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Joyous Laughter

Mary:  In my awakening process, I really need to look closely at where I am making the error real, where I am still making the world real. I still get caught up in the story as if it were real. I still take it too seriously at times.

The section we read today in A Course in Miracles reminded me once again that my job is to forgive, or let illusions go. As Love’s extension, I have everything that is real because I am one with All that is real. The Course tells me that having and being are the same. My opportunity today is to, once more, not decide what anything means on my own. My job is not to make decisions on my own. Today, my job is to consistently step back and listen. My job is to consistently accept the peace that is my inheritance.

From this place of peace, I will be told exactly what to do, where and when. From this place of peace, I will be reminded that everything I see through the body’s eyes is but an illusion. I will be reminded very gently not to take it so seriously. I will be reminded once again that the truth of oneness is true and that separation — separate bodies — could never be real in truth. It is only as I am willing to soften and step back from an illusion of a separate world that seems to be outside me that I will be brought to truth.

Today I have a choice. I have another opportunity to practice allowing the Holy Spirit alone to guide my thoughts. In truth I am not a separate person. In truth I am eternal Spirit, one with all Love. It is my opportunity to remember this.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
Let a well of joyous laughter spring from deep within your Spirit. Know that as a Child of God, all is already provided. There is no lack. My Creation never suffers lack, but only eternal Love, eternal Spirit, eternal growth. Spring forth with joy, my eternal Child of God.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
Joy comes with joining in Love. This is joyous because it is the experience of reuniting with your Self. It is your Homecoming. Every circumstance, every relationship offers you the joy of Homecoming. The way to receive the joy is to accept your oneness in Love.

Judgments stand between you and the experience of the joy that is eternally yours. The joy does not go away. It is simply not experienced, because you believe you have separated yourself from it, when you believe that judgment is possible. Turn over all your thoughts of judgment to Me and I will help you lay them aside, so you can accept your inheritance and discover that you are still at Home in Heaven.

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I Choose to Be Love’s Messenger

Robert:  Do I want to be a messenger of ego, or Love? That is my choice in every moment. If I judge, see guilt, see pain and suffering as real, I am ego’s messenger. When I look past appearances to see the reality of Love everywhere, I am Love’s messenger. I only choose to be ego’s messenger when I am still holding beliefs in the reality of separation in some way. This is a call for forgiveness. It is a call to offer this belief and these thoughts to the Holy Spirit and to hold my mind open to His loving correction.

Whenever I am carrying ego’s messages, I am not at peace. Thus lack of peace is my signal to turn to Spirit. I am grateful that I am becoming less and less tolerant of disturbances to my peace. I offer the disturbances more quickly to the Holy Spirit and thus I am experiencing increasingly deeper levels of peace. I thank God for the gift of His voice in my mind that is ever present to gladly receive my offerings of mistaken beliefs and is ever ready to give me God’s peace in exchange.

Today I will continue the practice of offering each unpeaceful thought to the Holy Spirit and accepting God’s Love in exchange.

Mary:  Today my job is to stay in the present moment. I need practice in this, because my mind often jumps to the future and wonders how things are going to work out. I need to be vigilant about this and, when I see that futurizing is going on in my mind, to simply stop and return again to opening my mind to the Holy Spirit.

When I remember to do this, I experience a gentle softening about the future. I remember that everything is all right right now and everything will be all right in the next now moment. It reminds me to place the future in the Hands of God. It reminds me to let go and let God. It reminds me that I do not know my own best interest, but the Holy Spirit does. It reminds me to take my hands off the reins and hand them over to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit knows what would be in the best interest for everyone concerned. My job is to step back, relax and be receptive to Holy Spirit’s peace. In that place of peace, I do remember that I will know everything I need to know, whenever I need to know it. I remember to let go and let God.

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I Rest in God

Robert:  My heart is filled with gratitude. I have the means to walk past all thoughts and images of fear and limitation. I cannot lose it because the means is in my mind. God goes with me wherever I go. His Voice is ever present, ready to offer me the gift of complete release. I need only be willing to release my fearful and limiting images to the Holy Spirit to receive His vision in its place.

Christ’s Vision shows me that only Love is real. It shows me that what I thought might harm me is not real and cannot have a real effect on the certainty that God placed in me as part of Himself. I rest in this certainty, content and at peace. I rest in God.

Mary:  I rest in God. This is the most important thing for me to remember as I go through each day. I rest in God. When I remember this, it changes everything for me. When I forget this, I get caught up in the stories of the world and make them real in my mind.

I rest in God. This is my saving grace. It is so simple, so compact. When I am willing to remember, I get relaxed. I soften. I hand over the thoughts that I am making real in my mind in the moment. I rest in God. What a beautiful gift I give myself when I am willing to remember these simple four words.

As I am willing to remember, I am given in the moment all that I need to be truly helpful in the present moment. This is my job today and every day: To remember that I rest in God eternally. I still am eternal Spirit, as God created me.

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Trust in God’s Plan

Robert:  By outward appearances, I am in a place of more uncertainty than I can remember. I have no idea what the future holds. I do not know what the form of my service will look like in the future.

I have come to see this state as a great blessing. Even though the future seems more uncertain than ever, I feel greater peace than I have ever felt. I know what to do today, right now. The future is in God’s Hands. What could be more certain than that? In His Hands, the future can only bring the blessings of perfect happiness and perfect peace.

Fear thoughts about the future do cross my mind, but I am increasingly able to quickly pass them on to Holy Spirit and let them go. Occasionally a “big one” comes along that takes a little longer for me to let go. I have great gratitude for what I have learned through practicing the lessons and the principles of A Course in Miracles. It has brought me to a deeper level of peace.

My five year plan is to follow Holy Spirit’s plan every day in the present moment. Nothing more, nothing less. Peace comes with remembering what’s my job and what’s not my job. It is not my job to make any plans on my own. It is my job to have an open mind and heart to follow Holy Spirit’s plan. That’s all.

This seems to take a lot of trust. But it’s not that I don’t already have the trust. The trust is always in me because I was created with it. Trust only seems hard because I have believed in illusions, which are inherently unstable and untrustworthy. That experience fosters doubt. Doubt is simply the effect of trying to bring the past to the present. Forgiveness is the way to release doubt. Forgiveness comes with the practice of turning over my mistaken beliefs to the Holy Spirit for His gentle correction.

Today I know what I am to do. That is enough. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit, my Self, is my strength and my Guide. I need nothing else.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Today, choose peace. When ego thoughts come up, hand them over to the Giver of peace. If you are not feeling peaceful, you have not yet handed some unforgiving thought over to peace. This is your job today. Doing this consistently through the day puts you in a state of grace. This is where you are truly happy.

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At Home in Heaven

Mary:  This morning during our reading of A Course in Miracles, one sentence that particularly stood out to me was, “Remember that all sense of weakness is associated with the belief you are a body.” (Lesson 91)

When I feel uncertain or afraid, it is very helpful for me to remember that all sense of weakness comes from the belief that I am a body. It doesn’t seem like it, but I know that this is true. My job now with every thought of vulnerability or weakness is to hand it over to the Holy Spirit in my mind.

As I truly hand it over, the Holy Spirit dissolves these thoughts which allows the Light that lies beyond the thoughts to shine through and bring me peace. I always have the answer that heals these false ideas when I am willing to not keep them but hand them over. If I am not feeling peace and happiness, then I can know that somewhere I am keeping these false ideas. The only answer that works is to move into a place of quietness and allow the Holy Spirit to do Its healing work in my mind. I must be willing to let my mind quiet and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

This is very reassuring to know that there is only one problem and one solution. The problem stems from the belief that I am a body. The solution lies in my willingness to let my mind be quiet and hand over these thoughts. It is here that I find my real strength. It is here that I find a real experience of the Light that is always in my mind. It is here that I am quietly shown my true Identity. I am Spirit at Home in Heaven. This is true and only this is true. From this place of remembering the truth, trust is easy.

Holy Spirit to Robert:
  When you allow yourself to rest in deep peace, you experience the strength and safety of your Self. This is all you really want. This strength is within your reach because it is what you are. The more you are willing to allow yourself to accept peace and to turn over all disturbances to Me and let Me resolve them, the more you will know as personal experience your real Strength.

All perception of weakness comes from belief in a false image of what you are. You made the belief and so you cannot undo it on your own, but I am ever present to provide the vision that shines Light upon the false idea to show you its emptiness and it will disappear into the nothingness from which it came.

Your only function is to offer Me all those thoughts of disturbance. Let them go into My hands. Leave the rest to Me. It is this letting go that opens your heart and mind to the full awareness that you are at Home in Heaven.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Offer all your thoughts to My healing Light, for in releasing them, you receive total peace. Let My Love envelop your heart and mind and bring you to the full realization that only Love is real.

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Let the Light Heal Every False Idea

Robert:  Holy Spirit, I have no clue as to what I really need. What I see through the body’s eyes is a deception. I am willing to let go. I offer You all my perceptions and all my little thoughts of being alone and separate. I do not know what they really mean and I am willing to be taught. I welcome Your kind and gentle lessons. I know they bring me freedom, peace and joy. Help me to remember that these are my birthright. Help me to see as You see. I would no longer deny my Self.

Holy Spirit to Robert:  I am always here in you. It is impossible to leave you comfortless, for I am part of you. I am your Self, shining in the Light of God’s Love. I am the part of you that remembers What you are. I am the part of you that is changeless and joined with the Love of the Universe. I am ever present, ready to help you each time you open your heart to Me. We walk together, you and I, for we cannot be apart. I am your Friend, so close that there is no distance between us. I am your Self, joined with our Creator, complete and healed and whole.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Let each moment be with Me. Open your mind and let the Light in. We are one Light. There is no distance between us. Let the Light be in charge of every minute of your day. Let the Light heal every false idea. This is forgiveness. This is how you heal: You let your mind be healed by Me in each present moment.

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I Place the Future in God’s Hands

Robert:  When I place the future in God’s hands, I rest in His Love. Love guides me and protects me in His changelessness. I have all of God’s Love and there is nothing else I need. I may think I am in a world of lack and loss, but I remain safe in the Loving Hands of God. As I remember to place the future in the hands of God, I am letting go of the past at the same time. When I turn over all my thoughts about the future to Him, there is nothing left but the joyous present in God.

Jesus to Sharyn:
  Let us walk through this so-called world holding hands, knowing we are so loved by our Father. As we walk hand in hand, we are aware of that peace that resides everywhere, including our minds. As we go about our business together, everything becomes clear. We have no needs or want. We have only trust and patience. We know those are gifts from our Father and we accept them gladly.

Opening our hearts and minds to our Father’s Love is all that is important now. As we do this, we are reminded of our True Self and Its only job. As we walk together down the road of “life,” we carry the Light for many and we bless those who have forgotten Who they really are. As we bless others more and more, we are accepting our Father’s blessings more and more. Let us together remember to bless everything that we see or touch today.

Holy Spirit to Dorie:
  Go forth in joy remembering this: I have prepared the way for you. You need not fear, but only go forth in joy. Expect miracles. Know that they are there for you. Go forth in confidence, extending Love to all. This is your function. Accept it. Rejoice in it.

  I place the future in the Hands of God. There is nothing else to do.

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