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God Wills We Have All His Love

Salvation is my only function here.
God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

Your Father loves you. All the world of pain is not His Will. Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you. Then let the Thought with which He has replaced all your mistakes enter the darkened places of your mind that thought the thoughts that never were His Will.

This part belongs to God, as does the rest. It does not think its solitary thoughts, and make them real by hiding them from Him. Let in the light, and you will look upon no obstacle to what He wills for you. Open your secrets to His kindly light, and see how bright this light still shines in you.

It is God’s Will your mind be one with His. It is God’s Will that He has but one Son. It is God’s Will that His one Son is you. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 99, W-pI.99.6:7-8;7:3-8:4;9:3-4. See also ACIM Lesson 99 Insights.)

Whenever our peace is disturbed, we need to remind ourselves “God is still Love, and this is not His Will.” This Thought is the antidote that heals all the ego’s illusions that make a loveless world where fear and guilt seem justified and real. Every apprehension is resolved by this one Thought.

Frequently affirming this Thought throughout the day will release us from the dream of separation from God. It brings the Light of Love to shine upon the ego’s dark thoughts. Fear can only be justified in illusions. The reality of Love always dispels illusions of fear.

To fulfill our function here, we practice remembering this important Thought. It will free us from the dream and return us to the remembrance that we are safe at Home as God’s one Son.

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The Way to Awaken to Love

Communication is not limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes. If it were, there would be little point in trying to teach salvation. It would be impossible to do so. The limits the world places on communication are the chief barriers to direct experience of the Holy Spirit, Whose Presence is always there and Whose Voice is available but for the hearing. These limits are placed out of fear, for without [these limits] the walls that surround all the separate places of the world would fall at the holy sound of His Voice. Who transcends these limits in any way is merely becoming more natural. He is doing nothing special, and there is no magic in his accomplishments.

The seemingly new abilities that may be gathered on the way can be very helpful. Given to the Holy Spirit, and used under His direction, they are valuable teaching aids. To this, the question of how they arise is irrelevant. The only important consideration is how they are used. (A Course in Miracles, M-25.2:2-3:2)

The Holy Spirit will communicate to us through whatever form we are willing to accept His guidance. Sometimes it comes to us in what appears to be coincidental encounters or events. Sometimes we may stumble upon a book that catches our attention which delivers an insight we need. Insights may come in a conversion.

Ultimately it is possible to receive His inspiration directly in our mind. This occurs when we are willing to let down the walls we have built in our mind against His communication. As we practice forgiveness, these walls diminish, for judgment is the ego’s chief defense against the Holy Spirit’s messages of Love and oneness.

Beginning our day with the dedication to following the Holy Spirit’s lead helps clear our communication with Him. We reinforce our dedication to being willing to follow by stepping back from our judgments and perceptions. We pause to let peace return to our awareness. We welcome Love’s Light to shine upon our perceptions and show us the way of Love. The Holy Spirit is ready and willing to guide us every step of the way to awaken in Love.

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Remembering Who Walks With Me

I walk with God in perfect holiness.

You cannot walk the world apart from God, because you could not be without Him. He is what your life is. Where you are He is. There is one life. That life you share with Him. Nothing can be apart from Him and live.

There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you.

This is the way salvation works. As you step back, the light in you steps forward and encompasses the world.

Who walks with me?” This question should be asked a thousand times a day, till certainty has ended doubting and estab­lished peace. Today let doubting cease. God speaks for you in answering your question with these words:

I walk with God in perfect holiness. I light the world, I light my mind and all the minds which God created one with me. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 156, W-pI.156.3:4-9;4:1;6:1-2;8. See also ACIM Lesson 156 Insights.)

Despite the ego’s efforts to convince us otherwise, we do not walk alone in a loveless world. We were created as a Thought in the Mind of Love. We remain eternally in the Love that created us. Love is our Home and our Life. What is not Love does not exist. Only in dreams can we seem to be in a loveless world where everything is different and separate.

Though we believe this world is our home, we have never left the Love that created us. Today we remind ourselves frequently that Love walks with us in every moment. Love fills our mind and unites us with the Love in the mind of every brother. Love brings us comfort when we forget and engage in the ego’s denial of Love.

The Life we live in God remains untouched by our chaotic dreams. We can remember our safety by stepping back a moment from our engagement in the world and remind ourself, “I walk with God in perfect peace.”

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Being a Messenger of Love

We walk to God. Pause and reflect on this. Could any way be holier, or more deserving of your effort, of your love and of your full intent? What way could give you more than everything, or offer less and still content the holy Son of God? We walk to God. The truth that walks before us now is one with Him, and leads us to where He has always been. What way but this could be a path that you would choose instead?

Your feet are safely set upon the road that leads the world to God. Look not to ways that seem to lead you elsewhere. Dreams are not a worthy guide for you who are God’s Son. Forget not He has placed His Hand in yours, and given you your brothers in His trust that you are worthy of His trust in you. He cannot be deceived. His trust has made your pathway certain and your goal secure. You will not fail your brothers nor your Self.

And now He asks but that you think of Him a while each day, that He may speak to you and tell you of His Love, reminding you how great His trust; how limitless His Love. In your Name and His Own, which are the same, we practice gladly with this thought today:

I will step back and let Him lead the way,
For I would walk along the road to Him.
(A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 155, W-pI.155.12-14. See also ACIM Lesson 155 Insights.)

The ego is the idea of wanting to be independent and in charge of his own “destiny.” It does not tell you its destiny is hell, complete isolation and lack of Love. It hides this fact beneath appealing projected images that seem to offer possibilities of happiness, pleasure and safety. But these images only reinforce the belief that separation and lack of Love are real. No relief or happiness it seems to offer lasts.

Our only satisfaction comes with fulfilling the purpose God gave us—to extend Love and nothing else. When we let Love guide all our words and actions, we become messengers of Love in the world. The Love we are joins with the Love that is the truth in every brother. This joining fulfills our purpose to extend Love and join with God’s creation. This is how we walk with God. When we walk in Love, we are joined with our brothers in God’s Love. Let’s do it together.

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How to Live in Happiness and Love

We ask for rest today, and quietness unshaken by the world’s appearances. We ask for peace and stillness, in the midst of all the turmoil born of clashing dreams. We ask for safety and for happiness, although we seem to look on danger and on sorrow.

“I rest in God.” This thought will bring to you the rest and quiet, peace and stillness, and the safety and the happiness you seek. “I rest in God.” This thought has power to wake the sleep­ing truth in you, whose vision sees beyond appearances to that same truth in everyone and everything there is.

This is the day of peace. You rest in God, and while the world is torn by winds of hate your rest remains completely undis­turbed. Yours is the rest of truth.

In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future and no past regrets. In time­lessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest can never change in any way at all. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 109, W-pI.109.1:1-3;2:1-4;4:1-3;5:1-2. See also ACIM Lesson 109 Insights.)

When we remember our unbreakable unity with God, no appearances in the world can disturb our peace. Vigilance to frequently remind ourselves that we rest in God promises certainty of our safety and a life of happiness and Love. It’s worth the effort.

Let’s join together in this vigilance to do our part to bring peace to the world.

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Choosing Love as Our Guide Blesses the World

The truth maintains that giving will increase what you possess.

…things but represent the thoughts that make them. And you do not lack for proof that when you give ideas away, you strengthen them in your own mind.

Ideas must first belong to you, before you give them. If you are to save the world, you first accept salvation for yourself. …Now you can perceive that by your giving is your store increased.

Protect all things you value by the act of giving them away, and you are sure that you will never lose them. What you thought you did not have is thereby proven yours. Yet value not its form. For this will change and grow unrecognizable in time, however much you try to keep it safe. No form endures. It is the [loving] thought behind the form of things that lives unchangeable.

Give gladly. You can only gain thereby. The thought remains, and grows in strength as it is reinforced by giving. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 187, W-pI.187.1:8;2:3-4;3:1-2,5;4:1-5:3. See also ACIM Lesson 187 Insights.)

Beyond all forms in the world there are only two orders of thought—Love or a call for Love. If we are engaged with the ego thought system, we will see only our own calls for Love reflected back to us. The ego cannot recognize Love’s presence.

When we are willing to accept Christ’s vision in our mind, we are open to true perception that reveals the presence of Love. It also responds to calls for Love by giving Love.

The forms in which we respond varies widely. The underlying thought system that motivates our response leads either to the furtherance of our descent into hell or leads to our awakening to our oneness in the Heaven of God’s Love. We make this choice in every moment.

Today let’s join together in choosing Love as our Guide and awaken to the oneness of our true Self in God.

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Accepting God’s Strength as Our Own

If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. What can you predict or control? What is there in you that can be counted on? What would give you the ability to be aware of all the facets of any problem, and to resolve them in such a way that only good can come of it? What is there in you that gives you the recognition of the right solution, and the guarantee that it will be accomplished?

Of yourself you can do none of these things.

God is your safety in every circumstance. His Voice speaks for Him in all situations and in every aspect of all situations, telling you exactly what to do to call upon His strength and His protec­tion.

…reach down into your mind to a place of real safety. You will recognize that you have reached it if you feel a sense of deep peace, however briefly. …There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.

Remember that peace is your right, because you are giving your trust to the strength of God. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 47, W-pI.47.1;2:1;3:1-2;7:1-2,4-6;8:3. See also ACIM Lesson 47 Insights.)

The strength of God is in us, guaranteed by our Creator. But our allegiance to the ego, which denies God, leaves us feeling weak, vulnerable, unloved and unworthy. All this comes only because we are denying God’s gift of all of Himself. It is time to deny the ego’s denial.

We are assured that we have not lost God’s strength. It remains in us now, available to be claimed in every moment. We have a process to follow to reclaim the strength we have denied.

Pause and step back from the chaos and uncertainty of the world. We let our minds return to the place in us where God’s strength abides, never to be lost. As we welcome His peace, our minds are open to His Voice. We will be told exactly what to do and say from the Holy Spirit’s perspective. He knows how to lead us to full awareness of our safety, our comfort and our well being. 

Today we choose peace, for we would accept God’s strength as our own.

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