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In Humility We Accept God’s Limitless Love

Let us today be truly humble, and accept what we have made as what it is. ²The power of decision is our own. ³Decide but to accept your rightful place as co-creator of the universe, and all you think you made will disappear. ⁴What rises to awareness then will be all that there ever was, eternally as it is now. ⁵And it will take the place of self-deceptions made but to usurp the altar to the Father and the Son.

…truth is humble in acknowledging its mightiness, its changelessness and its eternal wholeness, all-encompassing, God’s perfect gift to His beloved Son. ⁴We lay aside the arrogance which says that we are sinners, guilty and afraid, ashamed of what we are; and lift our hearts in true humility instead to Him Who has created us immaculate, like to Himself in power and in love.

³The power of decision is my own. ⁴This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.

²God’s Voice will answer, for He speaks for you and for your Father. ³He will substitute the peace of God for all your frantic thoughts, the truth of God for self-deceptions, and God’s Son for your illusions of yourself. (A Course in Miracles, W-152.8;9:3-4;11:3-4;12:2-3. See also ACIM Lesson 152 Insights.)

It is arrogant to believe that we are guilty. It is arrogant to believe that anyone is guilty. It is arrogant because we are telling ourselves that we are right and God is wrong about us. This is the denial of truth.

We are free to choose right now, in this instant, to accept that we remain as God created us. This thought terrifies the ego, for if it were without reservation, the ego would simply cease to seem to be. In its defense the ego tells us that if we accept what God has given us, we will lose our identity and we will cease to exist. To the extent that we believe the ego, we hang on to our belief in guilt.

But God has given us His Voice to teach us there is truly no justification for guilt. Our Teacher offers us lessons every day and every minute to show us what we thought has happened to justify guilt had no effect whatsoever. The Love of our true Self remains unchanged forever. As we accept our Teacher’s lessons, our sense of guilt diminishes. Our depression fades to be replaced by increasing joy and deeper states of peace.

We will let go of our arrogance today as we accept God’s gift of eternal Love to us as His beloved Son.

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Willingness Is the Key to Salvation

The ego’s plan for salvation centers around holding grievances. ²It maintains that, if someone else spoke or acted differently, if some external circumstance or event were changed, you would be saved. ³Thus, the source of salvation is constantly perceived as outside yourself. ⁴Each grievance you hold is a declaration, and an assertion in which you believe, that says, “If this were different, I would be saved.” ⁵The change of mind necessary for salvation is thus demanded of everyone and everything except yourself.

²According to this insane plan, any perceived source of salvation is acceptable provided that it will not work.

God’s plan for salvation works simply because, by following His direction, you seek for salvation where it is. ²But if you are to succeed, as God promises you will, you must be willing to seek there only.

²Ask [God] very specifically:

³What would You have me do?
⁴Where would You have me go?
⁵What would You have me say, and to whom?

⁶Give Him full charge of the rest of the practice period, and let Him tell you what needs to be done by you in His plan for your salvation. ⁷He will answer in proportion to your willingness to hear His Voice. ⁸Refuse not to hear. (A Course in Miracles, W-71.2;3:2;5:1-2;9:2-8. See also ACIM Lesson 71 Insights.)

Throughout the Course, willingness is emphasized as key to our awakening to Love. We experience this dream of separation because of our desire for specialness. This desire is in direct opposition to God’s Love extended equally to all. While we seek specialness, we are unwilling to share the joy and peace God shares with our true Self.

We need to honestly answer this question: “Has anything I have sought in the world brought me lasting happiness and peace?” Illusions last only as long as we believe they are real. It takes consistent effort to reinforce the mistaken belief in the reality of illusions. It takes no effort at all to accept the gift of Love God has already given. But it does take willingness to let go of the wish for specialness. How long must we search where lasting happiness and peace cannot be found? How long are we willing to endure depression and guilt for the temporary morsels of seeming happiness the ego offers?

Today we choose to practice asking God to guide us throughout the day. Our willingness will determine how happy and peaceful we are. With our willingness, we choose peace.

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How to Hasten Our Journey Home

My home awaits me. I will hasten there.

If I so choose, I can depart this world entirely. ²It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of mind about the purpose of the world. ³If I believe it has a value as I see [the world] now, so will it still remain for me. ⁴But if I see no value in the world as I behold it, nothing that I want to keep as mine or search for as a goal, it will depart from me. ⁵For I have not sought for illusions to replace the truth.

Father, my home awaits my glad return. ²Your Arms are open and I hear Your Voice. ³What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of shattered dreams, when Heaven can so easily be mine? (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 226, W-226. See also ACIM Lesson 226 Insights.)

We remain tethered to the world as long as we value anything in it. This is why it is so important that we recognize that all the forms in the world are illusions. We don’t value that we know is an illusion.

The curriculum of A Course in Miracles is designed to help us recognize illusions for what they are. We have so thoroughly convinced ourselves that we are a separate identity in a world we believe is real that we cannot simply let it go without resistance. The lessons of the Workbook and the understanding offered through the Text, Manual for Teachers and Clarification of Terms take us on a progressive journey of awakening.

This journey is accelerated as we are willing to welcome the Holy Spirit’s lessons in our mind. His lessons are highly specific to help us release our mistaken beliefs. In the world everyone is different with different beliefs which keep them bound to the world. So our Inner Teacher recognizes what we believe but does not buy into them.

Gradually we accept His lessons and learn that what we thought was valuable is really nothing. Having recognized the valueless, we become open to receive God’s gifts, which we never really lost. We hasten our journey to our Home in God’s Love.

As we learn the images of the world have no substance and can do nothing, we see more clearly beyond them to the Light of Love that is there to be seen with the vision of our true Self. Today we focus on our happy journey by remembering our mighty Companion who walks beside us as we accept the gift of Love that surrounds us and dwells in us.

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Seeing Love’s Reflection in Our Brothers

¹¹The voice you hear in [in your brother] is but your own. ¹²What does he ask you for? ¹³And listen well! ¹⁴For he is asking what will come to you, because you see[in him] an image of yourself and hear your voice requesting what you want.

“Before you answer, pause to think of this:

²The answer that I give my brother is what I am asking for. ³And what I learn of him is what I learn about myself.

⁴Then let us wait an instant and be still, forgetting everything we thought we heard; remembering how much we do not know. ⁵This brother neither leads nor follows us, but walks beside us on the selfsame road. ⁶He is like us, as near or far away from what we want as we will let him be. ⁷We make no gains he does not make with us, and we fall back if he does not advance. ⁸Take not his hand in anger but in love, for in his progress do you count your own. ⁹And we go separately along the way unless you keep him safely by your side.

Because he is your equal in God’s Love, you will be saved from all appearances and answer to the Christ Who calls to you.

Be very still an instant. ²Come without all thought of what you ever learned before, and put aside all images you made.

Forgive your brother all appearances, that are but ancient lessons you have taught yourself about the sinfulness in you.

An instant spent without your old ideas of who your great companion is and what he should be asking for, will be enough to let [Christ be reborn in both of you].

⁷For next to you is One Who holds the light before you, so that every step is made in certainty and sureness of the road. ⁸A blindfold can indeed obscure your sight, but cannot make the way itself grow dark. ⁹And He Who travels with you has the light. (A Course in Miracles, T-31.II.5:11–7:1;8:1-2;9:1;10:1;11:7-9. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The ego uses other bodies as a target to project what we want to disown in ourselves. The guilt and anger we feel is intolerable. But if we can project it on someone else and convince ourselves that he is the cause of our guilt and anger, we have found a scapegoat. We sacrifice the truth in him to avoid the truth in us that would free us from the ego thought system of separation, guilt and fear.

It is important that we recognize what we see in our brother is our own reflection. This recognition becomes a gift when we let the Holy Spirit bring His Light to shine upon the misperception of our brother. This Light reveals the truth in our brother which reminds us of the truth of What we are.

The practice of accepting the Holy Spirit’s help is essential to our healing. In the dream we need Love’s reflection in our brother to help us remember What we are.

Let us walk with our brother by our side today. We hold his hand in union as we remember together we are one Love held eternally in the Love of God.

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Remembering We Walk with God

Forget not once this journey is begun the end is certain. ²Doubt along the way will come and go and go to come again. ³Yet is the ending sure. ⁴No one can fail to do what God appointed him to do. ⁵When you forget, remember that you walk with Him and with His Word upon your heart. ⁶Who could despair when hope like this is his? ⁷Illusions of despair may seem to come, but learn how not to be deceived by them. ⁸Behind each one there is reality and there is God. ⁹Why would you wait for this and trade [reality] for illusions, when His Love is but an instant farther on the road where all illusions end? ¹⁰The end _is_ sure and guaranteed by God. ¹¹Who stands before a lifeless image when a step away the Holy of the Holies opens up an ancient door that leads beyond the world?

Let us wait here in silence, and kneel down an instant in our gratitude to Him Who called to us and helped us hear His Call. ²And then let us arise and go in faith along the way to Him. ³Now we are sure we do not walk alone. ⁴For God is here, and with Him all our brothers. ⁵Now we know that we will never lose the way again. (A Course in Miracles, C-ep.1;4:1-5)

We walk with God, safe in His Love eternally. This is true no matter what appearances we may perceive. We walk with God. This cannot be affirmed too often, for it calls upon the memory of our Source and our Home. We walk with God, united with every brother in His Love. In Him there is no loss nor conflict. We call upon His Help as we walk in the world today to see past illusions to the changeless Love that is our natural state. We have believed in illusions but we have not left our Home in truth.

Today we remember our Reality as we remind ourselves throughout the day, “I walk with God in Perfect Love.”

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We See What We Treasure

Judgment is but a toy, a whim, the senseless means to play the idle game of death in your imagination. ²But [Holy Spirit’s] vision sets all things right, bringing them gently within the kindly sway of Heaven’s laws. ³What if you recognized this world is an hallucination? ⁴What if you really understood you made it up? ⁵What if you realized that those who seem to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are wholly unreal? ⁶Could you have faith in what you see, if you accepted this? ⁷And would you see it?

Hallucinations disappear when they are recognized for what they are. ²This is the healing and the remedy. ³Believe them not and they are gone. ⁴And all you need to do is recognize that you did this. ⁵Once you accept this simple fact and take unto yourself the power you gave them [by your belief], you are released from them. ⁶One thing is sure; hallucinations serve a purpose, and when that purpose is no longer held they disappear. ⁷Therefore, the question never is whether you want them, but always, do you want the purpose that they serve?

Only two purposes are possible. ²And one is sin, the other holiness. ³Nothing is in between, and which you choose determines what you see. ⁴For what you see is merely how you elect to meet your goal. (A Course in Miracles, T-20.VIII.7:1–8:7;9:1-4. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The ego has one purpose—to make separation from God real. The demand for specialness, which God cannot give, could only seem real in hallucinations of separateness. Our choice to identify with the ego, the wish for specialness, has bound us to its world of illusions. It is a world of conflict because it is the effect of believing that some can have what others do not. What we see with the body, itself an illusion, demonstrates that separation is real. Yet it only seems real in the ego’s fantasies. These fantasies serve the ego’s purpose of denying the truth of our eternal unity in God’s Love.

We can choose another purpose—to join with God’s purpose of being and extending only Love. Love is one, changeless and with no differences. Where there are no differences there are no conflicts, only profound peace and indescribable joy. We can choose this purpose while we still believe in the dream by choosing the Holy Spirit’s vision as our priority.

As we value His vision, we devalue what the body sees. We learn that the body, itself an illusion, only sees meaningless hallucinations. Holy Spirit’s vision shows us only what has meaning—God’s Love. As we value Love over specialness, we see the Love that is our brother and naturally join with It.

Today we remind ourselves that all we really treasure is the Love God created us to be.

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Becoming an Emissary of Love

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. ²Attack is gone, and madness has an end. ³What suffering is now conceivable? ⁴What loss can be sustained? ⁵The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. ⁶It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. ⁷And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

Father, we would return our minds to You. ²We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. ³Now would we rest again in You, as You created us. (A Course in Miracles, W-249. See also ACIM Lesson 249 Insights.)

It seems hard to believe that the body and the world we experience through it are illusions of our own making. That is because we have convinced ourselves that separation is real. That conviction brings with it all the illusions of separation.

Built into the thought system of separation is the self deception of projection. This mechanism allows us to project illusions from our mind so they appear separate from us and we are not their source. This closed system will not recognize or acknowledge anything that does not conform to the “rules” of separation. The reality of Love’s oneness is irreconcilable with the belief in separation. We see only what we believe.

The way out of the closed separation thought system is to change the belief at its foundation. This change comes through forgiveness. We need to forgive our choice to believe separation is real. To accomplish this, we need help from beyond our mistaken belief. That Help is the Holy Spirit, our true Self.

When we are willing to accept the Christ vision that the Holy Spirit offers, we see the reality of Love’s oneness beyond the projected images of separation. As we accept this vision, our experience in the world becomes increasingly happy, peaceful and loving. We are no longer alert for adversaries to defend against. We no longer need to protect ourselves from loss. Instead this vision expands our awareness of Love’s presence. Appearances of lovelessness are recognized as calls for Love and answered with Love. We become emissaries of Love in a world hungry for Love.

Today we choose to be emissaries of Love.

© 2021, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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