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Rest in God

Holy Spirit to Robert:  Happiness is an attribute of Love. Peace is an attribute of Love. Let Love be your Guide today. Love will show you Love, both in the calls for Love and in the expressions of Love. Love is the only means of true communication, for Love always joins in Oneness. Open your heart to Love today and you will see it everywhere.

Self to Annie:
  Look with Spirit at everything, and you will see unimaginable beauty and innocence. You will hear a song of Love and your heart will burst with the joy of your own heart. This is a divine invitation and, when you accept it, you will experience the wind of Heaven. Let grace show you the “world” you have before you. Let grace give you the experience of true happiness.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Let peace flow through you like a river. As peace flows through you, it guides you in every part of your day. You feel happiness that is beyond this world and an inner contentment that nothing can destroy. The outer world is seen through the eyes of peace. The veil is lifted and you see that nothing has happened to change God’s one Son. Here is your happiness. Here is your joy that is eternal.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  Resting in God does not mean doing nothing. When you are at rest, you seem to sit and let the world stop for a while. Resting in God means simply allowing the list of “things to do” to gently fall away. Resting in God means simply taking a minute to come to Me to guide your next step. Resting in God means to simply live with the peace and Love and guidance from our brother Jesus. Jesus always appears to be resting. It has nothing to do with physicality. It has everything to do with the mind.

Allowing your mind to rest, which is to slow down, means simply to stop the rushing, stop the to-do list and live in the moment. Jesus will show you how to live happily in the moment, if you just take his hand and see his blessings in everyone and everything around you. Holding the hand of Jesus will bring all situations to peace. Holding the hand of Jesus will help you realize that, if what you are looking at is not of beauty, it is not real.

Walk through your day with Jesus today and constantly ask yourself, “How would Jesus see this?” You will not experience stress, tension or anger, because Jesus would not see it that way. Resting in God means simply allowing anxieties to fall away while being aware of walking with your brother Jesus. He is always with you. Remember this.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Experiencing the Light within, you are finding all peace and Love, the essence of your eternal Spirit. If you remain focused on this Light within, there is no need to guard against fear, anger, stress or any other thing.

You need merely remind yourself at intervals to go back to your eternal Source for peace and guidance as to what your next step should be. If you go through your day stepping back to seek the Light within, your day is full of Light. Your world and everything around you is filled with the Light of Love. You have joy unending.

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Accept the Blessing of Love

Mary: If I really want to awaken from the dream, I need to ask myself frequently, “Where am I making the error of separation real? In what situations do I forget that I am Spirit and not a body?” These situations are reflecting my barriers to Love. These are the areas where I am still believing that separation is real. These are my blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. These are the situations where I forget Who I am and Where I am. It is these beliefs that I need to watch for and take to the Holy Spirit for them to be undone. This is what life is for now.

The Holy Spirit will show me the truth as I am willing to see the Christ instead of separate bodies. Today is a day of practice. Today is a day of observing when I forget and once more make the error of separation real in my mind.

The truth is we all are eternal Spirit. We all are pure Love in the Mind of Love and we have never left. We are in Heaven just dreaming of being on a distant shore. Our dream of separation is our replacement for Who we are and Where we are. Today, my practice is to surrender all my thoughts about the dream to the Holy Spirit. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute: What am I trying to make real right now? Holy Spirit, I take all thoughts about the dream and hand them to You to be undone. That is what this day is for.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Do you want to know that you are loved and lovable? Then let go of judgment. You cannot experience Love while you see yourself as separate from your brother and therefore separate from God. When you judge in any way, you are seeing yourself as separate. It matters not whether you see yourself as judging another or yourself.

Judgement only seems possible when you see yourself as apart from the whole. Let this day be a happy day through the practice of bringing all your thoughts that seem to disturb you in any way to the Holy Spirit for His interpretation. He will show you what is meaningful and what is not. This practice will free you from a sense of lovelessness and loneliness and bring you Home to the joy of the Love you are.

Self to Annie:
  There is a freedom that comes from choosing peace that nothing in this world can offer you. Choose peace instead of wanting to be right. Choose peace instead of conflict. Choose peace as a point of reference from where you look at everything before you. It will literally be looking at everything through a pair of Light filled eyes. Let the Light of peace show you what is really there.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
  As you go through your day today, let yourself be reminded of the Love that you are. Accept the Love. When you accept the Love of your Self, it is so easy to accept the Love of others and to see the Love of your brothers and sisters. Allow Me to fill you with the Love that you are today. The more you extend it the more God constantly fills you. You can never lose Love. It never runs down. It’s always full.

Feel the Light from God today. Feel the Love from within and allow it to move you through the day. Accept the blessings, the blessing of Love.

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Willingness Is Everything

Holy Spirit to Mary: Remember this: Willingness is everything. I am with you always, but I am not able to wake you to the truth unless you are willing to step back and be open to a thought reversal.

Your healing waits on your willingness. Today practice being willing to give Me the time to transform your rmind. Miracles are seen in Light, but you must be willing to open to the Light.

You can tell how strong your willingness is by the amount of peace you are willing to feel. Accepting peace is the gateway to the Light. Accepting peace opens the doors and the Light in you does the rest. Today focus on your willingness.

  Today I was reminded that God is the strength in which I forgive. I can’t do it on my own because thinking I am on my own means I have denied my real strength. I am grateful for God’s gift of the Holy Spirit in my mind that is the link between my dream of separation and the strength of God. I can be unaware of God’s strength in me, but it remains forever present.

Through the practice of mindfulness today I will hold my mind open to God’s gift of peace and His strength in me.

Self to Annie:
  Let your thoughts be brought back to the truth. Let the Light of the truth purify your mind. There is nothing else to do.

Miracles are seen in the light. Let me not close my eyes because of this. As I read this and meditate on it, I see that I need not close my eyes to what I perceive that this world is but merely accept everything as it is with open, loving arms. I need do nothing else.

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Lessons in Awakening

Mary:  Today we were guided to read A Course in Miracles lesson 64, “Let me not forget my function.” It was a good reminder to me that my only function is to wake up from the dream of separation.

It reminded me that I can use everything I encounter today as an exercise in awakening if I so choose. It reminded me that I need mind training and that this is what today is for. I can use today to frequently practice stepping back and opening my mind to the peace and understanding of the Holy Spirit.

My inner Teacher is always there waiting for me to be open and receptive to Its thought reversal. Today let me remember that I am in Holy Spirit’s school of awakening from the dream. My job is to be receptive and open. That is what today is for. As I continue to practice opening to the Light with a willingness to accept God’s Gift of peace, my days continue to be fulfilling and happy. Let me accept my only function.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Judgment is hazardous to your health. The guilt that always comes with judgment is the basis for all illness. Illness is self punishment, which guilt proclaims as deserved. The time you spend labeling and having opinions about things, people, circumstances and events undermines your health because it proclaims you separate from the things you judge.

To believe you are separate is to believe you are without Love, for Love is one. It is time to give up this childish game. It is in the letting go of judgment (forgiveness) that you will find the happiness that God has given you and is yours eternally.

Be mindful today of your attempts to label or have opinions about people, circumstances and events. As you notice each one, offer it to the Holy Spirit and remind yourself, “I do not know what anything means. I am willing to be taught. Teach me that I may see as You see, to Love as You Love.” Let this be your practice today.

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The Pause for Peace

Holy Spirit to Mary: Loosen your hold on your dream of separate bodies. Loosen your hold on outcomes. Loosen your hold on the ego thought system. In reality, it means nothing.

As you are willing to soften your hold on the “reality” of the dream, you will find that the statement at the beginning of A Course in Miracles, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God,” is really true. As you loosen your hold, you will naturally feel that nothing real can be threatened. You will naturally feel the calmness and peace that comes with letting these false ideas of separation go.

It is the Holy Spirit, your true Self, That helps you loosen your hold as you are willing in more and more situations to step back and remember that you know nothing on your own. This constant stepping back is how you awaken.

The pause for peace is very helpful in bringing this about. Practice pausing for peace 100 times today. This pause will help reverse the habit of thinking that you know something on your own. This pause for peace opens the door for the Holy Spirit to shine a Light on your perceptions. The Light the Holy Spirit shines will show you that your perceptions are not true. You will be shown that what you see with your body’s eyes is not true. You will be led to see past these illusions of separation to the truth of oneness that is always there. Practice this today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Let Love be your Guide today. Love sees only Love and offers only Love. When Love is your Guide, you will always be truly helpful. Love does not condemn. Love always seeks to join, for it knows only Oneness. With Love as your Guide, you bring healing to all seeming separate minds because Love always remembers the unity of the one Mind. With the practice of pausing for peace, you open the way for Love to guide.

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All Illusions Are Equally Unreal

Mary:  Am I willing to admit that all illusions are equally unreal? Am I willing to be happy? Am I willing to wake up? All these questions are the same. This morning I observed that I was saddened by what I perceived in the world and I wished it were different. This morning we read lessons 139 and 140, which helped me see that my interpretation of the events I saw was false. Once again, I was reminded that my sadness merely reflected my belief that what I was seeing was real.

I was making distinctions among unrealities. Once again I thought I knew something. In A Course in Miracles, lesson 140 we are told, “Our only preparation is to let our interfering thoughts be laid aside, not separately, but all of them as one. They are all the same. We have no need to make them different, and thus delay the time when we can hear our Father speak to us.” (W-pI.140.11:2-4)

It was really helpful for me to be brought back to remembering that all illusions are equally unreal. When I believe in them and get caught up in them, my mind is sick. I have forgotten what would bring me peace and happiness. But the good news is I can forgive these false ideas. I can return to remembering that no illusion of separation can be real. I can return to allowing the Holy Spirit to bring all my illusions to the truth. I can be still and listen, not thinking that I know anything. I can open my mind again to the Light that cures all sick ideas. I can open to Holy Spirit’s gift of peace, which will return to my mind when I am truly willing to accept it.

I really needed this thought reversal this morning. I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit is always there to return my mind to the truth when I am willing. It is my choice to let that time be now.

In lesson 140 we also read, “Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness. It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible.” (4:1,5)  Sickness takes many forms, one of which appears as some kind of body malfunction. This lesson reminds me that the appearance of sickness is simply showing me that I am holding on to guilt. My job is to forgive. The guilt I am holding on to may be deeply hidden in the shadows of the mind that believes it is separate. This does not matter.

My job is simply to offer the Holy Spirit all my thoughts and let Him purify them of the false ideas. He will return them to me in the holiness of Reality. If I perceive myself as vulnerable and offer that thought to the Holy Spirit with an open mind, He will show me the invulnerability of God’s Love That I am. If I perceive sadness and offer that thought to the Holy Spirit, He will show me the happiness that is God’s eternal gift to me and everyone.

Any thought or feeling that does not bring with it God’s peace and happiness is a thought that is alien to my Reality and I need to let it go. Disturbance of my peace is a sign that I have accepted a thought of guilt, a thought that I am separate from Love. The thought of separation is the core of any disturbance to my peace. It is this that needs to be healed.

Today again I will practice being mindful of my level of peace. When I notice disturbance of any kind, I will offer it to the Holy Spirit and allow peace to return to my mind.

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The Power of Stillness

Mary:  This morning we read A Course in Miracles Workbook lesson 124, “In quiet I receive God’s Word today.” This is a very powerful lesson on the power of opening to stillness and quiet listening. Giving this time to rest in God brings with it a deeper experience of peace. In this place of peace and stillness, the Holy Spirit has a chance to bring me the understanding I need in the present moment.

What seemed hard before now becomes simple. What seemed complex and unsolvable before now just falls away. The ego’s mountain of constant “problems” becomes a molehill that doesn’t matter. What is truly important comes to the surface to take its place. The feeling of peace, calm and that all is well pervades my mind. It is from this place of accepting peace and extending peace that I start my day.

I know that I will need to return to this place many times today to keep from getting off track and losing my way again. As I am willing to give it the time, peace, and the clarity that comes with it, returns and I remember that all is well in truth.

When I rest in God’s peace, it is easy for me to see the loving Son of God in my brothers. I feel safe. I feel the Love of God extending through me, joining with my brothers. Old patterns of judgment fade into the background. Everyone is my friend.

Right now, this is not an all day experience for me. Old triggers bring judgments out of the background to dominate my thoughts once again. But I am grateful for having had these moments of respite that have taught me I do not have to stay in judgment, with all the conflict it brings. I can return to rest in God, rest in peace. Today I am grateful for another opportunity to practice staying close to the center of peace in me, the altar of God.

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