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There Is Only Oneness in the Light

Jesus to Robert:  There is nothing which separates you from me. You think of me as one who once had a body that walked the earth. That does not matter. I am no more a body than you are. Because we are not bodies there is nothing which separates us. I am with you always as your loving brother, because I am in you and you are in me. I represent everyone. I am no different than the orphans picking through garbage in India. I am no different than the ayatollah in Iran.

What is the same is the Love we are. The image of a body does not matter. Therefore what the image of a body appears to do does not matter. Accept me and thereby accept all into the Love in your heart. This is how you accept your Self. We walk together, for it is impossible to be alone. Walk through this day in the joy of remembering your brothers as your Self.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Although it may seem very different to you, there is just one choice, the choice for Love. In Love you find all healing. There are not many problems, just many manifestations of one problem. You need not dash around holding on to problems looking for a multitude of solutions. There is only one solution and, in reality, there never was a problem. When you choose Love, you have chosen the solution to all the world’s problems.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Today be willing to look at your barriers to Love. Be willing to look at your attraction to the ego’s stories — the stories of bodies and differences and individuality. Look at your stories of specialness that quite effectively hide the truth from you. Look at these stories with Me. I will show you that all these stories are not true. These are your barriers to knowing Love’s Presence, for Love is One and could never be separate or different. As we look at these barriers to Love together today, you will see that you do not want them, for they are helpful to no one. Let us return to the truth together and remember once again that only oneness could ever be real.

Self to Annie:
  Align your questions to the Answer and the Light that comes through is the Light that has always been there. Align your doubts with the Answer and the same Light will come through. The Answer is always available. The Light has never left you. There will come a time when you will not need to question, and there will always and only be Light.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  The Light of God is shining in you now literally means now and always. It has never been other than that. Allow yourself to feel that Light. Feel the warmth, the calmness and serenity. See that Light penetrating every cell of your being until you realize that there is only Light, nothing else. Allow this Light to take over your mind. It will shine away any dark thoughts. It will certainly shine away thoughts of lack, insecurity, frustration or not knowing. You need not know anything other than the fact that you are Light. Extend your Light to everyone you see today and bless them, no matter what you think you are seeing with the body’s eyes. The fact is that the body’s eyes cannot see the Light. Your true Self can see. Accept the Light.

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Allow the Holy Spirit to Be My Interpreter

Mary:  Holy Spirit, right now I accept the river of peace that flows through everyone and myself. I will know that I am truly accepting the truth when I feel it. When I accept peace, it softens my belief in the world. Accepting peace clears the fog in my mind that makes illusions appear to be real. Right now my job is to accept peace and the clarity of mind I need will be there. Health is inner peace.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Trying to make decisions on your own is very tiring. The belief in being on your own denies your Source of strength and power. It is a belief in littleness. The practice of looking at all circumstances and situations with the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to be your interpreter, leads you to the experience of your real strength and power. It leads you to the experience of your union with your Source. Thus every decision throughout the day is an opportunity to strengthen your awareness of your Source. You do this by joining with the Holy Spirit in all decisions. Let this be your practice today.

I find this quote to be very helpful: “Sickness is a defense against the truth. I will accept the truth of what I am, and let my mind be wholly healed today.” (ACIM W-p1.136.15:6-7, p. 259)

Jesus to Sharyn:
  Serving our Father means simply serving one’s Self. Healing your own mind is of utmost importance. Do not concentrate on helping others heal theirs or showing another a different way or wanting them to see things differently. That is not true healing. True healing is healing your own mind first, allowing God to enter the thoughts that were mistaken. Being humble and not judging those thoughts is very important. Giving them to Holy Spirit for healing is the next step. And knowing that the healing has taken place already is the last step.

You cannot do the work without looking at your own thoughts with Holy Spirit first. An examination of what your mind is really believing is of utmost importance. Not judging what you see as good or bad is also most important. Then gently giving it to Holy Spirit for healing is a step toward oneness. Know Thyself first. Loving God is loving Thyself.

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See the Light in Your Brother

Holy Spirit to Mary:  You can tell how willing you are to wake up by how often you let the veil be lifted to see the face of Christ in every brother. If you insist on focusing on your brother’s story, you are refusing to wake up. Then your story becomes very real to you.

There is a better way that heals you and your brother at the same time. Forgive, or see past each brother’s body, each brother’s story, to the Christ in him. Let the face of Christ show you what he is. Allow yourself to see the bright Light that extends from every brother, no matter what he thinks is real. This is how you awaken. You see the truth or you see illusions. It is either one or the other. Focusing on illusions is ultimately depressing. It is the dream of fear, whether you recognize it or not. But as you choose once again, you see the Holy Spirit in him. It is the Holy Spirit That will guide you in waking up from the dream. Let this be your practice today and see how happy and full of peace your day is.

As I awake from dreams of darkness filled with fear, I rejoice to see only Light in the eyes of my brothers and within myself. I see only the Light of Love, as Spirit inhabits my mind. Again I rejoice, for a Mind clear, full of joy and Love—eternal Spirit.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  The world you see is simply a story. Within that story is another and another and another. Layer upon layer of stories have clouded your awareness, so that you think the stories are real and you are victim of the stories. You have forgotten that the stories are not real.

You can remember, because within your mind God placed the loving Reminder. It reminds you of your Self. It reminds you of the Love you are. Focus your attention on this Reminder. It will guide you back to your Home in Love. It will show you the loving truth behind all the stories. Its Light will shine away the darkness of stories of fear and guilt. Let Love be your Guide today.

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Be Love

Holy Spirit to Myron: Myron, set aside all barriers that you place between yourself and your brother. Listen, not with your ears but with the Heart. From the Heart you will hear only the truth. Don’t be fooled by the form the words seem to take. When you hear something that seems not to be the truth, return your attention to your mind and ask Me what needs to be healed within your own mind, not within theirs.

Think how many times you have thought that you were right and think of those times when you brought that to me and I showed you how to hear that differently. Your faith in your brother is your faith in yourself and is your faith in Me. Thank you for your willingness. I love you.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Rest in Love. Only in Love is rest possible. It is the attempt to have or be something other than Love that is wearying. Rest in Love. It is your Home. It is not only your initial resting place, it is your final resting place. There is no other place to find rest.

Let yourself be the Love that you are. When you do this you will automatically see only Love and extend only Love. All your brothers are recognized as your Friend. There is no conflict. There is no guilt nor fear. Rest in Love today.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Remember to be only Love. Seek peace and hold fast to knowledge that all Sons and Daughters of God are equal. Always hold Spirit deep inside. You need only look to see the truth within. Remember this: Healing takes only a holy instant; not five years, not ten years. Healing does not come from book knowledge, but from the inner Wisdom that only I can convey. Remember this and love all the Sonship.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Your job is to be still and listen. From this stillness flows everything that you need to know. Give time to this. When you come with empty hands and an open heart, you come to the truth. That truth is within you, not outside you. Let this be your guide today. Here is where your peace lies and with peace always comes the understanding that you seek.

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Abide in the Present Moment

Mary:  In the middle of the night I found myself worrying about how some event might happen in the future. When I woke up early this morning, I took these thoughts to the Holy Spirit and received the following message:

“What if you realized after your ‘life’ was completed and you looked back on it, that you had two ways to live that life: You could have worried your way through it, judging each circumstance according to how you thought it should have gone or you could have trusted that the way each circumstance unfolded was the perfect way for you to learn the lessons you came to learn. You could have relaxed and gone with the flow of each circumstance, trusting that the Holy Spirit was with you to guide you to the truth

Now that you know that these are your two options, which way do you want to choose for the rest of your ‘life’?”

Mary:  Am I willing to let the veil be lifted? Am I willing right now to look at the world I am seeing through the body’s eyes with Holy Spirit? If I truly am willing, I will see the world differently. I will see past the illusion of time to the eternal truth that lies in everyone. As I go through each day, I do notice that this willingness does wobble. It seems to come and go, but I see that my lesson now is to let this willingness be more consistent.

There are still times when I “lose it” and the veil is definitely not lifted. It is at these times that my willingness is still weak. So today becomes another opportunity to step back again and again and, yet once again, simply to allow the Holy Spirit to do His job of lifting the veil that I had closed. What a wonderful opportunity I have today. I am worth the effort.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Seek nothing! Merely abide in the present moment. Allow My peace, My joy and Love to shine through all that surrounds you. Look within. My Spirit provides all you need.

Holy Spirit to Myron:
  You wonder how to set those thoughts aside which want to intrude on the peaceful day you planned. Don’t allow your mind to become a battleground. That’s not the way to peace. Remember the vision of clouds floating through the sky. See those thoughts as clouds and just allow them to float on through. As you know, the thoughts will not disturb your peace unless you choose to believe them, to give them your attention.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  There is a place in you where changeless peace abides. It does not waiver, but remains your rock. It is What God created as You. All the changing forms, thoughts of fear and guilt are unknown in this place of peace, for in truth they do not exist.

Allow yourself to gently settle into this peace. Just let the distracting thoughts and images pass you by. They do not merit your attention. They are not what you want. You want this peace because it is You. It is the truth of you and no one can fail who seeks to find the truth.

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Let Me Shine the Boulder Away

Holy Spirit to Mary:  You are receiving a lesson in where to place your trust. I watch you wobble back and forth. What would be helpful right now, when you notice fear about the future pop up in your mind, is first to notice it. Second, you need not keep it; hand it over. You will know that you are truly handing it over if the tension is replaced by the feeling of ease and peace. Peace then naturally flows through your mind once you have handed it over. It is just the fear thought that has been blocking the flow of peace that is inherently yours.

So this image might be helpful. See that fear thought as a boulder that is blocking the flow of peace. Notice that the blockage is there. Take that boulder, that fear thought, and see yourself giving it to me. You admit that you do not know on your own what to do with that boulder, but I do know what to do with it. I shine a Light on it and show you the nothingness that it is. Once that boulder has been shined away, you will naturally feel that flow of peace that innately is there.

Let yourself basque in the peace. Let it wash away anything that is not really yours. Continue this process through the day, noticing if another fear thought/boulder comes into view. Again, do the same thing. Hand it over and continue handing it over until you can feel what is inherently yours again. It is your job to hand it over. It is my job to shine it away, to show your its nothingness. You do your job and let me do my job. We work well together.

Holy Spirit to Myron:
  You’ve learned to take a step back and to observe what’s happening in your life even as it is happening. This has been very helpful. It has helped take you out of the fear, even while you experience the fear. Continue to practice this and it will be even more helpful. You’ve noticed that there are many ways for you to approach surrender, many helpful tools which bring you to surrender, but that surrender is very simply a choice and that once you make that choice, it’s done.

Because you have stepped back, watching this process with some detachment from the situation, this is much clearer to you than ever before. All of the strain of surrender and pain that you felt as you tried to surrender was caused from not wanting to surrender. Once your desire was whole, surrender simply happened.

Don’t be confused by the form. One thing that you surrender is no different from another. It only seems so, because you have given more value to a particular form. In the end, when you wholly desire surrender, you simply open your hand and release that which has kept you imprisoned within your mind. Making one situation seem different from another is just an ego separation strategy. Look past what seems to be happening. A good way to do this is to ask Me for the purpose. Ask Me what this means and what is this for. That will take you past the form to what remains the same behind the form.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Be mindful of your level of peace today. If you want to flow in the river of Love, you need to be in peace. Love and peace are always together, for one is an attribute of the other. As you maintain a state of peacefulness, the activity of the moment flows with ease. It is an expression in form of the formless Love you are.

Every moment can be Love’s expression to the world through you. You need only stay in peace. It does not matter whether that expression appears to go no further than your thought or just to a person you talk with. Any expression of Love is maximal and always touches all. This is very simple. There really is only one. The appearance of many does not matter. Go in peace today.

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No Effort

Holy Spirit to Mary:  Let go of efforting. Relax. Let yourself be carried. Let your mind still. Let your mind be quiet.

Let peace fill your mind. Receive peace and extend peace. Remember this today and everything will fall into place without efforting.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  An ice skater with the wind at his back can glide on the ice with no effort. Glide today. Let the Wind of Love gently carry you without effort. Follow the flow. Decide nothing on your own. Just let yourself be carried.

All that is needed is your willingness to allow the Wind of Love to carry you. Peace will be your companion and Love will guide your vision. Allow yourself to be brought Home.

© 2009, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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