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Accepting Miracles in Place of Grievances

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. Let me realize today that the problem is always some form of grievance that I would cherish. Let me also understand that the solution is always a miracle with which I let the grievance be replaced. Today I would remember the simplicity of salvation by reinforcing the lesson that there is one problem and one solution. The problem is a grievance; the solution is a miracle. And I invite the solution to come to me through my forgiveness of the grievance, and my welcome of the miracle that takes its place. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 90, W-pI.90.1. See also ACIM Lesson 90 Insights.)

God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. If we are not supremely happy, then we are holding a grievance against God. This grievance may appear in the world as a situation that is disturbing to us. Or it may be something somebody said or did that upsets us. These are just projections of the underlying grievance against God that is the basis of the ego thought system of separation.

As long as we identify with the ego thought system and claim it as our own, we will be caught in a never ending cycle of grievances, anger and guilt. But we have been given a way out. The Holy Spirit provides the answer to every grievance. If we are willing to receive His answer, the grievance which divides us from everything is replaced by the miracle that joins us in the unity of Love.

The Holy Spirit serves as a bridge between the false idea of grievances and the reality that only Love is real. To escape from the repetitive cycle of grievances, we need to be willing to pause and turn our attention to the Holy Spirit with willingness to receive His perception in place of our misguided perceptions.

Today we choose to open our minds to the Holy Spirit’s gift of true perception. Thus will we accept miracles in place of grievances.

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Accepting Our True Self’s Loving Correction

Now would I be as God created me. Today I will accept the truth about myself. I will arise in glory, and allow the light in me to shine upon the world throughout the day. I bring the world the tidings of salvation which I hear as God my Father speaks to me. And I behold the world that Christ would have me see, aware it ends the bitter dream of death; aware it is my Father’s Call to me.

Christ is my eyes today, and He the ears that listen to the Voice for God today. Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Son, and my true Self as well. Amen. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 237, W-pII.237. See also ACIM Lesson 237 Insights.)

Christ is our true Self. It is our true Self that sees the innocence everywhere that Christ’s vision sees. It is our true Self that hears only messages of Love or calls for Love that Christ hears. Any perception that is not recognizing the truth in a brother cannot be true. It is a misinterpretation based on a false idea that we are a self separate from our Creator.

A false idea can be corrected. It is correction of the false idea of being separate that saves us from the experience of fear and guilt. Our true Self is ever present, willing and able to bring us the correction we need to once again remember that we are Love’s beloved extension eternally.

Today we ask our one Self’s help to correct our mistaken beliefs. We want to identify with the Self Love created. We want to join with the one Self that unites us all. We want to accept the joy and peace of our true Self.

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Faith and Belief in Holiness

The Holy Spirit sees perception as a means to teach you that the vision of a holy relationship is all you want to see. Then will you give your faith to holiness, desiring and believing in it because of your desire.

Those who would free their brothers from the body can have no fear. They have renounced the means for sin [separation] by choosing to let all limitations be removed. As they desire to look upon their brothers in holiness, the power of their belief and faith goes far beyond the body, supporting vision, not obstructing it. But first they chose to recognize how much their faith had limited their understanding of the world, desiring to place its power elsewhere should another point of view be given them. [There must be a better way.] The miracles that follow this decision are also born of faith. For all who choose to look away from sin are given vision, and are led to holiness. (A Course in Miracles, T-21.III.6:6-7;8:1-6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

Belief in separation comes from the wish to have a kingdom of our own, which we alone can rule. In our little kingdom, separated off from the whole, we decide what we permit to be present. To maintain our personal kingdom, we must defend it. It seems that there is a never ending stream of threats to our kingdom. And so our little kingdom is a place of fear, no matter how hard we try to fill it with things we think will make us happy. Eventually we all come to a point of recognizing that our little kingdom isn’t working for us; it’s not getting us what we really want.

At this turning point the Holy Spirit is ready and able to use the means we made to build our little kingdom to show us the way leading out of our self-imposed limitation. We have believed in separation and invested our faith in it. But the Holy Spirit can show us where to place our belief and faith that will bring us the peace and joy we really want. Now is the time to follow Holy Spirit’s lead. Now we will be shown what lies beyond limitation to the eternal Love that is what we are. Today we choose to place our faith and belief in holiness.

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Accepting Atonement for Ourselves

In order to heal, it thus becomes essential for the teacher of God to let all his own mistakes be corrected. If he senses even the faintest hint of irritation in himself as he responds to anyone, let him instantly realize that he has made an interpretation that is not true. Then let him turn within to his Eternal Guide, and let Him judge what the response should be. So is he healed, and in his healing is his pupil healed with him. The sole responsibility of God’s teacher is to accept the Atonement for himself. Atonement means correction, or the undoing of errors. When this has been accomplished, the teacher of God becomes a miracle worker by definition. His sins have been forgiven him, and he no longer condemns himself. How can he then condemn anyone? And who is there whom his forgiveness can fail to heal? (A Course in Miracles Manual for Teachers, M-18.4)

Anything that disturbs our peace in the slightest is a sure sign that we have identified a false image as real. Only Love is real and there is no harm in Love. Love cannot disturb our peace.

Every disturbance can be used as a reminder that we must have misperceived and given reality to an illusion. When we remember that the disturbance we experience is telling us that we need our mind to be corrected, to be shown the illusion for what it is, we open our minds to receive the Holy Spirit’s loving correction. He will assure us that we remain safe in changeless Love and our brother is there with us.

We cannot lose nor be harmed. As we practice being alert to disturbances and bringing them to the Holy Spirit to receive His help to see truly, we accept the Atonement for ourselves. Today is a good day to practice.

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We Call Upon the Light Within

Salvation is our only need. There is no other purpose here, and no other function to fulfill. Learning salvation is our only goal. Let us end the ancient search today by finding the light in us, and holding it up for everyone who searches with us to look upon and rejoice.

Your little effort and small determination call on the power of the universe to help you, and God Himself will raise you from darkness into light. You are in accord with His Will. You cannot fail because your will is His.

Have confidence in your Father today, and be certain that He has heard you and answered you. You may not recognize His answer yet, but you can indeed be sure that it is given you and you will yet receive it. Try, as you attempt to go through the clouds to the light, to hold this confidence in your mind. Try to remember that you are at last joining your will to God’s. Try to keep the thought clearly in mind that what you undertake with God must succeed. Then let the power of God work in you and through you, that His Will and yours be done. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 69, W-pI.69.3:2-5;7:2-8:6. See also ACIM Lesson 69 Insights.)

Our only need is for release from the fearful, guilt-ridden world we have made because of our belief that we are separate from our Creator. Everything we perceive in the world we made is a lie, a self-deception. It is from this we need to be saved.

The fear and guilt we carry hides the Light of Love within us, but cannot put It out. This Light is the Source of all our real strength. It is unaffected by our confused dream. We can call upon It and count on Its strength to guide us past the darkness of our judgments. These judgments have no real substance and can be easily passed by when we join with the Light of Love within.

We quiet our minds today… We let ourselves gently settle in to the quiet center of peace, where the Light remains untouched… We call upon the Light for Its strength and guidance to see past the false beliefs to the truth that only Love is real… Knowing that God supports us, we are confident that we will succeed.

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It Is Worth the Practice

You will believe that you are part of where you think you are. That is because you surround yourself with the environment you want. And you want it to protect the image of yourself that you have made. The image is part of this environment. What you see while you believe you are in it is seen through the eyes of the image. This is not vision. Images cannot see.

All of [the attributes you ascribe to yourself] are equally unreal, because you do not look upon yourself through the eyes of holiness.

Try to recognize that the direction of your fantasies about yourself does not matter. Illusions have no direction in reality. They are merely not true.

As often as possible during the day, pick up a specific attribute or attributes you are ascribing to yourself at the time and apply the idea for today to them, adding:

But my mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 35, W-pI.35.2;4:3;5:3-5;9:1;7:5. See also ACIM Lesson 35 Insights.)

With this practice we are learning to let go of the false mind we have been thinking is our mind. With Holy Spirit’s help, we are brought to the awareness of our real Mind — the Mind that is filled with peace, love and eternal happiness… This is worth the practice. We want to be happy. We are tired of the yo-yo ego mind which is full of efforting and pain.

With Holy Spirit leading the way, our idea about what we are in truth is being transformed… We identify with the Love in others as we see that we are one with the Mind of pure Love… Fear dissolves and we see Love everywhere… We see kindness, generosity and peace everywhere…

We feel relaxed and safe as we follow Holy Spirit’s lead to recognizing our real Self and the real Self in everyone… We are so grateful to return to the truth and forgive, or let go of, all the heavy burdensome ideas of being separate from our Source. It is worth the practice.

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The Strength and Love of God Are Our Own

Unless I look upon what is not there, my present happiness is all I see. Eyes that begin to open see at last. And I would have Christ’s vision come to me this very day. What I perceive without God’s Own Correction for the sight I made is frightening and painful to behold. Yet I would not allow my mind to be deceived by the belief the dream I made is real an instant longer. This the day I seek my present happiness, and look on nothing else except the thing I seek.

With this resolve I come to You, and ask Your strength to hold me up today, while I but seek to do Your Will. You cannot fail to hear me, Father. What I ask have You already given me. And I am sure that I will see my happiness today. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 290, W-pII.290. See also ACIM Lesson 290 Insights.)

Sometimes it can seem that events in the world press upon us from many directions, making us feel powerless to deal with them. The Course is reminding us that God has given us all of His strength, which far exceeds the seeming power of circumstances in the world we perceive.

God’s strength is ours. We need to remind ourselves of this many times through every day. We need to accept God’s strength as our own. The strength of God in us brings us the clear vision of Christ that shows us only Love is real.

With Christ’s vision, we see our Self in everyone. We know that harm is impossible. The Love of God is still ours, given us without reservation nor limit. We can relax and rest in the certainty that we are held safely in the Love of God. Today we remind ourselves often that the strength and Love of God are our own.

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