learning that lesson.

The most important thing for me now is to continue to step back and listen. The Course tells me that in quiet is every problem quietly resolved. At the perfect time the right buyer will be there. We will find our next location, and not before. My opportunity now is to open my mind to the Holy Spirit in the present moment. Through this process of staying in the now moment with Holy Spirit, I can be assured that everything will work out perfectly. My safety lies in God, not in this world.

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In Gratitude I Heal

  We are very close to having the property here in Wisconsin ready for sale. We want the next person or organization to have the best we can provide. Robert just finished sanding and painting the front door and it is going up today. In the next few days we will be posting an extensive description of the facilities here with many pictures showing rooms in all the buildings. We will let you know when it is posted.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, you can direct them to the web page we will soon post to this Yahoo group. We will also be posting the property for sale on Craig’s List. We understand that Craig’s List is one of the highest visited English web sites in the world. We will have it ready for you to view in a few days.

We are very excited about having Regina Dawn Akers follow Holy Spirit’s guidance in facilitating a series of three workshops next weekend. We are getting all the details ready for her visit and all the people coming to her workshop. Quite a few Pathways of Light ministers will be here for her workshop. Helena Montiero will be arriving Monday from England and we will finally be meeting her in person. Helena is the main translator for the Pathways of Light courses into Portuguese. Holy Spirit really knows what It is doing through the help of all these beautiful angels of God who come in to join in Holy Spirit’s plan of undoing the dream throughout the world. This is truly an exciting time to be of service to Holy Spirit’s plan.

  I am grateful.

My heart is filled with gratitude today. I am grateful for the message the Course brings again and again that, no matter what I seem to see, I am eternally safe in the Love of God. I am grateful for the lessons of forgiveness the Course offers. I am grateful for my little willingness to apply those lessons in my daily experience. I am grateful for mighty companions who journey with me on the road to awakening. I am grateful that though the body’s eyes show me a changing world of individuality and separateness, I remain at one with Love, unchanged and unchangeable. I am grateful that God’s strength is mine. There is nothing to fear.

Today I walk in gratitude as I accept God’s gift of Himself to me. I accept His gift as I offer it everywhere, always.

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Recognizing Unconscious Guilt

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Let today be a day of practicing forgiveness. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. The moment you become aware of disturbance to your peace, pause and say to yourself, “I’m sorry. I love you. You are Love and nothing else.” It may appear that you are saying this to yourself or directing it to someone else. It is the same for in truth, there is no other, no one else.

Any disturbance to your peace reflects your unconscious guilt and your wish to get rid of it. But seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances or seeing others as the cause of your disturbance only holds the guilt in place. You release the guilt by remembering your Love. So that simple statement helps you remember your Self and helps you see your Self everywhere. Practice forgiveness today and you will move far along the road that returns you to your Home.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Let today be a day of inner rest. In the world you will still do the cleaning and still enter the Spanish translations of the courses. But your mind can be at rest. Your mind can be open to My peace. Your mind can accept peace and extend peace. Let this be your practice today. Let peace be your choice. Be mindful of the thoughts that come up and let Me have every thought. Here you will find rest.

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Letting the Veil Be Lifted

  Today we read the section, “The lifting of the veil” at the end of the obstacles to peace in ACIM Text, Chapter 20. The veil is the image of my brother as a body. Beyond that veil is the Love that is God’s Son.

Recently I had an experience with a dear friend, whose behavior was demonstrating his unawareness of the truth of what he is. Looking at the veil of behavior of his body could have offered much opportunity for judgment. But in that moment I could see past the body and behavior to the Love he is. All that was in my heart was Love. I felt a reaching out and embrace of the Love in my brother. In that moment the behavior was irrelevant. It had nothing to do with what I knew my brother to be.

It was a profound experience for me because the Love that flowed through brought a blessing to me beyond words to describe. I could only be grateful to my brother for the opportunity he offered for me to join him in Love. It was truly an experience of joining that demonstrated very clearly to me that the Love I extend to my brother is given to me.

I give thanks for this experience. It demonstrated to me that it is possible while I think I am in the dream to see past the forms to the reality of Love that is everywhere. My body’s eyes saw a body, but the vision of my heart saw only Love. There was nothing else to see. The Course calls this the Vision of Christ. Though I may jump back into identifying with the thought of separation, I will not identify with it as strongly for I have had the experience of seeing the real world for a moment. It is to this state that the Holy Spirit guides me in every moment. I need only be willing to accept His vision and it is mine. I thank my brother for the blessing he gave.

  Today it is my opportunity to practice letting the veil be lifted. In order to practice this, I must be willing to join with the Holy Spirit’s way of seeing. This means I must let go all past references to every brother and see him as he is in the eternal present.

I must have identified with the ego thought system or I would not be looking out through the body"s eyes and thinking that it is real. Within this thought system, carrying the past into the future is the way that the ego holds illusions in place. I am now receiving mind training to let go of this pattern of false seeing. The Holy Spirit doesn’t care about the past or the future because He knows that the ego thought system is really nothing and nowhere.

The Holy Spirit brings me to the eternal present if I am willing to accept Christ Vision. This is my real job today. I may still enter Spanish translation into the computer, I may still cook meals and wash the dishes, but my real function is to join with the Holy Spirit as I go through my day and allow the awareness of the eternal present to be there in my mind. My job is to be mindful of the barriers that I allow into my mind that replace Christ Vision and hand these false ideas over to the Holy Spirit to be replaced by the truth.

This is my true function, no matter what my job for the day looks like in the world. Handing over the reigns and following is my true job. Making decisions on my own is not. Today I would practice true humility and let go of the idea that I know anything on my own based on past experiences. Holy Spirit, I place my trust in You today. I will be quiet and listen. I will let every moment be a practice in forgiving the dream of separation. If I forget, I will once again forgive myself and move on with Holy Spirit as my Guide.

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Accepting Reality as Reality Is

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Waking up involves a process through which you are brought to the awareness that you are in Heaven now and that you never left. Waking up involves a process of letting go of your perceptions, your beliefs and what you think you are and what you think your brother is. Waking up is a gradual dissolving of fear and the return to the awareness that only Love is real.

You and everyone in the dream, because you are one, are in the process of waking up to the awareness of Love. With awareness of Love comes certainty and true peace of mind. You place your trust in reality and not illusions. Your security and safety lie in reality and not illusions. Reality is in your mind and not somewhere outside you.

Give time now to accepting reality as reality truly is. Step back and allow the Holy Spirit to give you the gifts that really matter, the gifts of peace and joy and awareness of Love’s Presence, which lies eternally right in your mind. Give all your time to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows how to use time wisely and will shorten your need for time as you are willing. Practice letting go and letting the Holy Spirit drive the bus.

Pause for peace, again and again and again. It is the means by which the Holy Spirit can open doors for you that will bring you more happiness than you can even imagine. Let the Holy Spirit heal your artificial values. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to true peace of mind. Let the Holy Spirit to let go of all that you think is real. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to the awareness that in truth you are in Heaven now and have never left.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Use every moment as an opportunity to forgive. Practice being mindful of your thoughts and actions in each moment. Many of your actions are directed by choices you have made unconscious and are driven by unconscious guilt. Actions driven by guilt lead to delays, pain, unhappiness, sickness, anger and more guilt.

By observing your thoughts and actions you can learn to recognize when unconscious guilt is in charge. You can stop it in any moment. Recognition is the first step. When you observe yourself feeling frustrated because you can’t find something you had in your hand five minutes ago, know that this is a reflection of unconscious guilt. It is being acted out in the form of an experience of loss, not finding what you had in your hand.

Pause and forgive yourself. You might say, “I’m sorry. I love you. You are innocent.” Remind yourself that you do not need to punish yourself because you are not guilty. Take a deep breath and welcome peace into your mind. As you do this, you may find what you are looking for or you may find another way to move on and let go of the perceived need for what you sought. Either way you will have released self-punishment and moved a step closer to full acceptance of your complete innocence as God’s Son. This is what time is for.

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Guilt Comes with Valuing Separation

  Since our last post I’ve continued to observe how unconscious guilt is played out in my life experience. I talked before about seeing how unconscious guilt leads to making decisions that produce situations which seem to reinforce guilt. I am also seeing now how unconscious guilt is reflected in experiences that don’t seem to be a direct result of my decisions. A machine doesn’t work right. The computer doesn’t seem to function properly. The forms are myriad. But anything that is not peaceful is the effect of unconscious guilt manifest in form. So I’m practicing remind myself when I stub my toe that I am God’s Son, whole and innocent. I forgive myself and accept His Love.

This practice is helping me be less disturbed by circumstances or events that in the past would have upset me, made me angry or reinforced guilt. The Course tells us that the world was made as a place to hide from guilt, yet still keep it. By creating an outer form the ego has devised a scheme for denying guilt by seeing it everywhere outside, but not within my thoughts. The thought that is the source of guilt is carefully denied and hidden, out of sight and seemingly out of mind.

The truth is that guilt will always be in my mind as long as I see value in separation. So the process of forgiving myself as I recognize the effects of unconscious guilt is a way for me to move forward in forgiveness and let go of the illusory world of separation. I am grateful for the Inner Teacher who is gently leading me to the real world of complete forgiveness of all my perceptions.

The renovation of the Pathways of Light residence/offices is nearing completion. The painting of the outside is nearly finished and the painting of the interior is close to being completed. All the flooring and lighting are completed and we have compacted the office space so it looks more like a residence and not a production facility. The translation of the courses into Spanish has slowed but not stopped. I soon hope to have more time for moving forward with this important work.

With my internal ongoing mind healing process, I am observing fearful thoughts that come up reflecting scarcity and lack. These thoughts reflect a lack of trust that the Holy Spirit will bring the perfect buyer at the perfect time. These thoughts reflect a lack of trust that we will find the right property in Florida. How will we get all our office equipment moved? Will we get the help we need? These thoughts are coming up and my job is to hand them to the Holy Spirit to be purified and cleansed of all untruth. I have to ask myself often, “Where am I placing my trust, in the ego’s solution or in the Holy Spirit’s eternal solution?

In the Course I am told that there is only one problem and only one solution. The only problem is my belief in separation and the one solution is my willingness to hand over my belief in a world of separation to the Holy Spirit to be undone. It is only in this way that true healing occurs. My mind wants to jump off into the future and protect against future dangers. This is why mindfulness right now is very important.

Once I see these thoughts and realize they are not bringing me peace of mind, I can then take the next step and join with the Holy Spirit’s healing perception to have these false ideas be undone. The Holy Spirit asks me to stay in the present moment. The Holy Spirit reminds me that God is my strength and vision is His gift.

When I get anxious about the future, the Holy Spirit reminds me again and again that everything is working out in perfect order. I can go through this transition period in angst or I can go through this in peace. Which I choose will be what I will experience. Either way, I will get my lessons. This is truly a trust walk. I am receiving daily lessons in learning the difference between the real and the unreal.

The Holy Spirit is very gently leading me again and again to remember that we all in truth are in Heaven now and that there is nothing to fear.  Fear is always from the ego. I may fall back into fearful thoughts again and again. But each time I remember to hand these thoughts over to the Holy Spirit, the ego is undone a little bit more. Guilt is melting away in this healing process. This is my real job right now: To look at every fear thought with Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is my inner Comforter and will take me to the truth again and again without fail. Thank God I have my inner Companion to return me to the truth. Thank God these dreams of separation could never be real. Thank God there is no world of differences in truth. Peace returns when I am willing to remember this. The Course often speaks of the importance of vigilance. I see that I need to be vigilant to look at all things in this world with Holy Spirit and not decide what anything means on my own.

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The Answer to Guilt is Always Forgiveness

  I am coming to recognize that all calls for Love are the same, no matter what the form. Whether it is an alcoholic who cannot stop drinking or making a mistake like drilling a hole in the wrong place. If there is guilt, there is demand for punishment. So the ego will make up circumstances that are disturbing to our peace. The ego sees anything that might contribute to guilt as especially useful because guilt keeps the ego in place. So if I am following the ego’s lead, I may unconsciously do things that are wrong so that I can add to my guilt.

The answer to these situations is always forgiveness, which is Love’s reflection in this world. Today we read a review lesson in which we were reminded that giving and receiving are the same. So when I forgive, it is a gift I give myself. I teach myself that guilt is not justified. As I continue this practice I become less and less prone to setting up situations in which it appears I had make a mistake or I deserve guilt.

Today I again offer to the Holy Spirit for Him to take the lead. I would accept His gift of peace and willingly step back. I would open my mind to His vision to see the innocence that is real and look past all appearances without judgment on my own. I would accept the Holy Spirit’s gift of Love and offer it everywhere, always. Thus will I know the gift I have been given. I rest in gratitude.

  As I go to Holy Spirit this morning for direction for the day, I am reminded that my job is to accept Holy Spirit’s gift of peace all through the day. When I am open to accepting the peace of God, inspiration comes with it. I am in the right place at the right time. I go with the flow of what is most helpful in the moment. I remember to hand over all my judgments to the Holy Spirit for them to be purified of all false ideas. When I am willing to accept Holy Spirit’s gift of peace, happiness comes with it. Awareness of Love’s Presence comes with it. I remember that I am safe in the Mind of God, no matter what appears to be happening in the dream.

This past weekend Gary Renard gave an inspiring seminar and we met many wonderful new people who came here to the Pathways of Light center in Kiel. We announced that we were selling the property and several people over the weekend came forward and told us they were interested and wanted to discuss it further. There was so much interest that it really helped me trust that everything is coming together in perfect order regarding the move to Florida.

Brenda Eden, the wife of Robert Mills, drove here from Iowa to attend the workshop and I had a wonderful time at dinner to connect with her. She will be writing an extensive article for the next Miracles News to be published in early July. She is indeed an inspiration to us all and I love her dearly. She will be returning in August for Nouk and Tomas’ workshop on Undoing the Ego. I look forward to seeing her again.

Lately there seems to be so much happening on so many fronts that it seems like the only way we can do it is by consistently choosing peace throughout the day. I have found that when I choose peace and truly accept peace that clarity and inspiration comes with it. I am in deep gratitude that we all are safe in God, no matter what our dream looks like. We are all receiving the perfect lessons and as we consistently turn to the Holy Spirit, every problem is quietly resolved.

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