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God’s Will for Us Is Perfect Happiness

Love is whole. Therefore It makes no demands and has no needs to make It complete. Love is happiness. If I think a certain event or circumstance will bring me happiness, then I must believe that I am not Love. This belief is the denial of God’s gift. It is the denial of His Will because God’s Will for me/us is perfect happiness.

When I let myself join with the Love in my heart, joy overflows and I feel a deep connection with all that Is. Gratitude fills my heart with a quiet joy. Yet when I think I need a certain event to happen for me to be happy, the joy fades, gratitude steps back and my peace is disturbed. This is not God’s Will for me. This disturbance can only come from denying God’s Will, from denying Love.

Thus to return to Love I need to offer this belief that I am somehow incomplete without this desired event or circumstance to the Holy Spirit. I need to ask His help to see past the form to the changeless Love that is always there. I need to ask and accept His help to let go of this mistaken belief. That is His purpose and that is how I free myself from limiting beliefs to return Home where Love would have me be.

Today I will continue to practice being mindful of when I place my happiness outside of me and offer these thoughts to the Holy Spirit for transformation. I will step back and let Him lead the way.

In our reading of A Course in Miracles this morning, the idea that stood out to me the most is how wrong we are when we think the world of separation we have made could replace God’s oneness.

This reading helped remind me to be as a little child and remember that I know nothing when I think this world is real. It reminds me to step back again and again and yet again as I go through my day today.

It still seems very easy to think that I know something. In truth, all that I have learned of this world stems from false beliefs. The Course gently asks me, “Do I want to be right or happy?” When I stick to what I have learned from the past and think that separate bodies are real, I am trying to be right rather than happy.

Today, it is my opportunity to let go of all I think I know, all that I have learned from the past. Today it is my opportunity to practice stepping back and listening to the one Self Who knows the truth about me and everyone. Today is another day of practice in remembering that on my own I know nothing. When I remember this, I can relax and listen to the quiet inner Voice that will remind me of the truth if I will let Him.

My job today is to let go and let God. If I do this consistently, I will have a happy day.

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Accepting God’s Gifts

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Let today be a practice in letting yourself be carried. To practice this through the day, let go of trying to make anything “happen.” Instead of trying to make anything happen, practice stepping back and allowing yourself to be carried through it. Wait and listen for peaceful inner direction.

Open to an awareness of peace that is always present, waiting for your acceptance. Let peace guide you. Let peace carry you through each activity you encounter today. Be consciously aware that you are allowing peace to lead the way. Be consciously aware of no efforting on your part.

Be consciously aware that you are stepping back right now and permitting yourself to be led by your true Self. As ego opinions pop up, notice them and put them on Holy Spirit’s altar. If they are not true, they will disappear in God’s healing Light.

Let yourself feel the confidence that comes with your acceptance of being led by the Holy Spirit. Feel the softness and gentleness that comes with it. Let yourself feel the happiness and lack of stress as you allow yourself to be immersed in Holy Spirit’s constant gift of peace and sense of well being.

If any aspect of conflict shows up, quickly hand it over to the Holy Spirit’s healing Light and watch it dissolve in Holy Spirit’s sea of peace. Let yourself become aware of just how much you are being carried as you allow it through the day. Enjoy the gifts of peace and quiet inner happiness that come with allowing yourself to be carried through your day today.

This wonderful practice will motivate you to step back even more as your practice continues each day. With this continuous practice, you become more and more aware of how much constant help you have throughout the day. You feel that angels are surrounding you. Enjoy this important practice of letting yourself be carried today.

A Course in Miracles tells us that Love is happiness. We are happy when we extend Love. And when we are happy, we automatically extend Love. Thus if I am not happy, I must be denying the Love that I am.

Unhappiness is a signal that there is a need to forgive. Unforgiveness is a denial of Love. While it may appear that there is a person, situation or event that needs to be forgiven, beneath those forms it is really just a need to forgive God for His unwillingness to give us specialness and thereby make us separate.

Sometimes it’s helpful to recognize a specific situation that we are judging or feeling guilty about so that we can offer that perception to the Holy Spirit. But there is much that we have denied and buried in unconsciousness that we may not realize what it is we are denying. Still we can offer that to the Holy Spirit for forgiveness as well. One way of doing this is to use the basic process of ho’oponopono — say to the Divine, “I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.” In this process it is not really the Divine we are asking to forgive us, for It has never judged us. We are really asking to forgive ourselves for denying our unity with God.

Recently I was aware of a perception of being slighted. I could consciously see that it was meaningless, yet my peace was disturbed. So I did this little process, repeating it several times until peace returned to my mind. Occasionally the thought would come back and I repeated the process until the thought no longer disturbed my peace.

This perceived slight was just an image representing the belief that I am separate from my brother. As I practice forgiving or letting go of the thought of separation, I no longer perceive situations that demonstrate separation. More and more the Love in my heart joins with the Love in all. Happiness fills my heart which overflows with gratitude. In this world forgiveness opens the door to God’s gift of Love and happiness.

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Simple, Uncomplicated Love

This morning we were guided to read A Course in Miracles Workbook, Lesson 138: “Heaven is the decision I must make.” As I go to Spirit with this, it comes to me that Love is very simple and uncomplicated. Love is very uncluttered because it is pure with nothing added. I comes to me that if I want to be happy, the way to do this is to open my mind to Love’s healing Presence.

As I open my mind to Love, what was complicated before becomes simple and uncluttered. What is really unimportant falls away and the peace that comes with uncomplicated Love is increasingly felt. There is also a feeling of inner certainty and inner quiet that straightens out a path that appeared complex before. There is a very gentle feeling that underneath all the complexity of the world of separate bodies, all is well. What appeared hard before now seems very simple and easy and quiet.

Simple, uncomplicated Love. My focus for today is on accepting what is true. If truth be known, I do not need the ego’s complications. I do not need the efforting and tension that comes with its complicated images. Simple, uncomplicated Love. That is all I need today. As I practice accepting the peace that comes with this, what seemed complicated before disappears in Love’s soft healing Light. Today I let simple, uncomplicated Love light my way and I am grateful that It is always there, waiting for my acceptance.

If I want to have a blessed day, all I need to do is bless. I bless by seeing with Christ’s vision. I do this by letting the Holy Spirit, my true Self, be my Interpreter in every moment. The one Self we share is Love and sees only Love. Today I dedicate to seeing with Christ’s vision of Love. Thus will I have the blessing of experiencing my oneness with all my brothers. Love’s blessing is now and forever.

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Receive the Blessings of God’s Gifts

Holy Spirit to Mary:
With all the holiday activities, it is helpful to step back and remember Where you are in truth always. You and the whole Sonship are in Heaven now, dreaming of being on a distant shore, dreaming of being different from your Source.

Now is the time to step back, relax and let the peace of your true Self enter your heart and mind… Let peace seep into every corner…

Give time to letting go and letting this deep sense of peace take over… Let peace carry you to an awareness of Love’s Presence…

Let your inner Comforter take charge… Rest in His Love… Rest in His peace… Breathe the peace in as fully as you can… Let everything melt into God’s healing peace… Let this feeling of deep rest fill your awareness…

Now you need do nothing but accept the peace that is being offered you… Accept the gift and let it melt away everything that is not of God, your Source… Receive the gift that is beyond the world of change… receive the gift that never changes and is always there.

Give thanks that you are God’s Son… Give thanks that everyone is safe in God and has never left Heaven… Soak in this remembrance… Receive the blessings that come with accepting God’s gifts… Accept Heaven because it is yours today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
I am the place of rest in you that goes with you wherever you go. I am the part of your mind that remembers your Source. Let Me be your guide in all your doing. I hold in your mind a single purpose that is shared with your Source. I hold the purpose that retains your unity with all that Is.

With Me as your Guide, all your doing serves this purpose, all your doing leads you toward true happiness. I will show you the truth beyond all appearances. Today let yourself rest in Me and I will guide your ways in forgiveness and gratitude. As one, we rest in the certainty and Love of God.

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Step Back and Follow

The ego is constantly on the lookout for signs that confirm separation is real. It needs this confirmation to affirm that the ego is real and exists. And so it is always looking for situations, circumstances and images that confirm the “reality” of separation. It will interpret a facial expression as disapproval. It will interpret a lack of communication as disrespect.

The ego considers it a “win” when it is able to interpret what it perceives as an offense or even a confirmation of specialness. All that matters to the ego is that separation continues to be believed as real. Naturally with this as its focus, it ignores, disregards and denies anything that does not support separation.

Along with this always comes guilt. It is impossible to perceive someone as separate from yourself without guilt because with the belief that you have separated, you must believe you have harmed by somehow changing your brother and yourself. This goes on unconsciously but effects all your conscious interpretations. This is the attraction of guilt, the wish to make separation real. The effect of this wish can only be unhappiness because it is the denial of God’s gift of perfect happiness.

The antidote to all this is very simple. All we need do is forgive, let go of the images of separation. We need to look past images to the reality of the one Love that joins us in the unity of one Self. We cannot change our perception alone, but the presence of the Holy Spirit in our mind provides us the means to see anew. This seeing does not use the body’s eyes. The Holy Spirit’s seeing is through the Light of Love, which shines away the self-deceptive veil that seems to make separation real.

My prayer today: Holy Spirit, I open my heart and mind to You to receive Your gift of vision that I may see my brother, not as a body, but as Love, as the one Self we share, created by Love, eternally in Love. Guide my vision today that I may see as You see, Love as You Love.

This is my prayer today: Holy Spirit, I give You the past and I give You the future. I need not decide anything on my own. I am willing to let go and be carried by Your healing, peaceful perception.

I have one focus today and that is to step back and follow You.  As I listen and pay attention to Your inner promptings, I will be brought to an awareness that I truly do rest in God eternally. Everyone truly is safe in the Mind of God and has never left. I leave my mind open to Your healing perception. Amen.

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The Spirit of Christmas

This morning as we read A Course in Miracles, this sentence stood out to me: “The world I see holds my fearful self-image in place, and guarantees its continuance. While I see the world as I see it now, truth cannot enter my awareness. I would let the door behind this world be opened for me, that I may look past it to the world that reflects the Love of God.” (ACIM W-pI.56.3:1-4)

This is Christmas day, and what this paragraph is leading me to embodies the spirit of Christmas. The Holy Spirit is right there in my mind waiting to lift the veil that I might see the world that reflects the Love of God. Today it is my job to receive Holy Spirit’s wonderful gift of Christ’s Vision. As I receive this gift, I cannot help but extend it to others because the Love of God is all inclusive.

This is the true meaning of Christmas. So I am very grateful to receive this message and extend it by practicing it through the day. The more I am willing to practice letting the veil be lifted, the more I help myself and everyone awaken from the dream.

In the Christmas story of the birth of Christ, angels are singing, “Peace on earth, good will toward all men.” As I let the veil be lifted by receiving Holy Spirit’s gift, this is the world I will experience.

Have a blessed Christmas. Let’s together practice receiving the Holy Spirit’s gift of Christ’s Vision. What a wonderful, joyous way to celebrate Christmas.

A Course in Miracles tells us that everything we see through the body’s eyes is a projection of our thoughts. If I see fear, anger, pain and suffering, it is simply reflecting my thoughts of separation. But I am always free to choose to align my thoughts with the Holy Spirit. Then I will see with Christ’s Vision, which shows me the Love in my brothers. I naturally join with this Love because Love always unifies, being one.

Love recognizes the appearance of lack of Love as simply a call for Love and automatically offers Love in response. Being formless, Love does not require words and actions to extend. Today I choose to align my thoughts with the Holy Spirit and join in Love with everyone I meet or think of. Love will guide me if there are words or actions to express this joining. Thus will I give in the spirit of Christmas.

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I Rest in God

I rest in God. This is my mantra today. I rest in God. God’s Love and strength support me, no matter how much I get wrapped up in the images of the world. I rest in God. There is nothing else I need to remember. I rest in God. He is my comfort and my safety. It can be found nowhere else. I rest in God.

My heart is filled with gratitude as I remember, I rest in God. In God I have no needs, for everything that matters is given me. In God there can be no lack because God is all That is. No matter what appearances the body’s eyes show me, I can rest assured in the changelessness of God. In God’s changelessness is my invulnerability because I rest in God. As I look upon a brother and remember he rests in God with me, I recognize him as my Self, safe in the Heart of God. As I remember that I rest in God, all perceived problems dissolve and I remember that I am safe in eternal, changeless Love. And I give thanks.

Yesterday we rented a smaller home about 60 miles north of where we are staying now. Space is tight, but we figured out how to get everything we need into the house and put the rest in storage. This way we will lower our monthly expenses and be close the property that we believe will become the next Pathways of Light facility. We will be able live in this rented home while finishing getting the new facility ready for us to move in.

Yesterday we did a lot of measuring and calculating how we could get the necessary equipment into the small house. This morning my mind is so filled with all the details around the move that inwardly I had to take time out and let it all go for a while. I need to give time to step back and give time to the Holy Spirit. This is a helpful time to remember that I rest in God and that everything that we truly need will be there as we need it. It is time to remember that in quiet is every problem quietly resolved. My job now is to give quiet time to the Holy Spirit to receive His inspiration and help me remember the truth.

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