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Looking At the Wish to Control Reality

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Choosing to identify with the ego thought system comes from the wish to control your reality. Since reality is unchangeable, your only option in this thought system is to make an illusion of another reality. Since this other “reality” is entirely made up, you know it is unstable and subject to change at a whim. Because of this, fear of change is inevitable. So you attempt to control the future by making plans and attempting to organize events to bring about outcomes you believe will make you safe. But there is no safety in illusions. Your safety lies only in the changeless Love of Reality.

You have taught yourself not to trust Love. Because Love can never satisfy the ego’s wish for specialness, the ego sees Love as an enemy. To the degree that you invest in the reality of illusion, to that degree you will be unable to trust in your safety. That is why it is essential that you be vigilant for thoughts that value illusion and bring them to the Holy Spirit to be undone.

It is not your job to undo mistaken beliefs. It is your job to identify them and offer them to the Holy Spirit. He knows how to undo the false belief. He speaks to you in a language you can understand to gently and lovingly show you the correction that frees you from all belief in limitation, separation and loss. He will help you recognize the beliefs as meaningless and valueless. Then you will happily let them go with no sense of sacrifice.

So now when you recognize lack of peace associated with an “unknown” future, bring that disturbance to the Holy Spirit and open your mind and heart to His gift of peace. With peace you will receive a new perception that will show you your safety and your strength. This is your job now. It is the only meaningful use for your journey in time. Remember Who walks beside you in every moment and you will walk in the awareness of your safety. Peace be unto you.

  My job today is to let go and let God. This means that my job today is to let go of deciding what anything means on my own. My job is to consistently step back and listen. My job is to receive Holy Spirit’s gift of peace.

If I am feeling anxious about anything, it is a signal that I have picked up the reigns again and have forgotten my true job. Today my practice is to be vigilant for my level of peace. How much peace am I accepting from the Holy Spirit right this minute? The gift of peace from the Holy Spirit dissolves all uneasiness, all fear of the future. Receiving the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace helps me place the future in the hands of God.

When I am willing to receive the Holy Spirit’s peace, it becomes easy to remember that this is just a dream of separation and that in truth I am safe in the Love of God. In truth I am only Love in the Mind of Love, one with all Love. In truth I am still as God created me and no dream of separation can ever change that. All this comes by being vigilant to receive Holy Spirit’s gift of peace all through the day.

This world appears to be so real at times and when it appears to be so real, fear of losing often comes with it. I am so glad that I have the valuable tool of stepping back from the dream and consistently remembering to choose peace. It is through the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace that the truth has a chance to return to my mind.

In truth the dream is only in my mind. There is no world outside of me. This helps me remember not to change something out in the world, but rather to remember all the Help I have from my true Self to remember to distinguish the difference between the real and the unreal. I do not have to fear the unreal. I can remember that I am safe in truth. I can receive a correction in my perception from the Holy Spirit if I so choose. And that is what today is for. That is my job. I may forget many times as I walk through my day today, but the good news that when I am ready and willing, the Holy Spirit is right there to return my deluded mind to the truth. No matter what appears to be “happening” in the dream, I have a Teacher within to remind me once again that only Love is real. And that nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists. In remembering this, peace returns.

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Elevating Our Level of Trust

Mary and Robert:
  We would like to let you all know that we have been in Florida recently and have found a property that works for us. We have made an offer that has been accepted, contingent upon the sale of our property in Wisconsin, which will be auctioned Sept. 6th. The property we are purchasing is just 10 miles south of the Orlando airport and very accessible. It has a large great room for meetings and enough land for expansion as needed.

Our focus the next few days is on the workshop that is happening here in Wisconsin right now. Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are giving a fantastic 4-day workshop on undoing the ego. We are video taping it and will make it available on CD and DVD as soon as we are able to complete the post production work. Nouk and Tomas are incredible teachers of the Course and really get to the meat of true mind healing, which is what forgiveness is all about. Through their own demonstration of applying Course principles to their life experience and powerful group exercises, participants are having great breakthroughs. The air is electric with miracles. We certainly will have them give a workshop in Florida as soon as all the pieces are in place and Spirit guides us.

This workshop has come at the perfect time to help us elevate our level of trust and remember the truth of What we are and Where we are eternally during this time of transition in the dream. We are filled with gratitude to be joined with all of you in truth. We all go Home together. We are one Self. There is no distance between us.

In happy laughter we remember that we are not separate. We are one Son, united with our Creator. We are all the same pure Spirit of Love. We are eternally at Home in the Mind of our Father. Allowing ourselves to remember this brings us to a place of inner peace and reconnects us with the guidance of our one true Self.

We will continue to let you know about the details of our move and how the pieces are falling together as they unfold. This entire process has been a wonderful demonstration and exercise in remembering that of ourselves we know nothing, but with Spirit, everything unfolds in peace.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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What Is My Level of Peace Today?

Today we read in the ACIM Text, Chapter 14 in the section, “The Test of Truth.” What stood out to me was the sentence, “It is only because you think that you can run some little part, or deal with certain aspects of your life lone, that the guidance of the Holy Spirit is limited.” It goes on to say how we lack confidence in the Holy Spirit’s guidance because it seems inconsistent or not always present. But the Holy Spirit is always consistent and always present. It only seems not to be true because we try to reserve some little part of our life to deal with alone.

Since we received the guidance to move the Pathways of Light office to Florida, it seems like we have been in a concentrated laboratory for practicing giving all to the Holy Spirit to receive His guidance. I have seen how I may begin the day with the intent of following Holy Spirit throughout the day but how quickly, and often unconsciously, I take control and make my own plans. I may start with an inspired thought but then add my own ideas to it. By doing this I can deceive myself into believing that I am still following Holy Spirit’s lead. But then I realize I am not in peace, a telltale sign that I have excluded the Holy Spirit and have aligned once again with the ego.

The good news is that I am more quickly recognizing when I have shut out the Holy Spirit. I am motivated to pay attention because I like the peace and ease I experience when I am aligned with the Holy Spirit. So today again I dedicate to the practice of following Holy Spirit in every moment. Should I notice that I have once again aligned with the ego, I will not feel guilty. Rather I will be grateful for the recognition that I have gotten off course and can once again return to the central focus that brings peace and happiness. My heart is filled with gratitude that the Holy Spirit is ever present in my mind offering me His vision and guidance in every moment.

  Today, am I willing to let go and let God? I can tell how willing I am by the level of peace I feel. If I am worried about anything, or anxious or fearful about the future, that tells me that I have not let go and let God. The level of peace I feel, the level of trust I feel, is like a barometer that shows me where my mind really is. My mind can only be in one of two places—the ego or the Holy Spirit.

Today I have the opportunity to check in with my inner barometer that shows me how I am doing with my willingness to let go and let God. As I frequently check in with this barometer today, I can use it as a stimulus to open even more to God’s peace and let my level of trust become even stronger.

Today I practice placing the future in the Hands of God. I practice remembering that on my own, I know nothing. I practice letting go of past ego learning. I practice opening to God’s gift of peace and receiving the understanding that comes with it. As I truly practice this today, it will indeed be a happy day. God is all I want. God is all I need.

© 2008, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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