Realizing God's Will Is Oneness

Jesus is Alive and Well in Us

Jesus lives in me.  How often do you think about this statement?  Do you think about it at all?  Some may not think these are very important questions.  However, these questions hold the key to peace and the feeling of security in our lives.  The Son of God lives as us.  We are one with this energy, this power of God, in a very real way.  It creates our real life.  How could we not think it was important to look at how often we consider what our real existence is.

So many people get caught up in the details of physical life.  There is the commute to work, job stresses and deadlines, mulish co-workers, angry bosses, the commute home, the needs of family, home maintenance, and the list can go on and on.  These details seems to make up our “real” life.  We feel intimately connected to them most of the time because it appears as if we can never escape them.  They do not appear in our minds as activity worthy of a Son of God, part of the Christ Self.  We relegate that supposed activity to work or lives that we deem other worldly, perhaps ministering to the poor or sick, religious life, or something, anything other than the mundane details of a relentlessly busy life to get by or make ends meet.  These details take on a lot of importance in our minds when there are bills to pay each month.

For some, the thought of the living Christ comes to mind at Sunday worship services.  For others, there is daily prayer or meditation time in which they allow Christ to live in their minds for a short time.  These times bring a deeper awareness of peace, but then soon seem to be forgotten in the performing of worldly functions.  After all, there are schedules, deadlines, paperwork, emails, and the family requires dinner.  There is the satisfaction of knowing that at least an effort has been made to pay attention to the spiritual component of life.  And one can remember these experiences from time to time during the day or week as a help to be kindly and forgiving.

The question is, is this sufficient, and the answer is no.  This is not sufficient.  Its not even close, unless we want to walk the world like zombies or robots, devoid of real joy and happiness but subsisting on substitutes of mechanical body pleasure.  Zombies walk half alive.    The robot’s battery wears out regularly, and it needs a “fix.”  This isn’t life, its wandering the world in search of fulfilling some purpose that seems to be just out of reach, just beyond our grasp.  If only there were more time or energy, most people whine, so that I could do what needs to be done.  Is this kind of life sufficient?

There is only one answer to a life that is sufficient, a life that meets our purpose for being alive.    That goes back to the statement of truth that Jesus lives in me, and to the question about how often we think of this.  We find this answer inside ourself and then take it with us wherever we go.  To the extent that we can remember that Jesus is alive and well and lives in us and through us, we can be at total peace in all we do and every where we go.  This, of course, takes more remembering than once a week, or once a day, or even several times a day.  It takes remembering all the time.  As a practical matter, remembering as often as we can goes a long way to making for a more peaceful and joyful life.

Remembering is not so hard, if we commit to practicing.  There is the practice of brief daily meditations or prayers, certainly at the beginning and ending of the day, and often through out the day.  Little post-its or reminder cards can remind us to take just a moment to remember that Jesus is alive and well in us.  This need not be fancy or formal, just a simple little reminder at our desk, in our car, on the refrigerator,  to give our lives over to God.  Perhaps we play some music with a spiritual theme, or listen to a book on tape as we drive or work about the house.  Any reminder to take a moment to think of God will do.  These are not difficult if we are willing.

A commitment to remembering God more than we do now supposes that we think it is important to do so, that it is just as important as the every day functions and deadlines at work, or getting meals on the table or the laundry done for the family.  And if we do think that remembering God is important, just as important as the laundry, then why do we not have a reminder on the washing machine and dryer to take a moment to thank God for the blessing of being alive to do it.  It is the infusing of all our little details of life with the love of God that makes our life real and purposeful.  In this Jesus lives in us for He remembers His Father always.  When we remember with Him, we live in His peace and joy.

The Christ Self that we are lives a life of love and peace.  It lives fulfillment and joy in the purpose given at creation at this very moment.  There is only the one purpose in every moment and that is to remember the love of God and that every one is part of that love.  That is what we are called to do, just remember who we are in all that we do.  In this way Jesus lives in us.  When we are aware of Jesus living in us, there is the feeling of complete fulfillment, complete peace, complete safety.  Isn’t this worth remembering and taking the time to remember?  Isn’t this worth just a little extra effort?  Spending a few more moments each day remembering the peace of God is ours already, always has been and always will be, seems worth the trouble to put a little note of reminder where it will be seen.  With practice the habit grows to remember more and forget less that God is always with us because we are one with Him.

The Christ lives as me.  The Christ lives as you.  The Christ lives as all of us.  The Son of God is not remote or separate from us.  We are Him.  Why not remember a little more often this wonderful truth, this great source of joy and peace.  The rewards of remembering far outweigh the little effort it takes to do so.  A few more minutes of remembering can transform a seeming dismal or mundane life into one of great power because the power of love is allowed to be at work, be at the commute, be with the family, be wherever we go.  When we remember to allow the power of love to be in our lives in a real way, Jesus lives in us in a real way.  We bless the world every moment we remember that Jesus lives as us.  The details of our outward lives need not change in big ways, or any way at all, but perhaps they may.  What is important is the remembering we bring to the details.  This is what makes all the difference.

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“Now would I be as God created me.”

I had a very interesting meditation the other day on Lesson 237, “Now would I be as God created me.”  I gave my whole mind to God, everything.  At one point it felt like my whole life was flashing before my eyes.  I also saw past lives and the vague outline of future ones.  I gave my whole mind over, what I was consciously aware of and what I wasn’t but still knew was there.

I had all my thoughts in a large container, a bag or a bucket, which I brought to God.  Whenever anything came to mind, joys, doubts, fears, accomplishments, resentments, all actions and reactions, I gave over, even what I would formerly have judged as not part of the whole, but separate from God.  I gave the “bad” and “ugly” as well as the “good.”  I felt my mind as a vast reservoir that I gave over.

The light seemed to touch all my lives, past, present and future, and make them all better somehow.  This light seeemed like a vast vertical column or circle.  Also I gave to God the light in other minds and there seemed a vast horizontal loop that circumferenced other people everywhere.  I saw that giving my whole mind to God was giving only a tiny speck of light in the whole mind of God, but I felt quite content giving my part of the whole.

I asked only that my whole mind be used for what is truly helpful.  I don’t know what that is, but I do know that the Christ mind in me does.  I know what my desire for service to the light would be, but perhaps there is another path more helpful. As I give my whole mind to God, holding nothing back, perhaps God gives me another task more truly helpful.  I leave this in the hands of God and His perfect plan.  I am quite willing to do what He wills.  The mind of Christ in me will know what that is.

As I saw the Christ mind in others, I affirmed that what I want most for them is that they hear and listen to the Voice for God.  What ever that is for them, it can only be a voice for love and nothing else.  My desire and wish for everyone is that they listen, follow and find fulfillment in their following.  I have no way of knowing how the Voice for God guides them.  I can only trust that the Voice for God is in their mind and does guide them.  What more could I wish for my brother because this would bring him every happiness and joy.  It is exactly what I desire for myself, to hear clearly and follow the Voice for God in my mind.  To have this freedom to follow Holy Spirit as He guides is a grand gift I wish to give and to receive in turn.

As I give my whole mind to God, I have no ready answers as to where to go or what to do.  Potentialities are left as potentialities, and yet I feel a profound sense of peace and well being.  I give my whole mind to God.  Surely there is goodness in this.  Surely it will be used according to God’s Will in ways I can understand.  As I leave no part of my mind behind, I give everything I am and I have, every wish to be of service to God in particular ways as well as a willingness to let this go and do another activity in form.  I realize form is not important.  It is the use of the whole mind that is.  I am open and open-minded to what God gives.  ” Now would I be as God created me.”  Now would I be as He asks and wills, not as I ask and I will.

There is a great expansiveness in focusing only on the Will of God, as God creates and how He creates.  As I let go of all ego expectations, putting them into the container I give to God, I feel more complete.  As I give everything in my mind, holding nothing back as separate from God, I feel purified and whole.  In the world giving away is loss.  With God, giving all to Him is only gain.  As I give all I have to Him, I am rewarded with all that is, all that could be, all that will ever be, even though I am not exactly sure what that is.  The peace that comes from God is sufficient for me.

I need not have every answer of God’s Will in this moment.  I know God uses my whole mind for love.  This is enough to know.  I trust God for the balance.  When there is clarity about what is most truly helpful, I will be able to act accordingly.  I trust that clarity will be there for me as I trust it will be there for my brother as he listens.  Perhaps I am being readied for greater listening.  I would be a better listener, the best listener possible to the Holy Spirit.  In this I will find all I need, the answers to questions I do not know to ask - all the help I need and then some.  Help in abundance!

I expect miracles today and every day.  In wholeness there are miracles in abundance.  I expect to be lifted up and carried in love on the flow of God’s Will of love, peace, joy and unity.  I expect the Voice for God to make straight the way I am to follow, calling the Name of God before me as I walk forth so I may follow that Word and no other.  I expect the miracle of love to be present in all ways.  “Now would I be as God created me.”

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Listening to The Perfect Teacher

I am in a week of listening to Holy Spirit, a time dedicated to being alert and listening for His presence.  I desire nothing more than to come to the rock solid awareness of His presence in my mind, a faith unskakable in Him and His guidance.

I find a faith strong in Holy Spirit, but a faith less strong in myself to hear His voice.  Questions of doubt arise.  Am I listening well enough, long enough, in the right way to really hear the quiet answer?  Is the thought arising in my mind truly from the Holy Spirit?  Often I feel great peace but am not aware of any particular guidance to do anything regarding my spiritual path.  It is generally at these times that I question my listening skills.  After all, if I am asking what and how I could truly be helpful, doesn’t Holy spfirit always answer?

I remember a circumstance almost 12 years ago when I had a similar time in my life.  I was seeking an answer about the purpose of my life, some direction, some vision for it.  I sat with God every morning just listening for an answer.  Morning after morning I sat quietly listening, sometimes for half an hour, frequently longer, on occasion up to two hours.  I came to feel great peace, but I never heard any answer, any thoughts or words to guide me while I sat open to all the endless possibilities that God might have in mind for me to do.  I realize now that I was sitting in a state of willingness to accept God’s perfect plan for me.

Although there was no “answer” that I heard in words, after almost a year of listening my life did begin to change.  A path had been set in which a serious spiritual journey began, and which continues to unfold.  And so, although I heard no words of guidance during this year long ago, I look back on it as a wonderful time in my life.  I sometimes marvel at my complete willingness and trust to continue listening day after day to the quiet of my mind in which I heard no answer I understood to be an answer.

Today I again am in a time of listening, deep and profound listening.  Now I have even more confidence that God has a perfect plan for me that it is unfolding.  I listen for guidance and direction as to its unfoldment.  Similarly to long ago, there are no ready and quick answers given me.  There is peace, great peace, and a feeling of unity with Holy Spirit.  I am again practicing patience and understanding that Holy Spirit’s answers can take some time to unfold.  What I am receiving, I believe, is healing of my mind.  A healing that makes further answers possible.

I recognize that is what I received before, mind healing to begin to change the course of my life.  At that time I began a journey that led me out of the practice of law and into a life of serving God more directly.  Now that I am serving God as directly as I can, I still realize that I have need for mind healing.  It is my ongoing journey.  The course asks us to be vigilant for God, ever listening to the Voice for God.  The Voice for God must know when I am in need of healing to better hear God’s perfect plan for me.

I suspect that this week of concentrated listening will turn into a longer period of time.  I am willing to listen to the answers the Holy Spirit gives me to questions that I do not even know to ask, all in perfect order.  I am most willing to listen even though the Holy Spirit’s answers don’t seem apparent to me.  I accept my occasional doubts, but continue to listen nonetheless.  Where else would I go to find the truth?  The answer, of course, is nowhere else.  Holy Spirit is always the answer, whether we recognize the answer or not.

Today I remain a listener to the One Who knows and Who always shares in the perfect way for us.  All we need do is trust.  So, today, I trust that God’s perfect plan is unfolding and I am being healed so that I may recognize and accept its truth and beauty for me.  I am grateful to be listening to the Holy Spirit, The Perfect Teacher.

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Healing in The Mind of Truth

When I rest in my mind, I always come to the truth.  At one time, I was uneasy with the inward journey.  When I looked into my mind, I saw and felt guilt for past actions I deemed unloving and unkind.  I saw and felt regret for not being braver in the face of fear.  I saw and felt my fears, and in a sense relived them all again.  I no longer do this because now I always walk the awarenesses of my mind with Holy Spirit.

Today I am unafraid to take the inward journey.  This healing has come to me because I have practiced looking inward.  A big help to me in this has been the 900 series courses that Pathways of Light offers.  I find them to be a most rewarding spiritual practice.  As I have worked through them, I find the result is always the same.  As I go deep within my mind, I always come to the truth.

I have sorted through layers of ego thought, and continue to do so on a regular basis.  I now see, no matter how significant or insignificant they appear, they are all part of the same dream story.  When I surrender to Holy Spirit and “sink” to a deeper level of the mind, the illusion of ego fades away and the truth becomes evident.  This has happened so many times that I have come to trust the process totally.

This level of trust in the power of Holy Spirit to melt away ego issues and show me the truth of innocence about myself and others just keeps growing.  It is a wonderful way to live, never being afraid to look and see what is in the mind.  Yes, we think there is a vast subconscious beneath the conscious mind, but it holds nothing frightening, nothing unforgivable, nothing other than a dream of separate parts of the mind.  Taking the hand of Holy Spirit and venturing into the still mind regularly shows us that there really are no separate parts of the mind holding thoughts apart from God that are fearful.  The key to coming to this awareness is regularly going to the still mind with Holy Spirit.  The more regular the better.

When we come to understand that each and every time we give our minds to Holy Spirit that we come to some greater awareness of truth, the fear of looking within the mind begins to melt away.  We see there simply is no cause for fear.  The level of trust grows every day until we find ourselves completely trusting.  All fear of what is in the mind has melted away because we know that when we look deeply into the stillness with Holy Spirit, we see and experience only love, peace and joy.  As we accept in gratitude our awareness of truth, our mind opens even more to the awareness of love.  Gratitude forms a healing circle of light and love in our mind.

If you are allowing some circumstance in your life to prevent you from taking regular time to go within the mind with Holy Spirit, I encourage you to rethink your priorities.  The rewards of answering His call to love are so great that they are worth any seeming effort to reorder time.  Just being willing to have your schedule reordered to accomodate Holy Spirit would be a grand start.  Ask yourself, would a little time each day be worth being unafraid of yourself or others?  What would it take for you to see the value of walking in love and peace because of the truth you see in your mind?  How much time is worth seeing that you are guiltless?  And knowing others are as well, and so there is nothing to fear.

If you are not living unafraid of the past, or comfortable in the present, I know that spending time in the mind of Holy Spirit would help.  It has helped me so much.  On a regular and consistent basis I walk fearlessly through layers of ego junk holding the hand of Holy Spirit.  Everywhere I look He shows me innocence.  As I express my gratitude, He opens my mind to see even more of the love and peace of God that is always present.  Slowly my eyes are being opened to the whole truth.  I used to live overwhelmed by fear.  Now I live overwhelmed by love.  I much prefer this life to the one I had of old.  I know you will, too.

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The Purpose of Meditation

When we meditate, sitting in silence, it seems we first go to an awareness of different “parts” of our mind.  We do not know if these parts are the whole.  We surrender the meaning of anything in the mind, any experience or sensation or thought to Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit knows the way to begin experiencing more of the mind.

We often know when we come to a “part” of the mind we haven’t experienced before.  We just recognize this.  And yet the mind is not in parts; there is only the one mind which is not divided.  We only think it is divided, and while we are still in this thinking, we see the mind as divided into parts that we can come to know.

All these “parts” form the whole.  When we surrender to Holy Spirit, we are surrendering to the Inner Teacher who can show us the way to experience our whole mind.  He is of the whole mind and only He knows the way for us to begin assembling “parts” of the mind into one undivided experience.  This is the way in which Holy Spirit is healing the mind.  He is showing us there are not any divisions; He is healing seeming divisions by slowly showing us oneness.

At first we don’t recognize, perhaps, the subtle changes taking place.  We may recognize that new areas of our mind are coming into awareness or focus, but we may not see how this totally integrates with what we already have experienced.  Yet Holy Spirit is expanding awareness in a methodical way that is just right for us.  There is a healing plan for the mind that we are not aware of, but it works.  As we surrender it all to Holy Spirit, trusting in His healing plan, we surrender the healing of our mind to Him.

Each experience, sensation and awareness we should surrender in silence to Him, without comment or judgment.  He takes us through the maze with complete care and gentleness, and opens the awareness of the whole mind to us.  We have no way to judge this journey for we do not know the way.

Any fear about surrendering is the ego judgment and comment that its part would be lost.  The ego fears that its part would no longer be special, divided and the major focus of our awareness.  This fear is false, an illusion only.  It’s just a voice of the part of the mind that we have become most accustomed to listening to.  That is all.  There is no harm or danger in not listening to this ridiculous voice.  The mind can no more be divided than God can be divided.  There can be no harm in wholeness.  One can simply hear the voice of fear, but not listen, for it has no meaning.

We find wholeness in listening instead to the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit.  He asks for willingness to surrender to His Voice.  His Voice is true.  As we surrender to Him and let Him guide the way, He will show that there is no harm in a united mind.  As we become more aware of the united mind, we see the ridiculous idea of parts and any “voice” that parts are indeed better and desired.  There is no such voice in reality.  One “part” of our mind made up this idea to make its ‘‘territory” supreme, special, separated from the rest.  This cannot be, and in fact isn’t.

In meditation, in silence, the whole mind asserts itself again.  That is why one meditates.  There is no other way to come to recognize the whole mind at work.  One must give over to the Holy Spirit to accomplish this awareness.  We do not recognize how we came to think we separated the mind into parts and so we cannot recognize the way back to whole awareness alone.  We need the help of Holy Spirit and He gives it freely as we listen in silence to what He offers.

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