Being a Channel of Love

Our Dark Night

The process of awakening seems to move through stages; the emphasis on “seems,” because in reality we are already “awake” to our True Nature. Yet, in this physical experience we do seem to move through stages as we awaken to this ever abiding True Nature. Essentially what happens is that we become aware of what is not working in our lives, and then realize that we need to let things go. In the letting go, there comes a period of “darkness” i.e. the dark night of the soul, which often brings with it a feeling of being lost or confused about your identity which can feel like depression. But if we are diligent and see this as an opportunity for healing the “wounds,” this place of darkness can be seen as the quintessential darkness before the dawn. Yet, often people get scared of the dark and so resort to other escapes or idols rather than face their darkness so that they can move through it to the other side, where there is truly light. Those who are ready to face the darkness because they realize that there is nothing “here” that can truly satisfy and KNOW that they need to go within to find lasting peace and happiness, accept the darkness rather than run from it, knowing that it cannot truly hurt them. ACIM encourages us to bring all that we no longer want to the Holy Spirit to be healed/released. It is this process, of being willing to look at the dark, all of our hurts, resentments, judgements and so forth and allow the Divinity within us to heal them through the transforming power of Love. As more and more of the layers of pain are released, more and more Love shines through and is seen to be reflected in the world around us, which can serve as motivation to continue to the transformational work. At some point there comes the realization that the Holy Spirit is doing all of the “heavy lifting” for us, and the burden of the darkness does not feel quite as heavy, and life feels much lighter. From that place, we become a beacon to “others,” helping them to see the light within themselves.

What we are going through on a collective level can be seen as only darkness, or it could be seen as the dark before the dawn, as a collective awakening. This is the ever present choice presented to us; choosing to see from the soul’s perspective or the ego’s, i.e. from a perspective of wholeness, love and integration or from a place of fear and separation. I choose to see everything as an opportunity to love more and to recognize the places in me that are still fearful and allow them to be healed.

How will you choose to see this? Remember, when we heal we are not healed alone, so choosing to use any “challenges” for healing and growth,

invites healing into the one mind of which we are a part. The opportunities for healing and awakening right now abound!

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The Lotus/unfolding through grace

I hear often, that people who study ACIM have favorite passages or workbook lessons. I do as well. One of my favorite lessons is Lesson 169: “By grace I live. By grace I am released.” I was pondering this lesson, how it describes God as taking the “final step” in our awakening, and this is described as “grace.” Grace cannot be learned though we prepare ourselves for it by being open to Love, being open to removing the obstacles to the presence of Love, and through our willingness to be guided by the Holy Spirit within. The awareness/awakening to Oneness, and/is the realization that “God is,” and that God encompasses EVERYTHING comes as a revelation from God, realizing that this as God’s Will is our True Self’s will. In thinking about this, Spirit provided the following message, which I felt guided to share here:

“Just as a lotus rises in the mud, so too does All awaken in the same fashion. There is a movement, through seeming challenges, which strengthens inner resolve, pushing past what seemed to be unpleasant, allowing for Life to break through and bring beauty to all that behold it. Everything happens in its’ (Spirit’s) own Divine timing. To be effortful in attempts to make anything happen outside of the perfect, divine design brings is resistance to what is and increases tension and distress. Take this lesson into your heart, knowing that you can trust your soul’s process of awakening. You can trust that each day is an opportunity, even through the challenging moments, for in all things you can be nourished by the gift offered, by allowing yourself to see it. If you choose to see the gift in even the mundane, you will be blessed. To think that you as a separate individual can or needs to make yourself “grow” or awaken will only detour the process, for you are adding your own egoic thinking to the Divine’s intention/plan. When you as a small self believe that you can control anything, you are failing to remember that in that state of controlling, that you are not remembering who you are. Who you are is only trusting, only loving and without judgement or resistance. It is this willingness that allows life to blossom. Allow your life to unfold just like the lotus, accepting the challenges, seeing the gift, and trusting in the


This awakening process is facilitated by grace, and our openness to it is what allows us to perceive and experience it. We are ever holy and it is only in our experience of time that

we seem to have forgotten. Allow grace to unfold us, naturally. This is Love.

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Easter’s deeper meaning

It’s EASTER! Such a wonderful time of the year! Through ACIM we are taught that the crucifixion of Jesus was an extreme example of the truth that we cannot be persecuted, that we can choose Life over death, that it is only we who has crucified ourselves and we can rise as Christ as well.

I just started reading the book “Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson, last night and read this passage which is from Mary’s gospel: “Then Peter said to him (Jesus), ‘You have been explaining every topic to us; tell us one other thing. What is the sin of the world?’ The Savior replied, ‘There is no such thing as sin.” Wow! This is exactly what ACIM says, repeatedly; that we are wholly innocent and there is no sin. This brings a whole new meaning to Easter. Religion has taught that Jesus died for us because of our sins, and that this is the only way we are “saved.” Yet, ACIM and other spiritual texts teach otherwise. One of the core teachings in ACIM is our innocence, and that our belief in separation causes an unconscious guilt and fear of God which is then projected onto/as the “world.”

When one believes that Jesus is going to save them from their sins, and rely on this as their salvation, this does NOTHING to undo their guilt and fear, but further represses it. Because beliefs cause behaviors, when one believes they are guilty and worthy of punishment, which they then fear, they behave accordingly and thus we see the many ways

this is reflected in the world. The belief therefore that Jesus died for our sins, and that this is salvation, is seriously problematic, for it takes away OUR

responsibility for looking at the ways that we project our guilt and fear onto others and work to undo our belief in separation from God/Love/Truth. When our minds are healed by the Holy Spirit through our willingness to become aware of our projections and give them to the Holy Spirit, this healing is then reflected in our behaviors in a very real way, bringing about Miracles!

Easter is a time to remember that we are the Son of God, Christ; and that as Jesus rose demonstrating there is no death, we are offered the same through the willingness to choose the Holy Spirit over our ego, to choose Life over death and Love over Fear.

Spirit gave me this message this morning, and I will share it in closing.

“It is Easter, a time of celebration indeed. Yet many neglect the deeper meaning of this time though awareness of the Truth is dawning in the hearts and minds of humanity. As the sun rose over the tomb on the blessed morning, to find Jesus had risen and as it (the sun) shined it’s light upon an empty tomb, so too, the “son” of God/Christ, is shining it’s light into the tomb of your 3D realm, and revealing the emptiness inherent in it, the darkness, fear and all that holds many back from realizing truth and light of Spirit. Yet, truth cannot be contained as Jesus could not. Truth is rising in ALL, as Christ has risen and is returning through the awakening of ALL; Easter but symbolizes this ascension/atonement. For the one Son, the Christ of which you all ARE, CANNOT be contained in the tomb or this realm, for death is NOT real. Only Life is real and as more and more allow this to become their reality, the Truth spreads and lights the rest. See then that just as the tomb could not contain Jesus and death could not grip him, as he knew that he was Spirit and was ready to rise in his full glory so too may you come to this realization. You may also claim this as your day of walking from the tomb, this realm of fear, death and guilt, which is all based on the illusions you have had and have long been lying in. Choose now to ARISE into the newness of LIFE. For truly I tell you there is ONLY Life. As Jesus demonstrated this through his resurrection and ascension, he did so for ALL- it has occurred in your consciousness as all share the same mind, heart, spirit. His overcoming of death is YOUR victory. Now go and demonstrate to all that you are Spirit, you are love, that you are DIVINE and that nothing in this world can break your inner peace or separate you from the Love of God. You hold and know this Truth. Spirit’s joy is seeing your joy in its’ fullest manifestation; this comes through picking up your cross, which means that you reject all the ways that you have crucified yourself; you say “NO MORE,” to fear, guilt, limitation and death. For then you follow me truly.”

ACIM T-6.I.3. You have acted for years as if you were being crucified. 2 This is a marked tendency of the separated, who always refuse to consider what they have done to themselves.

ACIM T-20.I.2. This week begins with palms and ends with lilies, the white and holy sign the Son of God is innocent. 2 Let no dark sign of crucifixion intervene between the journey and its purpose; between the acceptance of the truth and its expression. 3 This week we celebrate life, not death.”

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Self compassion on the “journey” home

The ego likes to try to trip us up and make us believe that we need to get everything “right,” in order to “find/reach” salvation. Yet as it says through ACIM, God’s plan for salvation is simple, it is remembering the truth of our unity with Him and All. In my personal life and when working with clients I regularly emphasize the importance of self compassion over self-judgement. When we judge and condemn ourselves, we increase the feeling of guilt which perpetuates the “problems,” that we are judging our selves for in the first place or creates new ones. This is the ego’s goal: increase and maintain guilt, because without guilt the ego/personal self would be recognized as illusory and let go of. I received this message from Spirit as a reminder of the importance of self-compassion.

“Every step you take on this “journey” leads you closer to your “destination.” It matters not which way you go, for all roads truly lead you to your Self, your awakening to the awareness AS the Divine. Humans/ego think that they need to get it correct and they spend time and energy wondering if they are “doing it right.” Yet know

with certainty there is NO wrong way. For you truly walk this path as the Divine already. You are only experiencing experiences, and you give them meaning. You

determine whether they are “right or wrong,” and as you label them, so will it seem to be. Your labeling and judging however is what will keep you circling,

keep you confounded, questioning, guilty, fearful and anxious. Let go of the labeling. Instead walk each step, each moment, knowing that you are walking in

the only way that you can walk; for though it seems you have many options before you, they all go to the same destination, which is to God/your true Self,

and that is nowhere other than where you already are. It is as if the star of Bethlehem that is pointing you to your true home is always shining directly on you, right

where you are, no matter which direction you turn; you cannot get out of the spotlight of this star. So, let go of the struggle, let go of the need to try

to do this “right,” but simply relax into this and enjoy yourself. You can’t mess this up, for there is NOTHING to mess up. There will be those who say you

have to do it this or that way, but they are simply confused because they have decided that there is a right or wrong way. You know differently now. Simply BE

in joy, turn your gaze inward, and you will see that star Self as it is always with you, wherever you go. Know that at the perfect time, as you are in your

joy without judgement, you will suddenly and fully realize that you are that star and that you have always been home with/in/as God.”

This message reminds me of the following passage from the Course:

ACIM T-12.IV.4.

Do you realize that the ego must set you on a journey which cannot but lead to a sense of futility and depression? 2 To seek and not to find is hardly joyous.

3 Is this the promise you would keep? 4 The Holy Spirit offers you another promise, and one that will lead to joy. 5 For His promise is always, “Seek

and you will find,” and under His guidance you cannot be defeated. 6 His is the journey to accomplishment, and the goal He sets before you He will give

you. 7 For He will never deceive God’s Son whom He loves with the Love of the Father.

<o:p> </o:p>T-12.IV.5. You will undertake a journey because you are not at home in this world. 2 And you will search for your home whether you realize where it is or not. 3 If you believe it is outside you the search will be futile, for you will be seeking it where it is not. 4 You do not remember how to look within for you do not believe your home is there. 5 Yet the Holy Spirit remembers it for you, and He will guide you to your home because that is His mission.

Allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of yours and everyone else’s innocence and have some compassion for your Self!

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About Rev. Kelly Lewis

Having been raised in a strongly devoted, religious household, my love and passion have always been for God and Jesus. Unfortunately, however, I was not raised with the understanding that I am one with God; rather God was believed to be outside of me and would condemn me if I did anything “wrong.” This led to much guilt and fear that truly haunted me. After leaving religion, I began to seek other spiritual paths and was divinely led to A Course in Miracles, which proved to be exactly what my soul wanted. As a mental health therapist and a spiritual seeker, ACIM spoke deeply to me upon reading the first paragraph, and thereafter I was captivated.

However, because of the immense guilt and fear and many associated difficulties in my life including addictions and relationshipproblems, I felt like I would never experience the peace that ACIM promised to offer. My devotion to applying the principals has waxed and waned over the past close to fifteen years. But what has remained consistent is my love for God/Spirit and my willingness to allow Spirit to move through me.

While the major problems that were present in my life fifteen years ago are no longer there, peace was still absent much of the time. It was not until after really buckling down over the past few years and being serious about surrendering my misperceptions and judgments over to Spirit, that my life has taken on new meaning. I have such a sense of peace. I feel that I am being divinely guided and my sense of trust and love has grown immensely. I have studied other spiritual teachings and am able to understand the depth of God that they all point to. Through the increased peace and clarity, I can say that I am fully devoted to God now. With that commitment firmly in place and allowing myself to be used by Spirit, I witness more miracles.

I have been writing spiritual messages for friends and a blog, and have considered writing a book and perhaps I will. But here, I thought would be the perfect opportunity to share the messages that Spirit is giving me, with an emphasis on how ACIM’s principals bring about shifts in perception and allow joy and peace to fill your being. May you be inspired and find the peace that truly is offered through living as the love that you are.

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