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Join in the Heart of Love

Holy Spirit to Mary:  No matter what appears to be occurring within the dream of separation, it is always helpful to remember that only Love is real. God’s one Son is changeless, perfect and whole right now.

It is helpful to remember that the error of separation is not real. It is helpful to let the veil be lifted. This is how peace returns. This is how the Holy Spirit removes all fear from our troubled minds. This is how peace is restored. Simple, uncomplicated Love heals all things in the dream of separation. Be still and let your mind be healed today.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  See every moment as an opportunity to extend Love. Do not decide for yourself how this is to be accomplished or the form it is to take. Simply hold the openness to Love in your heart. In accepting Love, Love will extend of Itself. Let your heart feel the Love in the heart of what appears to be another.

That Love is there, no matter what behavior appears to be presented. That Love joins you because Love is one. A pouting child, an angry adult, a loving grandmother, a smiling baby, a homeless person living in a cardboard shelter, all share the one Love that joins all hearts. There is no difference in truth. Open your heart to joining in that Love and you will experience blessing beyond description.

Set aside your past judgments, your opinions, your likes and dislikes. Give them to the Holy Spirit, Who welcomes them. He knows what to do with them. He is grateful each time you are willing to turn them over, for it opens the door for you to receive the gift He holds out to you eternally. Receive the gift and give it by joining with all in the heart of Love.

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On Receiving and Sharing

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:
When you receive insight from Me, it is truly your purpose to share that with others. When you really agree to work with Me on the awakening, I will always give you messages, ideas or images for you and to share with others. Then they in turn will share it with others and My word will spread to help the healing take place. It is never just for you that I give these messages. And My messages come easily to those who will share them.

Your purpose as an extension of God is to extend the Love that you are and extend to others your experiences that have helped you heal. The perfect person or persons are always sent to you by Me. Know that everything is in perfect order and whomever comes to you is perfectly sent by Me. The example of giving and receiving being the same is all about this sharing of insight that I talk about. Be you so blessed to take the time to receive insight and pass it along to others.

Some, in their hurried daily lives, sometimes don’t take the time to come to Me. Therefore when you come to Me and pass it along to them, they still receive the gift. Thank you all for sharing your gifts you receive from Me. Love to all. Amen

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  As you practice opening your heart and mind to My inspiration, the form in which it comes varies. It may come as thoughts in your mind, as you are experiencing now, it may come as an impulse to take some action, it may come as an awareness of your unity with your brother in some gentle way. You share the inspiration by accepting it for yourself and holding that value in all your doing and seeing.

Just as it is important that you open your heart and mind to My guidance and inspiration, it is also important that you hold yourself open to My guidance in the form that you are to demonstrate what you are learning. Remember you teach by demonstration. Sometimes your sharing is nonverbal. It is simply holding an awareness in your heart. It is withdrawing judgment where you used to judge. It is offering Love in your mind and heart where you used to see separation. Remember not to decide on your own the form of sharing, but let Me guide you in all things.

As you align your thoughts with My vision of Who you are, in other words, as you align your thoughts with your true Self, it is inevitable that the Love you are will extend around the world. It does not matter if it is someone you have never met, a place you have never been. Your Love touches all. Take the inspiration you receive to heart and you cannot help but share it by being it.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Teach peace by being peace. Teach peace by accepting peace and extending peace.

Holy Spirit to Annie:
  You walk with Love and Love has never let go of your hand. You walk with Love and you have always been safe. You walk with Love and Love will always keep you in the Heart of Hearts. You walk with Love and as you awaken to this truth, you will no longer dream. You will always walk with Love.

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How to Have a Brighter, Cheerier and Happier Day.

Holy Spirit to Sharyn:  Unworthiness stems from thinking that you can do things on your own. Of yourself you can do nothing. So each time you think you can and you try to do something on your own, you put more unworthiness on yourself. The fact is that nothing will ever work out with your own thinking instead of asking Me for your help.

When you come to me and allow Me to decide, you will have the feeling of goodness in the outcome. You will not have reinforced unworthiness. Your worthiness does not depend on your thinking. God gave you worthiness. When you remember you are an extension of God, you feel that worthiness. When you forget Who you are and seem to be floundering around on your own, thinking you know your own answers and not knowing where to turn or what to do, you feel very unworthy.

Remember the Love that you are and the Love that created you. Ask Him always to remind you and show you your worthiness, for He does not even know unworthiness. He knows His worth and will only pass that on to you in all His decisions. Today accept worthiness. See worthiness in others as well as yourself. See worthiness everywhere and your day will be brighter, cheerier and happier.

Holy Spirit to Annie:
The only value of any situation perceived by the ego as hurtful or fearful is the opportunity it offers you to forgive yourself in the other. There is truly no one out there but a reflection of who you fear you are.

Trying to fix or correct the other is placing one illusion over another illusion. This only creates confusion and more pain. Give yourself the gift of freedom by freeing everyone of your made up misperceptions. Enjoy your freedom Child of God, for thus were you created by freedom Itself to be eternally free and eternally peaceful. Love is your name. Amen.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
Let simple, uncomplicated Love lead your way today. Let simple, uncomplicated Love guide your thoughts.

Simple, uncomplicated Love is in your mind now. Open the door and let it light up every part of your mind. Let yourself see through the eyes of simple, uncomplicated Love. This seeing will show you the difference between what is real and what is unreal. This seeing will lift the veil of individuality to the Light of oneness. Amen.

Today I will again practice freeing the world from all I think it means. I will practice withdrawing the conditions and expectations I have placed on the world. I am willing to have my opinions and expectations replaced by the loving vision of Holy Spirit. This is how I will have a happy day. I offer Holy Spirit my willingness and my unwillingness and open my mind to His guidance.

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Walking with Spirit

Holy Spirit to Robert: To spend the day with Spirit you do not need to sit in silent meditation all day. You can spend the day with Spirit while doing anything in the world. It is not the doing that determines whether you are with Spirit or not. It is your willingness to be open to the gentle lead of Love that lets you “do” with Spirit. As you walk in Love, your thoughts, your words, your actions are an expression of Love.

If the opportunity of the moment is to sit at a computer and enter data, you can do that while remembering the Love in your heart, the Love that surrounds you and the Love that flows through you. The activity of typing then becomes an expression of Love. If you view the typing as an unpleasant chore, then the typing becomes an expression of hate. It is your choice. Choose Love and be blessed, for in choosing Love, you bless.

Holy Spirit to Annie:
Your attraction to the world comes from a feeling of being lost. In truth you have never lost your way. Even if for an instant you got distracted and looked away from Heaven, which is really impossible, you were instantly found. Spirit gently loved the distraction away and returned you to the consciousness of safety. And that is where you are — safe and securely wrapped in the Reality of Heaven.

Today I see that my job once again is to go gently. I see that my job once again is to step back and choose peace and from this place of peace, let my true Self lead the way.

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Let Love Be Your Guide

The following are messages we received today from Spirit to help us heal our minds:

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  What would be helpful for you today is to practice staying right in the present moment with an open mind. As you open your mind, you allow it to be filled with Love’s blessings of peace and quiet sense of well being. In that moment, you know that all your needs are being met.

You step back and listen to the guidance of the moment. The physical world takes a back seat to the Love that is filling your mind and that Love overflows so that all that you perceive is Love.

You let yourself be carried. You let Love take the lead. You follow in quiet certainty and trust. You decide nothing on your own. You listen and allow yourself to feel Love’s presence very gently guiding you moment by moment. Practice this today and every day.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Let Love be your Guide today. Let Love guide your vision, your hearing, your thoughts and words. Love sees past physicality. Love sees Itself everywhere. Love will guide you in the forms of expression that are most helpful in each moment.

When you let Love be your Guide, you can be care free. There is nothing you need do on your own. You have given all your thoughts and beliefs of separate responsibility to the one Love that is responsible for Reality. In this giving, you free yourself and all your brothers.

With Love as your Guide, the past is forgotten. Concern for the future disappears and the joy of present Love is recognized as eternal. You can have a day like this today. Simply let Love be your Guide today.

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Pathways Florida Update

Dear Friends,

We would like to catch you up with what is happening here in Florida. A new Pathways of Light student has joined us and is now living here at our location in Florida. Her name is Dory Bryan. She moved here from the Atlanta area and is now getting settled in.

She has volunteered to help with a variety of things that need to be done here. When she came to interview for jobs, she told us she was looking for a room to rent while she got established in the area. We were led to offer her the spare bedroom here. The amount she pays for the room helps with our expenses. 

We have completed the mailing of the spring issue of Miracles News, which most of you probably already have received. If you do not receive your issue in the mail, we may not have received your annual membership renewal.

We have now put all the articles from Miracles News from 1997 to the present on the Pathways web site. To find them, click on the “Daily Inspiration” tab at the top of each page. Also under the Daily Inspiration tab you will see the “Daily Inspiration Blog” listed. Here we have posted all of the messages we have received when we ask Holy Spirit for inspiration for our day.

When we receive messages from the Holy Spirit, He is speaking to us and therefore He uses “you” statements. In these daily messages, He is offering us helpful insight on how to allow our minds to be healed as we step back and let ourselves be guided through the day. Other times we may be writing in first person as we share our personal experiences as we walk the journey of awakening. We share these messages and thoughts with you with the idea that what has been helpful for us may be helpful to you.

This morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time, we will be having our first Sunday Service teleconference. We are using the same “Joining with Holy Spirit” format that we have used for many years in our Sunday Serves at the Pathways of Light center in Kiel, Wisconsin. You are invited to join with us. We will be doing this every Sunday. It looks like we will be having about 30 people attending this first teleconference. To obtain the teleconference access information for the Sunday Service, e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The following are messages we received today from Spirit to help us heal our minds:

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  As you go through your day today, remember that God is in your mind and that you are in God’s Mind. This remembering will help you in your practice of stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit heal your thoughts today. Watch your thoughts with Holy Spirit and hand them over to be purified of every false idea. Let today be a day of practicing forgiveness. Let today be a day of letting the Holy Spirit carry you. You are carried when you make no decisions on your own.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  Practice walking in peace today. Be mindful of your level of peace. If you observe that you are less than peaceful, pause. Take a relaxing deep breath and remind yourself that you are willing to be in peace. Open your mind and heart to peace. Ask your true Self to help you see the moment through Love’s vision and let this vision show you the form for your doing in that moment. With this practice you will have a happy day.

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Holy Spirit’s Broadband Connection

When we went to Holy Spirit for insight, we received the following:

  Today, stay open to the idea that your connection with Spirit is continuous and strong. See the connection filled with Light. See yourself paying attention to your open connection. See that flow of Love and peace and Light having an influence on how you see everyone and everything in the world today.

Let Holy Spirit lighten and brighten your day today with your strong and consistent communication. Let the happiness that flows from Holy Spirit fill you and let it overflow to everyone around you.

See your connection getting stronger and stronger by the hour. Let yourself feel the peace that this strong connection brings. Realize that through this connection you are being carried. Your are letting your Spirit be in charge of your thoughts today. You are letting Spirit be in charge of your doing today. Enjoy this ever expanding connection with your true Self — the Spirit of God that you are.

  You have an always-on broadband connection with the Voice for God. While you are free to ignore the connection, you cannot turn it off. It is there 24/7. You open your mind to your broadband Spirit connection by choosing peace and being receptive to seeing the world differently, to seeing with the Vision of Christ.

The Vision of Christ shows you Love everywhere. The Vision of Christ inspires you to offer Love in response to calls for Love. The Vision of Christ guides you to be truly helpful in every now moment.

As you see with the Vision of Christ, you experience the joy of Love’s blessing as you extend it everywhere. To experience this you need only direct your “mind browser” to the broadband connection with the Holy Spirit in your mind.

© 2009, Pathways of Light. http://www.pathwaysoflight.org
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