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Defenselessness is Strength

  Today we read Lesson 153 again. Two sentences stood out to me. “Defenselessness is strength. It testifies to recognition of the Christ in you.” The Christ in me is the Self that sees truly and does not believe in any image or thought of separation. It is strong because it gives no credence to the false images of the world. Having no substance of their own, these false images have no power to disturb the calm and quiet Mind of Christ.

If anything disturbs me, I have turned my back on the Christ Mind and bought into the belief that something external to me has power to harm me. This can only mean that it is time for me to step back and pause for peace. I need to remember Christ is in me and is my strength. When I return to the Christ Mind, I once again see only innocence. I know that there is no “other out there.”

Another thought that stood out to me was, “You will not see the light, until you offer it to all your brothers.” I offer the light to my brothers be seeing with Christ vision which shows me their innocence. As I see their innocence I recognize my own and see the light in me. Today is another wonderful day which offers me the opportunity to practice seeing only innocence. What a blessing!

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We Are In Holy Spirit’s School

  As we read lesson 135 today, what stood out to me is, “This is a special day of learning.” This reminds me that I am in Holy Spirit’s school and that the purpose of the world is to wake up from the dream, not make it more real in my mind.

With all this clearing out and the physical labor that goes with it, the world has seemed very real. The bags going to the trash seemed very heavy. That is why in this process, I need to remember again and again, my true purpose as I let the Holy Spirit be my Guide, and that is to wake up from the dream. When I do remember this, it is easier to be reminded by the Holy Spirit that I am in Heaven now and I am as God created me. I am not weak and vulnerable, like the ego story always tries to demonstrate.

I am in Holy Spirit’s wake up school. I need to ask myself with whatever I am doing, “Am I using this to wake up from the dream or to reinforce the dream?” If I see that I am reinforcing the dream’s seeming reality, then I have reverted back to following the ego’s plan. With Holy Spirit, everything will be used for the purpose of helping me and all my brothers wake up. That includes the process of getting the house ready for sale. So today I will remember that today is a special day of learning from the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  As you go through your day today be aware of the feeling of “being carried.” Be aware also as you go through your day of not making plans for one single thing. For you see, it is when you plan and then something gets in the way of those plans, that you feel you need to defend. Therefore if you make no plans, there is no need to defend.

Allow Me to make all the plans. Come to Me every hour today and ask of Me what is to come for the next hour. Do this and you will be very happy and glad when you see all that you accomplish. And it will be accomplished in ease. You will be told and directed of every move today by Me if you just remember to come to Me. A healed mind does not plan. A healed mind knows and trusts in Me. A healed mind has been trained to let go of the world and to let God show you the way. Walk in beauty today as you are aware every minute that you are being carried and you need do nothing. I have taken care of everything for you. Just follow My plans. Good day.

Yesterday we had an appointment with a Realtor for him to present a listing contract. We decided to cancel the appointment because we realized we weren’t ready and to sign a listing contract now would create a sense of pressure. When we made that decision, it was like a weight of urgency was lifted. I was reminded again that a sense of urgency is a sure sign of being involved in an ego plan.

We will continue to proceed in the direction of selling the property. But this decision has lifted the self-made plans to make room once again for Holy Spirit’s plan. It is clear to me that all the meetings that we had with various Realtors were part of Holy Spirit’s plan. Many blessings were given and received, but it was important to recognize when we had added our own meaning to the process. Just because the usual next step with a Realtor would be to list the property doesn’t mean the Holy Spirit is limited to that expectation. It is a good reminder once again of the importance of checking in with Holy Spirit every step of the way. Holy Spirit’s plan is always gentle, patient and peaceful.

Peace, peace, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is to follow Holy Spirit’s plan!

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What Is Real Is Eternal and Never Changes

  Amidst all of this clearing out, I need to remember that only God is real. It is the Holy Spirit That shows me the difference between what is real and what is unreal. What is real is eternal and never changes. That is why I am safe, no matter what story shows up in the dream of separate bodies. It is helpful for me to remember that this is a dream. That helps me not take it so seriously.

My job today is to step back and pause for peace again and again and again. This is my practice for today. This is my lab time. I cannot hear Holy Spirit’s inspiration unless I pause for peace because peace and understanding go together and are never found alone.

  My mind is filled with questions and doubts. This is a sure sign that I am entertaining the ego. It’s having a party in my mind. I keep the ego as a guest by believing in a separate identity. With that belief, doubt is inevitable because it is a belief in what could never be true. Doubt could never come from the Self I share with God. This Self shares God’s certainty. It shares God’s changelessness. So the doubts that swirl in my mind are just an indication that I need to refocus my attention on peace and opening my mind to Holy Spirit.

Grabbing hold of the doubts and trying to find answers to the questions they foster is a hopeless effort. The ego has no answers that could possibly lead to freedom and peace. Holy Spirit is the Answer to all the confusion that comes from the one insane thought that I could separate from Love. I need to look where the answer can be found and nowhere else.

Holy Spirit:  No matter what doubts you may experience, I know What you are. I see you as you were created and so I have just one judgment of you: You are innocent. It does not matter that you seem to get lost in the insanity of the ego. Your innocence remains untouched. I am here to help you recognize that and to see it in all your brothers, for the Self that you are you share with all. Be gentle with yourself. The ego would teach you that you are unworthy and without hope. I teach that you are wholly deserving of all God gives, which is all of Himself.

So when doubts arise, see them simply as reminders to return to peace and open your mind to My vision. This practice will clear your mind of the clutter that interferes with your recognition of your complete support in Love. As you clear away the clutter, doubts are cleared away with it. In the dream of form, the reflection of the clarity in your mind will be clear. Follow Me and we will walk together in perfect safety and perfect peace.

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You Are Eternally Safe

  Yesterday was a particularly demanding day physically. I bagged boxes and boxes of old records from the 80’s and 90’s. They are now ready to put in the trash. Also boxes and boxes of stuff we no longer need were given to a members of the Wednesday night ACIM group for them to use, pass on to others or take to Goodwill.

A friend of Sharyn’s, who is a tiler, came to give us a quote for tiling the kitchen floor. During this time I noticed thoughts of doubt popping up, “Can we really afford this?” It’s a good thing that trust was my key word yesterday, because I kept needing to go back to it.

We are really in the height of the clearing process, getting rid of all that we no longer need. It really does feel good, but I am finding it physically challenging. The good news is that all this exercise is making me stronger.

During the afternoon I talked on the phone to a man from Florida who was asking for some clarification about A Course in Miracles. I found it very uplifting to talk to him. It was a nice reprieve from the physical work, and it filled me with joy. Trusting in Holy Spirit’s plan and not my own is the key to my walking through this in peace.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Right now it is helpful for you to step back and remember that this is a dream. Your reality is eternally safe in the Mind of God. Give yourself time to sink more deeply into God’s peace. Open your inner windows and doors to receive God’s Love.

The more you are willing to receive the truth, the more you will extend the truth and all your doubts will disappear. You will remember that you are safe. You will remember that you are not the body. You simply use the body as an instrument to extend God’s Love in whatever form is most helpful in the moment. Keep following as you are led, using the Holy Spirit as your handrail. Let go and let God. Rest in God’s Love. Extend that Love to everyone. That is all you need to have a happy day.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Rest in Me. Rest in Me. Let this be a day of resting in Me. When you let yourself be carried you are resting in Me. When you let yourself be gently led through all the doing of the day, you are resting in Me.

You tire yourself with planning and organizing and trying to decide on your own. When you think you are on your own, you are believing you are separate from your Source. That indeed is very tiring. But when you rest in Me by following My lead, you are accepting the strength of God in you. You are accepting your Spirit of Wholeness.

If you feel anxious, hurried, doubtful or overwhelmed in any way, let those feelings remind you to return to resting in Me. Return to peace and open your mind to Me. I have no doubts for I am completely certain about What you are and Where you are. I always share My certainty with you. You need only accept it.  My certainty is your certainty. Rest in Me today. Let Me carry you Home.

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Present Trust in Holy Spirit’s Plan

  Over the weekend the temperatures dropped to 12 below zero with high winds causing windchill of 40 below. We used this time to quiet our minds and follow Holy Spirit’s lead. It turned out that a lot was accomplished. We were able to pack up a lot of things that we do not need now and that can be put in storage. Today the wind has subsided so we can function safely outside. We can take the things we packed to storage. We are making progress, but sometimes it seems quiet slow.

Going back in my mind frequently to remember that present trust in Holy Spirit’s plan helps me be more patient with each step that is needed along the way. Rereading lesson 135 is really helping me right now. What stands out the most to me this morning is the word trust. Today I am going to soak in the word trust as I allow myself to be led moment by moment.

Holy Spirit, all I want is Your plan. I know that my job is to consistently step back and let You lead the way.

Holy Spirit:
  Don’t be in a hurry. Let the process of staying in a place of peace lead the way. It will all get done. Soften. Let yourself be carried. Go gently and remember that I am your constant Companion. Practice staying in the present moment doing just what is at hand with Me. The rest will take care of itself.

  Yesterday I practiced being mindful and attentive to Inner Direction as I worked with the clearing out process. I ended up doing things in several different rooms, even though I should focus on one room. I practiced pausing as a new idea came to my mind of what to do next. In peace I asked, “Is this helpful to do this or a diversion?” I acted on the idea if it seemed to be helpful. On the surface many of the things I did seemed unrelated to each other, but in looking back at what was accomplished I can see that the things that seemed unrelated did prepare the way for things to come.

I am learning a new meaning for focus. In the past I have tried to focus on one project at a time, yet often I would distract myself with disconnected ideas that were not helpful, but I did not recognize they were distractions. I just impulsively followed the ideas as they came. I’m learning that focusing on the project is not necessarily the most helpful.

What is the most helpful is focusing on Holy Spirit’s plan and it is important for me not to judge Holy Spirit’s plan. Sometimes Holy Spirit’s plan may seem to take me in a direction unrelated to the project. If I judge that and don’t do it because it doesn’t “fit the project,” I have judged against Holy Spirit’s plan and substituted my own. It seems to be a fine line between distracting myself with my ideas and following Holy Spirit’s plan.

But yesterday was a good learning experience for me. I’m beginning to get a sense for the difference between my distracting ideas and Holy Spirit’s gentle guidance. I may still be misinterpreting Holy Spirit’s direction because I’m still trying to bring my plans with me sometimes, but I’m feeling that I’m making progress. So today I reaffirm my commitment to pause for peace all through the day and focus my attention no Holy Spirit’s direction. That is how I will have a happy day.

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Pause for Peace

  Once again I am struck by how quickly I fall into the ego-directed mode of planning and organizing. There seems to be so much that needs to be done. The ego sees this as prime opportunity to defend against the Holy Spirit’s gift of freedom.

It’s not that there should be no plan or that I should just sit in a chair and dream or sleep. What is important is that my first step is always to pause for peace and open my mind to Holy Spirit’s plan. While I believe I am in this world, there will be doing of some kind in form. But when it is guided by the Holy Spirit, instead of being a defense, it is always moving toward the confidence of my complete support in the Love and strength of God.

The actual physical activities that I am directed by Holy Spirit to do may appear very similar to what the ego would plan. But the difference is the ego’s plans are motivated by fear and isolation. The Holy Spirit’s plans are motivated by Love and joining. Happiness is impossible in fear but happiness is inevitable in joining. The ego’s plans are defenses against the happiness Love offers me. The Holy Spirit’s plans prepare me to welcome the happiness that has always been mine to claim.

Holy Spirit:
Practice pausing for peace today. This is especially important if you feel yourself hurrying. By pausing for peace you will accomplish more of what needs to be done and will not waste time on what is meaningless. It is the fast track. It is the happy track.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  When many ideas start swirling around and you feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to what action to take, stop. Move your mind into a place of quiet. Go to your inner sanctuary of stillness. Let your mind quiet. Remain in that state of mind until you feel deep peace.

In that place of quiet, the inspiration and inner direction that needs to come to you in that moment will be there. The Holy Spirit will bring just what you need to know whenever you need to know it. Your job is to clear out the clutter and go to that quiet place where you can hear the Holy Spirit with clarity. Go to this place as often as you need to.

Remember you are in a school and the Holy Spirit is your Teacher. The Holy Spirit cannot give you Its mind healing training unless you are there listening in a quiet place that is free of the ego’s chatter. Do this often and you will receive everything you need to know whenever you need to know it. Stay in the present moment and listen.

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Lighten Up and Let Go

  We are in the process of removing everything from our “back office” so it can be painted and carpeted. There is a large double desk that was custom built for Robert’s parents that needs to be given to someone. As we talked about all the different options of how to let the desk go, I felt an inner smile from the Holy Spirit. Now I am reminded once again to soften and let it unfold. I see that it is so helpful for us to lighten up and let go of things that were useful for a time but now do not fit into the new situation. The desk had some extra meaning because Robert’s parents had it built especially for the library where they could look out the large windows at the beautiful lake.

In this world, nothing lasts forever. What is useful at one time is not necessarily useful 30 years later. At one time I thought we would keep the desk because of its long history with Carl and Maxine, and us for the last 20 years. It has been a wonderful and useful desk. But now it is clear that it is time to let it go. I feel Holy Spirit smile as I am learning that stuff of itself does not matter. When its usefulness is done, we simply let it go with no regrets.

This is just one of the many wonderful lessons we are being guided through, as we stay in the present moment and watch it unfold with Holy Spirit’s help. What seemed to be a problem regarding what to do with the desk now seems so simple. Day by day we are getting ready to move on and transition to a time made simple with Holy Spirit’s guidance moment by moment. Thank you Holy Spirit.

As Mary talked about the desk that has served us well and now its usefulness is over so we are ready to let it go, I was reminded that the Course tells us that we are to hold this same attitude about the body. The body is no more me than that desk. I may think of the body as my identity, but it is not true. Any attachment I had to the desk is simply a mistaken attachment to an empty image that has no meaning of its own. The same is true of the body that I think of as mine.

Letting go of the desk is practice for letting go of what no longer serves, including letting go of the body once its usefulness is done. The form in the world of moving to Florida is providing fertile ground for practicing recognizing what serves and what does not serve the Holy Spirit’s plan. What serves the Holy Spirit’s plan is all that has value. Nothing else matters. So I am getting a magnificent opportunity for training in how to recognize what matters and what doesn’t.

All the stress, strain, pain, fear and unhappiness I have ever experienced comes from thinking something matters that does not really matter. Only Love matters because only Love is real. Thinking anything else matters is simply a mistake to be corrected. As I practice pausing for peace and opening my mind to the Holy Spirit’s vision, I receive His gentle training that releases me to the happiness, peace and Love that is my birthright. What a wonderful gift and I’m willing to accept it. Thank you.

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