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We Live in Love

Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is deception. ²It attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. ³Not one thing in this world is true. ⁴It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. ⁵It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself. ⁶Let us not be deceived today. ⁷We are the Sons of God. ⁸There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love Itself.

How foolish are our fears! ²Would You allow Your Son to suffer? ³Give us faith today to recognize Your Son, and set him free. ⁴Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him which is Your Own as well. (A Course in Miracles, W-240. See also ACIM Lesson 240 Insights.)

Only if we are vulnerable to change is fear justified. But God is one, changeless and changeable. What He creates is invulnerable like Himself. He gives all of Himself to His Creations, so His Creations share His invulnerability.

We have made an image of our self that denies the invulnerability of God’s Creations. This is what we believe we must defend. We are afraid that this self-made identity may be taken away from us. We believe we need to defend it and protect it because it represents our life to us. But this is not the life we share with God. It is just an idol we worship, believing it brings us something we want.

We pay for this with fear, but it need not be. The truth of What we are remains unaffected by this made up image. It is time to forgive the wish that made this image. We are not a body. We are not separate and alone. We do not live in a loveless world. Our Self, the Son of God, lives in Love eternally.

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to help us heal the fearful thoughts that accompany the false identity we have accepted as our own. We want to remember the Love we are. We want to see that Love in every brother. As we accept His help, we will awaken to our eternal Self in Love.

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Being a Guiding Light

I merely follow, for I would not lead.

Father, You are the One Who gave the plan for my salvation to me. ²You have set the way I am to go, the role to take, and every step in my appointed path. ³I cannot lose the way. ⁴I can but choose to wander off a while, and then return. ⁵Your loving Voice will always call me back, and guide my feet aright. ⁶My brothers all can follow in the way I lead them. ⁷Yet I merely follow in the way to You, as You direct me and would have me go.

So let us follow One Who knows the way. ²We need not tarry, and we cannot stray except an instant from His loving Hand. ³We walk together, for we follow Him. ⁴And it is He Who makes the ending sure, and guarantees a safe returning home. (A Course in Miracles, W-324. See also ACIM Lesson 324 Insights.)

We are never alone. There is always One with us Whose Love exceeds what words can describe. We can count on Him to guide us in the way of kindness, compassion and helpfulness. We need only follow His direction to follow the way that leads to peace of mind, happiness and Love without limit.

As we do this we let the Light of Love in us shine through. Our Light shows the way for our brothers to follow and join with us. Together we awaken to our Home in Heaven.

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Extending the Blessing of Love’s Unity

The lilies [holiness] that your brother offers you are laid upon your altar, with the ones you offer him beside them. ²Who could fear to look upon such lovely holiness? ³The great illusion of the fear of God diminishes to nothingness before the purity that you will look on here. ⁴Be not afraid to look. ⁵The blessedness you will behold will take away all thought of form, and leave instead the perfect gift [Love] forever there, forever to increase, forever yours, forever given away.

Now are we one in thought [Love], for fear has gone. ²And here, before the altar to one God, one Father, one Creator and one Thought, we stand together as one Son of God. ³Not separate from Him Who is our Source; not distant from one brother who is part of our one Self Whose innocence has joined us all as one, we stand in blessedness, and give as we receive. ⁴The Name of God is on our lips. ⁵And as we look within, we see the purity of Heaven shine in our reflection of our Father’s Love.

Now are we blessed, and now we bless the world. (A Course in Miracles, W-187.9:1–11:1. See also ACIM Lesson 187 Insights.)

Fear is inevitable in the dream of separation. There appears to be something or someone separate from us who can attack us. We do not believe we remain united with the strength of the Love that created us. But in the reality of Love’s oneness, there is no “other.” We remain the Thought of Love, which extends the Source of Love. In this Thought there is only unity. We are together with every brother as Love’s extension, the Son of God.

In this thought of our oneness is perfect peace and the joy of extending Love. We ask the Holy Spirit’s help to see the Love that unites us. We are blessed by this Love and naturally extend the blessing as we recognize our brothers are one with us in Love.

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The Process of Awakening to Love

I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

My gratitude permits my love to be accepted without fear. ²And thus am I restored to my reality at last. ³All that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away. ⁴And I draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. ⁵I accept instead what God establishes as mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved; sure that I go through fear to meet my Love.

Father, I come to You today, because I would not follow any way but Yours. ²You are beside me. ³Certain is Your way. ⁴And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of certain sanctuary, and escape from everything that would obscure my love for God my Father and His holy Son. (A Course in Miracles, W-298. See also ACIM Lesson 298 Insights.)

It is impossible to be grateful for what we judge against. The wish for specialness is a judgment against the oneness of God’s Love. When we align with the ego thought system, the thought of separation, we do not welcome God’s Love. The belief in separation is manifested in the dream as images perceived as forms, personalities and time, that maintain our wish for specialness.

Forgiveness of the dream is a process. Each time we let go of a judgmental thought, we take a step toward the release that forgiveness brings. As we continue this practice, we begin to realize that we are forgiving the central belief that separation is real. The Love we are is eternally united with the Love in every brother. Together we are united with the Love of our Father. Our gratitude for God’s Love increases as we walk toward accepting His Love.

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Letting Love Inspire Our Doing

All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

Each day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment. ²I am blessed with gifts throughout the day, in value far beyond all things of which I can conceive. ³A brother smiles upon another, and my heart is gladdened. ⁴Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy, and my mind receives this gift and takes it as its own. ⁵And everyone who finds the way to God becomes my savior, pointing out the way to me, and giving me his certainty that what he learned is surely mine as well.

I thank You, Father, for the many gifts that come to me today and every day from every Son of God. ²My brothers are unlimited in all their gifts to me. ³Now may I offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me on to my Creator and His memory. (A Course in Miracles, W-315. See also ACIM Lesson 315 Insights.)

In the world we perceive everything as form. The ego gives meaning to form. We seek forms to satisfy our needs, to protect us and make us happy. But form is illusion. It has only the meaning ego assigns to it.

As God’s Son, we are a Thought in His mind which remains forever united with Him. God has no form. He is the eternal Thought of Love. We dwell in this one mind. Every loving or forgiving thought in the mind of every brother brings blessing to the one Mind. This is why we are blessed by the loving and forgiving thoughts of every brother.

The ego shows us a world of separation, where decay and death seem real. The Thought of God shows us one world which contains every loving thought. In truth, we live in this universe of Love.

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to help us experience the presence of Love in our mind. When we let our mind rest in Love’s peace, we experience Its blessing. In this presence, we naturally join with the Love in every brother and experience Its blessing. We are inspired to Love. The forms of the world fade from our awareness as the Love we are becomes our focus. Love becomes our Guide with the Holy Spirit’s help and we join in Love’s blessing for all.

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How to Be Free from Guilt

The special relationship is totally meaningless without a body. ²If you value it, you must also value the body. ³And what you value you will keep. ⁴The special relationship is a device for limiting your self to a body, and for limiting your perception of others to theirs. ⁵The Great Rays would establish the total lack of value of the special relationship, if they were seen. ⁶For in seeing them the body would disappear, because its value would be lost.

²For a time the body is still seen, but not exclusively, as it is seen here. …⁵For you will realize that the only value the body has is to enable you to bring your brothers to the bridge with you, and to be released together there.

The Holy Spirit asks only this little help of you: Whenever your thoughts wander to a special relationship which still attracts you, enter with Him into a holy instant, and there let Him release you. ²He needs only your willingness to share His perspective to give it to you completely. (A Course in Miracles, T-16.VI.4:1-6;6:2,5;12:1-2. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

We see what we value. We see a world of separate bodies because we want separation and specialness to be real. This wish casts a shadow that covers the truth that we remain united in Love. Specialness, which requires differences, denies the universal oneness of Love where can be no difference. This leads to guilt because for one to have something that is his alone, it must be denied of others. This guilt maintains the belief in separation.

We release the guilt when we forgive the mistaken value we give specialness. For this forgiveness, we need the Holy Spirit’s help. Whenever we have a thought that disturbs our peace of mind, guilt has entered. With the practice of bringing these thoughts to the Holy Spirit with willingness to receive His perspective in place of ours, we dispel the veil that hides the Light of Love. The Holy Spirit is ever present and willing to help. When we ask for His help, we have expressed our willingness to accept it. Today we choose release from guilt by welcoming His help.

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We Want to Awaken to Our True Self

Injury is impossible. ²And yet illusion makes illusion. ³If you can condemn, you can be injured. ⁴For you have believed that you can injure, and the right you have established for yourself can be now used against you, till you lay it down as valueless, unwanted and unreal. ⁵Then does illusion cease to have effects, and those it seemed to have will be undone. ⁶Then are you free, for freedom is your gift, and you can now receive the gift you gave.

Condemn and you are made a prisoner. ²Forgive and you are freed. ³Such is the law that rules perception. ⁴It is not a law that knowledge understands, for freedom is a part of knowledge. ⁵To condemn is thus impossible in truth. ⁶What seems to be [condemnation’s] influence and its effects have not occurred at all. ⁷Yet must we deal with them a while as if they had. ⁸Illusion makes illusion. ⁹Except one. ¹⁰Forgiveness is illusion that is answer to the rest.

Forgiveness sweeps all other dreams away, and though it is itself a dream, it breeds no others. ²All illusions save this one must multiply a thousandfold. ³But [forgiveness] is where illusions end. ⁴Forgiveness is the end of dreams, because it is a dream of waking. ⁵It is not itself the truth. ⁶Yet does it point to where the truth must be, and gives direction with the certainty of God Himself. ⁷It is a dream in which the Son of God awakens to his Self and to his Father, knowing They are one. (A Course in Miracles, W-198.1:1–3:7. See also ACIM Lesson 198 Insights.)

Our Self and our Creator are one. This is the truth that forgiveness reveals. Only our wish for specialness, which denies the unity of Love, makes it seem that injury is possible. When we forgive this mistaken wish, the dream is undone. And we return to the oneness of Love.

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to help us see the valuelessness of the dream’s illusions. All we truly want is to awaken to our true Self, united with the Source of Love.

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