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How to Accept God’s Gifts

No one who truly seeks the peace of God can fail to find it. ²For he merely asks that he deceive himself no longer by denying to himself what is God’s Will. ³Who can remain unsatisfied who asks for what he has already? ⁴Who could be unanswered who requests an answer which is his to give? ⁵The peace of God is yours.

For you was peace created, given you by its Creator, and established as His Own eternal gift. ²How can you fail, when you but ask for what He wills for you? ³And how could your request be limited to you alone? ⁴No gift of God can be unshared. ⁵It is this attribute that sets the gifts of God apart from every dream that ever seemed to take the place of truth.

It is this one intent we seek today, uniting our desires with the need of every heart, the call of every mind, the hope that lies beyond despair, the love attack would hide, the brotherhood that hate has sought to sever, but which still remains as God created it. ²With Help like this beside us, can we fail today as we request the peace of God be given us? (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 185, W-185.11:1–12:5;14:1-2. See also ACIM Lesson 185 Insights.)

Everyone who believes they walk this world is seeking the peace of God, because this world denies our eternal unity with God. This denial leaves us believing that we do not have God’s Love and peace and joy. Yet it is still there because God Wills it so. We do not have to do anything to be worthy of His gifts. They are already given, never to be withdrawn.

Our task is simple. We need to stop denying the gifts God wills for us. We do this with the Holy Spirit’s help by forgiving our mistaken beliefs, our wish for specialness. In the wish for specialness, the ego has contrived many illusions to offer as a substitute for God’s gifts. But they never satisfy our heart’s desire to remember God’s Son, our true Self.

We forgive these false images one by one. But as we progress with our forgiveness, we begin to recognize the common thread that unites the things we forgive. Our forgiveness generalizes. Fewer circumstances disturb our peace. And when our peace is disturbed, we are less willing to tolerate the disturbance. We more quickly turn to the Holy Spirit and accept His help to heal our fear-based thoughts. Our journey Home accelerates. We are more consistently peaceful and happy.

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The Happy Path to Salvation

…there are only two parts of your mind. ³One is ruled by the ego, and is made up of illusions. ⁴The other is the home of the Holy Spirit, where truth abides. ⁵There are no other guides but these to choose between, and no other outcomes possible as a result of your choice but the fear that the ego always engenders, and the love that the Holy Spirit always offers to replace it.

Thus, it must be that your function is established by God through His Voice, or is made by the ego which you have made to replace Him.”

²Think also about the many forms the illusion of your function has taken in your mind, and the many ways in which you tried to find salvation under the ego’s guidance. …⁸Yet the ego is the only alternative to the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

You will listen to madness or hear the truth. …⁶On one side stand all illusions. ⁷All truth stands on the other. ⁸Let us try today to realize that only the truth is true.

²My happiness and function are one, because God has given me both. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 66, W-66.7:2–8:1;9:2,8;10:1,6-8;11:2. See also ACIM Lesson 66 Insights.)

What we believe will bring us happiness we believe is our salvation. The ego directs us on fruitless searches for forms we believe will make us happy—the right relationship, the right job, the right car, status, house and on and on.

Yet none of these forms last. Even if we obtain a form we believe will make us happy, we need to constantly defend it and “nurture” it to keep it for ourself alone. Thus even achieving what will bring us happiness brings fear with it. This is inevitable because illusions are inherently unstable.

Of one thing we can be certain—the changeless Love of God. It is our true Self, unlimited and fully satisfying. Instead of fear, it brings us joy. Instead of uncertainty, it brings us contentment and peace. Instead of searching for completion, it brings the knowledge that we are whole and safe in the Heart of God.

Today we choose the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and actions, remembering it is the path to truth, our salvation.

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Seeing Love’s Oneness with Christ’s Vision

Christ’s vision is a miracle. ²It comes from far beyond itself, for it reflects eternal love and the rebirth of love which never dies, but has been kept obscure. ³Christ’s vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there. ⁴The darkened glass the world presents can show but twisted images in broken parts. ⁵The real world pictures Heaven’s innocence.

Christ’s vision is the miracle in which all miracles are born. ²It is their source, remaining with each miracle you give, and yet remaining yours. ³It is the bond by which the giver and receiver are united in extension here on earth, as they are one in Heaven. ⁴Christ beholds no sin in anyone. ⁵And in His sight the sinless are as one. ⁶Their holiness was given by His Father and Himself.

Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds. ²And in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 159, W-159.3:1–5:2. See also ACIM Lesson 159 Insights.)

When we see with Christ’s vision, we see the presence of Love everywhere. Nothing is seen as separate, for Love is one and universal, the same everywhere and always. This is our true Nature. Christ’s vision sees our brother and our self as one and the same. No differences.

Forgiveness dismisses barriers to Love, for it sees only truth. Today we choose Christ’s vision to guide all our perceptions in the world. This is the choice for happiness and peace, for it is the choice to see the real world where the oneness of Love is wholly accepted as truth.

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God’s Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Holy Spirit mediates between illusions and the truth. ²Since He must bridge the gap between reality and dreams, perception leads to knowledge through the grace that God has given Him, to be His gift to everyone who turns to [the Holy Spirit] for truth. ³Across the bridge that He provides are dreams all carried to the truth, to be dispelled before the light of knowledge. ⁴There are sights and sounds forever laid aside. ⁵And where they were perceived before, forgiveness has made possible perception’s tranquil end.

The goal the Holy Spirit’s teaching sets is just this end of dreams. ²For sights and sounds must be translated from the witnesses of fear to those of love. ³And when this [translation] is entirely accomplished, learning has achieved the only goal it has in truth. ⁴For learning, as the Holy Spirit guides it to the outcome He perceives for it, becomes the means to go beyond [learning], to be replaced by the eternal truth.

Accept your Father’s gift. ²It is a Call from Love to Love, that It be but Itself. ³The Holy Spirit is His gift, by which the quietness of Heaven is restored to God’s beloved Son. (A Course in Miracles What is the Holy Spirit?, W-pII.7.1:1–2:4;5:1-3. See also ACIM Lesson Insights.)

The Holy Spirit is God’s Call to us to come Home. His Call is already in our mind. Will we answer the Call?

The ego is terrified that we might hear and answer this Call. Were we to answer and accept it, the ego would be dismissed as meaningless and powerless. We would no longer give it credence in our mind, for the truth would set us free. The ego would no longer seem to exist. We would remember the Life we live in God in perfect peace and happiness, extending Love without limit. It’s worth accepting God’s gift; it’s a gift that keeps on giving eternally.

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Opening the Door to Welcome God’s Love

¹²Communication between what cannot be divided cannot cease. ¹³The holy meeting place of the unseparated Father and His Son lies in the Holy Spirit and in you. ¹⁴All interference in the communication that God Himself wills with His Son is quite impossible here. ¹⁵Unbroken and uninterrupted love flows constantly between the Father and the Son, as Both would have it be. ¹⁶And so it is.

Let your mind wander not through darkened corridors, away from light’s center. ²You and your brother may choose to lead yourselves astray, but you can be brought together only by the Guide appointed for you. ³He will surely lead you to where God and His Son await your recognition. ⁴They are joined in giving you the gift of oneness, before which all separation vanishes. ⁵Unite with what you are. ⁶You cannot join with anything except reality. ⁷God’s glory and His Son’s belong to you in truth. ⁸They have no opposite, and nothing else can you bestow upon yourself.

There is no substitute for truth. ²And truth will make this plain to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth. ³And there you must be led, through gentle understanding which can lead you nowhere else. ⁴Where God is, there are you. ⁵Such is the truth. (A Course in Miracles, T-14.VIII.2:12–4:5. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

If we are not experiencing indescribable joy and peace that cannot be disturbed, we are letting our mind wander in darkness. We have closed the door in our mind to block out the Light of Love that is our Home. Yet the Guide God gave us to lead us to the Light is knocking on that door. We need but open it to be led lovingly and gently on the path of return to remembering the Life we live in God.

We open the door when we are willing to pause and quiet our mind. In this pause we welcome God’s Guide. As we welcome Him, He teaches us how to release the mistaken beliefs that closed the door against the Love we share with God.

Today we willingly welcome the Guide to freedom from fear and guilt. Through His lessons we forgive our errors and awaken to the truth of our oneness with our Creator.

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Seeing the Love Beyond the Ego’s Veil

God is my strength. ²Vision is His gift.

³Let me not look to my own eyes to see today. ⁴Let me be willing to exchange my pitiful illusion of seeing for the vision that is given by God. ⁵Christ’s vision is His gift, and He has given it to me. ⁶Let me call upon this gift today, so that this day may help me to understand eternity.

God is my Source. ²I cannot see apart from Him.

³I can see what God wants me to see. ⁴I cannot see anything else. ⁵Beyond His Will lie only illusions. ⁶It is these I choose when I think I can see apart from Him. ⁷It is these [illusions] I choose when I try to see through the body’s eyes. ⁸Yet the vision of Christ has been given me to replace [the body’s eyes]. ⁹It is through this vision that I choose to see.

God is the light in which I see.

²I cannot see in darkness. ³God is the only light. ⁴Therefore, if I am to see, it must be through Him. ⁵I have tried to define what seeing is, and I have been wrong. ⁶Now it is given me to understand that God is the light in which I see. ⁷Let me welcome vision and the happy world it will show me. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 59, W-59.2–4. See also ACIM Lesson 59 Insights.)

We have trained ourselves to trust that what the body’s eyes show us is real. We have also taught ourselves that what cannot be sensed through the body is unreal and should not be trusted. This is part of the ego thought system which denies the reality of Love and offers made-up images as a substitute for God’s Creation. By definition, what is made up is not real.

We have wrapped ourselves in an illusionary world as a defense against the reality of God’s Love. The ego would like us to believe that this defense is impenetrable. Yet the vision of Christ has been given us in our mind. It is the means we have to see beyond the ego’s defenses.

Broadway theaters sometimes use a veil as a backdrop with images projected on it that can be changed for each scene. But if the space behind the veil is lit, the projections on the veil fade and what is behind the veil can be easily seen.

The Light of God illuminates what is beyond the veil. Christ’s vision uses this light to show us that beyond the veil and all its changing images lies the changeless, eternal, all encompassing Love of God. Today we practice opening our mind to Christ’s vision, for we want to remember the truth that we are God’s Son, eternally united with Him. We remain safe in His changeless Love.

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Remembering Our Safety in God’s Love

In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening. ²Your Father wills you hear His Word today. ³He calls to you from deep within your mind where He abides. ⁴Hear Him today. ⁵No peace is possible until His Word is heard around the world; until your mind, in quiet listening, accepts the message that the world must hear to usher in the quiet time of peace.

This world will change through you. ²No other means can save it, for God’s plan is simply this: The Son of God is free to save himself, given the Word of God to be his Guide, forever in his mind and at his side to lead him surely to his Father’s house by his own will, forever free as God’s. ³He is not led by force, but only love. ⁴He is not judged, but only sanctified.

In stillness we will hear God’s Voice today without intrusion of our petty thoughts, without our personal desires, and without all judgment of His holy Word. ²We will not judge ourselves today, for what we are can not be judged. ³We stand apart from all the judgments which the world has laid upon the Son of God. ⁴It knows him not. ⁵Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 125, W-125.1–3. See also ACIM Lesson 125 Insights.)

God’s Voice only seems to be deep within our minds because His presence has been overlaid with layers of the ego’s denial of Love. God’s presence can be covered over with illusions but cannot be eliminated because only His Love is real.

God has given us His Word to guide us through these layers that seem real only because of our belief in them. His Word, the Holy Spirit, teaches us to sort out the false from the true. With His help, we forgive the mistaken beliefs to make way for the Light of Love to shine through.

We welcome Holy Spirit’s guidance by quieting our mind. As we take time to pause and let our mind be quiet, we pass by the ego’s thoughts of fear and guilt to the lessons in Love the Holy Spirit teaches.

When we let Love guide our perceptions, we see a different world. We see past the illusions of division and destruction. We learn that they are deceptions which have no effect on the truth that we, along with every brother, are united in Love. Harm is impossible to the Son of God who remains eternally united with his Creator.

We remember our perfect safety and rest serenely in the peace of God. We bring salvation to the world as we accept the Holy Spirit’s lessons in Love.

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