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Invite the Light of God

Holy Spirit to Robert:  Give up your agenda. If you experience impatience or resistance to what is in the present, you have an agenda you believe is not being met. You have decided you have a will apart from God and thus are denying your real will. This agenda will never be satisfied. Let it go. It is not worthy of you.

Only Love will satisfy you and it has but one agenda: To extend Itself in perfect unity. In this perfect unity you will find rest. In this perfect unity you will see the magnificence in your brother and recognize it as your own. You will experience the joy of the constant flow of Love extending. Accept God’s agenda. It is your own. Here you will find the satisfaction you seek. You will experience your unity with all that Is. You will feel perfectly safe. You will know that you are complete.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Invite the Light of God to shine on all your false ideas. Invite the Light of God to shine on every thought of limitation, lack or specialness. Allow the Light of God to shine on every perception of bodies, of individuality. Invite the Light of God into your mind.

Be with it until you feel Love’s Presence. Allow yourself to feel Its peace. Let It bring you to the truth. Let It dissolve all thoughts of separate bodies with separate minds. Let the Light of God shine away belief in separation. Herein lies your peace. Herein lies your health. Herein lies your safety.

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Let Love Flow

Holy Spirit to Robert:  Walk gently on the earth. It is not your Home. It offers you nothing you really want. You walk gently as you remember there is no value here. All value lies in Love. Let Love flow across your mind. Let Love flow through and out to all who seem to be outside, all your brothers, all places, all circumstances and situations. While you believe that there still may be some value here, the practice of letting Love flow through you, everywhere, always, will lead you to the full recognition of what you truly value.

You let Love flow as you take each perceived value in the world to the Holy Spirit. He will not take it from you against your will. But when you offer it to Him, He will replace it with the priceless gift of Love. You will not experience loss, only gain. You will know that what you leave behind you do not want. And what you accept of Him is all you want. Be in Love today.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Today practice letting go and letting God. You let go by relaxing and softening. You let go by letting peace replace all the false ideas that show up in your mind.

As you choose peace, you receive peace. Once you feel the strength of peace, you know by its gentleness and Love that you have allowed the Holy Spirit into your mind. The Holy Spirit knows What you are and Where you are and knows how to lead you to the return to Love.

In this holy state of mind, you merely follow Holy Spirit’s lead. Your trust is strong. You feel happy and contented that you have within you all you need to wake up from the dream of separation. You relax ever so deeply. You feel the gratitude of Holy Spirit’s blessings. You give thanks.

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Trust the Strength of God in You

Mary: As I read the Course this morning, what stood out to me was, “Let go all the trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach down and below them to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.” (W-pI.47.7:3-6) When I apply these simple instructions given to us by Jesus, what seemed complicated and difficult becomes smoothed out. I realize I am being carried.

As I practiced these instructions, I received this simple this guidance for today: “Choose to accept God’s peace all through the day. Make that your highest priority, and everything else will be given to you as you need it in each present moment. When you accept peace you are accepting the gifts of your true Self. You are letting yourself be carried.”

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Uncertainty is a sure sign that you are placing your trust where it is unwarranted. When you trust only in the strength of God in you, all doubt and uncertainty disappear. There can be no uncertainty in what is changeless. Being God’s extension, you are changeless and therefore beyond doubt. Doubt can only occur in a mind that believes it is separate from the truth. But you cannot be separate from the truth.

Bring all your questions and uncertainty to the truth in you, the Voice for God, your Self. Your Self shares the certainty and strength of God. Let It make all decisions on your behalf and you will experience the certainty and safety of God’s strength. It is yours to have and be.

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The Circle of Peace

Mary:  This morning, when I went to Spirit, I started receiving a picture of all of us being surrounded by beings of Light. Without words I was told that their opportunity was to extend peace to us and our opportunity was to accept the peace they were extending. As we relaxed and opened up, we started receiving the gift of peace that was being extended to us. We let go of our fear thoughts little by little, relaxing every tense muscle. We let everything melt away and allowed our reception of peace to continue. We let the feeling of peace to deepen and expand to fill our whole being.

Our minds quieted. We felt a stillness, a completeness, a sense of all being well. We innately knew that all were included in this circle of peace. We received the message that we were always here in this circle of peace, whether we were aware of it or not. This is our eternal Home, which we cannot really leave.

In this stillness we received the message that it is from this place of peace in our minds that we find our inspiration in how to be truly helpful in the dream of separation. Here in this circle we know that every brother is included in this circle of peace, whether they are aware of it or not. Our job is to remember that this is true, rather than making anyone’s dream of separation real in our minds.

In this acceptance of peace, we feel safe and confident that all our answers to all our fears lie in accepting the fact that we are always in this circle of peace. We can consistently remember that only this is true. As we accept peace, we let go of our false belief in time and see that only the eternal is reality. We soften our hold on worldly thoughts by letting go of our identification with them. We see that they are only fear thoughts and that we no longer want them. We let our acceptance of peace replace these thoughts because our willingness and trust in accepting peace is gaining in strength. Our openness to peace is expanding. We appreciate the miracle mindedness that it brings. We accept the truth and extend the truth and see that this is where we are truly happy.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  You are God’s creation, His extension of Love. Nothing is capable of changing Love’s peace and joy. They are one. Love is one and changeless. If anything seems to disturb you, it is because you believe you are somehow disconnected from Love. This could never be in truth, but you can believe you are separate and you will experience what you believe.

Learn to recognize any lack of peace as simply a sign of a mistaken belief. Offer that to the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to shine His loving Light on it and help you to see past what is false and return the Light to your mind that is the peace of God. This is your only function. As you learn to practice this moment by moment, your dream will grow increasingly peaceful and happy, and you will remember more and more that only Love is real.

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Live in Presence of Your Holy Self

Holy Spirit to Mary:  You always have whatever you need. Many times you will not think that this is so, but in your learning to let go of what never happened, you are learning that this is true. As you are willing more and more to let the truth return to your mind, you are letting go of your security blanket. You are letting go of what you thought would make you safe. You are letting go of the belief in separation.

With whatever seems to be ailing you, you can return to the truth through your willingness to be quiet and hand over all the thoughts that seem to fill your mind. You hand them over until there is nothing left, only a quiet stillness. This stillness provides an open door to the Light that is your real Mind. Here is how you receive the gifts inherent in your true Identity. Here is where your remembrance of joy and peace and happiness that never end lies.

Daily practice going to this place of stillness. It is through the stillness that the door is open to the Light. Bathe in the Light. Let It cleanse away all the false ideas that you have been clinging to. Be willing to let them fall away. Practice this today.

Self to Annie:
Strength is a Divine quality of the Christ that you are. Be in the presence of your holy Self today and you will live in the strength and the Love and in the Joy of Christ. You will know deeply that you are an inextinguishable Light and you can rest in this.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Go gently through the day. There is no need to push or pull. Allow yourself to be carried.

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Walk Gently in the Light of Love

Holy Spirit to Robert:  Walk gently in the Light of Love. This Light is in you always. Let it shine. It will show you the Love that is all about you and you will see Love’s reflection everywhere. As you walk in this Light you will know the true happiness God wills for you. There is no greater joy than to join in the oneness of Love.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
The Light of Love within your mind heals not only your mind, but transforms your world and the world of everyone around you. Walk forth in that Light. Be that Light to all before you.

Self to Annie:
  Be silent today and let Me speak to you of Who you are.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Step back frequently today. Relax, let go and listen to the still small Voice within. Let peace speak to you. Let yourself feel the peace that you are and from this sacred place within, let yourself be carried.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  Accept the gifts of peace and joy today. God’s gift to you is perfect happiness and you will feel happier when you accept peace and joy. Allow any thought of separation to just fall away. Allow any barriers to love to fall down. Allow yourself to experience the peace and joy of God today. His gifts are inherently yours. They are your birthright. That is who you really are.

Remember some called Jesus the prince of peace. Since Jesus and you are one, you are the princess of peace. As you walk with Jesus today, remember the peace that you are. If you forget and are out of peace for any reason, immediately think of Jesus carrying you to a place of peace.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
Let today be a day of relinquishment. Let the healing waters wash your mind. Let peace flow through you like a river, extending healing, extending peace to all around you. Remain in peace. See the world through Spirit eyes.

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I Am Under No Laws But God’s

Robert:  When I remember that I am under no laws but God’s, happiness abounds. I know I am safe. I know I am loved. I know I am fulfilling my only function. All I can see is Love because God’s law is Love. Love’s gift is always happiness. Living the law of God means total immersion in the joy of loving. There is no greater joy. Today I will focus my attention on the fact that I am under no laws but Love’s.

  It is so clear to me today that I don’t need to go to my body for safety, but to my mind where I will find the truth that God placed there. I am totally safe in the truth and that is what knowing that only God’s laws apply is telling us. I really want to make that shift today from the world’s laws to God’s laws. I want to do this for myself and for everyone.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  Peace and understanding come when you abide by God’s laws. When you truly understand that God’s laws are only for your highest good and nothing else, you can let every other thought go.

My thoughts mean nothing. Asking for God’s Thoughts and giving His Thoughts all the meaning that everything has brings total peace and understanding to the quiet mind.

When we truly realize how much peace comes to us by living under God’s Laws, our lives become more peaceful, more meaningful. We laugh more and we truly realize that God’s Will for us is only true happiness.

  Today I see that my practice is to let the veil of separation be lifted. This is true forgiveness. As I forgive, I am freed from the bondage of belief in separation. I under no laws but God’s.

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