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Learning to See Our Holiness in Our Brothers

My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.

Father, You gave me all Your Sons, to be my saviors and my counselors in sight; the bearers of Your holy Voice to me. ²In them are You reflected, and in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self. ³Let not Your Son forget Your holy Name. ⁴Let not Your Son forget his holy Source. ⁵Let not Your Son forget his Name is Yours.

This day we enter into Paradise, calling upon God’s Name and on our own, acknowledging our Self in each of us; united in the holy Love of God. ²How many saviors God has given us! ³How can we lose the way to Him, when He has filled the world with those who point to Him, and given us the sight to look on them? (A Course in Miracles, W-266. See also ACIM Lesson 266 Insights.)

Everyone is my savior when seen with Christ’s vision. This is because Christ’s vision shows us the one Self we all share. This Self has all God’s attributes — wholly loving, innocent and eternal.

If we do not receive healing messages from a brother, it is because we are not accepting the messages the one Self we share with him is sending to us. Forgiveness is the way to let go of the interference that blocks messages of Love and holiness that are constantly sent to us.

The gift of holiness is already ours. To claim it, we ask the Holy Spirit for His help to see with Christ’s vision. With His help, we will set aside the mistaken perceptions the ego offers. We will let true perception show us our brothers, who are one with us.

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Being a Co-creator with Love

The test of everything on earth is simply this; “What is it for?” ²The answer makes it what it is for you. ³It has no meaning of itself, yet you can give reality to it, according to the purpose that you serve.

A co-creator with the Father must have a Son. ²Yet must this Son have been created like Himself. ³A perfect being, all-encompassing and all-encompassed, nothing to add and nothing taken from; not born of size nor place nor time, nor held to limits or uncertainties of any kind. ⁴Here do the means and end unite as one, nor does this one have any end at all. ⁵All this is true, and yet it has no meaning to anyone who still retains one unlearned lesson in his memory, one thought with purpose still uncertain, or one wish with a divided aim.

⁵It is essential it be kept in mind that all perception still is upside down until its purpose has been understood. ⁶Perception does not seem to be a means. ⁷And it is this that makes it hard to grasp the whole extent to which it must depend on what you see it for. ⁸Perception seems to teach you what you see. ⁹Yet it but witnesses to what you taught. ¹⁰It is the outward picture of a wish; an image that you wanted to be true.

…it is given you to make a different choice, and use perception for a different purpose. ¹³And what you see will serve that purpose well, and prove its own reality to you. (A Course in Miracles, T-24.VII.6:1-3;7;8:5-10;11:12-13. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The purpose of everything the ego makes in the world is to reinforce the perceived reality of separation. When we ask of everything, “What is it for?” we need to acknowledge whether its purpose is to reinforce belief in separation or recognize Love’s oneness. This distinction is the key to remembering our true Self as co-creator with God. All true Creation is extension of Love. Any thought of limitation denies Love and supports separation.

Today can be an important day in the process of healing our mind. As we question the purpose of everything we perceive, and let the Holy Spirit show us the truth, we open our mind to Love. Every perception has the potential, if seen truly, to bring us remembrance of our true Self as God’s one Son. Our true Self remains forever united in Love with Its Source. Today will be a happy day of healing.

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Letting Love Be Our Guide

My heart is beating in the peace of God.

Surrounding me is all the life that God created in His Love. ²It calls to me in every heartbeat and in every breath; in every action and in every thought. ³Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness. ⁴Now my mind is healed, and all I need to save the world is given me. ⁵Each heartbeat brings me peace; each breath infuses me with strength. ⁶I am a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love, and held forever quiet and at peace within His loving Arms. ⁷Each heartbeat calls His Name, and every one is answered by His Voice, assuring me I am at home in Him.

Let me attend Your Answer, not my own. ²Father, my heart is beating in the peace the Heart of Love created. ³It is there and only there that I can be at home. (A Course in Miracles, W-267. See also ACIM Lesson 267 Insights.)

The Love of our true Self inspires us to forgive. It sees only innocence in all things. Love is our Source and our Life. It is all that we are in truth. Love knows no threat nor loss, for Love is changeless and unchangeable. We rest in peace in this Love.

We call upon this Love in our hearts to guide us through this day. We do not have to worry about what to say or do because we let Love be our Guide.

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How to Experience Peace and Happiness

You who were created by love like itself can hold no grievances and know your Self. ²To hold a grievance is to forget who you are. ³To hold a grievance is to see yourself as a body. ⁴To hold a grievance is to let the ego rule your mind and to condemn the body to death. ⁵Perhaps you do not yet fully realize just what holding grievances does to your mind. ⁶It seems to split you off from your Source and make you unlike Him. ⁷It makes you believe that He is like what you think you have become, for no one can conceive of his Creator as unlike himself.

…he who holds grievances denies he was created by love, and his Creator has become fearful to him in his dream of hate. ⁵Who can dream of hatred and not fear God?

²It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt, as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace. ³It is as sure that those who hold grievances will forget who they are, as it is certain that those who forgive will remember.

…think of yourself as completely at peace with everyone and everything, safe in a world that protects you and loves you, and that you love in return. ⁵Try to feel safety surrounding you, hovering over you and holding you up. ⁶Try to believe, however briefly, that nothing can harm you in any way. (A Course in Miracles, W-68.1;2:4-5;3:2-3;6:4-6. See also ACIM Lesson 68 Insights.)

Holding a grievance has no effect on the object of our grievance. But it is literally devastating to our awareness of our true Self. We have accepted in place of our Self a false image that is weak, vulnerable, isolated and in need of constant defense. This is not God’s Creation, nor What we were created to be by our Creator.

We were created to be Love as His extension of His Love. To be Love, we must extend Love, for that is Love’s nature. As we let go of our grievances, we remove the barriers to Love’s extension. Simultaneously, as we extend Love, we experience the Love we are. We experience the peace and happiness that are Love’s attributes.

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Letting Today Be Happy

Happiness is an attribute of love. ²It cannot be apart from it. ³Nor can it be experienced where love is not. ⁴Love has no limits, being everywhere. ⁵And therefore joy is everywhere as well. ⁶Yet can the mind deny that this is so, believing there are gaps in love where sin can enter, bringing pain instead of joy. ⁷This strange belief would limit happiness by redefining love as limited, and introducing opposition in what has no limit and no opposite.

Fear is associated then with love, and its results become the heritage of minds that think what they have made is real. ²These images, with no reality in truth, bear witness to the fear of God, forgetting being Love, He must be joy. ³This basic error we will try again to bring to truth today, and teach ourselves:

⁴God, being Love, is also happiness.
⁵To fear Him is to be afraid of joy.

…happiness belongs to you, because of what He is.

Allow this one correction to be placed within your mind each waking hour today. ²Then welcome all the happiness it brings as truth replaces fear, and joy becomes what you expect to take the place of pain. ³God, being Love, it will be given you. (A Course in Miracles, W-103.1:1–2:5;2:7–3:3. See also ACIM Lesson 103 Insights.)

If we are not happy, we are denying God’s Will for us. We are denying His gift of all His Love. Thus, if we are not happy, we have accepted an idea that we are not as God created us. Though we live in His Love, we have accepted the thought of death.

Fortunately belief does not make reality, though we experience what we believe as real. The belief in being separate that we accepted changed our experience. But our beliefs can change. The changeability of beliefs is the opening to release from the fear of Love, the fear of Life.

Today we remind ourselves with the affirmation: ‘God is Love and His Will for me is happiness.’ With this reminder, we can undo our mistaken belief that denies God’s Love. Today will be a happy day.

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Moving from Misperceptions to True Perception

Let me forget my brother’s past today.

This is the thought that leads the way to You, and brings me to my goal. ²I cannot come to You without my brother. ³And to know my Source, I first must recognize what You created one with me. ⁴My brother’s is the hand that leads me on the way to You. ⁵His sins are in the past along with mine, and I am saved because the past is gone. ⁶Let me not cherish it within my heart, or I will lose the way to walk to You. ⁷My brother is my savior. ⁸Let me not attack the savior You have given me. ⁹But let me honor him who bears Your Name, and so remember that It is my own.

Forgive me, then, today. ²And you will know you have forgiven me if you behold your brother in the light of holiness. ³He cannot be less holy than can I, and you can not be holier than he. (A Course in Miracles, W-288. See also ACIM Lesson 288 Insights.)

The key to remembering God is to remember what He created one with me as His Son. To see my brother as one with me, I must see him without the past. This is the vision forgiveness brings. It forgives myself along with my brother. We are not different. We were created one and the same. This is why all forgiveness is really forgiveness of our false beliefs about ourselves.

Misperceptions are always the result of believing we are a separate identity. Whether it appears we are forgiving a brother or ourselves, the effect is the same. For it is letting go of a false image that stands as a veil between our awareness and the truth that we are Love and nothing else.

Today we welcome the Holy Spirit’s help to let go of the past and let the Light of Love fill our world.

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Today We Choose to Be Love

My Father gives all power unto me.

The Son of God is limitless. ²There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy, nor any attributes his Father gave in his creation. ³What he wills with his Creator and Redeemer must be done. ⁴His holy will can never be denied, because his Father shines upon his mind, and lays before it all the strength and love in earth and Heaven. ⁵I am he to whom all this is given. ⁶I am he in whom the power of my Father’s Will abides.

Your Will can do all things in me, and then extend to all the world as well through me. ²There is no limit on Your Will. ³And so all power has been given to Your Son. (A Course in Miracles, W-320. See also ACIM Lesson 320 Insights.)

Our true Self has all of God’s power, for It shares His Will. But the separate self identity we think we are has no power whatsoever. It can make illusions and believe they are real, but they do nothing to change God’s Son.

Today we are reminded of What we are in truth. We are Love and Love is the only power. When we accept our Self, we create by extending Love as our Creator extended It to His Son. This is all we can do because Love is everything that Is. Today we choose to be our Self. We choose to be Love.

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