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Letting Peace Lead the Way

Robert and Mary: As we prepare to go to the ACIM International Conference in San Francisco, we are practicing letting peace lead the way. We know that when we stay in peace, we are guided in each moment with what to do, where to go and what to say. By staying in peace, our doing is a blessing because it extends peace.

People have talked about the experience of walking a labyrinth as a meditation. With the practice of staying in peace, our passage through the experiences of the day can be a meditation, an exercise in experiencing Christ Vision all through the day. This practice leads to the awareness of our true Home. It softens identification with the world of form and strengthens identification with the Love we are.

We are looking forward to meeting many of you who we have never met and rejoining with many long time friends. We will be sure to share about our experiences when we get back. If you are attending the Conference, we would love to connect with you.

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Getting Settled in St. Cloud, Florida

Robert & Mary: We are mostly settled in here in St. Cloud, Florida, which is just south of Orlando. We are getting familiar with the area and looking for a suitable home for Rev. Annie Arbona to rent somewhere near us. Annie is in charge of the Spanish translations.

We are also getting ready for the ACIM Conference in San Francisco, which is coming up next week. We are looking forward to the Pathways of Light Grand Gathering dinner with Pathways ministers and friends on Thursday evening. It will be a nice opportunity to connect with old and new friends. There will also be a bus tour of San Francisco on Friday morning that is being organized by Revs. Ken Gorman and Sharyn Zenz. There is still room to join for the dinner and/or tour. If you are interested in participating, call the Pathways office right away to be included. (1-800-323-7284 or 920-894-2339)

If you are interested in visiting us here in St. Cloud, call us at 407-957-4369. We’d love to see you. 

When we return from San Francisco, we will take time to receive guidance from Holy Spirit regarding a weekly ACIM study group, Joining with Holy Spirit on Sundays and scheduling events in the Orlando area. We are also considering scheduling weekly teleconference discussions of “The Book ON… and Jesus answers.” Let us know if you would be interested in participating by emailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Holy Spirit guided us to the following quote from A Course in Miracles. “Heaven Itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own. We will attempt to reach this state today, with self-deception laid aside, and with an honest willingness to value but the truly valuable and the real.” W.pI.133.13:1-2

This important message reminds me to practice stepping back often today. There is a beautiful song in Spanish titled, “Solo la Luz.” It means “Only the Light.” We will use this as a mantra today to remember to see only Light through Christ vision. Robert’s sisters and their husbands are visiting today. This will be a wonderful opportunity to join in the Light by remembering the Light that is in us all equally. As we remember to do this, we will have a happy day. As we bless, we are blessed.

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The Trip to St. Cloud, Florida

Well, we are here in Florida! We have rented a home in St. Cloud where Mary and Robert will continue with the work on preparing translated course materials, DVD’s, CD’s and web site updates as they were in Wisconsin. Until the property sells, Rev. Sharyn Zenz will continue the primary office functions in Wisconsin, including bookkeeping, filling orders for courses, books, etc., preparing promotional materials for ministers, answering the phone and serving as liason to ministers and students.

The trip to Florida was filled with miracles. Diana and Jim Klapperich (long-time members of our Wednesday night study group from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) came down with us to help with the move. We filled the largest U-Haul truck with what we needed to take with us and also filled the van we have. The morning we started on our journey, we all joined in quiet with the Holy Spirit and committed to following His lead all the way. The trip took 2 and a half days. We all noticed that we had plenty of energy throughout the day to go as far as was needed.

We had an interesting experience along the way that reinforced our need to follow Spirit in everything we did. At the end of the first day of traveling, we stopped at a hotel. They told us that every hotel in the area was filled because of an ice storm that had hit recently in Kentucky and Tennessee. We found out that the electricity was out for about 200 miles and everyone had to find hotels outside that region. The man at the hotel was very helpful and called around to find us a place about 20 miles back on the road we had traveled.

We rested comfortably that night and in the morning Spirit told us not to go to breakfast at a place right next to the hotel like we thought, but to go to breakfast at a place down the road right next to where we originally had stopped the night before.

When we reached the exit to go to the restaurant, the road beyond the exit was blocked because a truck had overturned. The waitress at the restaurant we were guided to told us that the road would be blocked until noon. She gave us an easy detour around the accident that added only five minutes to our trip. She also told us to fill our gas tanks because for the next 200 miles there would be no electricity. We were very grateful for this valuable help and were grateful to Spirit for directing us to this helpful woman.

The area where the ice storm had hit was quite remarkable to drive through. The road we were driving on was clear, dry and cleared of fallen trees. But there was a thick coating of ice on every tree which caused them to bend down and break with the weight of the ice. It was like we were in an ice cathedral. The sun was glistening through the ice and it was quite a remarkable experience. A sheet of ice blew off a truck that passed us and it looked like it was heading right for our windshield. But at the last second it lifted up and went over our van. It reaffirmed to us that we are safe in the Arms of God.

Along the way we read The Book ON… and Jesus Answers to each other for inspiration. We also had walkie-talkies so we could communicate between the two vehicles. We really had a lot of fun. Jim and Diana are wonderful angels to travel with.

We reached our destination in time to meet Abe Perez, the man who owns the property we are renting in St. Cloud, Florida, which is just southeast of Orlando. He was very helpful in explaining everything. We had hired two helpers to take the boxes and furniture off the truck and into each appropriate room. They were professional movers and so they knew exactly what to do and had the equipment needed to accomplish the task efficiently.

Annie Arbona, who is in charge of the translation of all the courses into Spanish, is also moving down here close to us. She drove down from South Carolina to visit us and look for a suitable home to rent. When she came to visit, she brought with her three wonderful couples from Puerto Rico: Elena and Arturo Diaz, Enid and Quintin Rivera, and Pedro and Blanca Toro. Elena and Enid are taking the Pathways of Light ministerial training program.

We had a wonderful time together. We simply seated ourselves together in a circle and put Spirit in charge. We just followed Spirit in the moment and a remarkable healing occurred for all of us. We were filled with a strong sense of peace and joy. We had not met before in physical form, but the feeling of connection and oneness was very strong. We felt that this meeting was the birthing of a new chapter in Pathways of Lights role in Holy Spirit’s plan of undoing the dream of separation.

As we follow Spirit in each present moment, the exact inspiration will come to us as we are ready and willing. An example of this came to us in the last two days when we were expecting the delivery of a new color printer. It did not arrive when we thought it would so Robert called the trucking company that was supposed to deliver it. They told him that they would not have a way to unload the 240 pound printer from the semi truck. Robert said we would pick it up at the trucking location. Yesterday we had a wonderful adventure picking up the printer. The man there was just a delight and it was wonderful connecting with him. Robert, by quietly following Spirit in the present moment, was able to get the printer from our van and into the appropriate room. We are now printing catalogs and Miracles News magazines to ship to San Francisco for the International Conference for A Course in Miracles, which is coming up later this month.

We apologize for taking so long to communicate about our journey, but this seems to be the right time. While Robert has been getting the catalogs and Miracles News booklets made I have been working on Rev. Myron Jones second part of her new audio book on healing relationships. As I have been working on preparing the recording for publication, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and joy for Myron’s dedication to her healing and her sharing her process with us in a way that heals us all. Her work is remarkable and you will really enjoy it when it comes out. We are deeply grateful for having Myron in our lives. She is truly one of God’s messengers of peace and understanding. We will be seeing her soon in San Francisco.

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