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Everything We Need Is Given Us

  Today we read Lesson 135 again. What stood out to me was: “We will be sure that everything we need is given us for our accomplishment of this today. We make no plans for how it will be done, but realize that our defenselessness is all that is required for the truth to dawn upon our minds with certainty.”  Also, “All your defenses have been aimed at not receiving what you will receive today.”

Its becoming clear how addicted I am to planning. Maybe there should be another 12 step program, Planners Anonymous. When I really recognize planning as a defense, I realize that the world I see is the effect of not accepting God’s Plan and choosing my substitutes in Its place. God’s plan is simple: Be Love. Anything else is a fabrication made up by a deluded mind believing separation is real.

So how do I apply that in my daily activities? First I acknowledge that I believe separation is real (I am addicted to planning). That is why I see the world I see. Second I need the help of a power beyond the little self I think I am and I need to accept that help. Third I need to turn over all my attempts of planning to that Higher Power and make no plans or decisions on my own. I do this by maintaining my focus on the present moment.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Hold My hand today. Remember I am always with you. Remember My strength is yours. You need only accept it. Pause frequently today and remember Whose Hand you hold. Then open your mind to My guidance for your next step.

You are learning a new way to walk. Just as a toddler beginning to walk has to focus on each step, you need to focus on taking each step with Me. With practice taking every step with Me will be just as easy as walking is to you now. Be patient with yourself. This new way of walking is a walk to joy. It is worth your patience and attention. It is a gift beyond measure that you give yourself.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Right now, be open to remembering that you are eternal Spirit. Right now, be quiet and allow and practice opening to this truth about yourself. You are Mind joined with the one Mind of Love. Allow time to let this awareness sink in deeply. Let yourself feel the peace and contentment that comes with this remembering. You are eternal Spirit. Every brother you see in the dream is the same eternal Spirit. Give time to letting that sink in fully.

Now, from this place of remembering, look at your dream story. See that it is just a story and not your true reality because you are only eternal Spirit. You are not that body in the dream story. All your friends and relatives are not their dream story. Let this sink in. Feel the peace and inner calm that comes with this remembering.

All that is real is eternal Spirit. Let yourself soak in this. It is like soaking in Holy Spirit’s loving and peaceful Jacuzzi of remembering the truth. You relax deeply and feel the comforting presence of your inner Teacher helping you awaken still further to the truth. Give time for this right now. Then, as you go through your day, touch in again to this remembering. Feel the inner calm and peace. Let it help you keep your ship in calm harbors as you go through all the different parts of your day.

This will help you remember that I am with you all through your day. I can help you remember the truth. This willingness to remember the truth is an important part of the lessons I am teaching you. It will help you stay calm in the midst of the turmoil that may appear to show up in your dream. I am with you. Accept My help.

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Staying In the Present Moment

  As I take time to quiet my mind and open to Spirit this morning, I am reminded how important it is to be in the present moment instead of jumping to the past or the future. In the present moment there is peace.

Spirit reminds me to let myself be carried instead of trying to plan on my own. As I continue to hand over my “life” to the Holy Spirit, He knows what to do with each moment. As I practice staying in the present moment, I am reminded of oneness and that I am one with every brother now, even though through the body’s eyes it looks like we are separate.

I see that my job today is to practice staying in the present moment and allow the miracle of remembering oneness to lead me. I need do nothing on my own. Spirit reminds me that this is what it means to be in a state of grace. This practice allows me to be open to receiving the truth and extending the truth of God’s Oneness. What could be more important than this?

  I am reminded today to continue to practice pausing for peace and stay in the present moment.

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Vigilance to Step Back and Open My Mind to Holy Spirit’s Lead

  Yesterday was a more peaceful day for me, even though it was physically very active. At the beginning of the day after we had taken time to attune to Holy Spirit, we made a brief to do list. Through the day that list served as a reference point to help me stay aligned with Holy Spirit’s plan. While everything I did was not on the list, I believe I generally stayed with His direction. The temptation can be to now say, “That worked very well so I’m going to start each day writing down the plan.”

I did have that thought but I realized this is a good example of the way ego works. It likes to set up rules based on its past learning. It does not feel safe in the present moment, for good reason. In the present moment the ego would simply cease to be. The ego’s sense of continuity comes with repeating the past. So I need to be wary of deciding that what worked one day for one circumstance will work every day. Once again I need to be vigilant to consistently step back and open my mind to Holy Spirit’s lead.

  Recently we have been looking on the Internet at locations just south of the Orlando airport that have 2.5-5 acres. There seems to be a lot of reasonably priced property there. We need adequate parking space, a print room for production of the quarterly Miracles News and course production and 2 offices for computers and office manager. We also need a “great room” for ACIM gatherings/service/ and where we can video workshops and at least three bedrooms for four us to live. Near Orlando we would be close to the airport for people to fly in, and have plenty of hotels available for people to stay. I have also been told that the Orlando and surrounding areas have an abundance of Spanish speaking people. We have plenty of time to look because there is still much to do in the renovation process here in Wisconsin. We are continuing to choose peace and let ourselves be led day by day.

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Holy Spirit, Help Me See Past My Fears

Wednesday night I was feeling overwhelmed. The carpenter had said he would come on Monday and there was much to do to prepare the downstairs areas where he would be working.

Before I went to sleep I asked Holy Spirit to help me see past my fears. The next morning I felt more at peace. Mary and I talked through what needed to be done and she helped with the things that she could do. And she helped me keep the focus of one step at a time. By the end of the day great progress had been made, including finding a source for blue board that at first seemed unavailable. And the carpenter postponed his first day until Wednesday.

Once again it was a demonstration of the importance of turning all my thoughts over to the Holy Spirit and following His lead. My fears were unfounded —  just another ego attempt to divert my attention from the Holy Spirit. I’m grateful for these lessons. I am getting much faster at recognizing when I’m leaving Holy Spirit out and returning the Holy Spirit to the drivers seat. These lessons are bringing me step by step to greater, more consistent levels of peace. Oh happy day!

  Yesterday the electricians completed the rewiring the kitchen, the downstairs bathroom and fourth bedroom downstairs. We had previously been using this bedroom as a print room for producing our catalogs and Miracles News magazine. It is a nice large room and will make a great bedroom for Helena Montiero, who is coming here to help in June from England. The printing equipment will be going into the garage and the paper supplies, etc., are going into a storage area under the stairs. It has been quite a juggling act for where to put the equipment while each room is being renovated. It certainly will be nice when it is completed.

I am seeing that when seeming obstacles come up, that the way always smooths out when we go to peace and ask for Holy Spirit’s help. There is always a way, even when we don’t see it at the time. We are in a mind training program and we are being guided to live our life in a way that is more consistently led by the Holy Spirit. Each day is an opportunity to practice again and again, and apply the principles of the Course to whatever comes up in the moment.

Soon we will be needing to measure the dimensions for the kitchen counters and take them to Home Depot to order the new counters. We have never done anything like this. Right now I feel very uncertain about it. But once again, my job is to go to a place of inner quiet and let Holy Spirit’s inspiration take the lead.

This morning we were led to read “The Two Pictures” from Chapter 17 in the ACIM Text (pages 357-361). Reading this at this time helped me remember the power of the holy instant that the Holy Spirit brings. Ultimately, nothing in a world of form means anything. But here we are in the dream, renovating a 50 year old house to prepare it for sale. The value does not come from the new physical structure. The value comes from the lessons we learn in letting our minds be healed by the Holy Spirit as we approach each new day with new “challenges.”

We know so little about this that we have to go to Holy Spirit in order to be able to do anything. Remember that we still have to continue with the normal work of our Pathways of Light services that we offer daily. Sharyn has been invaluable in answering the phone and doing the needed work to ship orders and take care of the ministers’ and students’ needs. When we first looked at this I did not know how it could possibly be done. But as we take it one day at a time, it seems to be unfolding in perfect order. I feel so blessed. “Let us ascend in peace together to the Father, by giving Him ascendence in our minds.” (ACIM, T-17.IV.16:2)

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Love Created Me Like Itself

  Today I asked Holy Spirit, “What would you want me to know today?” Holy Spirit answered: Know that you are one with Me. For you see when you recognize your oneness with Me and really claim it, know it, feel it, you will realize that when you come to Me for answers, you are really going to your Self. You have all the answers within you, If you will just take the time to go to them.

The lesson today that you read, “Love created me like Itself,” proves to you again and again that you are nothing but pure Love and believe Me when I say Love has all the answers therefore you have all the answers. Believe in yourself and know that you have all you need and that the answers for everything are right there within you. I will gladly help you tap into those answers when you feel you cannot do it on your own. Know that I am with you always. I cannot and will not ever leave you. That is impossible.

Sometimes you must sit a little while longer to receive the answers. The lesson there would be patience. You have all the time you need to go within. That is what time is for. Nothing else. So you see in all your doing in the world, it really has no meaning. So why be in a rush to get to it? Doesn’t that sound silly? When you realize that by coming to Me more often and getting your answers from within is on the top of your list, you will experience more peace, joy, laughter and Love in your life. Aren’t those gifts worth taking the time to go to your Self for? Love is all around you. Love lives within you. Love walks with you wherever you go and Love Is. You are. We are one.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego perceives the future as a threat because it perceives the future as a repeat of the past. And the ego’s perception of the past is that you are vulnerable and weak. It sees the past as filled with pain and fear and guilt and assumes the future will be the same. This is why the ego is so preoccupied with planning to defend against repeated pain and fear like the past. This preoccupation totally ignores the happy present.

You have been repeatedly reminded that happiness is now. peace is now. Love is now. You will continue to be reminded until you have let go of all thoughts of being separate, alone and vulnerable. I have infinite patience because I have absolute confidence in What you are. I know that you remain changeless love as you were created. I know that you will remember What you are. And I know that all your fantasies and dreams of being something else have no effect on the truth. So I will keep reminding you to keep your focus on the present moment.

This move to Florida seems to be filled with temptations to futurize. This makes it a powerful training ground for you to practice focusing on the present moment. Just as a weightlifter builds strength gradually by adding more weights, you have moved to another level from your practice of staying in the present. You have put yourself in this position because of your willingness. So your practice is a gift you give yourself of strengthening your identification with the truth in you and loosening the value you have given to false images.

It is time for you to step up your vigilance for keeping your attention on Me, for giving Me all your thoughts so that I can purify them of what is false and untrue and return them to you as the sparkling light of Love that is the truth in you. You cannot do this on your own because this is the practice of learning that you are not on your own. Hold My hand. Accept My strength. I am always with you. Let Me carry you. That is My function. All I need from you is your willingness to be carried.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
Give yourself the time to be quiet. Give yourself the time to open to your true Strength. This is good time management. This way brings you the insight you need so that you don’t take up your time with the meaningless. Give all time to Me. I know what to do with it. This takes great vigilance in the beginning stages. Right now it seems so easy to fall back to deciding on your own. Give time to listening in quiet and it will pay huge dividends and make your way much smoother and simpler. It’s worth the effort.

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We Are Being Carried as We Follow Holy Spirit

  First, I would like to acknowledge all those who have emailed us regarding our move to Florida. I am struck by our oneness, as I see that each of us really has the same journey and that is the journey to God. I see that the Sonship is in the process of awakening and all of the connections that are being made during this time of transition are in perfect order.

Recently we received an email from Tom and Dru Armistead, who are currently living in Guatemala, but also have a home in Roanoke. Virginia. They have been following Holy Spirit’s guidance, just as we have. It is interesting to see the Holy Spirit’s touch on all our lives as we all “let Him evaluate each thought that comes to mind, remove the elements of dreams, and give them back again as clean ideas that do not contradict the Will of God.” (ACIM, W-pI.151.13:4)

With all the emails we have received and the postings to this group, I see how we all are being carried as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in ways which we might not understand as we go through it. It is so wonderful to connect with all of you in this way, which I could never have thought possible. Myron Jones told us about the Yahoo! Groups and we were guided to openly share each step of the way on our journey.

I really see that it is not about a new location in the world, but it is truly about a new “location” in our minds. We really are learning to move from the ego’s way of seeing to Holy Spirit’s true perception, where we see how truly joined we are. I am filled with gratitude as I hear from all of you and encourage you to continue to share your journey with all of us. We support each other as each of us remembers the truth. Because we are one, as we let our minds be purified of all the false ideas, it helps everyone awaken to the truth.

  I am grateful for the little signs along the way that I recognize as Holy Spirit orchestrating the expression of His plan in the world. It motivates me to keep practicing stepping back to let Him lead the way. I have to acknowledge that Holy Spirit is a much better planner than I am.

Monday we had a plan to have a carpenter/craftsman friend of Sharyn’s come to look at the work we had for Him to do. But it didn’t work out for him to come. Tuesday morning the electrician we had talked to about the project called and asked if he could get started in an hour. By the end of the day they had worked out how to all of the things that we asked them to accomplish. I see now that this needed to happen before the carpenter came because it changed what he will have to do. The carpenter’s job will be easier than we anticipated. And the electricians found easier ways to accomplish the job than they thought at the beginning.

It was a great reminder to keep stepping back to let Him lead the way. My job is to keep practicing staying in peace and holding an open mind for Holy Spirit’s inspiration. We are truly being carried. It only seems like sometimes I’m not being carried, but that’s only when I try to take over Holy Spirit’s job. I’m getting more and more motivated to let go, step back and follow.

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Be Patient With Yourself

Sometimes I amaze myself with my arrogance. I really seem to think that I could do a better job of planning than the Holy Spirit. I really think the past has taught me something useful and at the very least, Holy Spirit needs my help. And sometimes I think I should take over His job entirely. It seems really hard to let go and wait for His plan.

Holy Spirit:
  Remember you are in school. You are in a very carefully prepared training program that is designed to lead you out of limitation and guilt back Home to freedom and Love. If you knew now Where you are always, you would not need training. You have trained yourself to believe that you are on your own and must rely on your own defenses to be safe. You have worked hard on this self-imposed lesson and reinforced it so that it seems difficult to learn a way that is completely opposite to what you have taught yourself.

When you have learned the lesson I offer you and fully accepted it as yours, you will look upon what you have taught yourself with amazement and relief as you recognize how effortless My lesson really is. But now, because of your belief, you need practice. The practice seems difficult because of your resistance. But in your heart you want My lesson and that is why you are in this school in this way in this moment.

Be patient with yourself. I have absolute trust that you will learn My lesson and receive its gift of happiness and peace. Lean on Me. Accept My strength. I offer it gladly. That is My function. Together we wake up the world as you awaken to What you are.

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Right now it helpful for you to remember What you are and Where you are in reality. It is helpful to remember that What you are is Love in the Mind of Love. There are no differences in the Mind of Love. There is no time in the Mind of Love. Come back to this often today. This returning to the truth during your day is important in your mind training program. It loosens your grip on the ego. It undoes the dream step by step in the present moment. Ask yourself, “In truth, Who am I and Where am I and what is my purpose?” This practice dissolves the layer of false belief which you have attached yourself to. Practice.

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