Realizing God's Will Is Oneness

Preferring Holy Spirit’s Plan

As I come to the end of the first week of this daily journal, I am struck by how similar the first principle and foundation of St. Ignatius is to ACIM.  Another confirmation that the truth is the truth.  It may come to us in slightly different words, merely symbols in form, but the truth always remains the truth.  Visionaries and mystics throughout time always come to the idea of oneness, with all else being illlusion.

It is in coming to the idea of oneness that we can come to recognize our soul.  We cannot find ourself except to look at the One Self.  We cannot find ourself anywhere else because we don’t exist anywhere else.  Everything in the illusion made by the mind can be a help to the end of rejoicing in our oneness with God.  We can make use of what is in the illusion to help us to this end, and also learn to let go of what is any hindrance to us.  A hindrance for us is attachment to form, letting expectations, preferences, or obsessions rule our lives.

Truly we cannot recognize oneness as we cling to thoughts of separation.  We must step outside of the illusion in order to see the illusion, in other words detach ourself from it.  I see I cannot be helpful to myself or to others while I cling to my expectations, my judgments, my preferences, even in smple things.  How often I find myself preferring health to sickness, a sustaining income to poverty, honor to dishonor.  The illusion is filled with comparisons and contrasts.  I want to be liked and respected.  These are all thoughts of the illusion.  I even have preferences in one type of spiritual work over another, as if one were better or more satisfying than another.  My “dream” has been to write a book of spiritual wisdom given by a great teacher that goes out to the world like some of the wonderful ACIM teachers we have today that I admire, as if this were better somehow, more valuable than working quietly as I do.  This is an attachment to my idea of what is best for me in the world.  I see that as long as I cling to any ideas like this, I am not free to truly serve the One Self.  My one desire must be to serve God’s Will in love, unattached to a particular form.

This is the call of the One Self - I am that I am.  The one desire and choice is whatever is in keeping for the fulfillment of our creation.  There is no other desire and choice in truth.  When I am attached to certain ways in form, I have lost sight of this.  It seems hard to say that preferences have no place.  Wouldn’t I rather be well than sick?  Yes, but I can find God just as well in sickness as in health.  How do I know which is best for me?  I have arthritis in my back and knees.  In times past I have resented this condition.  I have wondered why this is coming from my unconscious mind, and tried to focus on perfect health instead.  I have denied the condition and tried to push it away, all to no avail.  I was assuming I could find more spirituality in health than in illness.

It wasn’t my preference that was wrong-thinking, but my attachment to my preference.  In my attachment to a way I thought was better, I lost sight of what is.  I was strugglig with what seems to be because it didn’t fit my attachment profile.  Instead of finding the deeper idea that God is present in all, I thought that God would be more present if I could manifest perfect body health.  After all, isn’t that how I was created, in perfect health?  Illness is an illusion.  So is perfect health in the body part of the same illusion.  One is not more desirable than the other in oneness because both are of the body.  I am much happier when I am not struggling with body conditions, but accepting them in loving self-forgiveness.

And so today, I focus on the idea that the truth of the One Self is always present, and that it can be learned through many different symbols and forms.  The divine plan has arranged for me how to best recognize its presence.  I am grateful in my trust, grateful that in the stillness of my mind the Voice for God points the way to truth through many avenues.  I gladly accept today the way that is given me as best for me.  God in His providence has given us the Holy Spirit for our healing and our healing plan.  Let His preferences take precedence over mine today.  Amen.

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Reflecting God’s Love And Light

Today I was lost in meditation for a long time, in a profound healing experience communing with God.  I was as a little flower in the field reflecting God’s love and light back to Him.  It was a wordless communication and yet there were many healing insights.  At one point, I was a small petal on the one flower of creation seeing the truth that only God’s love exists, and in that moment including all in the truth that there is only one love that we all share.

This is what gives me value, and everyone value, being part of this one love, reflecting God’s love back to Him.  As one flower, I was a four-petaled white flower bent toward the light, with petals raised up like a cup.  With each breath I received love and reflected it back, praising God for being the Creator, the Source of Love.  I was/am the created, created from His love to reflect His love.  This I gladly did with profound gratitude.  God deserves all praise for being the Source of Love.

I sent this awareness to all parts of creation, close-by and far away, to those I know and those I know only from the news.  Some may seem lost in the world of form, but in truth they are still the one flower of creation reflecting back to the Creator, because love is really all there is.  God’s love does not require form.  What need has God for form?  Yet, form can be helpful in the world to open to the truth.

My mind opened like a flower to the truth of love.  There was a new awareness of the truth and power of love.  I desire my life to be a reflection of God’s love in all that I am and all that I do.  This does help all of creation because each moment of pure communing with God in love contains the whole, all that is.  This I gladly do, although I do not know what is most helpful to do in the world of action.  I leave this to Holy Spirit Who does know what is most helpful.  I ask that Holy Spirit be one with my voice to fulfill this desire.

It seems easier to sit in meditation with quiet and eyes closed, far away from the world in order to include all the world.  This seems a paradox.  I would like to include all in the awareness of love while I am with others in the world, while I walk among them with my body eyes open.  While I am in the world with people, it seems more difficult to remember we are one love than when I am alone in meditation.  I get lost in the story of the world at times, seeing separate bodies and letting this sight influence me, when this sight is not the truth of who we are.

We are Spirit only.  We are God’s love and we reflect God’s love.  This is not in form and requires no form.  No form is required to praise God.  I am not even sure that we can be aware of exactly how we reflect God’s love or the difference this can make to all of creation.  We cannot know how we are being perceived by others.  Love is something, an energy, that just comes off of us in an intangible way.  It is not visible yet it is felt so keenly that we can be aware of its tangible presence.  When we are focused on God’s love and reflecting God’s love back to Him in our mind, we can leave to Holy Spirit how this will affect our brother and sister.  We can leave to Holy Spirit how God’s love is best manifested in the world.  There is no way for us to know how love transforms us, much less anyone else in form.

How does one share God’s love if not in Spirit?  God’s love lives in Spirit, not in form.  The truth is found in Spirit, not in form.  Love is reflected in the light of love.  It is only in the reflection that love is found, love reflected back to the Source in gratitude and praise.  How is this shared in the world?  This is Holy Spirit’s domain.  He knows the divine plan of healing, I do not.  For today, I am so content to sing God’s praise by reflecting His love.  I rejoice in this.  I lose myself in this and join the whole.  I feel a part of something beyond myself.  I feel valued and valuable for being a little flower reflecting God’s love in this quiet way.  At times like these I do realize God’s Will is oneness, and that coming into a realization of oneness brings joy and deep abiding peace.

Perhaps not everyone has the luxury of time to meditate, or the willingness, or desire, or the information of how to even begin coming to greater stillness.  They are included nonetheless in the reflected love.  Each moment I reflect God’s love back to Him in praise and gratitude is a microcosm of the whole - all are included.  Some say this is holographic - a tiny version of the whole in each part.  I only know that all are included in the moment and all are helped.  This I offer everyone in love, to see the truth and include them, to know the truth for them even if they are too distracted to know it for themselves in this moment.  This is of value.  It may be quiet and small, but it is of great value.  It least it seemed so in the meditative moment!  As to any particulars, I leave this to Holy Spirit.  As to how to be further helpful, I leave this to Holy Spirit.

As for myself, I felt it as a deeply healing time.  There were thoughts of sharing this spiritual exercise experience and journal, of other journals I have written, or perhaps writing something different.  There were thoughts of doing volunteer work.  There were thoughts of healing in my body, and yet not needing the body at all as a tool or instrument of form.  There were thoughts of lifestyle changes, but uncertainty as to what would be most helpful.  Above all was the awareness of love’s presence, and the value of being in love’s presence in whatever way is possible in the moment.

The world is but a pale reflection of the creative power of God.  The total of God’s creative power cannot be reflected in form, but when one looks at the universe, one gives praise to God for His power.  This is right and natural.  Yet there is so much more in the experience of love’s presence in a formless way.  No form is needed, or perhaps desired, to commune with God in love.  God wants only our presence, our wordless presence in the awareness of love.  We can then immediately also give thanks and praise to Him.  This is right and natural, and even more satisfying than praising God for the glory of the universe in form, for God and God’s love are beyond form and not dependent on form in any way.  God needs no form from us to love Him because when we love Him we are reflecting His own love back to Him.  This is the Self same love we were created in and to be.  To be in it is to praise God for His glory and goodness.  It is transforming because love transcends form.

Today I place myself in the transforming power of love.  I desire only to reflect God’s love, for I am one with this.  My truth is that I am a reflection of God’s love and cannot really be anything else, ever.  I am part of God’s love, one with all of creation.  I reflect God’s love for all of creation and it is my joy to do so.  This I would remember in each moment with Holy Spirit’s help, and I give thanks for all help.  Let all my thinking and doing flow from this remembering for the good of all as would be most truly helpful .  This is all I seek and I seek it with my whole heart.  For this moment I am content to be God’s little flower, and I remember that St. Terese was content as well to describe herself in this way.  Perhaps she had some similar experience in God’s love that pictured for her this description.  I have felt her presence before and smelled flowers at that time.  Perhaps her presence was here again, a gift from the All That Is to this part of God’s love.  I do not know.  But I am thankful nonetheless for all help given, from whever it comes.  It always comes by the grace of God, and we are asking for God’s grace in these exercises.  We have confidence that God hears and answers this prayer, always.

No prayer to experience more of God’s love goes unanswered, and the answer is always affirmative in nature.  For this I am grateful and give yet more praise.  God is a beautiful presence.  All of creation shares in it and revels in it, and so is a beautiful presence in reflection.  All of creation is a reflection of God’s glory and God’s love.  What is not of love is not of God and not of God’s creation.  Of this we can be sure.  What reflects fear, hatred, violence, greed and the like is not of God’s creation.  God’s creation reflects only His love.  This is beyond form and always safe.  Thank you, God, for this.  Amen.

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God Thinks Of Me In Peace

When I have this vague uneasiness, this feeling of being unsettled, I can know this is not of God.  God thinks only peace toward me and not affliction.  Any affliction is not of God but of my false ego mind.  Sometimes it is so hard to sit with this uneasiness.  For so long I have tried to push it away, distract myself from it with TV or food, and feel guilt over these feelings.  Today I sit with it calmly, knowing it is false.

I give this vague feeling of unease in my mind to Holy Spirit.  I do not push it away.  I do not run away.  I just sit with it, knowing it is not of God.  While I feel the troubled feeling from the unconscious mind, I also feel a sense of peace that I am up to sitting with it and facing it.  I remind myself that the thought is false, although it seems so real and, at times, overwhelming.  It is still false nonetheless because it is not of God.  I do not have to be troubled by what is not of God.

This troubled feeling is a sense of lack, that my life as I find it is not good enough somehow, and that I don’t measure up.  It shouts at me that I am lazy, others are doing more, and my life has no value.  If I were doing more or being more, then perhaps I would have more value.  Always there is the demand for more - more of everything - almost to the point of gluttony.  The ego mind cannot get enough of the world because there is always the feeling of lack.  And with this comes the temptation that this thought or feeling of lack is real, and the need to either get something as a “fix” or to get away from the feeling.  This is treating the feeling as real, but it is not real.

And so, this afternoon I sit with it knowing it is not real.  As I give the feeling to Holy Spirit, but continue feeling it anyway, I practice patience and forgiveness with myself.  I made this thought of lack.  I made this feeling.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  I shall pray to God and God shall listen.  He will hear me.  There is value in standing with God to look squarely at fear and see through it to the truth.  The truth is God loves me and gives me all.  He hears my desire to know His love and He is always granting this request.  We do commune in love.  God thinks of me only in peace.  I do not have to feel total peace at this moment to accept that.

I do seek God with all my heart.  I sit this afternoon as well as this morning because I was so tired I dozed off while I was meditating.  Now I sit again with these spiritual exercises seeking God’s grace to truly see Him in my every experience, to see Him when there are false thoughts as well as true ones, to see Him when I feel discouraged or unwell as well as when I am in a sublime state of bliss, for God is to be found in all.  The falsity of worldly thought tries to obscure God’s peace, but God will hear my prayer requesting to know His loving presence.  Thoughts that call to harm and escape at any cost are false and so I do not have to pay attention to them.

God’s Will for me is oneness with Him.  This is all He sees of me.  I can come to where that is all I see of Him, too.  Releasing these false thoughts is part of this.  Struggling with them keeps them alive because I give them my own energy.  I open my mind and go deep within.  I allow what is there to come forth.  It is vague, unformed and non-descript.  It’s only vague uneasiness, not a fear of anything in particular, only that all is not well.  There have been times in my life when I was so afraid of the fear in my mind, so troubled by the non-descript pain that I had thoughts of suicide.  Now it no longer troubles me to that degree.  Yes, it still seems to be there, but now I question it’s legitimacy.  Fear is not legitimate.  It is not true, and cannot harm me.  There is no need for a harsh reaction of any sort.  I don’t have to defend myself or go on the attack.  I really don’t have to do anything at all, except maybe ask for help, which I am.  I let all panic just pass through me. 

God knows me by name.  God loves me, and I love God.  This is my truth and nothing can change that.  I am still Me, the Me created by God.  The only obstacle to knowing God’s love completely is my vague sense of fear of what is in my mind.  It seems sometimes that only fear is in my mind, but when I sit calmly with God facing it, I find something underneath the fear.  I find a sense of peace, a rock of strength, a knowing that despite any appearances to the contrary, all is well in my mind.  The falsity cannot harm or diminish Me.  I am still valuable in God’s eyes and God’s heart.

As I sit this afternoon I am comforted.  God is there for me when I seek Him with all my heart.  Seeking with all my heart can mean sitting with the pain of falsity merely knowing it is false.  Sometimes it does not magically or miraculously disappear immediately.  It is sitting with confidence that God is with me, hears me and never abandons me, that really helps me.  Sometimes I think of myself without a body and feeling these same vague feelings.  What will I do then?  Rush into another body to escape?  I do not want to do this.  I practice now being with any pain of falsity in my mind, but with the confidence it is not true and will pass away.  What is not eternal passes away, and falsity is not eternal because it is not of God.

I focus on the truth of peace.  God is in my mind.  God loves me, hears me and is always with me.  I remain part of Him, the Holy One.  All are included in the Holy One.  My life has value as I remember this.  Do I need to do fancy things in the world to be valuable, valuable to God, to myself, to others?  I can share these rememberings, I guess, if they are helpful to God’s divine plan.  The sharings of others have helped me so much.  I do not know God’s plan for me as to what would be most useful.  For today, I trust there is a plan and I am part of it.  As ever, I ask that the plan be made clearer to me, that I may see what I am to do in the present which is loving.

I am grateful to be at greater peace.  This is always helpful.  I am not forcing anything in my life at present.  It either flows forth from the inside or it doesn’t.  What is flowing forth from the inside is probably blocked by fear, so I am grateful to be releasing fear.  As I observe myself I see its energy, like an invisible wind rushing forth from my mind.  I let it go.  There is the temptation to resist the fear, but I let it blow away, and refocus on the peace that all is well.  I am grateful to be able to do this, and for all the help given me by Holy Spirit. 

God does hear all prayers for knowing His love.  I believe mine are heard and answered.  I have this confidence as God’s grace today.  May I see God’s love at work in my life in miraculous ways, and in ways that I can share with others, knowing that miracles are not for me alone.  God’s love is for all.  Let God’s Will be done.  Amen.

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God is The Holy One, The Savior

God is the Holy One.  He is the Savior because everything is for our salvation.  We are redeemed.  We were always redeemed.  All thoughts to the contrary are thoughts of fear.  God created us from His Holy Self.  We are His, part of the Holy One.  How could we not be redeemed, although we sometimes question it from fear.

In my mind everything merges together for my salvation.  Everything is part of the holy plan for salvation, for helping us see that we are still part of the Holy One.  Everything in my life is for my healing, my accepting God as the Holy One.  I am surrounded by healing opportunities.  I can see God in everything if I but look with an open and receptive heart, a fearless heart.  God has called me by name because I am His.  He has not abandoned me in the wretched world.  And it is only me who sometimes thinks this world is wretched, for it is not that.  The world is an opportunity to see God in a better light, not worse.  I am in the world to see that the Holy One is always with me and I am never apart.

It really strikes me today that I was redeemed long before Jesus.  Jesus was part of the divine plan to make the idea of redemption come alive for us.  Life is a gift, however I may thinking.  Regardless of how I see life at any given moment because I might be feeling sorry for myself, life is a great gift.  God in His infinite wisdom and love gave a plan of salvation or healing from fear of separation, and it has always been ours.  God loves us so.

This fills me with hope, and a great desire to be part of God’s plan and God’s plan for me.  I believe there is a plan for me because I am called by name, as is everyone.  I do fit into the plan.  I am not excepted.  No one is excepted.  All are included.  All people are chosen for salvation, not just some.  My mind wraps around this idea and the idea wraps around my mind.  There is the feeling of being enveloped by this, and it is a feeling of great comfort to me.  The message of “Fear not in any way for you are part of salvation,” is a softness on my mind, something I can feel with conviction.  Conviction is what I am longing for these days, the certainty of conviction that I am part of the plan, that the plan exists and I am in it.  I do not know the plan, but it would seem that I can find it because it is promised in everything in my life.

Why then do I feel so disconnected, so unsettled, and so in need of answers?  It is hard to sit without answers.  Or are there answers forthcoming and I just don’t want to hear them?  Are the answers that tough to hear?  I don’t know why they would be.  There is the promise that God knows me by name and wants only what is best for me.  I have to trust that whatever I am experiencing now is best for me.  My mind is a jumble.  I need to quiet my mind even more and let the Holy Spirit take the lead.  I remember this is always my way to find any answer I need.

As I give my mind to Holy Spirit and open my heart, I see that the core of my being is light.  There is no conflict over how to be or what to be as this flows naturally from me.  It is the fog of illusion around me that I focus on when I feel confused, because I am not focusing on the truth of the one light and my connection to the Holy One.  When I focus on the Holy One, I feel that I am not alone.  I may have no answers but this, however I do not feel lost.  All answers are with the Holy One and I am part of that.  Today I accept that God calls me His own and put my fear aside.  I step out of the fog in my mind and see the light in me.  I am saved again and again each time I ask for help to accept the Holy One in me.  Amen.

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Everyone Who Asks Receives

I sit with confidence that in asking for the Will of God to be made known to me for me, that it will be given.  I am confident that in asking for God’s love to be a greater awareness in my mind, that it will be given.  I am confident that I will find what truly nourishes me and satisfies me on a profoundly deep level because it is given.  For in asking for this would my Father give me a rock or stone instead?  I don’t think so.  I do think of all I would give my children should they ask.  It is promised that my Father would give me even more than this.

I feel a great void in my life, a great void of meaning and purpose.  I know in truth I cannot be apart from the Will of God, yet in my conscious awareness there is a need so vast and so great.  I wonder what can fill it.  I have tried to fill it with things of the world, but they have failed me.  I am wondering if I stopped filling it with worldly things that I would feel in a panic because the feeling of need is so great.  My mind seems like a vast space to be filled.  What would nourish and fulfill me to such a degree that I would feel totally complete and whole?  Across my mind there is anticipation and hope, and yes, even a confidence that this will be given me to know.

I place myself in an attitude of listening.  How does one know the answer?  What certainty comes?  My mind’s thoughts come forth - children, potential activities, creative ideas, abstract visions without meaning.  What is my Spirit’s pleasure as it appears to walk the earth?  What is my greatest fulfillment here that would dwarf all earthly pleasures?  I long for that deep, deep nourishment that completely satisfies me.  This can only be of God, but what is it?  I have no answers.  I wish I did.

I do believe that such awareness can come to me.  I do believe that I can recognize it when the answers comes.  It is promised and I believe God does not promise falsely.  It is a matter of patience, though, as to when the awareness is granted.  Which now moment?  For it can only come in the now moment.

As thoughts come to the surface of my mind and fade away, I allow deeper awareness to come forth.  I let worldly thoughts drift away, not hanging onto them, yet there can be a message in these.  For in these I can notice what I am valuing in the world that is causing me pain.  What lies deeper?  What is underneath?  This is what I ask; I seek and knock for the door to be opened.  Let this come forth, the awareness of love’s presence.  I know only this will satisfy me.  It is the great desire to know myself as one with God.  This is my will, to be one with God’s Will.  How can this be denied?  It is not possible for it to be denied.  This is my salvation.  This is my great anticipation.

What form would this take here on earth?  Maybe it does not have to take form, but earth itself is full of form.  It is a matter of not being attached to any particular form, but letting it be drawn to me from the highest good.  I cannot say what shape or texture or type the Bread of Life shall be.  It shall come to me as is perfect for me and for the world around me.  This is perfect prayer - let it be done according to my Father’s Will, for the Father’s Will is only love.  Whatever form this takes shall fulfill me.

I open to this.  I know not what it is, but I am open to it nonetheless, confident it will arrive.  Jesus taught us to pray this way, and so I am.  I am tired of trying to complete myself in the world.  I realize my spiritual wholeness leads to activity in the world, but the source of the activity is different, as well as the purpose.  Activity sourced from wholeness, from the awareness of God’s love, is nourishing, is satisfying to the Spirit, and so to the body as well as mind.  This is powerfully purposeful.  From this there is no void to fill, for the activity springs from abundance.  Trying to fill the void from things of the world is without purpose and without any satisfaction past the fleeting moment.  The world is as empty as its promises of happiness.

I know my only happiness is in the love of God, and the awareness of the love of God.  Perhaps this is a great deal to know, afterall.  I may act differently at times because my human ego mind is uppermost, and I have forgotten.  But soon the dissatisfaction with worldly things returns and I am reminded that the world is not my true home and a mind filled with worldly things feels lonely and without purpose.

Oh to know my true purpose here!  Oh such a gift as this do I ask and seek!  Such fulfillment would be mine to have this answer uppermost in my mind.  To be love’s presence is great purpose.  I am grateful to know that only this will satisfy me, only this is my true delight.  God is pleased to grant me this, I know.  I am so grateful for the teaching that we can be confident that when we ask for this, we shall be answered for the door will open and we shall receive.  I am grateful to be confident in this.  I must practice patience, but patience is easier to practice when the answer is certain to arrive.  Oh that this would be in this moment, this moment that I knock!

Even should the answer come in the tiniest increments that I can hardly recognize, I am grateful.  For these increments will amass into a greater awareness over time.  Perhaps one day will dawn soon with their accumulation and I shall see clearly God’s love in a magnificent way.  I ask for the brilliance all at once, but I am grateful that it comes, and that it comes however it would come.  I accept God’s divine plan for me as best.  I can practice confidence in prayer.  I can know all is well, however it is.  I ask for fulfillment and let go of timetables, forms attitudes, and trust in God’s abundant love.  I forgive myself for feeling that I have lack or a void to fill because this thought is false.  God’s love sees no void to fill because there is only love.  Yet, in God’s grace there is a healing plan at work for me and I accept in confidence it is there and comes to me as I ask.  I ask only God’s Will be done.  Amen.

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RelationshipsHealing Family Relationships Applying the Principles of A Course in Miracles 6 CD audio book by Rev. Myron Jones. Learn how family relationships offer fertile grounds for forgiveness and healing your judgments of the world. More.