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Accepting the Reality of Love’s Oneness

Until forgiveness is complete, the world does have a purpose. It becomes the home in which forgiveness is born, and where it grows and becomes stronger and more all-embracing. …It is [Holy Spirit’s] Call God’s teachers answer, turning to Him in silence to receive His Word. The world will end when all things in it have been rightly judged by His judgment. The world will end with the benediction of holiness upon it. When not one thought of sin remains, the world is over. It will not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It will merely cease to seem to be.

The illusion of orders of difficulty is an obstacle the teacher of God must learn to pass by and leave behind. One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete. Can you understand this? No; it is meaningless to anyone here. Yet it is the final lesson in which unity is restored. It goes against all the thinking of the world, but so does Heaven.

The world will end when its thought system has been completely reversed. Until then, bits and pieces of its thinking will still seem sensible. The final lesson, which brings the ending of the world, cannot be grasped by those not yet prepared to leave the world and go beyond its tiny reach. What, then, is the function of the teacher of God in this concluding lesson? He need merely learn how to approach it; to be willing to go in its direction. He need merely trust that, if God’s Voice tells him it is a lesson he can learn, he can learn it. He does not judge it either as hard or easy. His Teacher points to it, and he trusts that He will show him how to learn it. (A Course in Miracles, M-14.2:1-2,7-12;3:6-4:8)

The moment the illusion of separation was accepted as true, God gave His Answer to neutralize this mistaken belief. The insane illusion was instantly replaced with the means to awaken to the Truth. But for us to experience the end of the world of separation, we must learn that separation could never be real; separation never happened in Truth.

The means to awaken from the dream of separation is forgiveness (overlooking what never happened). When we accept Holy Spirit’s lesson in forgiveness, we clearly see that what seemed to happen in the world never really occurred. We are able to overlook what never happened. This lesson must be applied to all our perceptions. When we no longer hold back anything from forgiveness, we will no longer see a purpose for the illusion of separation. The world will simply cease to seem to be.

The fact that salvation from illusion has already been accomplished is not understandable to the mind that believes in the thought system of separation. Through forgiveness we learn to let go of our barriers to Love’s presence. When we have let all barriers go, we will know that only Love is real. We will accept the salvation that has always been true in eternity. Through forgiveness, we step out of time into the eternity of Heaven.

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Only the Unity of Love Is Real

What is true in earth and Heaven is beyond your naming.

It would indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching function. You have need to use the symbols of the world a while. But be you not deceived by them as well. They do not stand for anything at all, and in your practicing it is this thought that will release you from them. [The symbols of the world] become but means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognize is not the unity where true communication can be found.

Thus what you need are intervals each day in which the learning of the world becomes a transitory phase; a prison house from which you go into the sunlight and forget the darkness. Here you understand the Word, the Name [Identity] which God has given you; the one Identity which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true. And then step back to darkness, not because you think it real, but only to proclaim its unreality in terms which still have meaning in the world that darkness rules. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 184, W-pI.184.8:3;9-10. See also ACIM Lesson 184 Insights.)

We have been carefully taught to distinguish all things in the world from each other. It is a skill needed to function in the world. This learning makes the world seem real to us because it seems to give it meaning. Yet the way to return to the reality that we remain unified with our Identity in God is to learn to not believe that any of the forms and symbols in the world are real.

The ego defends the belief in separation with all its guile for when we stop believing in the reality of the world of form, the ego will disappear. We will remember that we share our Identity with our Creator. In the Light of this remembrance the dark shadow of the ego will disappear.

The daily practice of taking time to quiet our minds and welcome the peace of God within us will help us loosen our attachment to the meaning we have given the world. We will begin to be aware of the formless, nameless Unity beyond the form. We will feel the comfort and safety of this Unity we share with All That is. As we let ourselves experience this, we can bring that experience into the world. It will help us be less reactive to appearances, for we are remembering more and more that only the Unity of Love is real.

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Forgiveness Recognizes Innocence

My holiness envelops everything I see. From my holiness does the perception of the real world come. Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty. I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me. Seen through understanding eyes, the holiness of the world is all I see, for I can picture only the thoughts I hold about myself.

And what are all illusions except false ideas about myself? My holiness undoes them all by asserting the truth about me. In the presence of my holiness, which I share with God Himself, all idols vanish.

I cannot suffer any loss or deprivation or pain because of Who I am. My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things. His care for me is infinite, and is with me forever. I am eternally blessed as His Son. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 58, W-pI.58.1;3:4-6;5:5-7. See also ACIM Lesson 58 Insights.)

We are holy because we share the oneness of God. God is our completion as we, His one Son, complete Him. There is no separation or difference between What we are and What God Is. All His Love, His peace, His joy is ours.

We do not experience ourselves as holy because we have accepted the ego thought system of separation. Separation is demonstrated by illusions of isolation, differences, loss and deprivation. This appears to be the world we live in only because we have accepted separation as real. This belief makes our holiness invisible to us. As we learn to forgive this belief, the veil of separation fades and the Light of our holiness shines through. This Light shines away the illusions that portray our belief in separation.

Forgiveness welcomes the truth of What we are. Forgiveness accepts our holiness. As we forgive, the Love that we are fills our heart and joins with the Love that is everyone. Love is innocent and sees only innocence. Love is holy and sees only holiness. This is how we bring salvation to the world.

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How to Bring Joy to the World

You are indeed essential to God’s plan. Just as your light increases every light that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth calls to all minds to let their sorrows go, and take their place beside you in God’s plan. God’s messengers are joyous, and their joy heals sorrow and despair. They are the proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept their Father’s gifts as theirs.

Look deep within you, undismayed by all the little thoughts and foolish goals you pass as you ascend to meet the Christ in you.

He will be there. And you can reach Him now. …What foolish goal can keep you from success when He Who calls to you is God Himself?

He will be there. You are essential to His plan. You are His messenger today. And you must find what He would have you give. …It is your Self Who calls to you today. And it is Him you answer, every time you tell yourself you are essential to God’s plan for the salvation of the world. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 100, W-pI.100.4;8:5;9:1-2,5;10:1-4,6-7. See also ACIM Lesson 100 Insights.)

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” (Lesson 121) It is our judgments that make us sad, angry, guilty and sick. It is our judgments that draw a veil across the face of Christ. It is our judgments that separate us from God and every brother.

God’s plan for our salvation is His gift to help us release our judgments — the Holy Spirit, our Guide to happiness. The practice of bringing all our judgments to the Holy Spirit is the path to accepting God’s Will for our perfect happiness. As we learn not to make any judgments on our own, our joy increases.

The appearances in the world have less and less effect on our happiness. We learn that God is always there for us. His Will is ours. The attraction of specialness fades, for we experience increasing joy as we let Holy Spirit’s judgment help us look past appearances to the eternal presence of God’s Love. This is our purpose. This is how we bring joy to the world and ourselves.

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Forgiveness Through the Holy Spirit’s Help

Atonement is for all, because it is the way to undo the belief that anything is for you alone. To forgive is to overlook. Look, then, beyond error and do not let your perception rest upon [error], for you will believe what your perception holds. Accept as true only what your brother is [the Son of God], if you would know yourself. Perceive what he is not and you cannot know what you are, because you see him falsely. Remember always that your Identity [as the Son of God] is shared, and that Its sharing is Its reality.

Forgiveness that is learned of me does not use fear to undo fear. Nor does it make real the unreal and then destroy it. Forgiveness through the Holy Spirit lies simply in looking beyond error from the beginning, and thus keeping it unreal for you. Do not let any belief in [error’s] realness enter your mind…. What has no effect does not exist, and to the Holy Spirit the effects of error are nonexistent. By steadily and consistently cancelling out all [error’s] effects, everywhere and in all respects, He teaches that the ego does not exist and proves it.

Follow the Holy Spirit’s teaching in forgiveness, then, because forgiveness is His function and He knows how to fulfill it perfectly. …Miracles are merely the sign of your willingness to follow the Holy Spirit’s plan of salvation, recognizing that you do not understand what it is. (A Course in Miracles, T-9.IV.1;5;6:1,3. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

We are not asked to deny that we perceive fear and guilt, attack and death, in the world. But we are directed to ask the Holy Spirit’s help to correct our perception. The Holy Spirit knows that nothing perceived through the ego thought system of separation exists. When we are willing to accept the Holy Spirit’s help to correct our perception, we will learn that our perception of harm is merely the effect of a false belief.

With Holy Spirit’s help, we are able to overlook the effects of ego beliefs because He shows us that these seeming effects are not true. With the Holy Spirit’s help we overlook what is untrue and has no real effects to see the Son of God instead of identifying with the ego. Each time we accept the Holy Spirit’s help, the seeming reality of the ego’s world fades and we recognize with increasing certainty that only the oneness of Love is real.

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Transformation Through Holy Spirit’s Vision

What has no meaning cannot be perceived. And meaning always looks within to find itself, and then looks out. All meaning that you give the world outside must thus reflect the sight you saw within; or better, if you saw at all or merely judged against. Vision is the means by which the Holy Spirit translates your nightmares into happy dreams; your wild hallucinations that show you all the fearful outcomes of imagined sin [separation] into the calm and reassuring sights with which He would replace them. These gentle sights and sounds are looked on happily, and heard with joy. They are His substitutes for all the terrifying sights and screaming sounds the ego’s purpose brought to your horrified awareness. They step away from sin, reminding you that it is not reality which frightens you, and that the errors which you made can be corrected.

And after vision, who is there who could refuse what must come after? Think but an instant just on this; you can behold the holiness God gave His Son. And never need you think that there is something else for you to see. (A Course in Miracles, T-20.VIII.10;11:2-4. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

If we believe that separation is real, when we look within, we see a separate identity housed in a body, capable of harming and being harmed, that will end in death. We then project a world of separate images that we must defend against or try to protect from decay and death. These are the nightmares projected from the split mind that believes separation is real.

The Holy Spirit sees only our wholeness, our changeless Identity that is Love and nothing else. He sees only innocence because what is changeless and One can neither harm nor be harmed. He offers us His vision in place of our mad hallucinations. With His vision our perception of a guilty and fearful “reality” is replaced by the calm, loving and joyful reality of our Home in Heaven.

Our minds are transformed by this vision. We need only be willing to accept His vision and our nightmares will disappear into the nothingness from which they came. Today we offer all our perceptions to the Holy Spirit with willingness to receive His vision as our own.

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Choosing Our Life in God

Do not underestimate the power of the devotion of God’s Son, nor the power the god he worships has over him. For he places himself at the altar of his god [the god he believes in], whether it be the god he made or the God Who created him. That is why his slavery is as complete as his freedom, for he will obey only the god he accepts. The god of crucifixion [ego] demands that he crucify [judge himself and others], and his worshippers obey. In his name they crucify themselves, believing that the power of the Son of God is born of sacrifice and pain. The God of resurrection demands nothing, for He does not will to take away [his unity with his Creator]. He does not require obedience, for obedience implies submission. He would only have you learn your will [which is God’s Wiil] and follow it, not in the spirit of sacrifice and submission, but in the gladness of freedom.

Resurrection must compel your allegiance gladly, because it is the symbol of joy. Its whole compelling power lies in the fact that [resurrection] represents what you want to be. The freedom to leave behind everything that hurts you and humbles you and frightens you cannot be thrust upon you, but it can be offered you through the grace of God. And you can accept it by His grace, for God is gracious to His Son, accepting him without question as His Own. Who, then, is your own? The Father has given you all that is His, and He Himself is yours with them. Guard them in their resurrection, for otherwise you will not awake in God, safely surrounded by what is yours forever. (A Course in Miracles, T-11.VI.5-6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The ego is the idea of sacrificing our oneness with our Creator in order to establish its own domain that denies God’s Love. When we accept the ego thought system, we experience the ego’s images and projections as real. This makes our true Will to remain one with our Creator, to be Love, unknown to us. Because of our belief in the ego, we follow the ego’s dictates. The ego’s ultimate “proof” is the appearance of death. When we believe in the ego, death, disease, depression, fear and guilt seem real. That is the effect of the power of our devotion to the ego.

Our devotion to the ego has not changed the Son God created. God gave His gift of all of Himself and all His attributes to His Son eternally. God belongs to us just as we belong to Him. His Love is ours as we Love our Creator. No matter what devotion we give to a false God, our Creator has not changed His mind about us. All that He gave is still ours and will be forever.

As we realize that our only happiness comes from accepting God’s gifts, we recognize that our true Will is the same as God’s Will. All we really want is the gifts God gave us and that are still ours. When we make this choice, we are resurrected from the ego’s dedication to death to the Life we live in God. We make this choice each time we choose to accept the vision offered us through His Voice in place of the illusions of death the ego offers.

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