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Remembering the Truth

You who were created by Love like Itself can hold no grievances and know your Self. ²To hold a grievance is to forget who you are. ³To hold a grievance is to see yourself as a body. ⁴To hold a grievance is to let the ego rule your mind and to condemn the body to death. ⁵Perhaps you do not yet fully realize just what holding grievances does to your mind. ⁶It seems to split you off from your Source and make you unlike Him. ⁷It makes you believe that He is like what you think you have become, for no one can conceive of his Creator as unlike himself.

…he who holds grievances denies he was created by love, and his Creator has become fearful to him in his dream of hate. ⁵Who can dream of hatred and not fear God?

²It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt, as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace. ³It is as sure that those who hold grievances will forget who they are, as it is certain that those who forgive will remember.

…think of yourself as completely at peace with everyone and everything, safe in a world that protects you and loves you, and that you love in return. ⁵Try to feel safety surrounding you, hovering over you and holding you up. ⁶Try to believe, however briefly, that nothing can harm you in any way. (A Course in Miracles, W-68.1;2:4-5;3:2-3;6:4-6. See also ACIM Lesson 68 Insights.)

Take time today to pause and step back from the world. Follow the instructions in the last paragraph quoted above. This “imagining” is not an idle exercise. It is helping your mind become aware of your true Identity as God’s Son. You are reminding yourself of your natural state because, in truth, you are safe, free from conflict, loved and wholly loving.

As you set the day with this practice, your experience will confirm the imagining is really remembering the truth.

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How to Have a Blessed Day

The ego is the part of the mind that believes in division. ²How could part of God detach itself without believing it is attacking Him? …⁵If you identify with the ego, you must perceive yourself as guilty. ⁶Whenever you respond to your ego you will experience guilt, and you will fear punishment. ⁷The ego is quite literally a fearful thought. …¹⁰Listening to the ego’s voice means that you believe it is possible to attack God, and that a part of Him has been torn away by you. ¹¹Fear of retaliation from without follows, because the severity of the guilt is so acute that it must be projected.

Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. ²It is your acceptance of it that makes it real. ³If you enthrone the ego in your mind, your allowing it to enter makes it your reality. ⁴This is because the mind is capable of creating reality or making illusions. ⁵I said before that you must learn to think with God. ⁶To think with Him is to think like Him. ⁷This engenders joy, not guilt, because it is natural. ⁸Guilt is a sure sign that your thinking is unnatural. ⁹Unnatural thinking will always be attended with guilt, because it is the belief in sin. ¹⁰The ego does not perceive sin as a lack of love, but as a positive act of assault. ¹¹This is necessary to the ego’s survival because, as soon as you regard sin as a lack, you will automatically attempt to remedy the situation. ¹²And you will succeed. ¹³The ego regards this as doom, but you must learn to regard it as freedom. (A Course in Miracles, T-5.V.3:1-2,5-7,10-11;4. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

Guilt is a valuable signal that our thinking is unnatural. If we practice being mindful of these signals and asking the Holy Spirit to help us heal our thoughts, we can change our life experience. Instead of experiencing fear, we can have our perception transformed and experience peace and joy. Our natural thinking is always an expression of Love.

The more we set aside our fear-based thoughts, the more we will experience the Heaven of God’s Love. Today we practice taking our guilty thoughts to the Holy Spirit to exchange them for His Thoughts of Love. It will be a day of many blessings.

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Our Best Friend Leads Us to Love

²Your Friend goes with you. ³You are not alone. ⁴No one who calls on Him can call in vain. ⁵Whatever troubles you, be certain that He has the answer, and will gladly give it to you, if you simply turn to Him and ask it of Him. ⁶He will not withhold all answers that you need for anything that seems to trouble you. ⁷He knows the way to solve all problems, and resolve all doubts. ⁸His certainty is yours. ⁹You need but ask it of Him, and it will be given you.

…hear but the Voice for God and for your Self when you retire from the world, to seek reality instead. ³He will direct your efforts, telling you exactly what to do, how to direct your mind, and when to come to Him in silence, asking for His sure direction and His certain Word. ⁴His is the Word that God has given you. ⁵His is the Word you chose to be your own.

And now I place you in His hands, to be His faithful follower, with Him as Guide through every difficulty and all pain that you may think is real.

³You will be told exactly what God wills for you each time there is a choice to make. ⁴And He will speak for God and for your Self, thus making sure that hell will claim you not, and that each choice you make brings Heaven nearer to your reach. (A Course in Miracles, W-ep.1:2-9;3:2–4:1;5:2-4)

The Holy Spirit is our best Friend. He always has our best interest in mind. He is ever present, ready and willing to help us on the way that brings us happiness and peace.

The consistent practice of attending to His Voice will return us to full awareness that we dwell in Love. As we accept the Love within us, we have a loving outlook on our world. Love guides us to be truly helpful. With His Guidance we will awaken to our Home in God’s Love.

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Seizing the Opportunity to Be Love

The holy relationship is the expression of the holy instant in living in this world. ²Like everything about salvation, the holy instant is a practical device, witnessed to by its results. ³The holy instant never fails. ⁴The experience of it is always felt. ⁵Yet without expression it is not remembered. ⁶The holy relationship is a constant reminder of the experience in which the relationship became what it is. ⁷And as the unholy relationship is a continuing hymn of hate in praise of its maker, so is the holy relationship a happy song of praise to the Redeemer of relationships.

The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned. ²It is the old, unholy relationship, transformed and seen anew. ³The holy relationship is a phenomenal teaching accomplishment. ⁴In all its aspects, as it begins, develops and becomes accomplished, it represents the reversal of the unholy relationship. ⁵Be comforted in this; the only difficult phase is the beginning. ⁶For here, the goal of the relationship is abruptly shifted to the exact opposite of what it was. ⁷This is the first result of offering the relationship to the Holy Spirit, to use for His purposes.

²Only a radical shift in purpose could induce a complete change of mind about what the whole relationship is for. ³As this change develops and is finally accomplished, it grows increasingly beneficent and joyous. ⁴But at the beginning, the situation is experienced as very precarious. (A Course in Miracles, T-17.V.1–2;5:2-4. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

In every moment we have the opportunity to see our world through the eyes of Love. When we accept the opportunity, we experience the transformed perception that comes with true forgiveness. We experience the holy instant.

The blessing of this experience will fade unless we apply the shift in perception to a relationship. As we apply the transformed perceptions that come in holy instants to our relationship, the instant is extended. We become increasingly loving as we forgive our misperceptions and accept Love’s vision.

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Letting Love Dawn Upon Our Mind

Let miracles replace all grievances.

²By this idea do I unite my will with the Holy Spirit’s, and perceive them as one. ³By this idea do I accept my release from hell. ⁴By this idea do I express my willingness to have all my illusions be replaced with truth, according to God’s plan for my salvation. ⁵I would make no exceptions and no substitutes. ⁶I want all of Heaven and only Heaven, as God wills me to have.

Useful specific forms for applying this idea would be:

²I would not hold this grievance apart from my salvation.
³Let our grievances be replaced by miracles, [name].
⁴Beyond this is the miracle by which all my grievances are replaced.

When we are willing to accept the Holy Spirit’s vision in place of our perceptions, we will experience miracles. Our perceptions are transformed when we let forgiveness clear away our obstacles to awareness of Love’s presence.

Love is What we are in truth. We are not a body. We are free to be Love without limit. When we accept the Holy Spirit’s vision, we are forgiving our perceptions that are the basis of all grievances. The oneness of Love dawns upon our minds and we are free to be as God created us. We rest in His peace and joy.

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Accepting the Call of Love

See no one from the battleground, for there you look on him from nowhere.

Those with the strength of God in their awareness could never think of battle. ²What could they gain but loss of their perfection? ³For everything fought for on the battleground is of the body; something it seems to offer or to own. ⁴No one who knows that he has everything could seek for limitation, nor could he value the body’s offerings. ⁵The senselessness of conquest is quite apparent from the quiet sphere above the battleground. ⁶What can conflict with everything? ⁷And what is there that offers less, yet could be wanted more? ⁸Who with the Love of God upholding him could find the choice of miracles or murder hard to make? (A Course in Miracles, T-23.IV.7:1;9. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The Love of God is What we are. When we align with our true Self, we view our world from Love’s perspective. Love sees only Love, for nothing else is real.

Whenever we engage in judgment, we are denying our Self. Judgment bring with it fear and guilt and a profound sense of loss. We can only judge when we believe we are separate from Love’s oneness. Judgment is the basis of all seeming battles.

When we step back from judgment and accept the Holy Spirit’s help to see with Love, we find the peace of God. Judgment is let go and we experience the joy of joining with Love that surrounds us and is in every brother. This is our calling today.

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Remembering We Live in Peace

Today the peace of God envelops me, and I forget all things except His Love.

Father, I wake today with miracles correcting my perception of all things. ²And so begins the day I share with You as I will share eternity, for time has stepped aside today. ³I do not seek the things of time, and so I will not look upon them. ⁴What I seek today transcends all laws of time and things perceived in time. ⁵I would forget all things except Your Love. ⁶I would abide in You, and know no laws except Your law of love. ⁷And I would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and my own.

And when the evening comes today, we will remember nothing but the peace of God. ²For we will learn today what peace is ours, when we forget all things except God’s Love. (A Course in Miracles, W-346. See also ACIM Lesson 346 Insights.)

Memory is always selective. Memory directed by the ego is always focused on the past. Mostly It remembers past hurts and losses. It may also remember a few happy memories that are tied to specific forms. This memory is the basis for all the ego’s attempts for special relationships and situations. It looks for ways to correct past loses and hurts by forming special relationships that seem to make a better memory. It totally forgets the present.

The Self God created as His Son remembers the changelessness of eternal Love in the now moment. This is the memory that we will experience as we let the Holy Spirit correct our misperceptions. No longer do we depend on some form to make us happy or bring us peace. As we remember eternal Love as our Reality, we find the peace of God which cannot be disturbed. We choose this memory today and remember we live in peace.

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